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Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Memorable Moments (Hotel Hell)


Top 10 Gordon Ramsay Memorable Moments (Hotel Hell)

Gordon Ramsay is famous for his numerous television shows revolving around food, from Hell’s Kitchen to Masterchef. However, with Ramsay’s hilarious insults and take-downs he had to spread his talents into the hotel world too with his hugely popular television show, Hotel Hell. So, we went through all the episodes of Hotel Hell to find Gordon Ramsay’s top ten moments hosting the show, proving not only can Ramsay mentor the best in the restaurant profession, but also the best in the hotel industry.

10. Sushi Scandal

Of course with his background, one of the first places that Ramsay always has to check is the hotel restaurant. However, at the Chester Hotel Ramsay was in for a fishy meal. Run by a chef who had grown up at a Japanese restaurant, Ramsay was disappointed that the woman had never actually worked as a cook in her family’s restaurant, but had only ever washed the dishes. After that suspicious news, things went from bad to worse as the food was excruciatingly slow to arrive to the table. Ramsay gave up and left to take a nap on the sofa due to an hour-long wait, forcing the confused waitress to hunt him down in the hotel lobby for his lunch. Upon returning to the dining room, Ramsay was disappointed by the sushi. First, he struggled to fit a humongous piece in his mouth and challenged the waitress to try and fit one in her mouth too. When they each failed he ended up comparing the sushi rolls to dentures and miming an old man with no teeth. Another type of sushi he was given brought even more of his disgust, when the chef combined strawberries and raw fish in a dish called “Strawberry Fields.” Ramsay was absolutely affronted by this creation, and because of it he felt compelled to apologize to every Japanese chef in America for defacing the name of sushi! In reference to the classic British boy band, Ramsay finished up his insults by exclaiming that he would rather eat a Beatle than have that sushi. When it comes to a traditional sushi recipe, Ramsay clearly wishes that the chef would just let it be! Before we move on, make sure to hit that subscribe button and notification bell so you’ll always know when we put up a new video. With that done, let’s get back to Ramsay’s hotel horrors.

9. Invisible Filth

Ramsay doesn’t just bring himself when he goes hunting through some of the worst hotels in America – he also brings his own collection of investigative tools to assess the cleanliness of the rooms in which he stays. This often leads to revolting results. At the Four Seasons Inn, Ramsay found himself in outdated, neglected rooms with mysterious grime coming from the hotel’s human and canine guests. With Ramsay in town, the hotel had attracted some much-needed customers but what Ramsay did next scared them all away again: he called all the guests together in one room and then shone a blacklight around the bedroom. Blacklight is used to detect bodily fluid stains, and unfortunately for all of the guests, Ramsay revealed dozens of these fluid stains all over the bed. He ruthlessly investigated the linens, pillows, and even the carpet underneath the guest’s feet with the light, eliciting lots of disgusted comments from the guests who had slept in those conditions. Ramsay turned on the owner and berated him for making him sleep in such an unhygienic bed, which prompted another couple to denounce the hotel and cancel their stay.

8. Ramsay to the Rescue

Ramsay is quick thinking and ability to take charge came in handy when he paid a visit the Keating Hotel. While many of the owners and staff may leave Hotel Hell episodes wishing that they had never crossed Ramsay’s path, that was not the case for the head chef of the Keating Hotel. After a disastrous dining experience that included a chocolate and bacon pizza, Ramsay went into the kitchen to speak with the head chef, Brian. During their conversation, Brian became faint and stumbled, and Ramsay caught him before he could trip. Things only went downhill from there, with Brian growing more and more ill until he fell to the ground. Ramsay didn’t break stride but instead remained calm under pressure, trying to support the man while yelling for emergency services to be called. Ramsay showed a softer side as he comforted Brain while waiting for paramedics, crouching by his side and getting him water while explaining that no job is worth that kind of health impact. Fortunately, Brian made a full recovery, partially aided by Ramsay’s first responder skills.

7. Plumbing Problems

As an on the move celebrity, it’s obvious that Gordon Ramsay has had his fair share of hotel experiences. However, nothing quite prepared him for entering his room at the Juniper Hill Inn. While certain small issues like subpar decor may be easily overlooked, it was impossible for Ramsay to overcome the plumbing issue with the hotel which caused his suite to smell like raw sewage. Marketed as a romantic escape for townspeople and tourists alike, Ramsay quickly decided that the only escape he needed was an exit from that particular room. When pressed by a nauseated Ramsay, the hotel owner admitted that the plumbing issue had been unresolved for four months and that that sewage scented room retailed for $350 a night – a lot of money to pay to want to rip off your nose. In the end, Ramsay simply couldn’t stand it and begged to be moved to another, less aromatic room.

6. Not So Subtle Warnings

No one likes to have people snooping around their stuff, but usually passive aggressive notes are exchanged on roommates’ leftovers, not between a boss and his staff. Ramsay found that this was not the case at the River Rock Inn, where an overbearing owner, Ken, had some less than charitable feelings towards his employees. While exploring the hotel, Ramsay found item after item covered in warnings from Ken, including a cookie jar with a message stating that if any cookies were stolen, the perpetrator would have to start looking for a new job. More notes were found on pens and even a power drill, leading Ramsay to sarcastically label Ken as “charming.” But of course, Ramsay didn’t stop there. He then organized a taped meeting with the staff to try and get some answers about the bizarre notes. Ramsay was informed that the infamous notes were known as “Kenny’s Nasty-grams”. Definitely not the kind of candy grams you want to receive from your crush!

