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Top 10 Facts From 7-Eleven That Will Tempt You To Their Stores


Top 10 Facts From 7-Eleven That Will Tempt You To Their Stores

There are many places we can get hold of a tasty snack, but did you know that your local 7-Eleven has some of the best-tasting foods out there? They’ve got it all: freshly made pizza, coffee, slurpees, an impressive hot dog, and so much more. Here are 10 7-Eleven Facts That Will Tempt You To Their Stores.  

10. The Simpsons And 7-Eleven

What happens when one of the world’s largest convenience stores teams up with one of the world’s most popular TV Shows? You get a pop culture explosion, which is exactly what happened when 7-Eleven promoted the release of The Simpsons Movie. In case you didn’t know, in The Simpsons they have their own version of 7-Eleven known as the Kwik-E-Mart. That store is run by Apu and his family, and has been proudly serving snacks to the people of Springfield since the show began. When The Simpsons movie was released, 7-Eleven decided to turn some of their stores into real-life Kwik-E-Marts to honor the occasion. This not only included changing the exterior of the buildings and the signs to match the Springfield store, but it also included selling some of their famous products. Krusty-O cereal, Radioactiveman comics, Buzz Cola and even Squishies, which is their version of the Slurpee. Unfortunately, as the movie was PG 13, Homer’s favorite Duff beer couldn’t be sold, but fans did get a chance to buy Duff energy drinks instead. While not all of the 7-Eleven locations were transformed into Kwik-E-Marts, most of them at least sold Simpsons-based items, such as a Woo-Hoo blue vanilla Slurpee, Homer’s favorite. 

9. Wraps And sandwiches at 7-Eleven

Truck stops and corner stores might not be known for having the best range of snack meals out on the market, which we can understand. However, there is one location that does have a great range of snack foods and sandwiches, and that’s 7-Eleven. Their sandwiches are hand made and delivered daily to the stores fresh, and 7-Eleven offers you a great choice in varieties and flavors. These include traditional wedge sandwiches, subs, and burritos. Now, while the ingredients might differ a little bit depending on your location, you can probably expect the usual cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and occasionally some meats that can range from roast beef, ham and even tuna. These are generally great for anyone who needs to grab something quick and simple, since they come ready to eat. What more could you want from a snack food? It’s fresh, somewhat healthy and more importantly, it is affordable, and it will also fill your belly nicely, or at least long enough to survive until the next meal. This is something that many convenience stores or other places simply cannot match. 7-Eleven prides itself on selling great-tasting snacks, all of which are designed to make the customer come back for more. And as if that wasn’t good enough, 7-Eleven actually goes one step further as they try to source as many ingredients from local suppliers as possible. Another great reason to start using your local 7-Eleven. 

8. 7-Eleven’s pizza and chicken 

Wings and pizza are both very popular items the world over. However, if you want people to come back, then they need to taste great. 7-Eleven yet again managed to figure this out and created some great tasting options in this area. While it always seems as if there are a ton of choices when it comes to wings, 7-Eleven likes to keep it simple and to the point by allowing the customer to buy one version of chicken. This is actually a good thing, since too much choice can be overwhelming, as well as there being more opportunities for the place to get it wrong. As well as that, 7-Eleven also takes their chicken sourcing seriously as they only use chicken that is raised with no added hormones or steroids, which is something that many consumers are wary of today. Pizza is possibly one of the most popular foods out on the market, you can find it pretty much everywhere. Once again, there are tons of versions but you can expect three from this corner store. Those are cheese, pepperoni and buffalo ranch chicken. You are going to get it fresh, too, as their pizzas come out of the oven in three minutes, no matter what time of day it might be. This is especially great for anyone that decides to host a last-minute get-together or if you just need a quick and tasty snack during half-time. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to indulge in chicken or pizza, 7-Eleven has you covered. 

7. The 7-Eleven bakery

Imagine wanting a freshly baked muffin or perhaps an apple pie but not wanting to wait in line for ages. Well, 7-Eleven provides yet another service that can come in handy for anyone that loves baked goods. The store has pretty much everything that someone who is in the mood for a baked good might want. These include some popular items like cookies, croissants and, of course, their infamous donuts. However, they also carry some great muffins. In fact, one of them, known as Morning Glory, is packed with coconut, carrot, apple, raisins, and walnuts. Alongside those benefits, 7-Eleven is known for having many fresh items on their menu list. In short, they make sure to bake every item fresh, no matter the time of day. What this means is that you’re highly unlikely to get something that’s considered “old” or rather unservable due to it sitting on the counter for days at a time. You can easily hit up 7-Eleven to satisfy your sweet, carb-cravings with fresh offerings day or night.

6. Their Ever-Popular Hot Dogs 

Is there anything more classic and satisfying than a good hot dog? 7-Eleven certainly doesn’t think so. While they serve up many options for this classic snack food, the hot dog known as The Reaper is the one to really take notice of. Living up to its name, The Reaper hot dog is well-known for its mouth-stinging taste since it actually has one of the world’s hottest peppers, the Carolina Reaper, mixed in with a seasoning blend. What this means is that even a slight taste of it will yield an amount of heat that your tongue has never experienced before. You’ll probably come to adapt to the spice eventually, but the first few times you consume it, expect to be eating that hot dog over several minutes or in extreme cases, possibly even hours. Let’s be clear for a moment, this is not the type of dog that you’re going to want to eat for fun. It’ll knock you down a flight of stairs with its Scoville rating. Tasting this hot dog for the first time may well come as part of a dare or because you need to eat something powerful to unblock your sinuses. Thankfully, this isn’t the only type of hot dog that is offered at the establishment; a customer can order various types of hot dogs from the 7-Eleven grill menu. If spicy isn’t your thing, perhaps a nice Buffalo Chicken Dog might do your taste buds some good, or if you’d like some tradition in your hot dog, you can always go with the classic, quarter-pound Big Bite.

