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Top 10 KFC Foods You Probably HAVEN’T TRIED! (Part 3)


Top 10 KFC Foods You Probably HAVEN’T TRIED! (Part 3)

When you’re in search of crispy, delicious fried chicken, your first thought is probably KFC – and well, even though it’s what the chain does best, if you travel a bit out of bounds, you’ll come across some new, interesting things you had no idea were even offered at the joint. Here are the Top 10 KFC Foods You Probably HAVEN’T TRIED! (Part 3).

10. The Parmy, Australia

KFC has tried its best over the years to perfect its chicken sandwich. After many tweaks, blood, sweat, and tears, the recipe has finally been perfected – at least, in America. If you visit the land down under, there’s a different kind of chicken sandwich that has won the hearts of many Australians, the Parmy Stacker. What exactly is The Parmy, you ask? Well, it’s one of the most delicious and envious sandwiches on KFC’s international menu. It consists of a double layer of hearty Parmigiana sauce, two slices of cheese, lettuce, mayo, as well as two chicken schnitzel filets, all on a wholemeal bun. Chicken Parmigiana has been a staple in Australian pubs for years, so for it to be added to the KFC menu must have been reason to celebrate. If there’s one thing you don’t want to miss while visiting Australia, it’s the Parmy Stacker. Sure, it comes with all the calories and fat you would expect, but to be honest, at KFC, what doesn’t? And if an overseas trip isn’t in your cards, you’ll be very happy to hear that KFC recently released its Zinger Parmy recipe online – which is basically the sandwich recipe, only without the bread. This way, you can easily recreate the tastiness of The Parmy from the comfort of your own home. Just add the bun and the condiments of your choice and get ready to be transported to another flavor dimension! 

9. Tiramisu And Sweet Pie, France

When you go to KFC, you probably don’t expect to find anything too sweet, right? Well, except for the classic chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake, but those are all too common. It’s just a known fact that KFC is the master of savory food, and when you want your sugary fix, you go elsewhere. But, if you’re in France, that might not be totally true. You see, KFC France offers the perfect dessert to excite your taste buds. The Tiramisu and Sweet Pie is one of the most gourmet menu items on any KFC menu, and it is sure to satisfy after a delicious whole bucket of greasy fried chicken. This decadent, luscious dessert is a blend of cream and coffee, just like the traditional Italian Tiramisu, along with a crumbly base and little pieces of cookie on top – you know, just to give it that extra pep. The perfect mix of the Tiramisu with the sweet pie makes this end-of-meal treat one of the best on the market. Of course, this special dessert hasn’t gone unnoticed: the eye-catching creation is widely popular among French KFC fans. You can always try to make a homemade version, but the real deal will always be at KFC. So, if you’re ever in France, don’t miss your chance to give this baby a try, and join the ranks of the KFC elite.

8. Shrimp Burger, China

Okay, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that KFC makes fried chicken – it was once right there in the name! However, in China, things are done a little different. Following a scandal that arose back in 2014, the menu underwent some changes. KFC China was accused of fattening its chickens with drugs, and well, obviously, it didn’t sit very well with people – or their stomachs. So, to quell concerns – and stay in business – KFC China came up with another type of fried meat to put in between a bun: a fried shrimp patty! The Shrimp Burger replaced the chicken patty in a quick turn of events, and at first, this caused quite a stir. However, the tactic worked, and today, KFC is more and more accepted in China. The Shrimp Burger features a deep-fried patty packed with little, tiny pieces of shrimp, a slice of cheese, some lettuce, and mayonnaise. It’s not exactly the kind of menu item that would be super popular here – mostly because shrimp and fast food aren’t exactly the best of friends – but in China, it seems to be a match made in heaven. Everyone saw it as a “safer choice,” and the shrimp burger soon became the new sensation on the menu. Eventually, the chicken rumors were found to be false, and peace was restored at China KFCs, but they never forgot about the Shrimp Burger. 

