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Top 10 Most Insane Burgers You Want To Eat!!!


Top 10 Most Insane Burgers You Want To Eat!!!

If you’ve been craving a big, juicy burger, you’ll enjoy discovering the top 10 most insane burgers you want to eat. These extreme burgers are anything but basic, and one of them weighs in at an astonishing 190 pounds. Another burger on the list retails for a staggering ten thousand dollars. This “burger for the rich” is available in Dubai…if you can afford it. The world’s most insane burgers are designed to satisfy even the heartiest appetites. The plus-sized burgers on today’s list are burgers that most people definitely can’t finish. We’ve sourced out wild and crazy burgers from all over the globe, from a McDonald’s secret menu item called the Land, Sea and Air burger, to a “cowboy” burger that Gordon Ramsay couldn’t wrap his mouth (or head) around. We want to entertain you by showing you just how crazy delicious burgers can get.

If you’re a burger fiend, this list may just become a bucket list. Sampling these insane burgers during your travels will be an awesome way to expand your culinary horizons. If you try one of these burgers, you’ll earn bragging rights. These are the burgers that the whole world is talking about. 

10. Discover the Octo-Mac Cheeseburger (The Corporate Giant Burger)

Could you scarf down a burger with eight patties, instead of the usual one or two? If you think that you’re up to this loco burger challenge, be sure to prepare your own Octo-Mac Cheeseburger…and then eat the whole thing. It’s a version of a classic Big Mac, with loads of extra beef to make it special…and insane! This burger is so mammoth, a stick needs to be put through it just to keep it upright. He began by mixing mayonnaise, mustard and an array of other tasty ingredients to make a home made Big Mac-inspired sauce for the Octo-Mac. Then, he started creating the eight patties from 80/20 ground beef. Then he used metal burger rings to shape uniform beef patties.

After using the burger rings, he placed parchment paper over the patties and then used a rolling pin to smooth them out. The parchment paper and rolling pin contributed to a perfect finish. Once the burgers were the ideal shape, thickness and size, he firmed them up by placing them in the freezer while he got his grill going. When it was time to start grilling, this BBQ Master was really in his element. He estimated the total weight of the octo-patties to be one and three-quarter pounds. Compared to typical Big Macs, which are sizable, substantial burgers, a 1-3/4 pound burger is huge. It’s a mega-burger.  Greg toasted burger buns on the grill as he tended to the eight patties. Once they were cooked to juicy perfection, he layered them with homemade Big Mac sauce and slices of American cheese. Pickles, lettuce and onions were also added to boost flavor and texture. The completed burger “behemoth” was a sight to behold. No matter how much it was squashed, it just wouldn’t fit into the chef’s mouth. Greg decided to slice it, to show us all what it looked like on the inside. Then, he crammed the slice into his mouth. Thanks to Greg from Ballistic BBQ for taking on this epic food challenge and being such an awesome sport. Greg, you really rocked it and you helped us to discover the wonders of the juicy, zesty, fun and very satisfying Octo-Mac Burger. 

9. Gordon Ramsay Dissed The Cowboy Burger

Would you serve chef Gordon Ramsay a burger that he couldn’t even get into his mouth? One hapless executive chef did, during a memorable episode of Ramsay’s addictive reality TV show, Kitchen Nightmares. It was called the “cowboy burger” and, like the rest of the burgers at the troubled Los Angeles eatery, Burger Kitchen, it did not pass muster with Chef Ramsay.  You may remember this particular episode of Kitchen Nightmares because of the cowboy burger, which featured an absurdly thick beef patty. You may also remember it because the restaurant owner confessed that he used his own son’s inheritance to open the restaurant. So shady!

Family drama, as well as crazy-bad burgers, were definitely on the menu during the show. Ramsay did his level best to help, but Burger Kitchen was destined to bite the dust, along with the restaurant’s signature cowboy burger. The cowboy burger was atrociously overpriced at 39 bucks. What’s hilarious about this misshapen burger is how out of proportion its bun is to its beef patty. The bun seems tiny and it just makes the whole burger look ridiculous. It also makes it almost impossible to eat. Gordon cut the cowboy burger up with a knife and fork, and then popped a piece of the burger into his mouth. It did not please his palate. Since Burger Kitchen is no more, you’ll need to re-create the Cowboy Burger at home. If you dare.

