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Top 10 Fortnite Battle Royale Players According to the Internet


Top 10 Fortnite Battle Royale Players According to the Internet

With a relatively new game like Fortnite Battle Royale, it can be hard to determine who is the “best”, especially as the game adds new players and platforms. While there are different leaderboards that one could go off of, that’s not that fun, so instead we here at BabbleTop looked around the web for what the Fortnite community has said about which players are the best and come up with a top 10 that is comprised of players of different fame and skill levels more so than just one thing over another. So, let’s take a look at the top ten Fortnite Battle Royale players out there (according to people in the Fortnite community), knowing that it’ll most likely be obsolete by the time you’re done reading it, which we’ll just blame on DLC, or newbs, or team killing. Or all three.

10. Muslek

Muslek is perhaps the most well-rounded player on this list as he was originally known for playing Team Fortress 2 and has gained his millions of YouTube subscribers by also playing games like Overwatch. He is a YouTuber before a single game player, which is also something that differentiates him from most entries on this list as well, and he thus brings a lot of entertainment and production value to his videos with a lot of regularity and diversity (with entries like “Tryhard Tuesday”, “Mythbusters”, “Is it OP!”, “High Stakes” and/or “EXTREME Rancho Relaxo”). He appears to have completely moved from playing Overwatch to playing Fortnite full-time these days, although he does still play Overwatch or random games like Rainbow 6 from time to time for old time’s sake. Born in Australia, he has played games with a lot of fellow live streaming Aussies and game-specific YouTubers or Twitchers like Zyllbrad, BazzaGazza,Tyrodin and he’s even been in a relationship with some as well. However, he is definitely not the best player on this list as his average kill-to-death ratio is a relatively pedestrian 3.99 with 168 total wins over 1992 total matches, however he brings in a sense of humor, production value and good starting point for people looking for videos that aren’t too esoteric to warrant a spot on this list. If you were to check this list a year from now it’s safe to say he won’t be on it, especially as thousands of people are downloading this free to play masterpiece a day and playing it on their PC’s, consoles and mobile devices, but because of his role in making Fortnite Battle Royale the juggernaut that it is he also gets a spot on this list. So, good on ya Muselk. Good on ya.

9. Ali-A

Ali-A is probably the most controversial entry on this list as he’s grown to prominence in the Fornite community relatively quickly and a lot of that has to do with his ability to understand and thus game the algoritm behind video platforms, namely Google. His YouTube channel used to focus on Pokemon Go and he was known for creating a lot of clickbait videos and that’s really the charges that have been leveled against him with his Fortnite videos as well, with a recent accounting of the top 120 videos for Fortnite being Ali-A videos. It was such a “problem” that an article on actually discussed Ali-A’s click-bait tactics namely in the titles that he uses for his videos which are broken down as typically being too vague or using different mods to create situations that are impossible in the actual game but that he initially passes off as either some sort of hidden or upcoming feature (like first person gaming in Fortnite). However, that doesn’t take away from his ability to actually play the game and of all the non-top five players on this list he definitely has the most votes and comments online stating why he should be in the top-five. Granted, that’s most likely a result of the following that he’s been able to amass thanks to his ability to con the YouTube algorithm, but still, he’s also clearly putting a lot of time not only into the game he plays but how he presents that gameplay to the world and in today’s world that’s something anyone can do and most likely will do, negating any gains that he has made over the long run.

