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Top 10 Most Insane Waffle House Stories Ever


Top 10 Most Insane Waffle House Stories Ever

Waffle House might be known for its 24 hour service, day or night, hurricanes or disasters. Yes the southern has a cult like following and the all-star breakfast might be the star attraction of the chain. It is unique as it has its own index to indicate the impact of natural disasters, something which doesn’t at all have anything to do with a restaurant, but it does. But did you know strange things happening at Waffle House. Sit back as we explore the top 10 strange things to happen at the yellow roofed chain.

10. The gang of elderly men

Now who would have thought a Waffle House would become a base of operations for a bunch of elderly men to conspire against the government. That’s exactly what happened when back in 2011, four men used to meet up at the Taccoa, GA Waffle House and do the plotting. The four men, Samuel Crump, Frederick Roberts, Ray Adams, and Dan Roberts, had named themselves “the covert group” and that name sure sounds like a secret evil group planning nefarious plans to thwart the government and which exactly what they were doing.

Their plan was to blow up government buildings and kill people with poison from a bean plant in the area. To top it off, they also had affiliations with a militia group as well. They were arrested in November 2011 based on recordings of their meetings by an undercover informant. Because of the nature of the case, it has drawn a lot of attention because, especially in regards to domestic terrorism and also you don’t often hear news of four elderly men cooking up devious in a place no one would ever think such a thing could happen. But knowing the history of all the things going bump in the night at Waffle House, we all should better start considering all of this as normal in context to the chain’s strange happenings. Next time you are having a hearty breakfast at a Waffle House, make sure your eyes are peeled for elderly men sitting in groups and speaking in hushed tones.

9. Naked woman rampage

If you thought a sinister government plot at a Waffle House took the prize for the weirdest stuff to happen there? Think again. The Kennesaw, GA location was a witness to a Georgian woman by the name Jennifer Nicholson. Apparently the woman went aggressive and created a ruckus. At first she was witnessed preaching the customers and walking around the restaurant. Then she was seen punching a woman in the nose and throwing a plate at her. If that wasn’t enough to catch attention, she stripped naked and broke a window, making her presence felt. The drama didn’t just end there as the woman scratched an officer while he was trying to subdue her and also lunged at another. On her arrest, it couldn’t be interpreted as to why she behaved in that fashion, but her actions were considered as “a suspected excited delirium state.” It is not every day you come across a woman angry, naked, fist fighting, window smashing and blocking your booth while you try to have your breakfast in peace. Hard times we live in.

8. The Waffle House home

Waffle House can get a book published on the amount of strange stuff going on at the chain and the list could go on. Heck they could use it to advertise their brand and adventurers would walk by hoping to catch the next out of the ordinary happening at one of the restaurants. Now that’s an idea. Anyways here’s a story that would surely make one want to make the restaurant their home. Yes that’s right. One man in Augusta, Georgia thought of just that. A guy who was repairing the air conditioning back in 2011, noticed someone living on the roof of the Waffle House. No one knew how he got up there or for how long he had taken up residence up on the roof. Later he was taken to the hospital as he was suffering from dehydration.

Assuming the view must have been nice up there or the man must have had his fair share of tree houses in his youth, whatever the case, he must have been hoping for a warm breakfast if he decided to climb down every morning. Waffle House has become the center stage for all things random and weird and this one sits proudly in this list. Employees better start checking their Waffle House roofs from now. Who knows what could be living up there, probably an army of raccoons or little green men.

7. Waffle House alert

Yes Waffle House is also a conduit for paedophiles walking around luring children into their conniving world. In Port St. Lucia, Florida location, a teacher was nabbed by the cops for luring underage girls for sex. One of the undercover detective was a woman, who made a deal with the man by offering her young daughter as the prey. Of course the whole thing was a setup to catch hold of the guy and he was arrested at the Waffle House he was planning to meet the detective, pretending to be a part of his devious mind. Adding to the pedo list of misfits, in 2017, a Waffle House paedophile employee was arrested from the Goodlettsville, Tennessee restaurant on charges of possessing child pornography. Through anonymous tips, the Metro Nashville Police Department managed to get a hold on the man. David Mark Alfred, the culprit later revealed that he had also uploaded the content on online platforms like social media, Google, etcetera. Next time you dine at one of the Waffle Houses and you suspect anyone looking at children funny, make sure you keep your tasers ready and catch the person in the act or best call 911.

6. Your tip is denied!

When the customer is happy with your services and leaves you a fat tip for all your hard work, chances are you’re smile widens from ear to ear dreaming about all the stuff you can purchase on Amazon. In 2014, one waitress Shaina Brown must have thought about that when she received a $1000 tip by a generous customer. Unfortunately her shopping dreams were shattered when she wasn’t allowed to accept such an amount as it was against company policy. The North Carolina Waffle House waitress went back home without the huge sum and the money was refunded to the customer’s credit card. This story does have a happy ending though as Brown managed to meet the generous person through a reporter who covered the story. The ended up getting a cheque for the tip by the customer. If you are working at a Waffle House and stuck around till wee hours of the morning like Brown did, you might be the next lucky employee to get a handsome tip.

