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Top 10 Largest Burgers Ever Made

Is bigger better? Let’s find out with this top ten list that will lay out the largest burgers ever made. Perhaps after this you’ll know it’s best to go big or go home.

10. Heart Attack Grill – The Quadruple Bypass Burger

The first burger on our list of biggest burgers is the Quadruple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. True to its name, this restaurant is making a point to serve foods that are high in fat, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, and basically anything else that you know you should probably be avoiding if you want to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. First founded in Arizona, this standalone restaurant desired to shock eaters by giving them the best place to cheat on their diets. After a brief period in Texas, the Heart Attack Grill finally moved to Las Vegas in 2011, where it has become a landmark ever since. The burger in question, the Quadruple Bypass Burger, fits right in with the restaurant’s theme; which, you guessed it, is hospital. Does that make you more willing to go in there and eat yourself sick or trepidations that your visit may land you in an actual hospital? Whatever you’re feeling, you’ll enjoy the living hospital environment with your burger. This burger has four patties and a whopping twenty slices of bacon! Excuse me nurse! Can I get a soda to wash that down with?

9. Pig ‘n-Chik – The Sarge Burger

The second burger on our list is the Sarge Burger which is actually a contest burger. Meaning, if you finish this big, juicy, might need a fork and knife because if you lift it it will fall apart burger, you get it for free. If you don’t, then hey, you’re out of pocket $25. At least you will have made a good attempt, gained a story and probably some good pictures of your failure. This burger is four pounds of hamburger, one pound of bun, and then you add toppings. You can dress the burger however you like. The catch here is that you are also timed. In order to get the burger for free you have to finish it in thirty minutes! What? That’s plenty of time! That’s the amount of time in a sitcom, WITH commercial breaks! Come on! Get over there and just do it! Go eat that burger in thirty minutes and get a free meal! Heck, if you’re strapped for cash you could probably do this once a week and not have to buy any other meal because this would be so filling and you’d not have to do groceries for the rest of the week! Just a crazy thought. You can find this challenging meal in Sherwood, Arkansas. The Sarge Burger has been around for nearly a decade! So if you win, you will not only eat for free, but you will go down in a long history of winners! You got this!

8. Bokampers Sports Bar and Grill – The Beast

If you are in Fort Lauderdale you can hop right over to Bokampers Sports Bar and give The Beast a try. This burger is yet another challenge burger. The menu says, “TAME THE BEAST IN UNDER 1 HOUR & IT’S FREE” Got that? One hour. Now we are talking about a forty five minute TV show with commercials. That is so doable, right? Like, that is a whole episode of Game of Thrones. Think of how much happens in one episode! In all that time you can eat this one big burger! But, time really isn’t the problem here… The problem may be the size of your stomach and the four pounds of beef, six slices of Applewood smoked bacon, six slices of American cheese, four fried eggs, and a side of American fries. I do not think the fries are included in the challenge. That would be a question for the waiter or waitress. This burger costs $39.99. We are getting bigger and bigger here on the top ten list of largest burgers… And this was only number eight! Oh boy, what is coming up for us at number seven?!

7. Eagle’s Deli – The Eagle’s Challenge

Another challenge. Okay, it’s probably safe to assume that the rest of these big burgers are challenges because they are so big and if anyone finishes they deserve some kind of prize. Now, at number seven we are getting into another level. Let’s start by acknowledging the price… this burger is $59.99! Okay, it must be pretty darn big to have a price ticket of that magnitude for one burger, right? Right! This burger packs in five whole pounds of meat, twenty pieces of bacon, twenty pieces of American cheese, five pounds of fries (yup, the consumption of fries seems to be included in this one), one deli pickle (aww, yum yum, this is respite from the storm!), and one fountain soda to wash it down. It is not clear if you get free refills on that drink because in one hour with this big burger you may need a bit more to drink than one soda’s worth. Eagle’s Delhi is located in Brighton Massachusetts not so far from the Chestnut Hill Reservation. So if you want to go walk off this huge meal, you have the perfect spot to do it! Really, this is a good option because you could have a free meal, you could brag to your friends that you finished an insanely large burger, and then you can even get right into nature and work off all the food you ingested!

6. Specks Bar and Grill – The Speck Burger

Just like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Except, with this big burger you are… you are in Kansas. And even though you feel like you are in some Oz like place, you’re not. This is the real world, this is Kansas. You are just dealing with a big burger, that’s all. It’s real. Take a breath. Take a moment, we all need one. This list of the largest burgers is insane. Stopping at burger six is totally normal and acceptable. Okay. Ready? Let’s talk about this one. This burger is actually super flat and wide. It is three pounds and it comes with a massive amount of fries. Most challengers like to cut this sucker up like a pizza or a pie. It makes it easier to manage. Makes it more recognizable by making it look like less. When you are tackling something so big, it is good to play little tricks on yourself to get you through. So have no shame in cutting this into smaller portions!

