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Top 10 McDonald’s Food That Will Make You Cringe


Top 10 McDonald’s Food That Will Make You Cringe

Do you think you know everything there is to know about the menu inside the Golden Arches? Well, asides from their regular menu of Big Macs, crispy fries, McRibs and so forth they also have quite an exotic menu. The upside is you won’t get bored with the McD’s menu but the downside is some of the menu items will make you cringe!

10. McCurry Pan

The McCurry Pan was the world’s first McDonald’s vegetarian menu item. McDonald’s isn’t usually a favorite hotspot for vegetarians, but McD’s in India brought menu items like this to lure them in. Right off the bat can we just say vegetarians might not like this regardless! Instead of the hot baked apple pies, we all love adding onto our meals, the McDonald’s in India sells hot veggie pies. It is called the McCurry Pan and it is a combination of creamy sauce, mushrooms, peppers, corn, and broccoli in a pastry might be making the vegetarians drool but let us stop you right there! Sounds like a healthy option with all those veggies, right? WRONG. This Mickey D’s meal is on the unhealthy side of the menu with 11 grams of fat and almost 50 carbs in one serving. Just take a look at how greasy it looks with loads of melted cheese. Curried vegetables baked in a cream sauce inside a crispy pan of bread. This McCurry pan also comes with a chicken option. Dare we say this is not a good vegetarian option, as it is incredibly unhealthy. 

9. Mashed Potatoe Burger 

McDonald’s locations across the world include many of the regular items from the American menu that made the company famous, but they tend to cater to their markets as well, which has made them an American icon and a global company. In China, they love Western fast food chains but we are not really sure what McD’s was thinking with this one. Not only is it a weird burger but it also does not have any Chinese flavor to it. It’s fully loaded with a couple of beef patties topped with bacon and a heaping spoonful of mashed potatoes. The Mashed Potato Burger was introduced as part of McDonald’s “Beef 2012 Manly Campaign in China.” The campaign was aimed at “young urban meat lovers,” and is basically saying that bacon and mashed potatoes are the way to become “manly” in your manhood journey but what they forgot to mention is that it comes with the expense of a soggy bun. Would you dare to try to take a bite out of this massive load of unhealthy calories… we mean burger? A burger stuffed with two beef patties, bacon, and mashed potatoes! This burger is one of kind and certainly, a weird combo, would you like some burger with your mashed potatoes? We prefer our mashed potatoes with homemade dinner or at Thanksgiving!

8. Frozen Coke

On a hot day in New Zealand, this is the drink to pick up at the local McDonalds drive-thru. It’s a Coke slushie, you can choose from regular coke or vanilla coke and it usually comes topped with ice cream. Now imagine the heaps of sugar that are in this drink?! 1 can of coke alone has at least 1/3 of a cup of sugar but about when you turn it into a slushie, supersize it and add ice cream? Let’s remember that fast food chains are in the business of making money, not in the business of health. A large frozen coke has about 55 grams of sugar and 1 scoop of ice cream has about half a cup of sugar! Sugary foods and fried foods we know aren’t good for us but the worst part is that it can have adverse effects on your blood pressure, heart health, and even increase the risk of diabetes or cancer. McDonald’s is definitely not in the business of health because they know that if  Coke isn’t your thing, they also offer the frozen soda slushie in Wild Cherry Fanta and Blue Raspberry Fanta flavors as well. If you are looking for something cold and refreshing with a caffeine boost you are better off getting an iced coffee. 

7.  Bacon Roll

Can I get some bread with that bacon? This roll will surely make your cholesterol roll out of control and you can probably say arteries it was nice knowing you! This might have been introduced for those bacon lovers since this is literally bacon on bread with ketchup… and that’s it. There must be a lot of bacon lovers in the United Kingdom, who either don’t know or don’t care that bacon is like a screaming saturated fat bomb ready to go off in your arteries.  This bacon roll has a lot of unnecessary carbs to be quite frank, 43 grams! McD’s knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they market this roll as a great item to start your day. They are trying to show that The Bacon Roll is “packed with protein”, that will keep you full throughout the morning with 319 calories, 8.4 grams of fat and 18g protein. But do you really want your morning fuel and protein to be coming from a white bread bun, fat and greasy bacon drizzled with ketchup (which is full of sugar)? Rather than keeping you full this will roll your blood sugar levels out of whack. Needless to say, this is far from keto friendly or anything friendly for that matter!

6. Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

Although McDonald’s food isn’t known for being nutritious by any means, it is expected to be quick, cheap, and fun. So, even though this McFlurry is all those things and looks super fun, it probably doesn’t taste fun and is a recipe for diabetes. You are probably wondering which McD’s in the world serves such a bizarre McFlurry flavor? You can find this weird combination of flavors in New Zealand and Australia, but this McFlurry will make your taste buds go down under. Soft serve ice cream blended with marshmallows and loaded bubblegum flavored syrup. By squash, they don’t mean butternut squash but rather marshmallows. The artificial blue bubblegum syrup is sure to make you cringe unless you really really love bubblegum flavor anything. This frighteningly blue McFlurry option is for those of you who are into trying wild fast foods or don’t care about added sugars and other nutrition facts or ingredients lists! Can we just mention chemicals and more chemicals? But we suppose if you are looking for a very fast blood sugar spike this bubblegum squash McFlurry is not as bad as the McFlurry with M&M’s Candies. The regular size of that rainbow-colored dessert has 630 calories, saturated fats are at a whopping 14 grams and 86 grams of sugar! Let’s just say if you are looking to stick to your beach body for the summer skip the drive-thru for this one no matter what you are craving! It is just pure sugar and artificial coloring. Let’s just mention that the FDA recommends no more than 50 grams of sugar a day and even that might be stretching it. 

