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Top 10 Fortnite Streamers According to RedBull


Top 10 Fortnite Streamers According to RedBull

One of the most popular if not THE most popular game of 2018  is undoubtedly Fortnite. You can’t scroll through your Facebook timeline for 5 minutes without stumbling across at least a few  Fortnite videos. As of February 2018 one of the Fortnite developers reported having a whopping 3.4 million player base which may leave you wondering, of this gigantic sea of Fortnite players who’re the best and most popular?

Well, thankfully RedBull set out to answer this question by polling its audience and after receiving 200,000 total votes from their gaming populous the results are in and are conveniently laid out in a top 10 list which we’ll be looking at today.


From the Redbull community this peppy streamer received 3,200 total votes squeaking her in as the 10th most popular Fortnite streamer. With over 9 million views and 307,000 followers on her Twitch channel and 27,000 Youtube followers it’s no surprise she made it onto the list.

She’s no rookie to battle royal style gaming either, Fortnite isn’t her first rodeo. Before Fortnite she gained a modest following from streaming H1ZI and PUGB. She’s got spunk when she plays with over the top reactions to getting a kill, or being killed and generally has a pretty flamboyant personality. She’s not hard on the eyes either. Oh yeah, she also owns two cats who she adores, Skylar and Ash and previously worked with kids with autism doing behavioral therapy.

She’s certainly worth checking out if you’re looking to both be entertained and watch a skillful Fortnite player slice through other players like a hot knife through butter.


Coming in with just 200 more votes than Avajaijai, Loserfruit is a laid back Australian streamer, which adds a nice contrast against the many over the top streamer personalities. She’s pretty chill and like Avajaijai also not too hard on the eyes. She’s no stranger to competitive battle royale type gaming and garnered a pretty huge following from streaming Overwatch, League of Legends and Call of Duty videos to Twitch as well as uploading them to Youtube. She takes care to edit her Youtube videos quite thoroughly too, rather than just throwing a twitch stream up on Youtube her videos contain constant cuts and zoom ins too cut out the boring parts and emphasize funny or interesting moments.

To date, her subscriber count on Twitch is half a million and has over 400,000 on Youtube. She’s no small potato!

If you happen to be a newcomer to Fortnite, her Twitch streams would be a great way to get a basic handle on the game. She plays for fun without confusing newbies with jargon or meta-conversation. And for anyone who’s curious about this Aussies real name, it’s Kathleen and she’s form Melbourne, Victoria.


Our first dude on the list, you may recognize Summit1G as a professional CSGO player but he’s been utilizing his CSGO skills to dive into Fortnite hard and making huge waves in the process. He received 6,500 votes in the Redbull contest surpassing Avajaijai and Loserfruit by nearly double. It’s no surprise really. His fellowship is nothing to sneeze at with over 3 million followers on Twitch and nearly half a million on Youtube.

His style is extremely competitive, Summit1G plays to win and takes the intensity to another level by collaborating with other top Fortnite players resulting in extremely ferocious, nail biting matches. Throughout the intensity of it all, Summit1G maintains a hyperactive style of commentary and hilarious sense of humor. His real name is Jaryd Lazar, he was born in 1977 and unlike many players even has his own Wikipedia page and sub Reddit for fans to check out.


Valkrae came in with 9,900 total votes from the Redbull community, placing her seventh on the list. She used to be more of a variety streamer, meaning she’d stream anything and everything from the Witcher to CSGO to H1Z1 until she ultimately found her passion taking names in Fortnite which had an incredibly powerful impact on her overall online popularity.

To date she has a Twitch following of 287,000 and 175,000 followers on Youtube. It’s a little surprising that she surpassed Summit1G given the comparison of their followers but it may just come down to whether the streamer promoted the contest to their fans.

As for her personality, she’s known a bit as a sweetheart with an endearing demeanor.

Before rising up as a popular internet personality she worked at Gamestop, she’s a 26 year old Capricorn and began her Youtube channel by posting vlogs.

King Richard

We’re not referring to the the king of England from who reigned from 1189 to 1199, just to dispel any confusion you may have there. Nope, instead this King Richard is known for streaming “For Honor” and “Destiny 2” 16 hours straight in 2017. Eventually he began streaming Fortnite which is largely how he gained his current following on Twitch and Youtube. After starting to stream Fortnite his numbers began to rise to where he currently stands at over 600,000 followers on Twitch and 87,000 on Youtube

He’s known for his above average ability to to survive against all odds AND pulling off sweet trick shots. On the Redbull list he ranked 10,600, he’s a 29 year old Capricorn (there’s something about Capricorns and gaming), and he’s also buddies with another youtube star, Luke Patterson.