8. The FleurBurger 5000 Is A Refined Choice

Now, it’s time for an insane burger that is a bit more highfalutin. The amusingly-named Fleurburger 5000 is ultra-gourmet. That’s why it retails for five grand. You may ask yourself, how can any burger be worth five thousand bucks, but this isn’t even the most expensive burger on our list. There’s another one that’s double the price. So, what sets the Fleurburger 5000 apart from the types of burgers that we eat at fast food joints like McDonald’s, Burger King and Five Guys? Well, the Fleurburger 5000 is the creation of Hubert Keller. He’s a famous chef who has an eatery called Fleur, which is situated in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay casino resort. Keller is highly-regarded in the culinary world. He’s a superstar.

To create the Fleurburger, he sears a Wagyu beef patty and bastes it in real butter until it’s cooked to perfection. This type of beef retails for about one hundred dollars per pound. The butter-basted beef is just the beginning. Chef Keller goes one step further by searing some slices of the very best foie gras. Foie gras will generally set you back about forty-five bucks a pound. Then, he mixes duck fat with butter and sautees a heap of black truffles. This particular variety of truffles goes for fifteen hundred dollars per pound. This rich array of high-priced ingredients are then arranged on a newly-baked bun. Naturally, the bun is a Brioche. Chef Keller isn’t putting these choice ingredients between two slices of Wonder Bread.

7. The Luther Burger Is Salty-Sweet Perfection

If you love salty-sweet flavor profiles, you may want to treat yourself to the Luther burger, which is rumored to be the culinary creation of legendary record producer, songwriter and singer, Luther Vandross. While this crazy burger may be too much for most people, it’s just right for those who want burgers that go to extremes. When you bite into a Luther Burger, you’ll be noshing on a beef patty flanked by glazed doughnuts. The doughnuts take the place of typical hamburger buns. With the Luther, cheese is optional.

This interesting and unique burger is not going to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Its calorie count ranges between eight hundred and fifteen hundred. Enjoy it in moderation. While this burger may have been one of Luther Vandross’ fave snacks, rather than his invention, it’s something that everyone can enjoy. To get your own Luther Burger, head for Mulligan’s. This bar is in the suburbs of Decatur, Georgia. Another option is heading for Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme, or Tim Hortons, and stocking up on classic glazed doughnuts. I’ll be easy to grill your own beef patty at home and put the whole Luther Burger together. You may want to buy a roll of Tums and eat a few for dessert. 

6. The Seven Emirates Burgerstack Doesn’t Come Cheap

Dubai is a playground for the rich. It’s a place where people of means go to flaunt their wealth, soak up the sun and enjoy shopping and fine dining. If you’re interested in exploring Dubai, you may also be interested in partaking of the epic Seven Emirates Burgerstack. This burger is the most expensive out there, with a price tag of ten thousand bucks. It was purchased in Dubai by the owner of a United Arab Emirates magazine. The burger was featured at a special event called Pink Bite. You’ll be happy to know that the high price tag for this burger had a purpose. Proceeds from its sale were used to further breast cancer awareness and research. This outrageous burgerstack was created inside of The Dubai Mall, at the Galeries Lafayette. Some notable ingredients included a seven-spice mix, a Harrisa sauce and veal bacon. It was served the gourmet way, in a Brioche bun.

Since this burger helped women to detect breast cancer earlier and helped everyone to learn about breast cancer, it’s a culinary winner. The person who bought it enjoyed a decadent burger and also helped women. While getting your own burgerstack might be tough, even if you can afford to live it up in Dubai, you can always make your own. Imagine a burger that looks like a dramatic Dubai skyscraper and go from there. 

5. This 20,000 Calorie Burger Comes From Las Vegas 

I visited the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas and lived to tell the tale. I enjoyed the whole experience, from donning a hospital “Johnny shirt” to interacting with waitresses dressed as nurses to drinking out of plastic pill bottles. This restaurant is all about excess, which makes sense because Las Vegas is all about excess. If you’re in Vegas and you’re not afraid of indulging in an artery-clogging meal, head for the Heart Attack Grill and order the infamous eatery’s 20,000 calorie burger. I doubt you’ll be able to eat the whole thing, but you may have fun trying, and you’ll definitely enjoying taking pictures of the huge and heavy burger on your plate.