5. Gratin Croquette Burger

Sounds French, but surprise surprise, it is Japanese! The Gratin Croquette Burger is one of those specialty burgers that are not available all year round. It’s available in Japan during the winter months but it’s not particularly the burger you would want to be biting into. It’s very creamy, maybe even too creamy and made with a crispy deep fried crab, macaroni croquette and shredded lettuce sandwiched between two steamed buns with a screamy sauce… sorry we meant creamy sauce. It is described that it’s like biting into a concoction of whole wheat with a nibble of shredded lettuce. It is no secret that fast food is highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and sodium. But foods like the ones listed here from Mickey D’s are extremely high in calories and offer no nutrition. This burger is one for the books as it has made it to the list of “top 10 failed McDonald’s items” so it’s safe to say it won’t make it way past the McDonald’s in Japan. Thank goodness!

4. Poutine

Besides maple syrup, Tim Horton’s coffee and hockey, poutine is a Canadian staple! A very popular way to eat french fries that are smothered in gravy and cheese curds so naturally McDonald’s in Canada jumped on board the poutine train and created their cheap version of it. Although this version will make you cringe knowing that it’s loaded with 30 grams of fat and 1,010 milligrams of sodium. That’s just for the regular gravy and cheese curd poutine but in 2015 they also added bacon bits and maple-flavored BBQ sauce. Let’s get into just the bacon bits to give you a small idea of how devastating this would be on your body. One tablespoon of artificial bacon bits contains 124 milligrams of sodium, which is about 5 percent of the daily limit for the average healthy person under 50. Now we are at about 1,134 milligrams of sodium not counting the maple BBQ sauce. Just this poutine would be some people’s max sodium intake for the day! If you are looking to grab something light or craving some fries, this menu item is not the way to go. McDonald’s also introduced another strange version of their crispy fries drizzled in white and milk chocolate called the McChoco potato, why oh why? Chocolate does not belong on fries! 

3. Shrimp Burger

The Japanese McDonald’s market has its ups and down so to lure customers back in they introduced this “Shrimp Burger”. The shrimp burger is called the “EBI Filet-O” in Japan. As if the Gratin Croquette wasn’t enough with its deep-fried crab and macaroni, they tried to simplify the next one. This sandwich features whole shrimps deep fried and served on a Big Mac bun. It’s basically bread, deep fried shrimp, a sheet of lettuce and some spicy sauce. Who knows WHY on Earth McDonald’s mixed shrimp into a burger? We guess to cater to the people in Hong Kong and Japan, we take it they like shrimp that much? While some disagree with the creamy, thick Thousand Island dressing and the soft square of cheese that has been said to “taste off” in the combination of this burger, the meat itself comes as advertised. When you take a bite into the battered patty it reveals the whole, pink-colored shrimp under the crisp deep-fried layer. Should shrimp even be allowed on a burger? Is it even a real burger if there’s shrimp inside. The best part is that this deep-fried, creamy, high-calorie Ebi Filet-O Shrimp burger was promoted by a Japanese model because that’s surely what models eat to maintain their figure. Do you think this is the “catch of the day”?

2. Mega Mac 

AS IF the Big Mac was not enough they needed to make is a Mega Mac to top it off with double the patties, double the everything! Don’t worry your friends can’t triple dare you to eat this one unless you’re in Korea, Turkey or the United Arab Emirates. If the Big Mac wasn’t already a BIG meal on its own with two patties, the Mega Mac has 4 patties! The Big Mac is already loaded with zero nutrition and tons of bad calories but if you go Mega Mac than so do the calories, fat, sodium and everything else. The Mega Mac has 736 calories, 44 grams of fat, 1,420 milligrams of sodium, 109 milligrams of cholesterol! AND if you get fries with that it gets even scarier! The fries have something like 20 different ingredients some that are chemical and add 230 calories and 11 grams of fat for a small size. But if you’re thinking “treat yourself” and choose to get a large fries with that Mega Mac you’re looking at adding another 510 calories and 24 grams of fat to your meal. Now if that’s not enough rumor has it that the McDonald’s Secret menu has an even worse version of this calorie bomb, they call it the Monster Mac. In addition to the standard toppings from the regular Big Mac (or the Mega Mac), the monster version of the burger includes 8 beef patties. Yes, you read that right, EIGHT BEEF PATTIES. It almost seems like this Mega and Monster Mac are “challenge” burgers! The Monster version of the Mega Mac means its double the calories, double the fat, double the sodium and everything else, that sounds like a monster mash to your insides which could lead to a graveyard smash. If you really want the classic Big Mac just order the mini, your body will thank you for the smaller alternative. 

1. Cordon Bleu Burger

It’s no secret that Europe loves their meats! From cold cuts to sausages and much more. The name may sound French but this burger is available in Poland and really takes “meat lovers” to a whole other level. And the level we are talking about is really bad for your heart and arteries! Like really though, how much meat can you possibly cram between two onion buns? The Cordon Bleu Burger really puts that question to the test by stuffing in bacon, a beef patty, and a fried chicken patty that is stuffed with ham one on top of the other. So, yes there are 4 kinds of meat in this ONE burger. Say what? They could have easily called this the “heart attack” burger but of course, that’s bad marketing. This burger is just loaded with meat, cheese and sauce between two onion buns, add some fries and coke on the side and the calories of your “cheat meal” turn into a cheat day! A quick honorable mention if you are feeling really hungry and standing in McDonald’s you might want to avoid getting the big breakfast with hotcakes and sweet syrup. Especially if you don’t want to eat your recommended daily calorie intake in one meal! The big breakfast with hot cakes has over 1,300 calories and 65 grams of fat!! Just hearing that makes us feel full. Actually, if you are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle avoid the McD’s menu altogether!

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