5. Wiener and Still Champion – The 911

We’ve made it to five in our count down. This burger is called The 911. Once again we are brought back to images of hospitals with the name of this burger, but don’t let that get you down! Don’t be too concerned! This burger is only seven inches tall! No biggie! It has nine patties! Totally fine! It only has eleven slices of cheese! Eleven, who’s counting?! This burger is found at Wiener and Still in Chicago. Apparently, this burger has been eaten in under two minutes. Isn’t that the craziest thing we have said since we started this list? Two minutes! That is maybe equivalent to only one commercial break… Two minutes?! That an epic record to beat! The gentleman who has given us such a speedy consumption of The 911 is Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti. Hey, Mrs. Bertoletti, you proud of your son on this one? You know, all kidding aside, if anyone finished this burger in under two minutes Mom probably deserves a call. Boasting about this is totally okay and needing parental validation isn’t wrong either. So, if you eat this burger, or really any burger on this list go ahead and give mama a call.

4. Clinton Station Diner – Zeus Burger & Mount Olympus Burger

Listen closely. This burger can get you… One. Thousand. Dollars. All you have to do is be brave. Okay? Find three friends. People you would go to battle with and don’t mind splitting the cash with. People who you know can eat and eat and eat. People you can trust. Take these people to Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey, but only after you have called ahead to say you were coming. This burger takes a whole five hours to make! And you have to eat it in three hours or else you lose the prize! The burger we’re talking about here is the Mount Olympus Burger. It has twenty five pounds of meat and twenty pounds of dough. It has five pounds of cheese and four heads of lettuce. Then, there are some onions and tomatoes to top it all off. If you don’t think you and your friends can handle the force of the powerful Mount Olympus Burger don’t worry. No one will think less of you. There are so many other burger options at the Clinton Station Diner that can make you feel badass. Try the Zeus Burger Challenge. This is a seven pound burger and needs to be eaten in three hours all by yourself. Alternatively, you can eat it in an hour and half with a friend. But, the Zeus Burger will not give you one thousand dollars. For that you need to climb to the top of Mount Olympus with the Mount Olympus Burger!

3. Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub – The Beer Barrel Burgernator

Number three on our list can be found in Clearfield Pennsylvania at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub. This spot seems determined to make the biggest burger and the biggest challenger ever. They started slowly with a two pound burger challenge, but no one cares about that right now. Now, all we care about is the twenty five pound Beer Barrel Burgernator that requires a seventy two hour notice because it takes so long to prepare. This burger is so big. That is really all that needs to be said. It is so damn big. In one interview Denny, the owner who gives the pub its name, said that they are good friends with the local EMTs. If the hospital themed Heart Attack Grill didn’t make you nervous, this might. Clearly Denny has a great sense of humor. Give the Beer Barrel Burgernator a shot and joke around with the pub owner because life is short and burgers are dope and you never know if you might just be the lucky one who has it in you to finish something so huge! Eating something so big should go on your resume or something. No?

2. Black Bear Casino Resort – World’s Biggest Burger

Now, we are close to the end of this list of insanity and getting into the really epic burgers. The burgers that break records. This burger, cooked up by the Black Bear Casino in Minnesota, measured ten feet in diameter and weighed in at two thousand and fourteen pounds. But, how, you may ask yourself… how did they flip it? How could they cook such a behemoth? They used a crane! This burger was so big that it broke the record that had been previously held for the world biggest burger by a radical amount. They broke the record by one thousand, one hundred and thirty three pounds! Talk about taking the lead! This burger apparently had sixty pounds of bacon, fifty pounds of lettuce, fifty pounds of sliced onions, forty pounds of pickles, and forty pounds of cheese. Wow. Needless to say this is a big big big burger. This burger is so big it needed to be cooked outside. With a crane! Remember the crane? The big heavy piece of machinery needed to cook what is normally fitting into a regular size human hand. That’s right, let’s all just take one second to think of the size an everyday burger is… Now, think about this huge burger again! Doesn’t it seem even bigger?

1. Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar – The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger

Burger number one on this list does not beat burger number two in size. But, this burger is the biggest burger that you can actually order off of a menu. The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger from Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar is three hundred and thirty eight pounds and costs… wait for it… Two. Thousand. Dollars! It is a monster of a burger as a monster of a cost. Imagine all that you can buy with two thousand dollars! Yet, on the flip side imagine all of the ingredients and the time it takes to make a burger this size?! It takes twenty two hours to cook and it has five hundred and forty thousand calories in it. That’s just craziness! Don’t you think so? This burger is really notable because it is the largest burger actually on a menu. This is not a one-time thing, like the Black Bear Casino Resort Burger that’s number two on our list. This burger is big and can be ordered whenever you feel the need to prove to the whole world that you can eat the world’s biggest on menu burger. The restaurant is prepared for these orders and knows that when the call comes in they have to deliver! They have present the customer with the biggest burger again and again. This is why this place is impressive and that is why The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger is number one on this list! You can find this joint in Michigan and boy does it deserve some praise for just ripping these big ones out like it’s no big deal. To be fair, they are not making these monster burgers every day. The citizens of Michigan and the world do not have that kind of money, nor stomach stamina to be ordering these things willy-nilly. An order like this one takes preparation, consideration, and sheer gutsiness. Do you have what it takes to order the biggest burger on a menu? Can you and your friends take on the monster? The ridiculousness of it? Can you and will you feast on the almost unfeastable? Can you? Will you? Do you dare? Some of you out there will do it and the rest of us will salute you because The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger is absolutely ridiculous!

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