8. AlexRamiGaming

AlexRamiGaming is one of the few players on this list that isn’t a PC player, at least not solely, as his account on sites like FortniteTracker state that he plays on his Playstation 4. That’s not the only difference on this list as his kill-to-death ratio is the highest of anyone on this list with nearly 15 kills for every death, which is just insane, especially considering that with a kill per match average of nearly five-and-a-half, it means that he goes an average of three matches between deaths (in solo matches). That’s one way to get good at Fortnite quickly, and is probably why AlexRamiGaming is the top consoler that plays Fortnite, at least up until his ban. There was some controversy surrounding his ban, which was for team killing, once, on a secondary account. If you’re not familiar, team killing essentially is when people agree to join up against others to form loose teams. In a game with a title like Battle Royale, you can see why this would be beneficial and why the people who develop the game would want to put a stop to it. However, banning someone’s second account after one infraction seems a bit like overkill and that’s what it felt like for AlexRami as well, but it also made sense that the people behind Fortnite would want to send a message and taking out the top console gamer did exactly that. Now that he’s back and gaming again it seems like all is well and that people got that message, but it definitely hurt his ranking on this list… Which should show you kids, that team killing just doesn’t pay.

7. Summit1g

Summit1g is one of the older players on this list, being born in April of 1987 and is a well-seasoned pro-gamer, coming from the world of Counter-Strike, namely Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. His real name is Jaryd Lazar and he was has kept things moving though and has jumped on the hottest game in the… Game, in Fortnite Battle Royale and has been playing Fortnite Battle Royale since the pre-release days of pre-March, 2017. He is one of the better known streamers on both Youtube and Twitch. Unlike other players though it’s hard to find a lot of his individual stats, although there are countless videos of him playing both by himself and against and with other famous players. What is also nice is that he seems to be representing for the older players out there as his Twitch channel is set to mature audiences only which shows us older gamers that there is an audience for us and let’s younger people know that not everything is for them, yet. He also does stream a wide variety of games outside of just Fortnite which is good for variety but doesn’t help his world rankings, although it does seem to help his status as one of the top streamers in the game as he often has over 30,000 people watching his streams (he also was the top streamer on Twitch earlier this year from the periods of January to March, before Ninja met up with Drake and snatched his crown off of his head, only time will tell if Summit responds by streaming with Meek Mill).

6. Avxry

Lists like these are subjective even if they’re based on objective feats and this list is by no means based on objective feats but in every list like this despite the fact that he always falls in the 4-7 range, there are a lot of people stating that he should be ranked a lot higher, saying that outside of Ninja he’s the best player there is. Considering the fact that his YouTube channel states that he’s the number one PC player of Fornite Battle Royale, those people may be on to something, and that’s something that’s also backed up by the fact that he has over 1,300 wins (even if his average kill rate is lower than most people on this list with 5.75 (at least according to Like others on this list he is also known for his ability with the shotgun, which typically means that he’s doing a lot of the building which could explain his lower than stellar average kill rate. With almost 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and videos that get hundreds of thousands of views on Twitch, Avxry is another up and comer that other people on this list should keep their eye on especially as he spends more time getting acclimated to Twitch (as he only has 10 videos on the platform right now). All of those numbers will only increase as lists like these are made and more people play the still relatively new Fortnite Battle Royale, considering the fact that Avxry’s Twitch claims almost 31,000 kills, it’s scary to think that things could get even better.

5. Daequan

This list isn’t solely based on stats like average kills per match or amounts of wins, or even the amount of subscribers on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, but rather a composite of every sort of measurable that we have and that also pertains to things like the quality of videos that the player releases to the above-mentioned platforms. That’s where Daequan has differentiated himself as his videos are mentioned by many people on ranking sites as the best of any player of Fortnite Battle Royale. Between the production value and the humor used, people really seem to love what Daequan is doing, but beyond that he is also a very well rounded player in that he is mentioned as a “crafty” builder, but beyond that he can be very deadly as one of his top videos shows a match in which he racked up 40 kills, something that only the best of the best can say they’ve done. He’s also known as one of the best shotgunners out there, meaning that he’s really, really scary in up close and personal settings which is probably why he’s such a good builder (or is it the other way around?). Either way, if you’re looking for someone to follow as your first Fortnite livestreamer, check out Daequan’s videos, as they’re entertaining and not completely esoteric, but also have some great feats that are a great launching spot for anyone looking to get into this game.