5. Those Classic 7-Eleven Slurpees

Slurpees are tasty. There is no getting away from that fact. Whether you are young or old, anyone can enjoy a Slurpee—and we do.  7-Eleven is known for having some of the best Slurpees out on the market. This is not only because they are backed by a large brand, but also due to the quality and simplicity that goes into producing them. Most people can make a Slurpee, but to make a truly great Slurpee, there needs to be a perfect understanding of how to balance ingredients and flavors. 7-Eleven knows this better than most and their version contains all the standard stuff, but comes with several different types of flavors. In fact, some of them are actually quite unique. There are over 30 flavors that 7-Eleven sells. These include Crush orange, grape, and even cream soda flavors, as well as the more mainstream Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper flavors. So, it’s clear that you’re going to be getting a wide variety of options in what you can slap in your Slurpee. There’s even the mild possibility of mixing flavors, if that’s your kind of thing. Either way, a 7-Eleven Slurpee is as good as it gets when it comes to a refreshing and great tasting drink.

4. You Can Thank Football For 7-Eleven’s Opening Hours

It may be hard to imagine now, but there was a time in which 7-Eleven kept regular opening hours. As the name implies, these hours were from seven in the morning until eleven at night, seven days a week. These hours were extremely convenient for most people—after all, customers didn’t usually need to buy anything in the small hours of the morning, right? That is until the 1960s when everything changed. When a University of Texas football game went long, the local 7-Eleven decided to stay open a little later in order to catch the post-game trade. This proved to be very lucrative and inspired for that particular 7-Eleven, so much so that it would then regularly stay open later on weekends. Soon that store started to open more and more until it became the first store to open for a full 24 hours. Other stores followed suit, and by the mid-1970s, two-thirds of 7-Eleven stores were open for 24 hours a day. Now, of course, most of them are open 24 hours, but that very first one in Texas started it all, and it was all thanks to football. It has been reported that a quarter of the US population lives within a mile of a 7-Eleven. This has proved even more exciting for 7-Eleven fans, as the US government has made it possible for people to pay their taxes at the convenience store. It may be cash-only, but it still saves a lot of us so much trouble. 7-Eleven truly is the most convenient of all stores. 

3. Every Store Is Different 

In the US, we see 7-Eleven’s as more of a great place to grab a cup of coffee or a Slurpee, while we are out running errands or dealing with daily life. However, around the world, 7-Eleven’s look very different. Depending on the culture or the need from the local population, worldwide 7-Eleven’s serve up a whole host of different niches. In Indonesia, the local 7-Eleven is more like a high-end coffee shop than it is a corner store. Most of the customers are under the age of 30 and the stores also offer free wifi, as well as plenty of comfortable tables and chairs to sit on. They even have an outside seating area so customers can enjoy their coffee in the sunshine. Over in Taiwan, 7-Eleven is one of the most popular stores, even more popular than the likes of Starbucks. The Taiwanese 7-Eleven is truly a convenience store, as you can not only buy tasty snacks, but you can also pay bills, book vacations, and even buy appliances and electronics. While our local 7-Elevens have so many services on offer already, we can’t help but want to visit all the location types 7-Eleven has to offer. 

2. It’s Been Around For Nearly 100 Years

7-Eleven is one of those concepts that has really stood the test of time. Starting as a simple idea back in the 1920s, an employee of the Southland Ice Company in Dallas wanted to help people get their weekly necessities, such as milk and bread, more easily than having to travel quite a distance to get to the store. The idea of ‘convenience’ became a big hit. With the realization that more people across the country would like this new idea for grocery shopping, stores started to open up across Texas, and it wasn’t long before the concept really took hold of the country. What was founded on a very simple idea—to have convenient food sold at low prices—has continued to be 7-Eleven’s moto, and has helped shape them into the global phenomenon they have become. 

1. One of the largest convenience store chains

Currently, there are nearly seventy-thousand 7-Eleven stores in a whopping seventeen countries. With around 10,000 of those in North America, the numbers for 7-Eleven stores seem to be climbing as it is reported that a store is added to the franchise every three-and-a-half-hours. Being one of the world’s largest convenience stores doesn’t just happen by accident, it has to be a hard fought goal of the company, and that seems to have been the case. Some of the main principles that 7-Eleven seems to have in its approach to world domination are their customer service and the quality of their items. This makes sense, as in order for consumers to come back to a location, they need to have a good experience with the employees. Similarly, this is also the case for the quality of items, which seems to be rather high to begin with. The other reason for 7-Eleven’s vast network of convenience stores is down to franchising. What this means is that not every store is controlled by the corporate office. Each store is licensed using the 7-Eleven name and brand, but it is run by the individual. While the corporation still does have a say in the overall running of the company, the day to day running of each store is left to the person who franchised it. While franchising is not a new or uncommon idea, especially in the fast-food world in which most chains are franchised. It has still helped 7-Eleven become the global company it is today, and that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. 

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