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Top 10 Mobile Games You Can’t Miss Out On For 2018


Top 10 Mobile Games You Can’t Miss Out On For 2018

Mobile games can be very addictive. It is near impossible to know a single individual who does not spend free time playing games on his or her phone every day. While the old classics and still popular games remain up high on some lists, like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, there are a lot of new and exciting games released this past months and mind you, they really worth of your time. They are available in all platforms and anybody can enjoy them anywhere and anytime of the day.

In order for these games to be available for everyone, they should be non-threatening and also provide some benefits like improving hand and eye coordination for the younger generation. Even if those games are not providing real, sensible and high definition graphics, one can still enjoy a game that has a lot of action. As years pass by, the gaming on mobile is obviously getting better than before. We cannot deny the fact that IOS and Android games seem to hit higher levels of popularity every year. Without further ado, here are the 10 best mobile games one should not miss this year.

10. PUBG Mobile

Multiplayer online games are very popular with all generations these days. PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds can be played by people from all walks of life. In the game, up to 100 players can all play together in one game, from all over the world. It starts with the player’s characters parachuting onto an island then finding resources such as weapons and equipment to live and kill other players, but keeping yourself free from any bullets and thus surviving till the end of the game. The last player may it be played solo, duo or a squad will win the round of the game.

This game received a lot of positive feedback because, aside from it having a large player base for a single game, players of the same team can hear each other so it is like playing with right next to each other. A few hours indulging yourself with the game will make you realize that a sneaking sensation and the smallest details have a purpose. An example would be when you spotted an open door during the ongoing game. It means that somebody already went inside or worse — is hiding inside waiting for someone to be a victim. The more one plays, the more he will learn about the hidden techniques of the game. It already received awards and accolades because of its rising fame since its release in 2017.

9. Vainglory

This is a great game where players can enjoy the breathtaking free game, real-time PvP MOBA, filled with some entertaining graphic dragons, versatile heroes and a large community of friends who are willing to fight with you against the enemies. This is all about playing and choosing a powerful hero of your choice with a unique ability. Explore the skills and capabilities of each hero with each struggle he goes through. In the game, there is an ancient energy source named Halcyon, where it is a source that will provide nerve-wracking powers for the advanced innovation of the game. Players must fight for control in order to grab the opportunity of taking all the energy as their own.

The game can be described as having ultra-highly designed graphics with a speed of 60 frames every second. The game map has 1.3 million polygons available, with a very convincing 30ms control responsiveness that will definitely satisfy players everywhere. This specific game has been selected by the Apple Company for its delivery of a very unique and high-quality animation and graphics and offers an endless experience for players that will promote friendly competition and excitement.

8. Hearthstone

The original name of the game Hearthstone was derived from “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.” The game from Blizzard entertainment is mainly designed as a cross-platform play that allows different players to battle with one another, but has a specific scaling down, according to the geographical area where a player belongs. It is all about a free online card video game between two existing opponents given a deck of 30 cards with a hero they have chosen with strong magic and power to defeat an enemy.

At the start of the game, each of the players will consume their given mana crystals, but with only a limited amount to use and also to use the hero’s abilities and for each goal to take the enemy’s life to zero. Some say that they have difficulty understanding the game, but for others, it is easy. There’s a report that players are asking for a tournament mode of this game. They are thinking that it is going to be more exciting. But what really entices players about this game is the sense of amusement and originality that extends to the game board itself. There can be numerous trinkets, which the player call “clickies,” just to interact with them. So while waiting for the opponent to make the call, which can be very boring, it is a nice option that one can fight the boredom by farming vegetables or even nudging a volcano.

7. Injustice 2

All who love DC Super Heroes , as well as the villains favor this game. In this exciting game, the player needs to master the right moves and kill their opponents in a 3 versus 3 battle. Who doesn’t know about Superman’s heat vision or Harley Quinn’s specific move known as the cupcake bomb? Players need to earn rewards from each fight so that they can customize their heroes with different gear and collect more special characters or heroes that have more destructive power than the others. It is inevitable to team up with friends and have unstoppable Justice League heroes to form a team.

There is a need to upgrade each superhero to get unending superpowers as they fight until the end of the game. There is always a great update available, especially for the characters. The gamers are saying that the game has great graphics and even the story mode is just awesome. Injustice 2 is derived from the first hit game, “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” According to the latest update, they introduced new three heroes. There are also new levels and the ratings of the heroes are also increasing with each level.

6. AdventureQuest 3D

This is a real-time combat game that surely delivers a fast-paced game experience for the players. This game is known for its dynamic combat-scene mode, colorful 3D version and a more advanced version then its original game, AdventureQuest. Players can play from any available device and can also be activated and played in a computer’s browser. There are some unique classes of characters that can be chosen by the players. One can choose to play as a warrior, guardian, rogue or mage and much more. Each of the characters has different skills, strengths and classes that will make the game more exciting.

