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Top 10 FACTS from 7-Eleven That Will Tempt You To Their Stores (Part 2)


Top 10 FACTS from 7-Eleven That Will Tempt You To Their Stores (Part 2)

If we asked you what the biggest convenience store chain in the world is, you would probably say 7-Eleven without having to even think about it. Why? Because they have everything you could possibly want or need – and they’ve got Slurpees, what more can be said? Well… lots. So here are the Top 10 FACTS From 7-Eleven That Will Tempt You To Their Stores (Part 2).

10. 7-Eleven And Pop Culture

As a worldwide convenience store chain, 7-Eleven has seen a lot. It knows exactly how to adapt each location to better fit the needs of its customers. While the store does have regular commercials and does rely on traditional marketing techniques, it also deploys a very unique tactic to inject itself into the public conversation – pop culture. In case you haven’t noticed, 7-Eleven has appeared in a series of sitcoms, cartoons, songs, and even video games throughout the years. There is, of course, the time a 7-Eleven transformed into a Kwik-E-Mart to promote the release of the Simpsons movie in 2007 – that’s probably the most iconic one. But, there are also plenty of other subtle times the chain appeared on your screen, maybe without you even realizing it. Like in the animated sitcom Futurama, where 7-Eleven is known as 711 (pronounced seven to the power of eleven), a convenience store that’s open “28 hours” a day. It has also made an appearance in the video game Grand Theft Auto as a chain of convenience stores known as 24/7, and of course, in a Beyoncé song released in 2014. Obviously, that last one has no correlation to the convenience store whatsoever, but the name is still out there once again. In other words, 7-Eleven has found a way to keep up with the times and stay relevant time and time again. 

9. Bring Your Own Cup Day

Chances are, you’ve had a Slurpee at least once in your life – and if you haven’t, it’s time to remedy the situation and head over to your local 7-Eleven right away. Not only will you be blown away by the taste, but if you time your visit right, also by a very important day that comes around only once a year: Bring Your Own Cup Day. Now, what exactly is that? It’s the day your wildest Slurpee dreams can come true. Usually described as one of the greatest marketing ideas ever, Bring Your Own Cup Day is like the peak of 7-Eleven excess. On that day, you can get the Slurpee of your choice for only $2. Already a pretty nice deal, right? But the real treasure is in the cup you can use to hold that Slurpee. Find the largest cup you own and bring it in to 7-Eleven to fill the bad boy all the way up and pay the exact same price. Each year, people take that directive very seriously and always bring the craziest cups to get the most bang for their buck. From sleds and giant pitchers to boots and prosthetic legs, what qualifies as a cup is both odd and seemingly limitless – almost. There are a couple of rules, however. First of all, your cup must fit upright through an in-store display with a 10-inch-diameter hole, it must be food-safe clean, and you can only bring one cup. That means trash cans, laundry bags, and inflatable swimming pools are off-limits, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to get away with it. 

8. Very Unique Foods At 7-Eleven

When you think about convenience store foods, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not something nutritious or even tasty, for that matter. However, at 7-Eleven, things are a little bit different. You can practically eat an entire meal just by getting stuff from the store. From hearty snacks to complete warm meals, you can find everything you could possibly crave. Even sushi. Yes, sushi at a convenience store – weird, yet surprisingly tasty. Obviously, we’re not talking 5-star quality sushi here, but the chain still gets an A for effort in trying to bring a wider food dynamic to its stores. But, if sushi ain’t your jam, don’t worry; there are plenty of other dining options to choose from. For instance, the giant Big Bite Hot Dogs are an all-time favorite, there’s mini tacos – filled with seasoned beef, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, fully loaded nachos, and their famous Taquitos – available in so many flavors -Monterey Jack Chicken, Jalapeño Cream Cheese, Steak and Cheese – you name it. They’re all a perfect option if you’re craving an affordable and delicious meal but don’t necessarily have the time to cook one. And, if you’re looking for something a little less filling, the snack aisles are also pretty impressive. Sure, you’ve got your regular offerings, but also a wide range of vegan snacks like cookies, chips, candy, and even protein bars and hummus. No matter what you want, you can probably get it at 7-Eleven. 

