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Top 10 Most OUTRAGEOUS Fast Food Items of All Time! (Part 3)


Top 10 Most OUTRAGEOUS Fast Food Items of All Time! (Part 3)

When it comes to fast-food restaurants, innovation and progress are two essential components on the road to success. But, as you all know, the road to success is, more often than not, under construction.  And it seems like some fast-food items should’ve followed the same lead and spent a little more time in the designing phase before they were released to the masses. Here are some more of the Top 10 Most OUTRAGEOUS Fast Food Items Of All Time (Part 3).

10. Cap’n Crunch Delights – Taco Bell

When you mix together two American breakfast staples, it can go one of two ways: either it’s an immense success or a huge let-down. And this is kind of what happened with the release of the sugary cereal and doughnut hybrid. The Cap’n Crunch Delights literally sound like a dream come true: a little fried ball of dough coated in crushed up fruity Crunch Berries cereal and filled with a creamy, sweet milk icing. What’s not to love, right? Available in packs of 2, 4, and even 12 – a dozen for breakfast, really? – The Cap’n Crunch Delights showed a lot of promise as they represented almost everyone’s dream breakfast: cereal on-the-go. Well, as heavenly as it sounds, a lot of people had mixed feelings when it first hit Taco Bell’s breakfast menu in 2015. Some claim it was the best thing Taco Bell could’ve come up with and that nothing since these little Delights has come close to matching the delight and comfort they provide. While on the other side of the coin, it’s not so warm and fuzzy. Oversugared, too oily, and overall just a big, giant mess to eat were the most frequent critiques about these nightmares masquerading as daydreams. Apparently, the s0-called milk filling didn’t taste like milk at all, and some people said it tasted more like an excess of  warm Cinnabon icing. Not exactly the type of milk you want with your cereal. Overall, they were said to taste “pretty good,” but the pain of having to rob the napkin stand whenever you got some just wasn’t worth the hype. The moral of the story: eat your cereal the old-fashioned way, in a bowl with a spoon! 

9. Bacon Sundae – Burger King

Ah, bacon, bacon, bacon. It seems like America has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with bacon. We literally put it on everything: on doughnuts, cupcakes, – and even sushi? – But, is there such a thing as pushing the limit too far? Burger King certainly didn’t seem to think so when they introduced their brand new Bacon Sundae in the summer of 2012. At first, it didn’t sound so bad – depending on your stance on bacon – a vanilla soft serve ice cream with chocolate and caramel syrup, then topped with little pieces of bacon. These bits were not the part people really had trouble with. It was the gigantic, half strip of thick-cut bacon placed on the side as a meaty garnish that left people perplexed. A cold, stiff, and dry piece of bacon at that. Lovely. But the horror didn’t stop there. The first bite seemed okay-tasting enough. You know, a little ice cream with a little chocolate and caramel, that’s… good. But then comes the bacon. The salty, dry, and chewy texture sneaked up on you and left you with a bitter aftertaste, one that should not be there while enjoying an ice cream sundae. The bacon basically just became a mere useless crunchy and salty chunk that got in the way of the real good thing, the ice cream. After a lot of curious tasting and a lot of disappointment, it was eventually pulled off the menu. Sometimes, certain classics are better left untouched and shouldn’t be messed with. Leave the bacon for the salty treats and ice cream for the sweet ones, and all will be well. 

8. McSpaghetti – McDonald’s 

Who says you need to go to a real Italian restaurant to enjoy some nice and authentic pasta? Well, if you happen to be passing through the Philippines, you might just be able to satisfy that spaghetti craving by stopping by the local McDonald’s. In the late 1980s, McDonald’s tried to get into the Italian food business in America with items like spaghetti and pizza, but they all flopped horribly. Hard to imagine why. People going to the most iconic burger and fries joint apparently didn’t want to be served pasta or pizza. Heck no. It simply didn’t harmonize well with the chain and people complained that the pizza took way too long to prepare – rendering the fast in fast-food irrelevant. Plus, the container the pasta came in was just overall impractical; no one went to Mickey D’s expecting to eat something with a fork. It was with the hands or no dice. Basically, it just didn’t catch on. The flop had little to do with the taste really, people just didn’t bother to order it, because let’s face it, McSpaghetti sounds McCrazy. But, in the Philippines, well that’s another story. While it might not be traditionally Italian, the spaghetti box is still pretty tasty and popular compared to the former U.S. version. With long pasta topped with marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and either ground beef or sausage, the McSpaghetti is truly an enjoyed and beloved item over there. You know what they say: one man’s loss is another man’s gain!

