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Top 10 McDonald’s Regional Burgers Part 2


Top 10 McDonald’s Regional Burgers Part 2

Come with us as we take a McJourney around the world and discover ten McDonald’s regional burgers! Every region in the world has its own culinary preferences. So even though a black burger made with squid ink might seem farfetched and a little repulsive, it’s perfectly normal and tasty in Asia. On the other hand, a Nutella stuffed burger sounds too good to be true yet we have to fly to Italy to get our hands on one of those. Here is our list of our Top 10 McDonald’s Regional Burgers – part 2.  

10. South Korea – Shrimp and Beef Burger 

The McD’s version of surf and turf is this burger. It features one beef patty made with beef sourced from Australia and New Zealand, and it is paired with one crispy whole-shrimp patty. It comes with a tomato slice, onion, lettuce and it’s topped with a double layer of spicy onion sauce served on a soft corn wheat bun. We are pretty sure Gordon Ramsey’s version of a surf and turf is way different but we wonder if he would yell at this burger or applaud it. McD’s has taken the classic fine dining experience of a steak with a side of grilled shrimp or lobster and converted it into a fast-food burger. If you like your meat and your seafood together then this might be the burger for you. It’s like a two for one burger. Who knew you could get surf and turf style burgers at McDonald’s? But unfortunately, you need to travel to South Korea to give this one a try. 

9. Hong Kong and China – The Bacon, Macaroni and Cheese Toastie

Hong Kong and China might have your mouth watering with the Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Toastie. There is no secret sauce in this delicious McCarb meal. It’s simply mac and cheese with bacon pieces mixed in and served between two slices of bread. Except, there is a cheesy plot twist, it’s made with two types of cheeses. It’s not the way we usually eat a pasta dish and the Italians might think it’s a bit crazy but it looks heavenly. This one is not exactly a burger since its made on slices of toast but it has the same idea. High-calorie ingredients stuffed between 2 pieces of bread sounds about right. This is China and Hong Kong’s version of combining McDonald’s fast food with the favorite comfort food from the west. It’s the ideal comfort food yet a treat at the same time. Mac and cheese is a popular dish in North America and when you add crispy bacon to the mix, it levels up the tasty factor! The bacon, macaroni, and cheese sandwich has appeared on some “unhealthiest foods” lists across the web for these reasons so it is definitely a treat but also worth the eat! Surely, we all know those food daredevils who are lookings for a challenge like this toastie, the unhealthier the better. If you are one of those daredevils or just love and thrive on carbs you’ll want to get your hands on this one. While you’re in Hong Kong you could also try the prosperity burger. Two birds with one stone, yeah? The Prosperity Burger is served on a sesame seed bun and consists of either a beef patty or hash brown, dipped in black pepper sauce and then topped with onions. While it may be tasty and tastes even better with curly fries on the side, it might not bring you all good luck you’re looking for but it’s worth a try! After all, you are what you eat!

8. Netherlands – McKroket AND Shoarma Burger

Okay, we couldn’t resist sharing with you two burgers from the Netherlands because they are both just too good to be true and worth the mention! If you like beef stew and burgers then the McKroket is the ultimate combo and you will still want fries with that. The Dutch have created the McKroket, which is basically a beef stew inside a deep-fried patty, topped with none other than mustard, of course. Mustard is a very popular sandwich item in the Netherlands amongst other European countries. Stew is a staple in Dutch cuisine and they have recreated it into a burger at McDonald’s to cater to the peoples taste buds and preferences. Smart move McD’s, smart move. And then there’s the Shoarma burger. We were half expecting this burger to show up in Turkey or the Middle East where shawarmas or kebabs are a staple. But if you are a kebab lover, then this burger is the one! The Shoarma Burger from McDonald’s Netherlands is made up of seasoned beef, lettuce, onion with creamy garlic sauce and shoarma sauce. This burger was advertised to appeal to those who like to get a combo after a late-night out because who doesn’t love a good burger or shawarma on the way home. No one likes to go to bed hungry but this burger sounds tasty enough that it would be good any time of the day. 

7. Poland – Cordon Bleu Burger 

It may sound like a French burger but this one is available only in Poland. Ever wanted to know what 3 types of meat in one burger would taste like? Now you can with the Cordon Bleu burger consisting of a beef patty, chicken patty, and bacon. The chicken patty is deep-fried and stuffed with ham, in case you needed even more protein. Let’s not forget the layered cheese in there too, sandwiched in between an onion bun! This burger is a meat-lovers dream, drop the meat lovers pizza and book a flight to Poland to experience this burger. Poland and Eastern Europe, in general, are known to be meat lovers from sausages to cold cuts, cooked cutlets and everything in between, this is the meat burger dream right here. Why else would there be a burger that includes beef, chicken and pork? If you are looking for a burger with all the protein and skipping the veggies then you have found your match. The only catch is that this burger is only available in Poland. But it looks appetizing enough to consider incorporating a stop in Poland on your next Euro trip or at the least a layover long enough to go try one of these. 

6. Japan – Gratin Croquette Burger

The Gratin Croquette Burger features a shrimp and macaroni creamy gratin inside a fried croquette. It comes with shredded cabbage, croquette sauce and is sandwiched between a soft fluffy bun. Now, if that doesn’t sound super tasty then we don’t know what does. Although, you are probably wondering the million-dollar question; just how good does it actually taste? You can tell that it is very different from your usual burger. Instead of a beef patty, it is oozing with creamy gratin inside a fried crispy croquette and who doesn’t like a soft bun? According to online reviews of this burger, it is said to be very tasty. As if this burger wasn’t already tasty they made some minor changes to make it even better when McDonald’s decided to revamp it. They made a thick sauce to have a richer egg flavor and increased the spice levels of the croquette at the perfect touch to make an ideal pairing. Additionally, they added more fresh cream and butter to the dough, making them softer and more flavor-filled with a light and fluffy texture. A soft fluffy bun is a perfect touch to a crunchy fried croquette. The only thing is, it can only be purchased during winter months, so you’ll have to wait until the colder season to take a bite out of this. 

