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Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Items – Part 2


Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Items – Part 2

Fast food restaurants are always trying their best to get us in the door. Sometimes they do so by offering up deals that are too good to refuse. There are also times when fast food joints offer something so outrageous we have to go check it out. What seems outrageous to one person may sound delicious in another country. Keep that in mind when you read this list. It’s hard to imagine that someone would like a pizza topped with all kinds of seafood, but it’s considered a delicacy in some parts of the world. Don’t worry, someone out there on the other side of the planet thinks that you putting a fried egg on top of your burger is disgusting.

10. Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell

When was the last time you ordered anything with the word naked in the name? You’re walking into a minefield of flavor with this Taco Bell item. If you’re driving while reading this, then you’re going to want to pull over. We’re not going to question why you’re driving while reading a list of the most outrageous food items. Listen, we do all kinds of crazy stuff. We won’t talk about our favorite foods to eat in the shower. Anyway, brace yourself for this one. The Naked Chicken Chalupa has deep-fried chicken for a shell. Yes, paradise does exist, and it’s in your mouth! Who doesn’t love crispy fried chicken? Keep yourself calm. The sad news is, you can’t get this delicious item anymore. Though, Taco Bell has been known to put it back on the menu from time to time. Its good news for your waistline as too many of these will make you round like a grape. They include an avocado ranch sauce, lettuce, and tomato. By far, the most fantastic thing is the chicken shell that is everything you love about deep-fried foods. It’s crispy, chicken goodness like only Taco Bell can serve up. A few packs of your favorite sauce is all that’s needed to enjoy these. Let’s hope for the sake of taste buds all around the country that Taco Bell has the good sense to bring this item back.

9. Dried Pork and Seaweed Donut from Dunkin’ Donuts China

They say that beer is an acquired tasted, but those people have never eaten dried pork. Who in their right mind wants to put dried pork and seaweed on a donut? The good folks at Dunkin’ Donuts in China think it’s a great idea. It’s hard to imagine anyone waking up in the morning and wanting to grab a few of these on their way to work. Do you dip the donut in your coffee? Probably not. That is, unless you like to have dried pork dust floating around in your coffee. Let’s not forget the seaweed; breakfast needs to be done right with a balanced diet. A little seaweed will make you forget you’re eating a deep-fried treat covered in dusty dried pork. That Dunkin’ Donuts guy must be rolling around in his grave right now. Surely he couldn’t have foreseen a time when people would eat such a monstrosity at any time during the day. This is one of those donuts that no one reaches for when someone buys a dozen and takes them to the office. They sit there until that one weird guy who puts ranch on everything eats them. No matter how strange these sound, people are buying them. You have to wonder about some of the life choices people make. We’re not here to criticize. But, we’re friends, and we can admit together than this is a very strange donut.

8. Gracoro Burger from McDonald’s Japan

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a burger? Do you think of a juicy beef patty? If so, then you’re going to be surprised to learn what’s in the Gracoro Burger from McDonald’s in Japan. There’s not a single bit of beef in this burger. It has shrimp, macaroni, and a white sauce. All of these ingredients are coated with breadcrumbs. Yeah, that’s not the nine o’clock at night munchies food that you’re used to at McDonald’s. The look on your face would be priceless as you try to decide if this was food or some sort of culinary science experiment. Who in their right mind mixes shrimp with macaroni? If that wasn’t strange enough, someone had the bright idea to put this on a bun. Worse yet, someone in the corporate office at McDonald’s thought this would be something the public would want. The Japanese are strange eaters, and they’ll eat things that no one else would consider. But, the idea of a burger that did zero mooing has to make some red-blooded cheeseburger fanatics shake their head in wonder. Sometimes in life, you have to accept the things that you don’t understand. If you’re ever in Japan, forgive them for they don’t know what they’ve done to the sacred burger.

7. Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut Middle East

When was the last time you has an impossible time deciding between pizza, burgers, or fried chicken? Who wants to choose when there are so many great options available? Those lucky enough to find themselves in the Middle East don’t have to make a choice. They can order the Crown Crust Pizza at Pizza Hut and enjoy all three. The Crown Crust Pizza has chicken tenders and mini burgers around the crust. Now you don’t have to choose between pizza, burgers, or fried chicken. Though you may have a difficult time deciding what to drink. Should you go with cola or lemon-lime soda pop? Save yourself a brain ache and go with water. Who knows, you might want some dessert while at pizza hut. Your brainpower may be needed later on. Pizza hut has been known for doing all kinds of wacky things with their crust. No one seems to love pushing the boundaries as much as Pizza Hut does. They aren’t afraid of making you feel like a hog. The main problem is, all of their pizzas taste great. It’s too bad something like this isn’t so weird that it’s impossible to eat. The exact opposite is true, and you’ll never have to choose what type of restaurant food to get again. Not when Pizza Hut is making it easy to gorge yourself silly on all of your favorite guilty pleasures in one bite.

6. Buffalo-flavored latte from Tim Hortons

It may surprise many of you that Buffalo wings were invented in Buffalo, New York. As you can imagine, the people of this great city love stuff flavored with Buffalo sauce. But, Tim Hortons took their love of the sauce one step further than what most would’ve. At two locations in Buffalo, they offered customers a Buffalo-flavored latte. Yes, you read that right. It was a coffee drink flavored like the sauce everyone knows and loves. This had to be quite challenging even for people who have Buffalo sauce running through their veins. Who wakes up in the morning and wants to slurp down a cup of coffee that tastes like Buffalo sauce? It’s all about the hair of the dog for some people. If you had one too many buffalo wings the night before, the only way to get over the terrible feeling is with a little sauce in the morning. It works when you’ve had too much to drink, and it must work when you’ve eaten too many sauced up wings. The people of Buffalo are a hearty bunch. They withstand fridged cold winters and like their chicken wings covered in spicy sauce. No one would argue that those from Buffalo aren’t a breed of their own. Though, we know Tim Hortons hasn’t completely lost their mind since they haven’t rolled this out nationally. No offense Buffalo, but it takes a strong stomach to withstand a cup of this stuff in the morning. Buffalo is known for its grit and anyone who doubts it wouldn’t after a cup of this Joe.

5. Arbynator from Arby’s

When was the last time you went to a fast-food restaurant and wished that your fries were on your sandwich? It’s probably crossed the minds of many one-handed eaters who were chowing down while driving. Putting fries on a sandwich is almost like using a pickle instead of a spoon to eat ice cream. The only people who think that sounds like a good idea are those who are pregnant. Maybe Arby’s Arbynator is the brainchild of someone carrying a child. No one is going to think of you differently because you enjoy the savory, meaty flavor of Arby’s roast beef. Just like no one is going to call you a weirdo for liking their cheese sauce drenched all over the roasted meat. Some people who will remain nameless wouldn’t mind taking a bath in said cheese sauce. Let’s not forget that this behemoth of a sandwich comes with half a pound of roast beef. That’s enough roast beef to feed a Ukrainian village! Any true Arby’s aficionado knows the real reason why you eat there is for their fries. They come on this massive beefy sandwich as well. The Arbynator is literally an entire meal in your hand. It’s too bad they didn’t figure out a way to include a Jamocha Shake in it as well. If they did, then you’d be able to eat a whole meal and have dessert in the same sandwich. In all fairness, only the Japanese can pull something like this off. It will happen eventually. Somehow they’ll figure out how to put a milkshake in the bun.