7. Delivery? Yes Please!

Now that we’ve talked about all the delicious food you can get at 7-Eleven, how would you feel if we told you you could get it all without even leaving the comfort of your home? It might sound like a hoax, but trust us, it’s very true. Over are the days walking all the way to the end of your street to get your snack fix; now, all you have to do is download the app, place your order, and wait to be amazed. The 7NOW app also offers the “pick-up” option for when you’re in a hurry but don’t really need it to be delivered. Especially in light of the pandemic, staying inside has never been more encouraged, so by choosing the delivery option, it can make a really big difference. Staying true to its reputation, the 7-Eleven app delivers over 3000 products 24/7, every day – from candy bars to drinks and fresh food. Every delivery is guaranteed to be made in under 30 minutes, and all in a fast and contact-free fashion. And the best part is, you also have access to exclusive deals only available through the delivery app! Your first order will be free of delivery charges, and then a fee of $3.99 will be applied. For now, the delivery option is available in 45 major metropolitan areas with plans of expanding even more in the next few years. 

6. 7-Eleven Sleepover Fun

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting locked inside your favorite store overnight, where you could eat anything you wanted, stay up all night, and hang out with your friends, then this was the perfect event for you. Back at the beginning of 2021, 7-Eleven ran a promotion for a chance to win the sleepover of a lifetime. The lucky campers were able to spend the entire night in an untarnished 7-Eleven in Dallas County for an “Ultimate one-night game-cation.”A big-screen TV, a PlayStation 5, as many snacks as you could possibly ever imagine, all-you-can-drink Slurpees – living the dream, basically. Imagine being able to eat, drink, and play whatever you wanted for hours on end? The winners were also granted an exclusive one-hour Twitch streaming session with famous gamers. Listed on Airbnb, the store was available for two nights in February and could be rented for only $11 bucks. The outlet was one of six new 7-Eleven Evolution stores, which are the pioneers of a new innovative store format. To be eligible to get on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, all you needed was to be 18 years of age or over and live in Dallas County – oh yeah, and a whole lot of luck. For those not in Dallas, 7-Eleven still gave worldwide fans the opportunity to win a Playstation 5 as well as other gaming prizes whenever you purchased something using the app. 

5. You Can Pay Your Taxes At 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is many things: a convenience store, a delivery gem, a sleepover paradise, and so much more. Basically, it’s a pretty cool and pretty impressive store. But, what you probably wouldn’t expect it to be, is a place where you can pay your taxes. And yet, you can totally and legitimately do exactly that at a7-Eleven. Since the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, obviously thought the store could use a little service expansion – and wanted to make 7-Eleven even cooler – the convenience store is now offering cash-only tax payment services. This service is mostly geared towards people without bank accounts or credit cards but who still need to pay their taxes. The service is available to both individuals and businesses alike. The IRS has a continuing partnership with ACI Worldwide’s and the PayNearMe Company, which is why this offer is possible at most 7-Eleven stores, and also at Ace Cash Express and Casey’s General Stores. It lets people pay their taxes without having to make an appointment at an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center. This option is available at 7,000 7-Eleven locations in 34 states, with most stores open 24 hours every day. Not only is your life made easier, but you can also chow down a bunch of taquitos while doing so. A win-win situation. 7-Eleven really does the notion of “convenience” to heart.