5. When you gotta go you gotta go

As if Waffle House didn’t have enough of naked or weird people walking in their restaurants, another incident occurred in 2016 which they could add to their weird people list. At Sandy Springs, GA, a man named Bashir Rasheed decided to make the front door of the Waffle House his own personal toilet. The man peed outside the restaurant. Then he decided to give it a shot and walk inside, but alas his dreams were shattered as an employee prevented him from entering. Thankfully he didn’t try to get too ambitious with the craziness and went back to his car. Charged with indecency and arrest, he got a ride to the hospital by the police. At least he didn’t have to pay for gas. Surely the guys are concocting something in Waffle House, or it could be the air in the restaurants making people walk around, doing stuff not considered normal. Guess we will have to find it out ourselves to see what is going on in there.

4. The Waffle House brawl 

Before your imaginations started spinning and assuming Waffle House as the next WWE rink after reading the title, that’s not exactly the case. But it did try to imitate one and that too when a celebrity was involved with a Waffle House. In 2007, Kid Rock and his band did a gig in Atlanta. After the performance they decided to stop by a Waffle House and grab a bite. One would assume Kid Rock would have been enjoying his waffles after the concert. But sadly that wasn’t the case as for reasons unknown he ended up having an argument with a customer, which evolved into a brawl. Both parties gave their own versions for the cause of fight, but no one truly knows the credible version. The court didn’t find Rock’s fist endeavors acceptable and he and another musician part of the group had to shell out $40,000.

A pretty steep price to pay for a restaurant scuffle, but that’s what you get Kid Rock. Hopefully the singer is going to vent out all that anger and come out with a new song, instead of brawling in restaurants with random customers. Besides recently Rock made a cameo in a music video for Waffle House Christmas, which was released by country music legend Bill Anderson. Looks like the dust has settled between the Michigander and the restaurant since his past showdown.

3. In memory of Lawrence Clark

What would a Waffle House got to do with a funeral, one might ask. Because of late patron Lawrence Clark, the restaurant participated in the man’s funeral. In 2003 not many of Clark’s relatives were there to eulogize and Waffle House used that opportunity to give him the respect he deserved by organizing his funeral at the restaurant. The employees, patrons and cooks gathered to give their salutations to Clark in the parking lot space, which used to be his favourite spot, complete with is mortal remains on top of the hood of a Chevrolet. There were also family photos decorated in wreaths and flowers, along with huge displaying boards. His niece further added a touch inside the restaurant by placing his jacket on the back of his favourite chair along with some Black coffee, milk and cigarettes, just the way he liked it.

Now that’s the way to commemorate someone who had a special affinity towards Waffle House. Let us hope Clark gets all the free meals in the heavens above and a plaque to show the customers walking in, that there was a man called Lawrence Clark who was also known as “the Waffle House taxi service,” as he used to drop off people who didn’t have transportation for their jobs.

2. Waffle House, a place for self-pleasure 

When you need your alone time to self-pleasure, you don’t think of ending up in a restaurant to achieve that. Emanuel DeWayne Williams Sr. would not agree with this at all. Working at the Waffle House in Macon, Georgia, Williams made sure he would make the restaurant his own private space in 2015. Walking in, one would expect to get their Papa Joe’s pork chop and eggs on that fateful day when Williams was on the path of self-discovery, but instead it would be sight that they would never have expected to witness once they checked in the restaurant. According to a female employee working at the restaurant, Williams declared that he would be pleasuring himself, which at first she didn’t believe he would. Unfortunately he didn’t mince his words when he said that and apparently there is a whole evidence of him doing the deed. The woman recorded a video of the incident as she thought no one in their right minds would believe such an event ever occurred.

The video popped up on Facebook and was also sent to the local news. Williams was fired as expected and he and his girlfriend even tried to threaten the female employee for circulating the video online. It seems like indecency was part of his nature as previously Williams served almost a decade in state prison for a 1999 rape conviction. Now Emanuel Williams is the perfect example of a man who clearly forgot the idea of using a private space to pop his own cherry and now thanks to his misdeeds, he was charged for public indecency and probation violation, also losing his job. Let us all hope no one gets such an idea and the customers don’t end up getting to witness such a sight instead of their waffles. We wouldn’t want anything more than the items present on that menu.

1. The case of the armed robbery

In fall 2014, a man named Jason Philpot had decided that it was up to him to rob a Waffle House, with the help of an accomplice. They had come prepared, complete with black masks and a rifle. All armed and decked up for the crime, they held waitresses at gunpoint and commanded money from the cash registers, including their tips. Since that didn’t satiate their appetites, the men also demanded access to the safe as well. After forcing the waitresses to the back of the restaurant, they then got involved in a chase in Tucker with the DeKalb County Police at their tail. Philpot and Patrick Reese were eventually arrested with Reese getting 10 years of jail time as he pleaded guilty of robbery at McDonalds, which he had been a part of a few days before the Waffle House escapade. His partner Philpot was convicted of charges in August, 2017 and prior to his robbery plan, he had also been charged for drugs in 1998.

Looking at the roster of things happening at the famous chain, an armed robbery to the list just shows how diverse and random these happenings are and one can always wonder as to what can happen next at a Waffle House. We hope that the employees come up with some sort of protection gear for both the customers and themselves, just in case someone too decides to get some easy cash and holds everyone as a hostage. 

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