4. Chocoladilla from Taco Bell

Sometimes you have to wonder what the executives at fast-food restaurants are thinking. Taco Bell is famous for repurposing its ingredients to make all kinds of delicious concoctions. The Chocoladilla veers from that and goes into a world of chocolately laziness that’s hard to comprehend. It’s hard to mess up chocolate, and no one is saying that the Chocoladilla isn’t tasty. It’s just, well, not creative at all. Taco Bell isn’t known for dessert, and Chocoladilla isn’t going to change that. Though, this is an item that seems to have limited distribution. So, you’re probably not going to see it unless you hit the road. What is the Chocoladilla? It’s melted Kit Kat bars in a flour tortilla. That’s it. They put the Kit Kat bars in a tortilla and heat them up a little. There’s no whipped cream or a dash of cinnamon. It almost sounds like a dessert from Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. Can you imagine a bunch of little kids sitting around while trying to come up with dessert ideas? It’s hard to imagine a board meeting where someone suggested the Chocoladilla among their peers. It’s even harder to imagine a CEO giving something like this the green light. Conan O’Brien once had a beard and someone thought that too was a good idea. Bad decisions don’t only happen in board meetings with executives who have nacho cheese running through their veins as Conan proved.

3. Froot Loop Donuts from Carl’s Jr/Hardees

Many of you reading this will have thoughts of yesteryear when you think of Froot Loops. Who doesn’t love starting their day with a bowl of oddly fruit-flavored circles in a bowl of milk? Breakfast cereal is one of those things that people either love or hate. Those who consider themselves enthusiasts eat cereal all day long. Admit it; you’ve eaten a bowl of cereal for supper. It’s not unheard of for people to bring those little boxes of cereal with them to work. Yes, the world is onto you. Your addiction to sugar is no different than someone grumpy due to a lack of coffee. Froot Loop Donuts tasted exactly like the cereal. Somehow they were able to pull it off in donut form. Those who ate these didn’t have to hide their love of cereal. You weren’t a big kid while eating these donuts. No, you were a sophisticated adult who needed some dessert after eating a burger as big as your head. No one will think differently of you if you had to dunk these donuts in milk for the full cereal effect.

2. Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut Australia

Anyone who doesn’t love Doritos should be considered evil. Plain and simple. The seasoning alone on Doritos is heavenly. How many times have you licked your fingers clean after eating a handful of Doritos? It almost brings a tear to your eye to even think about washing away such goodness. If this describes you in the least, then you’re going to go nuts when you learn about the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza. It was a pizza served up by Pizza Hut in Australia. Yes, you picked up on the past tense there. You were already heading over to your favorite travel site to book a trip to Australia. Sadly, this item is no longer on the menu. Those of you who already love Pizza Hut knows how tasty their pies are. But, the addition of Doritos had to make it scrumptious. It’s a good thing that restaurants roll stuff like this out for a limited time as it would make the general public balloon in weight overnight. How can anyone drive by Pizza Hut knowing that they have a pizza with a Doritos crust and not go in? It’s not possible, and the good people over at Pizza Hut know that. Hopefully, they decide to give not just Australia, but the world another bite of this delicious pizza.

1. Cheetos Quesadilla from Taco Bell Philippines

We wanted to round out our list with another junk food item. Come on, admit it, you love junk food. We all do. It’s a guilty pleasure that we all wish we could enjoy at mealtime. The great thing about fast food is, they allow us to enjoy junk food all day long. You wouldn’t eat a bowl of Cheetos and call it supper. You would though if it were topped with cheese and wrapped in a tortilla. Wrapping anything in a tortilla immediately makes it a food item worthy of being called a meal. Tortillas are like magic cloaks that turn everything wrapped in them a meal. The Cheetos Quesadilla at Taco Bell in the Philippines is about as original as the Chocoladilla. But, this is meant to be eaten as a meal, so it’s okay. The Cheetos Quesadilla is precisely what it sounds like. It’s Cheetos and a melted three-cheese blend wrapped in a tortilla. You’ll have to go to the Philippines to feel justified eating Cheetos for supper. But, it’s well worth the trip if you want to feel like you’re not a junk food addict. You won’t have to wear a disguise as everyone there will fully understand why you need salty, greasy goodness for a meal. The best part by far is the fact that no one outside of Taco Bell will know since your fingers won’t be covered in orange cheese dust because it’s all wrapped up in a tortilla.

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