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Top 10 infamous Cars

Criminals use their cars as statement pieces to let the world know just how badass they are. The exotic luxury machines these gangsters cruise in, usually in an array of black tones, all say dangerous. A criminals car is not just a mode of transport, it is a getaway car and at times, it is a torture chamber. This car, therefore, has to come with features a normal car doesn’t have. Tinted windows and bulletproof glass and body type can make a car a sure sell in the criminal world.

There are times when a criminal just wants to slink through the town and plan a crime without anyone being the wiser. Those are the times when he needs car that is perfectly camouflaged to blend in. But do not be fooled, the car may be elementary on the outside but the features inside like the transmission, the engine, fuel consumption and overall power would make the car fit for the derby. In the end, criminals prefer vehicles that are perfectly suited for their type of crime and here are the 10 cars criminals prefer.

10. 1966 Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet has always been a fan favorite and they continue to wow years after their inception. The most successful Chevrolet brand so far is the fourth generation impala manufactured between 1964 and 1970 and it is estimated that the Impala sold well over a million units in the US alone. The fourth generation came in a two-door convertible, a four-door station wagon and a four-door hardtop with various other spin-offs with each model meant to accommodate varying engine features. The Impala came with 457 cu Turbo jet V8 engine power and could meet the road with the best of them. Its engine power notwithstanding, the Impala became all-time famous when it was chosen by the zodiac killer who still remains a mystery.

What is known though is that his mode of transport was an impala? The zodiac killers signature was letters sent to the bay area local press all in four ciphers that have been hard to decipher with only one deciphered so far. The killer claimed to have killed a total of 37 victims but only five have been confirmed dead and only two injured. With a decade of a crime under his belt, it is possible that he committed the atrocities and even worse that he continued killing under the radar.

9. Bonnie and Clyde’s 1934 Ford V-8 B-400

The most notorious criminals of all time were Bonnie and Clyde who terrorized people in 1934. The duo traveled all around the country robbing and killing people whenever they felt cornered. While other criminals find their thrill in robbing big departmental stores or banks, Bonnie and Clyde preferred to rob out of the ways stores and gas stations. During their killing spree, they managed to kill nine police officers as well as several civilians.

The duo had a trusted getaway car, a convertible sedan Ford V-8 B-400 whose market value now is estimated at between $ 150,000-210,000 according to Gooding, but of course not for the actual Bonnie and Clyde automobile which has proven to be more popular than the couple was. People are fascinated by the gory and owning a piece of a serial killer belonging serves as a memento for the people who are into the bizarre. the sedan which was riddled with over 100 bullets has made its rounds amongst many casinos and now lies on display Whiskey Pete’s casino in Primm, Nevada probably as a depiction of the luck which can be had there seeing as the couple was quite lucky being able to terrorize people without being caught.

8. Charles Manson’s 1935 Dodge Power Wagon

The 1946-1968 model WDX dodge power wagon was first introduced into the market in 1946 with the slogan “the truck that needs no roads” the hardy multipurpose four-wheel drive truck borrowed a lot from dodges prior experience in building for allied military as well as American forces in the world war II. So popular was it in the war has proven that it could take rough terrain and not buckle under the strain that most of the boys upon their return wanted a piece of the wagon for domestic fact, dodge went ahead to market it as the ideal wagon for peacetime.

Nothing could have popularized it as much as Charles Manson did when he got himself two 1935 dodge power wagons for use in barker ranch. The ex-convict cult leader who was known for his blended family which he named the Manson family convinced his followers to commit various atrocities all in the name of his brand of religion as well as nine murders after which he was caught and convicted in 1971. When the police raided the Barker ranch, Charles took the last of the dodge power wagons and fled with it but unfortunately for a sturdy car, it broke down and has remained abandoned at the site that was once the Barker ranch for the last 41 years.

7. Ted Bundy’s 1975 Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen beetle epitomizes the classic and fast cars manufactured between 1938 and 2003 by Volkswagen a German Company. This two-door beetle gives the illusion of a compact car but in essence, the vehicle can take five people with plenty of room. This classic car is a joy to behold and was a favorite for the affluent giving the impression of a respectability.

The beetle gained notoriety when Serial Killer Ted Bundy chose it as his mode of transport. Bundy cruised around in a well polished beige 1975 VW beetle. He would lure unsuspecting women by feeding them some lines to board his car where he would do unspeakable things to them before killing them. The serial killer was later caught and arrested after the beetle was found holding paraphernalia believed to be his tools of the trade. He later owned up to over thirty murders. Bundy was escaped from prison and not being one to mess with a good thing, he decided to steal another VW beetle in orange to help him cruise around. It appears the beetle performed well enough to impress him. After his arrest, the stolen beetle was placed on display in Washington DC at the Museum of Crime and Punishment

6. John Wayne Gacy’s 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale

This Oldsmobile boasts of ten generations all manufactured from 1949 to 1999 with the Delta 88 as the all-time favorite that came within a compact size, a v8 engine that is high compression as well as lightweight features.
The 1979 Oldsmobile Delta 88, was the all-time favorite in the early eighties and it was popularized when the world found out that John Wayne Gacy had been using his black Oldsmobile to lure boys who couldn’t help but admire it. He would drug them using chloroform and later on kill them after molesting them. He met his match when he tried to kidnap a man who outwitted him and later followed him to his lair using the distinct features of the Oldsmobile he called the police and the clown was arrested. He was later released and continued his killing spree but was re-arrested and his snitch testified at his trial.

