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Top 10 Pizza Chains That Make The Best Custom Pizzas


Top 10 Pizza Chains That Make The Best Custom Pizzas

Pizza is with out a doubt one of the most popular fast food items in the world and a lot of people’s ‘go to’ food when we crave something quick and tasty. While most people agree that the crust is important to a great pizza, there is no denying that a great topping selection can really elevate a pizza to greatness. With that in mind we look at the Top 10 Pizza Chains That Make The Best Custom Pizzas. 

10. Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut is possibly one of the most famous and popular pizza chains in the world and there is a reason why. For decades the people at Pizza Hut have been supplying us with great tasting pizza. Not just content with serving ‘run of the mill pizza,’ Pizza Hut have been known for truly pushing the boundaries when it comes to their pizzas, flavors and toppings. Not only were Pizza Hut one of the forerunners when it comes to the stuffed crust pizzas; after all, can we even remember life before the stuffed crust pizza? Pizza Hut also like to give us a wide variety of toppings; Buffalo chicken, Bacon Cheeseburger, as well as a wide variety of veggie options, Pizza Hut will try any combination to enhance our pizza experience and we love them all the more for it. Beside their regular menu, Pizza Hut do a great job at letting the customers choose their own toppings. Mixing and matching those tasty toppings can make a Pizza Hut pizza taste even better. On top of that their is their world famous salad bar to add to your dinning experience. No wonder Pizza Hut are still one of the big boys of the fast food world. 

9. PizzaRev

On our list of the top 10 pizza chains that make the best custom pizzas, we have some world famous giants of the fast food industry but we also shine a light on some of the lesser known pizza chains. One such chain is LA born PizzaRev. While many people out there may not have even heard of PizzaRev let alone tried one of their pizzas, that could all change soon as PizzaRev are quickly putting themselves on the pizza map and with the help of some big named fast food executives behind them, PizzaRev are expanding and are looking to take on the best chains that the pizza world has to offer. While most pizza chains and restaurant offer the customers a chance to create their own pizzas and choose certain toppings, PizzaRev go one further and only let the customers customize their pizzas rather than having a set menu. With over 30 toppings, homemade doughs and sauces, all natural cheeses and locally sourced ingredients, PizzaRev expertly crafts you a tailor made pizza right in front of your eyes then it is cooked in a stone-bed oven for that extra thin and crispy pizza. All of this is done in three minutes. If that wasn’t impressive enough, PizzaRev suits every pizza lover’s needs as it not only caters for meat lovers but also for the veggie lovers out there as well as gluten free and organic. Whatever your taste or lifestyle, PizzaRev has the pizza topping for you.  

8. MOD Pizza

If you are looking to truly customize your pizza then look no further than MOD Pizza. Being the relative ‘new kids on the block’ in regards to pizza chains, they were only founded in 2008 after all! MOD pizza now has over 400 locations across the US and the UK, which is impressive. The reason for this is possibly to do with their pizzas. Not only do MOD Pizza have a superb pre-made menu of artisan pizza to choose from they also have one of the best create your own pizzas section on the market. Their topping selection is vast and includes anything you could imagine. Along with the usual meats and pizza ingredients, MOD Pizza also offers specialized and spicy meats for the true meat lover. If you are in a veggie mood and want more than the usual peppers, pineapple and olives, MOD Pizza is here for you with a lot more original choices such as Kale, Roasted Broccoli and Artichokes to name just a few. As well as the toppings MOD Pizza also gives you the choice to choose your own cheese and sauce as well. Whether you want the more traditional or want to go for something different, they have the cheese and sauce for you. They also offer plenty of dairy and gluten free options. If that wasn’t enough, MOD Pizza’s create your own menu doesn’t stop there as the dough is included as well; the size, thickness and crust can all be tailored to an individuals taste. With that in mind, MOD Pizza is a must for all true pizza lovers

7. Papa John’s 

On our list of the Top 10 Pizza Chains that make the best custom pizzas, we’ve had some new and up and coming pizza joints as well as the old and more traditional places. next on our list we come to one of the forefathers of the pizza delivery chain. Starting out as a very small pizza delivery company by found John Schnatter, Papa John’s soon became one of the biggest pizza chains in the country. While Papa John’s hasn’t always had the best reputation for their pizzas, which is one of the reasons they have never been able to topple their rivals such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s. However, Papa John’s has been at the forefront of some of the more innovative aspects of Pizza delivery. Papa John’s was the first pizza place to introduce the dipping sauce to go with your pizza, and of course, it is well know that Papa John’s was the first to offer online ordering. Both of those things are staples for all pizza restaurants today, but the standard was set by Papp John’s. When it comes to their pizzas, Papa John’s offers the usually suspects in the pizza world as well as a few specialize toppings such as Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, Tropical Luau and Spinach Alfredo. While their create your own menu isn’t as extensive and diverse as other pizza chains on our list, Papa John’s is still a good and safe place to fill that pizza craving we all have from time to time 

6. Pieology

We all have our favorite pizza joints and fast food chains. Whether it’s their cheap prices, good food or ethical mantra, our favorite fast food chain is a part of our everyday life. However, there our some people out there that love their fast food place to have a good or different back story. If that is the case then look no further than Pieology.  This pizza chain was actually devised on a family pizza night. The founder, his wife and kids, would top a pizza anyway they like and thus the Pieology idea was formed. There isn’t a much more wholesome backstory than that. The Piology pizzas themselves has a ‘Subway’s Sandwich’ kind of vibe as you enter their restaurants, choose everything from toppings to cheese and dough to sauce and then it is cooked while you wait. The icing on the cake is that Pieology were one of the forerunners in drizzling sauce on their pizzas after they have been cooked. A practice that other pizza chains have since started to do, although they haven’t had the same great tasting results as Pieology. The actually pizzas aren’t as big as other pizza chains but the ingredients are fresh and the list of toppings, cheeses and sauces are truly extensive that the size of the pizza won’t matter as you will be going back for more. If you are looking for a great tasting pizza that you can really make your own, then Pieology is one of the best pizza chains to do that 

5. Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of the big hitters in the world of pizza, and in fact fast food itself. Most of us out there will have tried a Little Caesars pizza at some point in our lives, and while not everyone is a fan of this pizza chain, most will agree that their pizza topping selection is up their with the best of them. Famed for their ‘hot and ready’ pizza selection, Little Caesars gained popularity for having their pizza’s ready to go as you arrive which made Little Caesars popular with those of us wanting something quick and tasty. Because of their speed and ready to go mantra, Little Caesars doesn’t offer a huge amount of choice for customizing your own pizza, especially not as many as some of the other pizza chains on our list, but they do offer options for you to create your own and of course, you can choose between their traditional round pizza dough and their infamous square ‘Deep Deep’ Dish pizzas. Then there are their limited run pizzas which can give us an unexpected treat; they did give us the Pretzel pizza and French Fry crust after all. While Little Caesars isn’t the most fancy pizza chain in the world, it is perfect for all our lives on the go

4. Pizza Studio 

As we go though our list of the pizza chains that offer the best custom pizzas, there are factors that go into making a great pizza; variety of toppings, sauces and even great side dishes. However, one of the more important factors to many pizza lovers is the crust itself and that’s something that Pizza Studio prides itself on. This high-end fast- casual restaurant goes above and beyond when it comes to their dough. Not only is it hand tossed and made in house everyday, Pizza Studio also goes out of it’s way to source the best possible ingredients for it’s customers. The result is a mouth watering take on the traditional pizza crust. The pizza crusts comes with plenty of choices to enhance the pizza experience; rosemary, flax seeds, whole grain and the spicy firecracker are just some of the crust choices Pizza Studio has. Then of course comes the sauce and Pizza Studio has you covered there as well. They have plenty of saucing options to elevate your pizza choice, although, we recommend their Chipotle tomato blend to really give that pizza some zing. On top of that, we couldn’t resist the pun! It’s toppings next and Pizza Studio has many for you to choose from and you can pile your pizza high with as many toppings as you wish. So, what ever your tastes or pizza needs, Pizza studio has something for you

3. California Pizza Kitchen 

 California Pizza kitchen is often voted as the most popular pizza chain in the US and we can see why. Founded in the 1980’s in Beverly Hills, California by two lawyers, California Pizza Kitchen became famous for it’s innovative and experimental pizzas. While the BBQ chicken pizza has become a staple in the world of pizza toppings, there was a time when it wasn’t and the first pizza chain to give us the BBQ chicken was? You guessed it, California Pizza Kitchen. They are constantly expanding their menu, always experimenting with their style and toppings to bring us the best pizzas possible. If you want to try something a little different than their set menu, then California Pizza Kitchen has a great list of ingredients to create your own pizzas and truly experience their full pizza potential. On top of their great tasting pizzas, California Pizza Kitchen do a lot for the community too. With a multitude of community outreach programmes as well as plenty of fundraising, California Pizza Kitchen like to give back as much as they take which is just one of the reasons why California Pizza Kitchen is a must visit for all pizza lovers

2. Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza restaurant that is quickly making waves within the fast food world. Not only is Blaze Pizza committed to producing great tasting food, it also wants to look after the planet as well. If you haven’t heard of Blaze Pizza yet then you are in for a treat. The first thing to know about Blaze pizza is their dough. Each and every day, and in every store, Blaze Pizza prides itself on making fresh and healthy dough rather than using left over dough from the day before, unlike a lot of other pizza chains out there. The other thing to note about Blaze Pizza is their toppings. While their standard, pre-topped pizzas don’t stray too far from a typical pizza chain; pepperoni, meatballs, grilled chicken etc, it’s their build your own section for pizzas and salads that really sets Blaze pizza apart from the competition as they supply any ingredient a pizza loving person can think of and in any combination. With fresh produce and ingredients and multitude of pizza combinations, as well as being environmentally aware, Blaze Pizza is the place for anyone who truly loves their pizza.

1. Domino’s

 On our list of pizza chains the have the best custom pizzas, we may have mentioned a few chains that are new to many people but now we come to the biggest pizza chain of all. Founded way back in 1960, Domino’s pizza has become one of the biggest and most famous pizza chains in the world. Starting out with one small store in Michigan, Domino’s quickly expanded to three stores, which is why the Domino’s logo has three dots on it, to celebrate their founding stores. Not long after that those three stores spread across the country and then around the globe. Now Domino’s is many peoples ‘go to’ pizza chain when the want something fast and tasty. Over the years Domino’s has strengthened their menu and ventured outside of pizzas; not just content with adding things like dipping sauces and garlic bread, Domino’s has added food items such as toasted sandwiches, wings, build your own pasta and of course, a long list of deserts for those of us with a sweet tooth. However, as big as Domino’s non pizza menu list is getting, it’s their pizzas that have us all coming back for more. The list of toppings and sauces that Domino’s offer is large and not only that, but they are tasty too. You can also choose from their Artisan range of pizzas to add something a little different to your take out pizza experience.

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