7. Ricebox, UK

It’s a common fact that KFC isn’t exactly the most nutritious of fast-food joints. Fried foods with greasy sauce and greasy sides isn’t exactly the picture of health, but people have come to accept it. In the UK, KFC came up with a new meal that’s supposedly a little “lighter” than usual – well, lighter for KFC, at least – and it became quite popular. Rice boxes, which cost just under £5 pounds, were reintroduced to the KFC menu earlier last year, and instantly became a fan favorite again. The Rice boxes come in two varieties – Original Recipe or Zinger. The chicken was served with steamed Tex Mex rice, a piece of sweet corn on the cob, a bean salsa, as well as a small salad with chopped tomatoes, drizzled with a light garlic dressing. This whole feast contains under 500 calories, which makes it one of the “healthiest” KFC menu items. It also contains a good amount of protein to balance out the carbohydrate sugars from the rice, which is always a plus in fast-food meals. For those who don’t eat meat but still want to enjoy KFC, there is a vegetarian version of the rice box – the Salad Boxes – which are made up of the same lettuce, tomatoes, and sweetcorn, only minus the chicken. KFC is also selling mini tubs of salad and rice as a side, so you can enjoy them with any meal you order. 

6. Cheese-Topped Burger, Philippines

Usually, when you order a burger, the cheese comes inside the bun. How silly of us to have thought that there was no other possible way to serve it. At KFC Philippines, the Cheese-Topped Burger proudly proves the name isn’t just for show, even as it left some people in complete disarray. Let’s just say that KFC hit the nail on the head when naming this one. The burger came with a fried chicken patty, topped with a garlic-parmesan sauce, and right there, lying on top of the bun: a slice of American cheese. This rather inconvenient and unconventional burger didn’t exactly create unanimity among customers. Some people loved the culinary innovation because of their love for cheese, and others just couldn’t express enough how much they hated the idea. The Cheese-Topped Burger made it kind of difficult to eat in a proper way because, well, how do you eat it without getting cheese all over your hands? Sure, it made the bun tastier and cheesier, but also a whole lot messier. It was basically a grease bomb waiting to explode, and you couldn’t order this without expecting to make a mess. But, regardless of the very weird architecture of the burger, the taste was all there. Had the cheese been inside rather than outside the bun, this creation could have easily become the next best thing on the Filipino KFC menu. 

5. Whipped Potato, Singapore

If you’re a fan of mashed potatoes, chances are, whenever you pull up at a KFC, your side of choice is their creamy, gravy-covered mashed potatoes. They’re about as classic as KFC gets and really do pair perfectly with an order of fried chicken. It’s almost impossible to believe that somehow these could be even more delightful, and yet, in Singapore, the impossible happened. KFC’s whipped potatoes are like a better version of their mashed potatoes, even though, in theory, they’re practically the same. The main difference between mashed and whipped potatoes is the way they’re made. Mashed potatoes are, well, mashed, usually with a fork or some kind of industrial masher, and have an almost lumpy texture. Whipped potatoes, on the other hand, are blended to achieve a lighter, creamier texture. They’re way fluffier and have an airy texture. The Whipped Potatoes are also served with KFC’s tasty, rich, and warm gravy that makes everything instantly better. You might think that you’ve already reached potato perfection with your regular KFC mashed potatoes, but – while they are pretty darn delicious – you haven’t experienced the real deal until you’ve tried the whipped version. The next time you’re in Singapore, don’t pass up on the whipped potatoes at KFC.