DrLupo came in with an astounding 19,600 total votes from the Redbull community. He’s known for being a chatty cathy during his streams, consistently interacting with the chat and cracking jokes all the time. The point is, he keeps a rolling dialogue throughout his streams which makes his fans feel a part of an ongoing conversation. He’s definitely a bit goofy and light hearted but it makes him one of the funniest streamers from this list. Worth checking him out if you like cracking up while watching an onslaught of fornite players.

He’s amassed a pretty solid following on Twitch and Youtube. His Twitch channel has 1.2 million followers and 347,000 youtube followers.

DrLupo is also a happily married family man with one son. He openly talks about the joys of having a family during his streams.


XChocoBars came in 4th on the list, taking up 22,000 total votes from the RedBull contest share. While she’s not known for her incredible skills, her streams are a pretty chill place to hang out. She puts out pretty non-judgmental happy vibes and her community feels generally at peace chilling out in her streams. She’s usually the first one to point out areas where she could use some improvement when making mistakes in a stream. She’s not much of a solo player yet and usually plays in squads or duos which is pretty fun because she interacts with her real life friends via microphone during playthroughs. They’re a silly bunch.

On Twitch she boasts 323,000 followers and on Youtube 107,000. She’s also pretty popular on Instagram with 146,000 followers and Twitter with 88,000.

Before Fortnite she primarily played League of Legends, and today still uploads content from other games such as Stardew Valley. She’s a 23 year old whipper snapper from Toronto, Canada who studied early childhood education but dropped out to pursue streaming full time.


A lot can be said about SypherPK but let’s start same way we did with the other entries in the list. He racked up 33,600 total votes from the RedBull contest placing him far above 4th place. His Twitch channel has a little over half a million followers and on YouTube he has 300,000.

What makes SypherPK an interesting ForNite player is his seemingly unsurpassed knowledge about every aspect of the game. He imparts this knowledge in YouTube videos about how to overcome very specific obstacles in Fortnite and other games. He’s particularly known for his elite building and crafting skills, coming up with insane death traps on the fly.

SypherPK also has his own website,, so you know he’s serious about gaming. He gives a little info on his background in the “about me section” on how he first got into multiplayer gaming in the first place. At the age of 8 he saw a kid playing Runescape on a school library computer and asked “are those other characters real people?”. His only prior gaming experience at this point was purely offline and so it intrigued him to be able to play with other people from around the world. After school he downloaded the game at home and has since been in a lengthy love affair with online gaming.  His favorites are Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch, For Honor and of course, Fortnite.


Tyler Blevins, AKA Ninja has received 41,400 total votes from the RedBull community. The dude has a huge following everywhere on the internet and is considered the most popular Twitch streamer, period. He has nearly 7 million followers on Twitch, 10 million on YouTube, 4.1 million on Instagram and over 2 million on Twitter. He earns about $500,000 a month just from streaming. Can you imagine him before he was super famous working in a Noodle restaurant for 3 years? He did when he was fresh out of high school trying to figure out what direction to pursue in life. Ninja is a 26 year old Gemini who started his gaming career playing Halo 3 competitively.

Another noteworthy fact about Ninja is he set the record for most views on a stream which was in fact a Fortnite playthrough, but no ordinary one as rappers Drake and Travis Scott and NFL Juju Smith-Schuster were present.

Tyler wasn’t an overnight sensation though, he worked hard for many years to build his following. Viewers tuned in and subscribed for his carefree personality and super quick reflexes.

Although he’s amassed a considerable fortune playing video games, he uses his heavy presence for good by consistently raising money for charities. GG Ninja.


Dakotaz came in first place on the RedBull List totalling 46,400 of the overall votes. One thing that seperates Dakotaz from the rest is not many people know what his face looks like as he’s one of the very few streamers not using a cam during his streams. When he reached 1 million subscribers on Youtube he awarded his curious fans with a face reveal video. In this video he also revealed that the reason for not streaming his face is for the “immersion” aspect of gaming.  He prefers to keep his content as much about the game and commentary as possible. He states that there’s nothing wrong with other streamers who do show their face but it just doesn’t quite jive with his personal philosophy.

He’s also known for showing respect to other players and his community in general. While he is still human like the rest of us and sometimes falls into a rage when killed by other players, he ultimately ends up blaming himself for the misfortune. Another humble act he’s known for is calling out each and every single new Twitch subscriber which is no easy tasks considering the size of his channel and frequency of new subscribers.

He currently sits at a total of 1.4 million subscribers on Twitch and 1.6 million on Youtube. He first began his journey to stardom in 2013 and his most popular youtube video to-date is one where he goes on a 26 man killing spree in fortnite 2 with a sniper rifle. Not only that, he played solo against squads for a challenge. It’s a sight to see. The video has over 2 million views.

We’d like to thank you for watching and hope you found some new Fortnite players to check out. And as always be sure to tell search engines you like our content by hitting the like button, subscribe for more gaming content, comment below and click the notification bell to get alerts on new gaming videos in your email. See you in the next video, game on!

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