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Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Burgers


Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Burgers

When it comes to burgers, we like to believe we’re very adventurous – but to what extent? Here are the Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Burgers. 

10. McDonald’s Sweety Con Nutella Burger

Sometimes simplicity is best – and that’s the case with this Italian McDonald’s Nutella burger. This sandwich simply consists of a large swampy layer of Nutella dumped between two burger buns, nothing more, nothing less. Nutella is one of Italy’s most beloved creations, so it would make sense for it to end up at every single McDonald’s franchise in the country – all the while showing no signs of dwindling in popularity. Even with just a look, you can taste this decadent treat with the eyes – you don’t even need to take a bite, which is a weird accomplishment in and of itself. Everybody knows how delicious Nutella is, so it’s easy imagine how it might taste in between two pieces of bread, and it seems the good people at McDonald’s Italy were banking on people being fans of both. Thankfully though, they limited the filling of the buns to only Nutella and didn’t actually put it a burger patty in there. Although, to be honest, we can’t know for sure if that wouldn’t have been just as delicious, and it’s very likely that someone’s already tried it before. It’s probably best that the results are yet unproven as this would likely be one step too far for McDonald’s to take. Nutella is made up of hazelnut butter, which gives it a nutty, tasty flavor and has a fair amount of protein in it, along with palm oil and cocoa, which gives it the dark, chocolatey appeal – super yum. Breakfast for lunch? Dessert for dinner? Pick-me-up snack on the run? Whatever you want to call this outrageous creation, it’s a winner.

9. KFC’s Fried Chicken and Donuts

Even if this has nothing remotely to do with what people recognize as a regular burger, this fried chicken and donut burger from KFC definitely gets the intrigue ratcheted up and taste buds going just by looking at it. In concept, it’s very basic – a giant hunk of fried chicken nestled between two donuts is as simple and as decadent as it gets. You have the most indulgent breakfast item, and most indulgent dinner item ever created thrown together and then mashed down into a gooey, heart-clogging meal – and boy is it glorious. There is nothing at all deceiving here about what KFC is doing – they have taken two of the most addictive, succulent treats and mixed them into one – and they make absolutely no apologies for this sandwich. It’s a steal, too, at $5.99, but we would even pay that extra cent and round it up to six bucks for this insane burger – if you can even call it that. In case the sheer insanity of the concept turns off a few customers, KFC made sure to offer the meal as a combo as well, with two fried hunks of chicken accompanied by a donut on the side for slightly cheaper than the sandwich on its own. But we bet that no matter what, people will still gobble down this combination and like it, sandwich or not.

8. McDonald’s McRice Burger

Look no further than the Philippines to find a burger that has been retrofitted with rice as the buns rather than bread. Well, actually, it is pretty far to just to look, but this east-meets-west burger was meant to cater to Asian tastes rather than traditional western fast food palates, so it makes sense. Since rice is a staple of the local diet, McDonald’s thought: why not deep fry some rice and make them into the buns instead? This burger-as-rice-dish fad began its life in Taiwan and Singapore in 2006, until it moved over to the Philippines, where it seems to be still available. It comes in two different variants – the chicken supreme and the burger supreme, both of which basically contain the same toppings as a regular chicken or beef burger, only with the rice buns, and sesame seeds sprinkled on top of it – which gives even more of an Asian flair. Apparently, this burger has been well received by the public, thanks to its deliciousness – which accounts for it traveling from country to country as a popular sideshow to the typical McDonald’s repertoire. McD’s should also be given credit for adapting to local tastes and understanding what every culture is used to eating, even if they might find it hard to believe that somebody won’t like a traditional burger on its own. But, this burger has proven that east-meets-west can sometimes lead to great fusion instead of utter confusion.

7. Burger King’s New York Pizza Burger

Making its shining debut at the Burger King Whopper Bar in New York City, The Pizza Burger is the stuff of legend. It only makes sense that somebody would eventually try to combine the two most popular fast food items of all time – the burger and the pizza. And Burger King was the one to do it. It even caters to New Yorkers’ taste directly by slamming a New York slice inside the burger and naming it the New York Pizza Burger. Yes, please! Of course, New Yorkers and food critics are a fickle bunch, so the burger became more notorious for its weirdness and pandering than for its incredible taste. But, oh well, these off the wall burgers can’t always be a hit. Aside from the fact that it costs more than a slice of pizza and a fast-food burger put together – a whopping $12.99 – there was also a rebellion against this monstrous creation online. People were claiming it should never have happened in the first place, and how dare a corporation capitalize on the casual fast slice that so many New Yorkers hold dear. Dealing with pepperoni, marinara, ‘Tuscan pesto sauce,’ and a mountain of cheese, this wild mash-up made the critics and customers run for the hills. But, hey, you can’t blame somebody for trying, can you? 

6. Fatburger XXXL (triple XL) Triple Kingburger 

This list of most outrageous burgers would not be complete without a mention of this notorious, fever-inducing burger made by Fatburger, knowns as the XXXL Triple King burger. The name hides nothing from your imagination and could be considered a candid warning to avoid liability – should somebody keel over at the table while trying to eat it. This burger is a whopping one and a half pounds of meat, coming in at over sixteen hundred calories, so it is no joke to those who have dared to smash it in one sitting. It might not be as flamboyant and strange as some of the other burgers on this list, but the Triple Kingburger is a barebones attack of deliciousness, not deviating from the typical burger toppings of cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, and onion. However, the wow factor lies in the fact that it is probably larger than your head. Fatburger is much beloved for this kind of behavior, so rest assured that this burger is as succulent and tasty as it appears. The mouth and eyes water just by looking at it. So, keep it up, Fatburger! People clearly fully support the restaurant’s effort to feed small nations with a single burger.

