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Top 10 Marvel Couples We All Love

Marvel comics have told hundreds of stories of superheroes falling in love. Just like normal people, superheroes with extraordinary powers, also have hearts. Most of the time those hearts feel love, and more than most times, their hearts beat for a fellow superhero. From Cyclops and Jean Grey, to Colossus and Kitty Pryde, the comics has created love stories that fans have connected with and invested in. This list was tweaked to rank the top ten Marvel couples, but only in the film world, not the comics version. Moreover, this list only considered the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. So, excuses to Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic 4’s Reed and Sue love team, their love teams did not qualify.

But sometimes we bend the rules to make exceptions, such strong love do some Marvel couples have that we forget the rules and break it for them. #10 in this list is a couple that did not appear in any MCU film. Their love is too strong and too undeniable that we cannot help but put them on this list. Almost making the list was the Black Panther and Nakia, the love is there, but Wakanda was so astounding, it overshadowed everything else in the film.

10. Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios

A love affair in the Marvel comics world between Daredevil and Elektra is a meant to be not meant to be love affair if that makes any sense. But the one they created in the Daredevil film (the franchise that’s clearly due for a reboot) was so real that it led to a real-life romance between the two actors who played the parts. They were so in it in their portrayals that they seemed to have forgotten when the scene ended and when real life resumed. They had too many alter-egos that they mixed up who Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios was, who Daredevil and Elektra was, and who Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner was.

Ben and Jen were already deep in love while filming the second part of their love affair onscreen, Elektra. Six months after the film was released they got married. A friendship that started in Pearl Harbor got heated up by Daredevil and closed by Elektra. That’s the story of their love. It’s a classic love-hate Daredevil Elektra relationship as they are now divorced, but had a good run at 12 years. No Marvel couple could be more powerful than a fictional love story that transcends the screen and glossy, colorful paper and into real life.

9. Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff

Killing this pairing that quickly coming into Infinity War may or may not be a good move, but it sure stopped the bashing from fans and critics, both groups equally unforgiving and truth-telling one hundred percent of the time. So why did it land at #9 in the list, why not kick it out and put T’challa and Nakia in, or maybe Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer. There is one good reason and we’ll tell you what that is in a moment. But yeah, it may feel forced, it may even seem icky, it was also a mild surprise. Natasha sees in Bruce what she knows is in her every day, a calm and collected human being with a sleeping monster tucked away and can be woken in a moment’s notice. And that maybe, just maybe, Bruce feels the same way about her and would want to get away from it all, with her of course.

There’s no doubt that Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson are great actors, they can make it work whatever is thrown at them. Natasha’s method to calm the Hulk into submission is a nice touch. This is why they are in this list. No other actor can pull this scene off, eh maybe Meryl or Julia, but the thing is it worked. It was even used by Thor in Ragnarok, hilarious scene that was. How many times have we heard, seen, or said the same words Natasha used on the Hulk: “Hey big guy, Sun’s getting real low.”

8. Vision and Wanda Maximoff

Officially, Vision and Scarlet Witch are a thing 35 minutes into Avengers: Infinity War. One of them whisked the other away (they both have the ability to fly) and hid in Scotland. A union of two completely different beings, one a machine with an infinity stone on his forehead, and a mutant with catastrophic world-ending, untapped power and potential. These two are both lonely beings, Vision is so smart for his own good that he already knows it’s best for him to be alone. Wanda is so lonely because she knows that everyone around her is either afraid of her or hates her. They found each other, two star-crossed outcasts by their own standards.

It’s clear in Captain America: Civil War that the two started out as friends, with Vision being a sweet guy trying to make paprikash. With the few scenes they had in the film, we knew that that friendship is going somewhere romantic, then Wanda goes and buries him deep in the ground. But Vision is persistent, after all, he is sure of one thing. He knows that Wanda Maximoff is the only person with the power to bury him in the ground when needed. Again, Vision is super smart. He not only knows to love Wanda, but to also keep his enemies closer, haha!

7. Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne

Scott Lang is played by Paul Rudd, an actor who has long paid his dues. Do you still remember him in a teen chick flick? Yeah, he was Alicia Silverstone’s mature stepbrother. He’s had a good run, making blockbuster comedies left and right (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman) but never got that big break. Well, now he’s the new Ant-Man and everything is working out great for him career-wise, about time! On the other side of this on-screen romantic duo is Evangeline Lilly. One can say that her career path si kind of opposite Paul Rudd’s. She just started working on films in movies in 2003, but already got major roles in blockbusters like Real Steel and in two of The Hobbit trilogy films, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of The Five Armies. She got her big break early, in the sensational TV series Lost.

There was just so much going on in Ant-Man & The Wasp that their love story did not happen all that much, and as everybody expected, but their moments were there. All sweet and fuzzy, especially the one with his daughter where they were talking about partners, that was a great one. We are all now expecting a romantic comeback in Ant-Man 3.

6. Peter Quill and Gamora

Introduced in the MCU storyline in 2014, the Guardians of The Galaxy was a refreshing group of superheroes with nothing but mischief and comedy to offer. The only character keeping the group in check is Gamora. That’s why this relationship is high up in this list because fans love them. This is one Marvel couple that fans are cheering for in cinemas. Is it Chris Pratt’s natural charisma and comedic timing, he probably learned that from his ex. Or is it Zoe Saldana, whose acting is underplayed by the roles she’s been getting by far.