AdventureQuest 3D is one of the world’s entirely new game experiences. The mode play will surely win the hearts of game players who want to explore an ever expanding world of fantasy where there are fights against fearsome characters, seeking treasures and exploring the heroes and character’s skills and abilities. However, there are some reviews that the game’s auto attack damage needs to be a concern because the leveling upgrade appears to be encountering some problems. Another is when others are trying to sync their account to their Facebook account and they would encounter an error message.

5. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is just a perfect aftershock from its previous version Alto’s Snowy Adventure. The reviews are all saying that Alto’s Odyssey is much better and has a lot deeper sense. Not only in the scenery part, but also to the new obstacles and the goals that need to be achieved by the players. One player even commented that he had played Alto’s Odyssey for hours already. He realized that he felt relaxed and in a reflective mood. This make a lot of sense toward understanding why the game is such a superb creation to everyone.

Collecting coins and overcoming the obstacles are still the core mechanics of the game, but it doesn’t stop the player from being amazed. There are different areas for the players to come across and see beautiful, changing landscapes with colors that could take their breath away. Though there may be moments of tension that one player could encounter that forces him or her to be out of his or her comfort zone, that is one way to enhance how a person can pass the test and do the tricks. This is such a success for the developers of the game because of their thinking in terms of the ever-changing timelines of territories that make the game more exciting and fun to play.

4. Sims Mobile

This is a life simulation game that is already based on several previous versions, “The Sims 4” and “The Sims FreePlay” for both IOS and Android devices. The Sims mobile is a game where one player can do almost everything that he wants. The scenario of the game is that a player should have a sim to play, build his own house and choose a specific job. The sim then needs to level up, maintain being well and also expand his or her own family. Also here, the sim can interact with another player’s sim in order to work things out between the two characters of each player.

What is more fun here is that one can enjoy the benefits of the game without spending real money. Even if in today’s games, especially the popular games, watching ads in some premium games is a pretty normal thing to happen. In just a short time, there are a lot of advantages because a player can earn extra credits and rewards. Also, the fun part in Sim’s Mobile is that fashion is almost everywhere. Players can enjoy customizing their sims’ fashion sense by buying different clothes, change hairstyles, makeup, decorate their home and carry out other day-to-day activities.

3. South Park

Everyone is familiar with the famous show on television these days are known as South Park. So this is where the first-person shooter video game is based on, especially during the first seasons of South Park. The plot of the game is when a green evil comet crashed on planet Earth in the town of South Park. The boys are in charge of saving their home and destroying all the evil being created from the comet that blasted through.

The goal of the player here is to defeat enemies using different weapons that can be found as the player passes each stage or level. Each player has a total of 100 percent health at the beginning of play and when being attacked by the enemy, he or she will lose health. There are many ways for the player can regain health and that is by finding the Cheesy Poofs boxes thrown around everywhere in each stage. The multiplayer mode of the games is made possible for players worldwide. It has five different modes to play with such as “Capture the Flag,” “Grudge Match,” and lastly, “Kick the Baby.” It is a game for a first-person shooter, so it is really favored by all.

2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This is a game where one is required to build a camp, together with friends and some favorite animals. Then, one will be a camp manager, which means that you are in charge of everything in the new place. Crafting furniture and some other fun items for some amenities are the things that can be done. Also one can enjoy nature by gathering fruits and vegetables and going fishing. With the animals, even in real life, people can be great friends with them. So in this game, it is no wonder why players cannot also become friends with them. By growing friendship, one can easily earn rewards and later buy necessary things elsewhere.

Managing the campsite also means the one has the sole authority to do whatever he wants to do in everything. One can freely decorate the campsite with furniture and available items from the store. The goal is to be able to claim your camp as the most popular campsite or popular space on the map. Of course, it will take a lot of time to craft things and build things on your own, but the animal friends that one makes can make the journey enjoyable.

1. The Room Series

Fireproof Games Company developed this popular puzzle video game and it was released in September 2012 exclusively for IOS devices. It was subsequently released in March 2013 in an Android version. An enhanced game version was then released for Microsoft Windows in July 2014. When it was first released for IOS, it received a lot of positive accolades and several awards. With this kind of success, Fireproof Games initiated to release three sequels of the game that resulted in a total sales of 11.5 million in 2016.

Some players say that the plot of this three-dimensional puzzle game starts with a mysterious box in a room of a specific house. The player then solves puzzles and the main goal is to fully unlock all the puzzles being given to the player in a given amount of time. The puzzles become more difficult and complex to solve as the game proceeds to a higher level. Players who haven’t had the chance to play this kind of game will surely enjoy this since this game is so wrapped in a lot of mysteries and is in a tactile 3D world. The puzzles are very challenging so that any player who loves solving puzzles would definitely love the game and because of the eerie atmosphere it produces.

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