4. A Nice Cup Of Joe

When it comes to coffee, getting it wrong is not an option – especially when it’s that first cup of the morning –  just ask any coffee lover. And if you want quality, fresh coffee, a convenience store is probably not going to be your first stop. But, then again, 7-Eleven continues to surprise. The coffee at 7-Eleven is actually one of the best convenience store coffees on the market. It also just so happens to be the first convenience store chain to offer fresh-brewed coffee in to-go cups. As pioneers in the to-go world, the coffee can’t be anything less than delightful. According to an experiment done by Buzzfeed, who lab-tested a bunch of coffees, 7-Eleven “beat out its competitors, having the highest average caffeine level among the two dozen medium cups of brewed coffee tested.” Plus, as well as being a warm and satisfying beverage, of all of the chain’s fresh-brewed coffee products are sold more than anything else at the store – more than 1 million cups a day, to be exact. Since 2016, 7-Eleven has started to offer responsibly grown coffees from all over the world, notably El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico and Peru, which all part of the Rainforest Alliance Certified blends. If good coffee is something important to you, the one at 7-Eleven is sure to check off all the boxes. 

3. You Can Score7-Eleven Make-Up

Convenience store visits often coincide with your late-night snack emergencies. Craving a bag of chips in the middle of the night? Head over to your nearest c-store. Out of toilet paper? A little trip down the street should do the trick. But, at 7-Eleven, they took things up a notch by also catering to beauty emergencies. If you ever find yourself in immediate need of false lashes or a new blush but don’t have a Sephora or CVS nearby, no problem. You can just stop by a 7-Eleven and get yourself the essentials. A couple of years ago, the king of Slurpees decided to jump into the beauty business by creating its very own line of makeup, Simply Me Beauty. This very affordable makeup brand has every item you could possibly need for your face, eyes, and lips – and all for under $5. The lip products include lip gloss, crayons, and cream lipsticks; the eye line has false lashes, mascara, eyebrow powder and wax, eyeliner, and eyeshadows, while the face products include stuff like blush, highlighter, bronzer, foundation creams, and concealers. But that’s not all: Simply Me Beauty also includes makeup tools such as brushes, blender sponges, eye makeup remover, and so much more. It’s the perfect option if you’re in search of a glam look on the cheap. 

2. A Long List Of Firsts

As the world’s largest convenience store, 7-Eleven has a long history of being there for our most pressing needs. From coffee runs to a late night nacho fix, we can always count on 7-Eleven. However, as it turns out, we have a lot more to be thankful for when it comes to what 7-Eleven has done for us over the years. It has a long list of “firsts” up its sleeve that you probably had no idea about. As we’ve mentioned before, 7-Eleven was the first c-store chain to offer fresh-brewed coffee in to-go cups, but did you know that it was also the first to install a self-serve soda fountain? If you think that’s impressive, wait until you hear that 7-Eleven was also the first convenience store ever and the first one to stay open 24 hours a day. Plus, it was the first convenience store to run a television commercial, all the way back in 1949. Add “first convenience store to sell gas,” to the list as well. It was also the first such store to offer ATM services to its customers. Put it all together and that’s quite the impressive 7-Eleven highlight reel. Impressive might not be a strong enough word to describe everything 7-Eleven has done for our modern way of living. Remarkable, monumental, and thrilling would probably be better ones to honor the legacy that is 7-Eleven. 

1. 7-Eleven Sells A Lot Of Pizza

By now, you probably realize that 7-Eleven is much more than just a convenience store. Forget the regular snacks and gas fill-ups, your trip to this bodega can be so much more than that. What more could 7-Eleven possibly offer, you ask? Well, it also doubles as a pizza joint. Yes, your beloved convenience store also sells delicious hot pizza pies  – and a lot of them, for that matter. 7-Eleven sells around 20 million pizzas a year, making it one of the largest pizza retailers in the U.S. According to some online reviews, the pizza might not be the best on the market – hey, you can’t win every time – but it is still pretty decent. Not only is the price easy on the wallet, the pizza is guaranteed  fresh and ready in three minutes, tops. Plus, you get to choose from some enticing options, like Extreme Meat, Classic Pepperoni, and Cheese pizza. To top off this amazing offer, you can even have it delivered, just like everything else at 7-Eleven, by using the app. Now, your office meeting, family game night, or your weekly pizza night can be brought to you by 7-Eleven! 

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