7. Doritos Pizza – Pizza Hut

If you’re one of those people who enjoy putting chips on everything, like on your sandwich or on – heaven forbid – your pizza, then this item was literally made for you. But sadly, unless you’re in Australia, you’re going to have to stick with your plain, regular old boring pizza. The Doritos Pizza released by Pizza Hut in 2014 might be one of the best and yet, weirdest food creations ever. I mean, Doritos on a pizza crust sounds a little nutty when you think about it. But even nuttier than that is the mozzarella cheese stuffed in the crust as well. Making this kind of like a 2-in-1 meal: a pizza and a nachos dish. Hard to believe why America didn’t think of this first, huh. Doritos are a sacred staple in the snack industry, so it was just a matter of time before someone took action and included them in a classic dish like pizza. Now, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Some critics said that you can’t actually taste the Doritos because, well, the bits of chips are burnt. Scratch that. They’re scorched, making the whole idea of a Doritos crust kind of irrelevant if you can’t even taste them. Basically, this was an ingenious idea that was poorly executed for the most part. You might be better off ordering a regular pizza, a bag of Doritos, and just sprinkling the chips on yourself. No burnt chips, no problem. 

6. Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich – Dunkin’

For when you’re running late during your busy mornings, the Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich is the perfect quick and easy solution. On National Waffle Day in 2016, Dunkin’ Donuts announced the return of the reinvented breakfast sandwich that won over so many people’s taste buds in the past. With maple sugar bacon, American cheese, and an egg sandwiched between two thick, glorious waffles, it’s easy to see why. While the presentation wasn’t always the most appetizing, as it often ended up all mushy and smushed, the overall taste was more than acceptable and somewhat comforting, as it combined two beloved breakfast items, the waffle, and the egg sandwich. With the rising popularity of waffles being used in fast-food offerings, it was only right for Dunkin’ to give it a shot also. Some people said that the taste of the waffles could sometimes overpower the rest of the sandwich, but that’s no biggie, considering the waffles themselves were delicious. There’s also some speculation online that say that the Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich might even be better than the famous McGriddles. But you didn’t hear this from us. If you enjoy Dunkin’s regular breakfast sandwich and enjoy waffles, there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t have liked this masterpiece of a sandwich. 

5. Doughnut Sandwich – KFC

Just when you think life can’t get any better – or worse – KFC comes out with a new sandwich that may or may not make sense. It’s basically what the name says: a piece of fried chicken sandwiched in between two glazed doughnuts. And, in terms of taste, it’s basically all in the name too. You get what you bargained for – the taste of the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices and doughnuts. Nothing more, and nothing less… well maybe a little less. This sandwich turned out to be an underwhelming surprise to the avid KFC fans. There was no real correlation between the two flavors, and while the two items are exquisite when they’re apart, there was nothing much going on when you put them together. But, that didn’t make it bad, necessarily – just perhaps a little disappointing. The chicken is still KFC chicken after all so it was extra crispy and well-seasoned and the doughnuts were surprisingly tasty. Overall, the Doughnut Sandwich was a bit of a messy, heavy, and greasy let-down, but still managed to be ordered and ordered until it sold out. But, then again, sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with getting exactly what you asked for, after all, it is fried chicken with doughnuts, how bad could it really be?