5. Oj Simpson -1993 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco was popularized by Oj Simpson, he of the famous Kardashian trial, the Bronco aptly named after a wild horse came into play in 1966 as an SUV quite suitable as a multipurpose vehicle. The SUV was ideal as a family car, a camper, and a rough terrain vehicle. Its popularity spanned five generations and its popularity never waned with its last generation coming in the form of a three-door station wagon with a 302 v8 engine and an E408 four-speed automatic transmission

Oj Simpson used his Ford Bronco in 1996 to engage in a high-speed chase with the police after he supposedly murdered Nicole Brown, his wife at the time as well as Ron Godman a man she was supposedly having an affair within their home. The hot pursuit lasted for two years without success. The ford bronco production came to an end two years later but the bronco is still a favorite getaway car. Oj Simpson was arrested and arraigned in court where he was defended by his longtime family friend Robert Kardashian. His defense was so well delivered that he was able to secure the release of Oj even though there is still speculation of did he or did he not years later.

4. Tupac Shakur 1996 BMW 750IL

Nothing says money and affluence like a BMW. While most people with money choose to buy the classics, buying a BMW still remains the number one vehicle for the newly rich BMW E38 Series which debuted between the mid-nineties and early 2000s was a staple in every gangster home retailing at over $ 90,360 and with it came the ability to stop traffic and gain widespread respect.

With very expensive spare parts that were hard to find, the seven series were modeled for the filthy rich and were perfect as a getaway car coming with either an automatic or manual transmission in either 5 speed for the automatic or both 5 speed and 6 speed for the manual. The 3.9L M67 V8 turbo engine gave it the much-needed power to beat its rivals on the road. What sets this car apart is the legend who died on this classy car. After a boxing game that featured Mike Tyson, Tupac Shakur the all-time rapper and actor was shot and died on this car when they were intercepted by a white Cadillac spraying the BMW with bullets. Tupac was fatally wounded with bullets messing up his vital organs which led to his death.

3. Joaquin Guzman Nissan Skyline GTR

Criminals have a tendency to cloak themselves in an air of respectability and nothing says respectable than a luxury Nissan Skyline GTR, the car which comes with a body coupe and a twin-turbocharged 3.8L V-6 engine with a twin clutch with six-speed manual automated transmission can move from 0-100 mph in under seven seconds. For the criminal who wants the perfect getaway car that can move really fast or a chase car that meets the road better than all the other cars then the Nissan Skyline GTR is perfect.

Drugs come with big money and no one likes to show they made it better than drug barons. Joaquin Guzman better known as Chapo Guzman was the best-known drug baron in recent times who headed the Sinaloa Cartel. Chapo had a passion for luxury automobiles and his influence was even noted by Forbes magazine which ranked him between 40 and 50 most influential people in the world. His air of respectability somehow camouflaged his illicit activities. So rich was Guzman that in 2011, as part of his terror activities in the Sinaloa cartel, he left 15 headless bodies packed in GTR skylines in front of a Mexican mall.

2. Corvette C7 Z06

Our all-time favorite car is the Corvette which comes a statement sports car manufactured by Chevrolet first introduced to the market in 2013 the car comes with various options one being the Targa top in two-door as well as the two-door convertible. The earlier version came with a 6.2 L LT1 V8 engine and a TR-6070 7-speed manual transmission. The luxury interior made it a favorite for celebrities and the affluent and the technology inside made it quite an experience for the driver. For the criminal who wants his presence felt this is the go-to car with speeds that rival any chase car the police have.

No one knows this better than Chapo Guzman who had a vehicle collection of 43 armored cars being a drug baron and all. His most prized possession was the Corvette C7 Z06. Not that he did not have other cars but he seemed to favor this car which came with the luxuries of home in motion. It is also the car he chose to use as his getaway car when the fan hit the roof in March 2014 and he was captured at a Mexican beach fast asleep in his brand new Corvette.

1. 1990 Chevrolet Caprice

General Motors are well known for their superb vehicles and when it came to the Caprice, they did not disappoint. the car was so popular that it made it to the third generation. Unfortunately, criminals tend to take a good thing and turn it into a nightmare for everyone and the Caprice was such a car. It is the last generation caprice that criminals seemed to favor. The caprice which was manufactured between the late seventies and early nineties came as a five-door sedan with a 350 cu Oldsmobile V8 diesel engine with a four-speed automated transmission.

Being a Chevrolet, the speeds this car can achieve are unprecedented and it is quite easy to handle on the open road making it an all-time favorite for criminals who want a fast getaway car or just to cause mischief. Such happened between Virginia and Maryland in the fall of 2002 when criminals decided to utilize a 1990 caprice to terrorize people by haphazardly shooting using sniper riffles creating a lot of tension and paranoia. They achieved their mandate and unfortunately no one was arrested for the incident as the criminals managed to sneak away in their powerful car undetected and could not be apprehended.

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