4. Yakiniku Bento, Indonesia

Even though it sounds like a full-on Japanese meal, the Yakiniku Bento is a KFC menu item offered in none other than Indonesia. This American-Japanese-Indonesian fusion might seem a little unusual at first, but trust us, it’s worth taking the risk. The Yakiniku Bento is a combination of many iconic dishes, all put together to create one even more iconic meal. It contains a generous portion of white rice – which takes up about half of the box – crispy mushrooms, and lettuce, along with regular chicken bites in a tomato sauce. Everything is neatly arranged in each compartment, making this the perfect mess-free, fast, and easy-to-eat meal for any time of day. It’s also a relatively balanced meal, with a lot less grease than other combinations – except for the chicken bites. Obviously, the concept of serving food in bento boxes is anything but new – it’s been around for ages. But to switch up the classic red and white bucket – and to do so in Indonesia – that’s a real bold move. The critics have been really positive, and it didn’t take long before the idea spread and found its way to other countries. If you’re ever in Indonesia and you don’t know what to order at KFC, look no further than the Yakiniku Bento. 

3. Vegetable Strips, India

It’s no secret that in India, meat isn’t the most welcome food. As almost half of the population follows a vegetarian diet, fast-food restaurants don’t always find raging success unless they’re ready to adapt their menus a little. The reason why KFC seems to be thriving in India is exactly for this reason: it was willing to offer some vegetarian menu items to better serve its clientele. Now, yes, it can be a bit odd to think of a fried chicken joint without any chicken, but somehow, KFC managed to pull it off. They had to come up with a recipe that would cater to everyone’s dietary preferences, while remaining tasty and “signature KFC.” That’s when the chain began offering Vegetable Strips, little fried veggie tenders resembling deep-fried mozzarella sticks, or better yet, classic chicken strips. The Vegetable Strips are a mix of carrots, corn, peas, and potatoes, coated in deep-fried batter and served on a bed of rice and lettuce. Coming in perfect little bite-size morcels, you can choose to have them as a snack, a side dish, or as a full meal, depending on your appetite. With a crispy exterior, a colorful interior, and a delicious taste, the Vegetable Strips were destined to be a success in India and, to be completely honest, they would probably be just as popular over here. 

2. Golden Egg, Malaysia

By now, it’s been made pretty clear that tastes around the world are really different, even across American fast-food chains like KFC. Menus have to reflect the local culture as much as possible, all the while staying true to KFC’s classics. Across Asia, the salted egg craze is pretty big, and in Malaysia, Brunei, and Hong Kong, KFC took it to the next level. The Golden Egg combines sweet, spicy, hot, and salty all at once in a very yummy snack. For those unfamiliar with the concept of a “Golden Egg,” it’s basically chicken that’s been spiced with a hot and spicy mix, then marinated in salted egg, sweet basil, and some curry leaves. The results are a surprisingly – or not – delectable, super crispy chicken. Some people prefer to eat the crispy chicken skin before attacking the meat. Others just can’t get enough of the combination of flavors and devour the whole thing while taming the spice with the mashed potatoes. No matter how you eat it, however, one bite of this chicken is enough to understand what the Golden Egg crunch is all about. Yes, it’s not the healthiest of meals, but it sure is one of the crispiest. The Golden Egg chicken is usually sold at KFC when the Lunar New Year celebration takes place, so unless it’s that time of the year, you probably won’t be able to get your hands on it. 

1. Potato Krisper, India

Once again, you can’t fully bloom in a country unless you adapt your menu. If you travel around India, you will come across many fast-food joints trying their best to offer vegetarian options, but no one does it quite like KFC. KFC’s Indian menu has a multitude of meat-free options, all designed to ensure its continuing success in the country. Just like the Vegetable Strips, the Potato Krisper was very well-received in India, as it perfectly embodied what customers wanted: a tasty burger with no meat. The burger consisted of a potato patty blended with a tangy sauce, stuffed in a soft, warm bun. It was the first time ever KFC or any other fast-food restaurant created a burger made out of potato, and it was a true delight. Other vegetarian options include the Paneer Zinger – a double-layered Paneer patty with a spicy, creamy sauce and fresh lettuce in a soft corn bun – and the Veg Rice Bowl, made up of rice and gravy with a side of veggie strips. KFC has long been in competition with McDonald’s to become the “number one fast-food chain in India,” and while they’re both entwined in a fierce battle, KFC is determined to take home the crown.  

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