5. Spain – Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger

Spanish cuisine is unique and delicious but you might replace the gazpacho or tortillas for this burger experience. It’ll have you walking away saying “delicioso!” But we have to warn you, this burger will have you joining the locals for an afternoon siesta. The Grand McExtreme Bacon burger is as the name says, extreme! The burger is layered with applewood smoked bacon, beef patties, Gouda cheese, slivered onions, and McBacon sauce. This burger has a whole lot of bacon flavor that has everyone saying, “Viva Espana!” The gouda and smoked bacon make this burger look and taste like a gourmet burger. It might even fool you into thinking McDonald’s has a gourmet menu! But if you are into rich foods with extra bacon that’ll fill you up for hours, then this is easily the best burger you might ever have at a McDonald’s. Viva Espana. 

4. Asia – McRice Burger

Yes, this is a real burger. At least it was, as it doesn’t exist anymore. It was discontinued after McD’s realized it was not gaining much popularity. The McRice burger was available in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan. One thing these countries have in common is that they are big worldwide rice producers and they love their rice dishes. Rice is a staple with almost any meal and this burger was born to cater to this market. The burger was available in beef, fish or chicken on a “rice” bun with lettuce and cabbage. The unique part of this burger was the rice bun, McDonald’s wanted to appeal to all the rice lovers and hoped it would be a regular favorite menu item but didn’t do as well as they expected. Who wouldn’t want to try a burger with a rice bun made of rice stuck together in round patty like a bun but kind of like a beef patty? Ronald McDonald ditched the bread for this bun-shaped construction of white rice which is then toasted to hold its shape. It was tried by many and perhaps it was tasty too but McDonald’s knows this better than anybody else, there’s nothing like a burger with a soft bun. Rice just doesn’t give us that soft bun texture, although it is an interesting burger concept. Rice is a large part of Asian food culture, so it should come as no surprise that it made its way onto the menus at McDonald’s locations. Visually it looked very interesting and tasty but with this burger, you will actually just have to eat with your eyes as the McRice is no more.  

3. New Zealand – NYC Benedict Bagel

A bagel might not be a burger but again, it’s all the same concept. The only difference is the bun type it’s served on. So, if you thought this burger was going to be available in New York City, then think again. It is actually available in New Zealand! Hungry McDonald’s customers can find this Benedict Bagel for breakfast any day of the week. It’s just a plain bagel with a not so plain ingredients. It’s made with a strip of bacon, a perfectly cooked round egg, a cheese slice and a big dollop of hollandaise sauce between a sliced-up plain bagel. If you are a late breakfast eater it makes a good brunch too. You won’t find this menu item in the United States but you could say that it is a taste of New York City in the Great South. With ingredients as broad as this, we are hoping that McDonald’s start supplying the NYC Benedict Bagal worldwide asap. 

2. Turkey – MegaMac Burger 

If you thought the supersize options in the American McDonald’s were too big , then wait until you check out the MegaMac Burger. It is only available in Korea, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. The MegaMac is basically like the Big Mac but a Big Mac that’s been doubled. Instead of 2 beef patties, it has 4! If you can manage to fit your mouth around all those patties, and you love the classic big mac, then this one will fill you up for the whole day. The Mega Mac was created by the Japanese burgerologists who thought about expanding the boundaries of the famous Big Mac after being inspired by the Big Mac lovers. All your favorite Big Mac toppings are in this burger including onions, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and that special sauce all on a sesame seed bun. This burger just has double the fun and double the beef patties, that also means double the protein and double the fat. Did you also know that McDonald’s in Finland is the only one to offer a gluten-free Big Mac? For all you gluten-free folks it’s your chance to experience the Big Mac with no tummy troubles.  

1. Australia – McOz

Fasten your seatbelts because our McPlane is about to land on the last burger of this top 10. We are preparing for landing in the land down under where they refer to Mcdonald’s as Macca’s. You might be thinking this burger is about a crocodile, kangaroo or emu patty, but it’s not! Those meats are way too expensive for McDonald’s price ranges. Not only that but those are protected species so let’s cut to the chase and talk about what is really in this McOz burger. It’s got a 100% Aussie beef patty and this burger falls on the scale somewhere between a Quarter Pounder and a Double Quarter Pounder. We guess its an in-between burger of those two if you will. It has a four-ounce (113 g) beef patty, griddle egg, beetroot and the standard burger toppings of tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese drizzled with tomato and ketchup on a toasted sesame bun. This burger is also known as the “Kiwi Burger” in New Zealand, the same burger just a different country. Although, the McOz burger sounds like it’ll take you through the magical world of Oz. We do however have some bad news as we hate to tell you that it was discontinued and replaced by the McFeast Deluxe. This new and “improved” burger comprised of an extra-large beef patty, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, and three sauces: mustard, ketchup and McFeast Deluxe sauce on a sesame seed bun. They replaced the beetroot and egg with pickles, which for pickle lovers is a win, but who doesn’t love an egg on their burger oozing with yolk? Well, it  doesn’t matter now since both these burgers were replaced altogether with a new range of Angus beef burgers. Don’t fret because as you can see from this list there are so many regional burgers across the McWorld that you have plenty to choose from and bound to find one that suits your taste buds!

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