4. Red Ramen Burger – Red Robin

A burger made with ramen? The world has officially seen everything. The idea of a ramen burger was first introduced in 2013 by Keizo Shimamoto, and Red Robin immediately saw the potential in this new, hip item and thought it would be the perfect addition to their menu. So basically they ripped it off and called it their own. While the idea of a ramen burger itself already sounds a little bizarre, Red Robin’s version was certainly not for everyone either. The “knock-off” version, the Red Ramen Burger, was topped with “teriyaki and Chiu chow aioli, fried jalapeño coins, chili-infused shredded cabbage, carrot, and onion, and was garnished with basil,” – and was all wedged between two crispy ramen buns, because, well why not. The noodles were mostly described as “glutenous noodle pucks” and didn’t exactly make a case for the tastiest buns in town. And we can’t omit how messy it was to eat. Each bite had you reaching for the napkins and trying to put back together what had just fallen back onto your plate: you would have been better off eating this with a knife and a fork. In general, it wasn’t so bad – but it wasn’t so good either. Chains ripping off clever stunt food is far from new, and usually, it’s harmless, since nothing can come close to the original. Red Robin was not where it needed be, compared to the OG Ramen Burger, but it was a decent enough alternative. 

3. Fritos Pie Pizza – Little Ceasar’s

Another pizza chain trying to add a little more crispiness to their already delicious pizza. Little Ceasar’s came up with a brand new, um…, culinary invention?… called the Fritos Pie Pizza – which left everyone with some mixed feelings. It’s the kind of news you don’t know how to respond to: are you over-the-moon excited or totally horrified? Honestly, it’s not really that funky. It’s basically just a thin crust pizza topped with chili cheese sauce, taco sauce, and cheese and it comes with a bag of Fritos. Yes, the bag comes separately. Which is actually a good thing, since you can monitor how many corn chips you put on your pizza. Or maybe you don’t put any on at all and just enjoy them as a nice little side. But, if you do decide to add them, unlike the Doritos crust, there’s no chance of them being burned. The Fritos come straight out of the bag onto your pizza, to give it that extra crunchiness that no one really asked for. Seriously, the traditional cheese pizza is fine all on its own and does not need all of these bells and whistles. Thin crust? Good. Cheese? Good. Fritos? well… we could easily live without them on a pizza. This one’s only available at some locations in Tennessee, so, if you’re nowhere near there and you still want to try one for yourself, it’s easy: just do it at home. I mean, you already kind of had to make it yourself anyway so, Frito your pizza away!

2. Cranberry Turkey Burger – Fatburger

Like Thanksgiving dinner in a burger, the Cranberry Turkey Burger from Fatburger was featured as a limited-time menu item as part of a fall promotion in 2019. It was a classic turkey burger but, with a little twist. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything too fancy like the “TurTurkeyKey” or the “moist-maker.” The secret ingredient to this mighty sandwich? It’s the cranberry jam. Is there anything more Thanksgiving-y than some delicious cranberry sauce? I think not. The burger consisted of a grilled turkey patty with cranberry jelly, cranberry mayo, lettuce, pickles, and onions on a toasted bun. People were happily surprised by this rare, yet obvious combination of ingredients, and the burger was well-received overall, just not so popular. So, people will try ramen burgers but not Thanksgiving burgers? To top off this decadent burger, you could also enjoy a nice Pumpkin Spice Shake with some sweet potato fries, making this the perfect Thanksgiving meal combo. The only thing missing from this holiday meal is the mashed potatoes and the green bean casserole – and some good old family drama. 

1. Double Big Mac – McDonald’s

When the iconic Big Mac first hit the Golden Arches’ menu in the late 1960s, people went wild. An enormous, greasy delicious burger, twice the size of the usual tiny burgers from McDonald’s. People thought that was it. The Big Mac was the ultimate, superior burger that could never be topped. Boy, were they wrong. The McDonald’s brass asked themselves one day: what could possibly surpass our huge flagship burger? Well, for those who consider the Big Mac an appetizer or a small snack, you’ll be happy to hear that in countries like Canada – our friendly neighbors to the North – China, and Japan, there is an even greater burger waiting for you: the Double Big Mac. With 4 beef patties, 2 slices of cheese, and extra everything else, it’s quite a sight to behold. The double Big Mac became the biggest hamburger produced by McDonald’s, and possibly one of the scariest too. With a whopping 720 calories, the condiments aren’t the only extras that go along with this burger. The fat, cholesterol, and guilt are also doubled when downing one of these giants. This Big Mac is certainly not for the faint of heart, literally. The saying “double trouble” seems to make a whole lot more sense now, doesn’t it?

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