Anyway, it all works. Everything clicks for Star-Lord and Gamora. The intensity of their love story was displayed in Infinity War, which, by the way, managed to cram all these superheroes and all these love stories and kissing scenes in one movie. How the heck did they just do that? Vision and Scarlet Witch, Tony and Pepper, Peter Quill and Gamora, crazy! The favor asked of Gamora and that scene in Infinity War where Peter decides to pull the trigger, that’s one for the books. The Star-Lord trying to beat the truth out of Thanos towards the end, he keeps asking about Gamora when we all know that she’s dead. That’s just heartbreaking.

5. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

Bucky and Steve, yes. What else does this couple have to prove to be recognized as one of the best pairings in the MCU? They’ve known each other since they were kids, they chased girls together and did stupid things together in their teens. They have history, and they found each other after a hundred years of separation. It’s a friendship that would have lasted forever and was ended with just a snap of a finger. Remember that scene, Bucky was the first to be reduced to ashes, and in front of Steve’s eyes, how tragic. Why can’t they get the credit that they deserve? Let’ break it down, shall we?

We saw plenty of their brotherly love in Captain America: First Avenger. Even before Steve meets Peggy Sue, we were sure that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are brothers forever. It may not be a sexual thing, but it is love still. When Bucky feel from that speeding train, we all felt the anguish in Steve’s heart. Then, in Winter Soldier came the big reunion. At the drop of the mask, Steve’s heart just melted and he could not lay a hand on Bucky anymore, that is love. Not enough, here’s the proof of all proofs then. Steve seemed to throw his friendship and history with Tony Stark away only to defend his one true friend from a son’s raging vengeance, all that display of love in the Civil War.

4. Thor and Jane Foster

Every man falls in love, that’s true in Asgard as much as on Earth. No matter how big and strong you are, your heart will soften at the presence of your loved one. Who else is there to cast, really, for a role that brings a god of thunder down on his knees but Academy Award winner Natalie Portman. We admit, Thor: Ragnarok did not have the same quality without her. But for whatever reason and consolation, what they had worked and people cheered them on while it lasted.

Thor and Jane’s relationship was the best example of LDR, long-distance relationship. It’s actually the furthest LDR in the history of long distance relationships. They were literally worlds away. But, with the help of Heimdall, Thor always knows how Jane is doing. With Heimdall’s help again, he should have been Best Man in their wedding, he is able to go back to Earth and give her a big smooch. A passing mention of her in Ragnarok ended the relationship just like that, but we always thought that Loki would steal Doctor Strange’s time stone and turn back time to when Thor and Jane were still a thing. It’s time he did something nice to his brother!

3. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow in a film, we know that this would be the start of a romantic relationship that’s going to be a yardstick to measure future Marvel couples in the franchise. Two top rated actors in one superhero movie. One making a comeback trail from a bad past and rehab, the other making her first major film role after giving birth to her first child. Theirs is a love story that’s more of a coming of age story for Tony Stark. From a young man overshadowed by his father’s accomplishments to a young playboy billionaire. Tony has chosen love in the form of Pepper Potts, the only person he trusts.

Their journey takes us to Pepper getting appointed CEO of Stark Industries, and their love story taking on a more serious arc in Iron Man 2. Things go crazy and awry in Iron Man 3, Pepper becomes a bad-ass superhuman, and Tony finally able to remove the shards in his heart. They’re sharing properties now. At the beginning of Infinity War, they hinted on little Iron Babies, that would be so adorable. Their moments always happen on the phone and in the brink of Iron Man getting in serious danger, it seems impersonal but Downey and Paltrow are so good that it works all the time.

2. Steve Rogers and Peggy & Sharon Carter

Two generations of women falling in love with one man. That’s Steve Rogers and his love life in a nutshell. We admit, the last scene in Captain America: First Avenger was a real heartbreaker for Steve and Peggy. It was a beautifully written and superbly performed scene, probably the best one in the whole film. After getting thawed by SHIELD, Steve finds that the world has changed, but his heart, not that much. He goes and kind of falls for another woman who turns out to be Peggy’s niece, talk about destiny.

But Steve Rogers is Captain America, he has a duty bigger than anything else in his life. No woman, in any generation, will be the second priority, even to a man like Steve Rogers. It’s really a story that already had an ending even before it began. But that’s just why we love it. We know it could not be, that it will never be, but we still hope for the best. That is what love is, conquering all odds and doing the unthinkable. Except, Cap already has been through a lot of conquering and doing the unthinkable that he just has no space in himself anymore for his own happiness.

1. Peter Parker and MJ

Obviously, the MCU version of this couple has not come to fruition yet. That’s what is exciting about Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Peter Parker and MJ. We are still waiting on what’s in store for these two young lovebirds. Spider-Man: Far From Home is scheduled to be released sometime in July 2019, until then we all will be on the edge of our seats. One of the most rebooted Marvel superhero film in history, actually, even just in the last 16 years, MCU’s Spider-Man could be the best of them all. The best Peter Parker is still up in the air, let’s just wait for To Holland’s next performances and decide from there.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane has been played by great young actors in the last 16 years. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in 2002, they won MTV Best Kiss with that “amazing” and “spectacular” (see what we did there) kissing scene. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, but Emma played Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane Watson. Tom Holland and Zendaya are two relatively new and young actors taking a stab at the iconic Marvel couple of all time, being real life couples too, and we believe they will make it the best one ever.

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