5. Ramsay Vs. Robert Dean II

While Ramsay may be known for the insults he throws around to contestants on his shows, he knows how to treat his real staff with respect and professionalism. That’s why during his stay at the River Rock Inn Ramsay was shocked to hear that the owner, Robert Dean II, was not properly paying his chefs, housekeepers, or hotel managers. When employees began opening up to Ramsay about their financial struggles in relation to working for Robert, it was revealed that some of them had pay cheques that were five weeks overdue. This set a fire underneath Ramsay, who promptly confronted Robert about the lack of professionalism. And if there’s one thing that Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef have taught us, it’s that you should never talk back to Ramsay when he’s on the attack. Unfortunately for Robert, he must have missed that lesson because instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he simply said that his staff could quit if they were unhappy. Big mistake. Ramsay blew up, saying that without the hard work of his staff Robert wouldn’t even be there. He followed this up by asking Robert point-blank, “Are you always this pathetic?” As if that wasn’t enough, Ramsay continued his tirade against Robert and his morals, finally ending his outburst by demanding that Robert man up and “Grow a pair.” Not exactly a five-star review!

4. Karaoke Queen

Throughout the series, Gordon Ramsay has met his share of eccentric hotel owners. But Cali, owner of Meson De Mesilla, might take the prize as the funkiest character of them all. After arriving at her failing hotel, Ramsay stopped by the dining room for what he expected to be a quiet meal. He could not have been more wrong, as to everyone’s surprise Cali proceeded to set up a karaoke area only for her and began belting out Cher songs. While Ramsay normally expresses his displeasure through screaming and swearing, this time he couldn’t contain himself and began giggling non-stop. None of his fellow dining patrons looked amused by the racket, because even though Cali clearly regarded herself as a superstar she could not hold a tune. Ramsay started making rounds of the dining room, asking the other customers to rate the owner’s showmanship. Everyone was on Ramsay’s side, with one elderly woman simply exclaiming “Oh my god!” in shock as Cali yelled out the lyrics alongside her unique dance moves. But perhaps the ultimate burn came when Ramsay remarked to a diner “I don’t know what’s more scary – the food or the singing”. She responded with, “I don’t know, they compliment each other pretty well.” It looks like Ramsay may have met his equal in dishing out insults!

3. Hippy Hotel

As a Chef Ramsay loves mushrooms and has numerous recipes that incorporate them. However, after his visit to the Applegate River Lodge, it quickly became apparent that he does NOT like human-sized mushroom costumes. Ramsay was unprepared for the antics of hotel owner Richard, or as he insisted Ramsay call him, “Pa Butt.” As hotel guests began tuning in for the night, Richard got the party started with a live band and a hippy atmosphere, with a large hippy crowd turning out to support him. Ramsay watched the party unfold, as people dreamily danced with pets flung around their necks and came out dressed in giant mushroom costumes. While Ramsay was shocked and slightly amused at first, he quickly became sick of the partying and noise as it carried on past his bedtime. After being woken up countless times through the night, a frustrated Ramsay went to the window ledge and exclaimed, “I’m going to jump out this window!” Clearly not a happy guest! Finally, he had to go down to Richard’s strangely named “Butt Hutt” to drag the owner out and talk some sense into him.

2. Hotel Murders

Gordon Ramsay is a classic face for British entertainment and influencers – everyone has at least heard of him and knows that he is a true British celebrity. That’s why Ramsay was so confused when he visited a thoroughly American hotel, run by American owners who tried to pass as genuine Brits during their recurring murder mystery performances. This particular owner sat down with Ramsay one on one to discuss his technique, explaining that he had studied the art of an English accent and taught himself how to mimic one exactly. But he didn’t stop there. He went on to claim that his version of a British accent wasn’t just good, it was better than Ramsay’s own accent! Understandably, this didn’t impress Ramsay in the slightest. Things went downhill from there, with Ramsay tearing apart the murder mystery premise, as so much effort and preparation went into a venture that only earned $200 profit. In addition to the measly profit, none of the customers who arrived for the murder mystery actually ended up staying the night at the hotel, which undermined the point of it entirely. Ramsay could see right through the owner, slamming him for his selfishness by saying “You prance around like some idiot while your wife is slaving away in the kitchen,” and calling the whole thing simply mad. Leave the British accents to the pros!

1. Ramsay’s Rotisserie Rage

When visiting Town’s Inn in West Virginia, Gordon Ramsay discovered one of biggest health hazard of a hotel that he has ever stayed in. Upon arriving at the hotel, Ramsay encountered cracking ceilings, dead insects, and mysterious locked drawers in the guest rooms. However, the real drama began once he reached the kitchen. Ramsay was floored to learn that the kitchen wasn’t the only place where staff was told to store food – they were also expected to leave frozen food outside old stand up freezers, right beside the trash bins. Everything from dozens of appetizers to main courses, all in unhygienic and unprotected freezers next to dangerous and unsanitary refuse. Ramsay could barely contain his anger and set out to teach the hotel owner a lesson. He took customers outside to show them the conditions that their food came from, and they were both furious and disgusted. One woman was so shaken that she canceled the rest of her order, a move which Ramsay probably secretly respected. Following the freezer fiasco, Ramsay headed into the main kitchen to evaluate its workings. To his amazement and disappointment, the chef removed an entire rotisserie chicken from the freezer for an order. Covered in frost and freezer burn, it definitely was how Ramsay branded it: disgusting. A server was then forced by Ramsay to carry the chicken out on a tray and admit to diners that it was cooked not that day or even that week, but six months ago in a grocery store. While everyone has leftovers sometimes, six months is stretching it a little! After the owner still refused to take responsibility for the dire state of affairs, Ramsay pulled rank and asserted himself as the head chef he is – by shutting the restaurant down.

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