5. Burger King’s Window’s 7 Whopper Burger

Yes, again, Japan strikes in the weird-as-heck department. Somebody at Burger King Japan decided to promote a Windows operating system by christening this outrageous burger the Window’s 7 Whopper Burger. Why? Nobody really knows. This massive burger is likely to give somebody heart palpitations and the sweats just by looking at it because of its impressive yet slightly over-the-top size. The Window’s 7 Whopper contains seven whole beef patties stacked on top of each other, with advertising that makes it look like a desktop background. Not only is this burger ridiculously gigantic, but it’s also not cheap at all. To get your hands on one, you need to pay a good $18 US. Then again, it is almost six inches high, so complaining about the price might be a bit silly. The toppings are nothing to write home about, they are a typical ketchup slather, mustard, pickle, tomato onion, and lettuce mix, but it’s the sheer look of the thing and the bizarre Microsoft tie-in that makes it a sure bet for one of the most outrageous burgers.

4. Wendy’s Foie Gras And Truffle Burger

On the scale of outrageous, this one ranks up there, mostly due to the outrageous expense of foie gras – a traditionally luxurious item that is, well, rare to see on a fast-food menu. But, Wendy’s Japan went ahead and did what nobody else in the fast-food industry dared to do: create a burger with foie gras. Wendy’s had to hope that enough of its customers even knew what foie gras was in order for it to sell enough burgers and make bank. The burger was available only in a luxurious district in Tokyo and decided to join this new tactic, the ‘Wendy’s Premium.’ This sixteen-dollar burger looks delicious enough and actually seems pretty fairly priced, given how much foie and truffles will usually set you back. And foie gras on a burger does kind of make a certain amount of sense, as high-end restaurants around the world offer such sandwiches in the name of elevated comfort dining – but still. Many countries have banned the abusive practice of force-feeding duck and geese in order to fatten their livers. But, some places still allow foie gras to be imported and eaten, including Japan. If sampling a taste of luxury for under twenty dollars is your ultimate game, then be assured that this burger looks and tastes delicious and is highly indulgent, especially for a fast-food burger.

3. KFC Pink Dragonfruit Burger

This burger has a strange, pandemic-related history – probably not something one wants to dwell on when snacking on a burger, but it actually seems very resourceful from the good people at KFC Vietnam. After the outbreak made it hard to sell excess fruit in that country, KFC designed a way to buy overstock Dragonfruit and incorporate – or just madly spray – dragonfruit extract juice into their buns, which created a very strange, very bright, and very pink burger bun. It does look, despite the pink raw-meat-looking bun, pretty delicious when you see how big and succulent that fried chicken patty is, sitting between the buns, under lettuce, tomato. It became a massive hit, not only because consumers felt that they were helping out local industries that were struggling due to the pandemic, but also because, well, look at the thing!  Amazing, striking, and, dare we say, artistic. Inspired by local Vietnamese pastry chef Kao Sieu Luc who started incorporating the excess dragonfruit into his ABC bakery, KFC stepped in and went all-out pink for this psychedelic concoction. Don’t let the color fool you – it is said that this burger is full of flavor and deliciousness, so it’s fair to be intrigued and to try it if one happens to cross your path.

2. Burger King Japan – Black Ninja Burger

Again, Japan strikes when it comes to outrageous fast food burgers. The whimsical people behind this burger at Burger King Japan designed the Black Ninja Burger to look like a ninja sticking his tongue out at you. This intrigued customers so much, they kept coming back for more, and it became a viral sensation. The burger is constructed of humble ingredients, which actually sound pretty delicious. Aside from the burger patty, there is a hash brown, along with the required lettuce, tomato, mayo, and the massive hunk of bacon which is meant to look like the ninja’s tongue. But it’s the jet-black bun that got everybody around the world talking. The bun is dyed with charcoal – bamboo charcoal to be exact – and there is a black peppery taste which is apparently mesmerizing. This Black Ninja Burger seems to be here to stay, too, since it was such a talked-about menu item, and we can’t hold it against anybody for wanting to try this strange-looking concoction just once. Japan has a history of dying their buns black – apparently, it’s a thing that people enjoy there, even if it might be off-putting for the untrained observer of all things fast food. The Black Ninja Burger isn’t the first burger to use dye, but it might be the first to add the look of a ‘beeda,’ which is something people say when they stick out their tongues in Japan. The word is played on in the advertising for this burger, so it’s as cheeky as it is outrageous and delicious.

1. McDonald’s Naughty Green Pork Burger

With perhaps the most winning, smile-inducing name ever given to a burger, McDonald’s China named this bright toxic green burger the ‘Naughty Green Pork Burger’ as a promotion for the release of the Angry Birds movie. Despite its horrifying color scheme, there are some fairly sane ingredients inside of it, including a pork patty, a poached egg, lettuce, and jalapeño sauce. However, somebody went mad in the science lab and devised the weird neon buns that this all sits between. But, it’s all about the promotion, and as usual, weird works. The Naughty Green Pork burger went viral pretty darn fast, and sometimes that’s all a burger needs to become popular. Everybody wanted a taste of this alien angry bird treat, and one food critic even said it “wasn’t half bad,” which actually seems like a massive compliment. The burger seemed to win most people over in the flavor department, although we are afraid to know how this thing might sit in your stomach the next day. It was only released in China so nobody else in the world could partake in McDonald’s little genetic experiment – although we can bet that if it were offered to people worldwide, they would be just as drawn to it. There’s just something special about colored buns. 

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