4. Ginger Pop

In today’s day and age there are countless sites dedicated to keeping track of the stats of players of basically every game and Ginger Pop has some of the best overall stats of any player of Fortnite Battle Royale despite still being relatively new to the game (with just over 153 hours played at least according to and that should absolutely terrify those above Ginger on this list. In that 153.18 hours, Ginger Pop has participated in 851 total matches and has been on the winning side 238 times. Considering the fact that team based matches are still a relatively new thing (at least the 5 teams of 20 mode) it makes sense that the vast majority of games played by Ginger are Solo and Duo, what is remarkable is the average amount of kills he has per match which is just under 10 (with over 5,700 total kills). As time goes on and Ginger is able to get more practice he should be able to move up on this list as well, as players like Ninja have over 44,000 kills and 5,904 total matches (but only two more kills per match on average at 11.04). So, stay tuned as Ginger Pop seems to be the future champion of lists like these and all sorts of tournaments as well.

3. TheMyth

Part of what makes Fortnite Battle Royale such a huge cultural phenomenon is the fact that it combines aspects of previous shooters with a building component that could best be compared to MineCraft. Especially with last month’s update that allowed people to create five teams of up to 20 people, having players that could focus on individual roles became even more important than it was previously and if there’s any player on this list that is known for his building capability it’s TheMyth, who has been called the Bob the Builder of Fortnite players. If you check out any of his highlight videos you’ll see that most of his kills do come while he’s building or jumping off of a building, typically with a shotgun as well, which is something that a lot of players don’t use as it’s obviously a close quarter weapon and most players tend to find weapons that find a good mix between distance and power. Some people say that TheMyth could be the best player there is, in terms of actual skill, and that if he “played seriously” he could be the top player on the PC leader boards. Considering the amount of time he puts into Fortnite, I’m not sure how much more seriously he could take the game, but now that he knows that all he has to do is build it, something he’s clearly very good at.

2. Dakotaz

Fortnite Battle Royale like most shooters gives players multiple options in terms of what weapons and strategies to use and considering the fact that Battle Royale is… Spoiler Alert, a Battle Royale game, naming someone the best player in the world is difficult in that they may be great at one aspect of the game but not great at others. So, if there were to be a 1v1 tournament of all the players on this list, perhaps things would shake out differently, but one thing is safe to say about our second entry on this list in Dakotaz, he would be a complete pain to play against one on one as he is very well known for his sniping ability. Just look at his Personal Record video for most kills, the way that he is able to switch between his sniper and his revolver without missing a beat makes him especially hard to beat (as he seems to avoid the pitfalls that most snipers have in most shooters and that’s close quarter combat). That of course means that he’s really good at no-scoping as well, which considering the fact that he’s got relatively high look sensitivity on his PC layout means that he’s put in the hours needed to turn Fortnite into an extension of his own reflexes, something that should obviously is what binds all of these top players together, their dedication. So, the next time someone tells you that you’re wasting your time/life playing video games perhaps show them a video of Dakotaz no scoping a newb. Sure, they’ll have no idea what that means but hopefully that’ll buy you enough time to slip out the window and run to the closest motel with a decent flat screen TV and internet connection.

1. Ninja

Ninja is not only the most well-known player of Fortnite, but he could be the most well-known gamer there is these days (that is solely known for gaming, where as other gamers like PewDiePie have sort of transcended the games that they used to live stream). Proof of that comes from the fact that he recently played a game of Fortnite Battle Royale with none other than Drake, the most popular rapper in the world these days bringing a ton of new eyes to both Fortnite and Ninja himself. That propelled him to the top spot in terms of subscribers on Twitch and also in terms fo the subscribers that he has on platforms like YouTube, where he spends most of his time playing Fortnite (for up to ten to twelve hours a day). If you check out comments on his play you’ll find people basically annointing him as the best without any statistics, those that point to his massive following and those who point out that he’s really, really good at no-scoping. Then there’s the guy who went into one of Ninja’s games under the agreement that he’d do 10 push ups for every kill that Ninja had in that particular game, after 220 push ups he learned two things, that he was in terrible shape and that Ninja was the best Fortnite player there is.

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