20,000 calories is a lot of calories. Most people eat around 2,500 calories per day, so this burger provides far more than the recommended daily allotment of calories. It is something that no one should eat too often, or ever. Burning off the calories from this burger will be impossible, even if you explore the Vegas Strip on foot for days. You may not feel too good after you nosh on this crazy burger, but their are pretend nurses onsite to cater to you. Let’s hope you won’t need a real nurse after you eat the whole thing. 

4. McDonald’s Land, Sea and Air Burger Is a Secret Menu Item

Secret menu items are all the rage and one crazy McDonald’s secret menu item is the Land, Sea and Air burger. Have you heard of the Turducken, which is a roasted combination of a Turkey, duck and chicken? This Land, Sea and Air burger features the same type of concept as it’s made with beef patties, McChicken patties and Filet O Fish patties. Whether this sounds delectable or outright gross really depends on your own culinary sensibilities. If a hard-working McDonald’s staffer doesn’t agree to make a Land, Sea and Air burger for you, you can always order a variety of sandwiches from Mickey D’s and then assemble your own Land, Sea and Air burger at the restaurant. Expect some stares as you mix three kinds of proteins on a sesame bun. A classic Land, Sea and Air contains a Big Mac, a McChicken and a Filet O Fish. It’s a beast of a sandwich that few people can finish. Best for McDonald’s fanatics, this secret menu item will bring out your inner glutton. 

3. Chicago’s Best Burger Comes In A Skillet

Prepare for skillet madness as you challenge yourself by attempting to polish off a five pound skillet burger which is renowned as “Chicago’s Best”. This burger is called The Challenger, for good reason. Five pounds is a lot of pounds and finishing every last bite of this mega-burger won’t be easy. You’ll find The Challenger at Rudy’s Bar & Grille in Chicago, Illinois. The Challenger retails for thirty-five bucks, and delivers lots of heartiness for the money.

When you order, you’ll be able to select your preferred level of beef doneness and choose a yummy side, such as waffle fries, cole slaw or a cup of macaroni and cheese. You’ll also be able to choose your preferred toppings, from some tasty choices, including mushrooms, bacon and fried egg. Obviously, this isn’t a low-fat, low-calorie choice. It’s a food challenge that is laden with fat and calories. If you can’t manage to eat The Challenger alone, take the challenge with a friend, partner or family member. Even two people may have trouble getting through this massive, five-pound skillet. But they’ll have fun trying.  Be sure to Instagram your skillet. You may not feel like taking selfies after you nosh on this monster burger, so try to take the selfies during the first few bites. 

2. This 190-Pound Burger Is So Insane

Is bigger better? The makers of this one hundred and ninety pound burger think so. This burger was produced by Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar in Detroit, Michigan. It measured two and half feet in height and weighed in at one hundred and ninety pounds. Of course, it was too much for a single person, so a big crew of  Detroit residents gathered to make mince meat of this mammoth burger. The group was determined to polish off the biggest burger in the world. People shoveled ground beef into their mouths and more ground beef kept coming. How many pounds of this burger could you eat? This burger took sixteen hours to make and three guys worked on it before it was served. The challenge to eat it all was led by Adam Richman, of Man v. Food. In the end, the group, who grew increasingly pale, bloated and sick-looking as they bravely shoved chunks of the burger into their faces, managed to consume one hundred and sixty pounds of it. They didn’t win the challenge. The world’s biggest burger kicked their butt.  

1. Could You Finish The Sasquatch?

OK, it’s time for the last crazy burger on the list. It’s called the Sasquatch and you can get your very own at the Big Foot Lodge, conveniently located right in the heart of downtown Memphis, Tennessee. When you order the Sasquatch, you’ll receive a cheeseburger that weighs in at four pounds. The burger costs only $19.99, which is pretty good value, considering the escalating cost of fast food burgers these days. If you manage to choke down the Sasquatch in an hour, without any help from other people, you won’t need to pay a single penny for your burger. Also, your pic will go up in the eatery’s Hall of Fame. To date, only one person’s picture is displayed on the wall, but you could be the second. This burger tastes great. There’s just a lot of it to eat. It’s beyond most people’s capability to finish the Sasquatch.

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