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Top 10 Expensive Fast Food Items You’d Be Tempted To Try


Top 10 Expensive Fast Food Items You’d Be Tempted To Try

 Think of your favourite fast food restaurants and what you love about them. Whether it be McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Wendy’s, or whatever else you can think of, all of these chains have one thing in common: the food is cheap. If you’re ever in a hurry to get a quick bite to eat, it’s always easiest to stop at fast food restaurant, because it’s convenient both timewise and budget wise. These easily affordable prices are possible due to the low quality nature of the ingredients used, like fatty meats and added sugar. When your typical fast food meal uses the highest quality ingredients, the price skyrockets. Here are the top 10 most expensive fast food items you’d be tempted to try.

10. Velvet Goldmine Milkshake 

When you think of milkshakes, you probably think of the ones from fast food joints such as Shake Shack, Sonic Drive-In’s, or Dairy Queen. What doesn’t come to mind is a $500 milkshake from a celebrity filled bar. The milkshake in question is called the Velvet Goldmine and it’s served at The Powder Room, in Hollywood. The bar is known for its alcoholic milkshakes, but none of the others are nearly as exorbitant as the Velvet Goldmine. The reason behind the shake’s outrageous price is the ingredients used in it, which are of the highest quality. The milkshake is served in a crystal cup line with $95 chocolate. Inside this crystal glass goes scoops of organic lavender and vanilla ice cream along with Belgian chocolate truffles and caramelized bananas. The unique part of this milkshake however, is the blend of alcohol added. One ounce of the $3200 for a bottle, Remy Martin Louis 13 cognac is put in to the mix, along with Bacardi Reserve Limitada, and two selections of 15 year old whiskeys. On top of all of this, instead of sprinkles there’s 24-karat gold flakes sprinkled over the creation as decoration. The whole process takes around 40 minutes for the bartender to complete, and as a gift for buying the expensive drink, the buyer receives a Waterford Crystal chalice Swarovski crystal cocktail ring with their milkshake.  

9. Glamburger

Hamburgers are a staple of fast food. Even if you do have a favourite franchise to get them at, if you like hamburgers they’re easy to find at many fast food places, and are relatively cheap. This isn’t the case with the Glamburger from Honky Tonk, a restaurant in London, England. The restaurant is known for its American inspired cuisine, offering a range of hamburgers, mac and cheese, hot dogs, and more. But none of their other items even come close to the price of the whopping $1400 Glamburger. The patty of the burger is made from a mix of Kobe Wagyu beef and venison from New Zealand. In the center of the patty there’s a melting black truffle brie cheese. Toppings on the burger include lobster, beluga caviar, maple syrup covered bacon, a hickory smoked duck egg, a gold leaf, mayonnaise, and matcha. And of course, the bun is coated in edible gold.The burger was created in collaboration with the coupon site, Groupon, and one lucky winner of a draw was able to try the Glamburger for free. If this all sounds delicious to you but you don’t have over a thousand dollars to spend on a burger, there’s no need to fret because Honky Tonk offers a mini version of the Glamburger for the more affordable price of $33. 

8. Pizza Royale 007

Everybody loves pizza. There’s so many variations that everyoe is bound to find a type they like and it’s the best food to order at gatherings of many people and it’s usually pretty affordable. When you’re hosting your next party though, make sure you don’t order the Pizza Royale 007. This pizza named after James Bond sold for $4200 on Ebay after its creator, Domenico Crolla, who owns a restaurant in Italy called Bella Napoli, decided to auction it off to raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation, a charity that works in vision care. The pizza was 12 inches which is the average size of a medium pizza, but this pizza was not like any you’d be ordering on a Friday night. This pizza is topped with the most expensive ingredients such as champagne soaked caviar, lobster marinated in cognac, smoked salmon from Scotland, venison, vintage balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto. And don’t think this one is any different from the others on this list, the extravagant pizza is also covered in edible gold flakes. This luxury pizza ended up being bought by Maurizio Morelli, an Italian lawyer and food connoisseur after it went up for auction, and thankfully, the $4200 he spent on it went directly to charity.

7. Kraken Burger 

High pe bar and grill, located in San Diego, California is a restaurant known for their large selection of beers, along with their menu of sandwiches and hamburgers. These include pulled pork, turkey and bacon, only veggies, the duke, hot mama, gorgonzola bacon. But the king of the hamburger selection at High pe is The Kraken. With a price of $25, this burger is nothing compared to some others on this list and is definitely affordable for the average person, but it’s still the most expensive item at the restaurant, and it costs $10 to $12 more than the other burgers available. The owner of the restaurant, Ryan Glenn says that, “”The Kraken burger was born from a desire to create the biggest, baddest hamburger humanly possible.” Glenn was right, because according to him, only one person has managed to finish this monster burger on their own. The Kraken burger contains a beef patty that weighs 1 pound, gorgonzola, bacon, and grilled onions. Holding all of this together are two sriracha infused peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of buns. Not only is this a huge portion of food, it’s also a very strange combination of flavours. The restaurant says that it doesn’t give out any prizes for finishing the burger, but being able to finish a monster burger with peanut butter and jelly in it seems like a feat worth worthy of a T-shirt.

6. Westin Bagel

Westin are a chain of luxury hotels that include an array of upscale services like large bars and restaurants, room service, spas, pools, fitness centers, and more. But out of the 269 locations of the hotel chain worldwide, only one sells the world’s most expensive bagel. The Westin hotel in New York City, located directly in Times Square, offered a $1000 bagel for a limited time in 2007 and once again in 2017, on its breakfast menu. Luckily, tax is included in the thousand dollar price tag, but the bagel must be ordered 24 hours in advance, and can only be served from between 7 and 11AM. The reasoning behind the high price is the rarity and high quality of the ingredients used to make the bagel. The bagel itself is a normal New York bagel baked in a local bakery, but it’s the toppings that make it so special. Alba white truffle cream cheese is placed on top, followed by jelly infused with goji berries, then topped off with sprinkles of gold leaves. White truffle is extremely expensive and can usually cost over $1000 per pound and while goji berries aren’t particularly expensive, they full of antioxidants and are excellent for one’s health. The bagels were created for a good cause too, as all of the proceeds went to an emergency food program in the city called the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.

5. Momofuku Fried Chicken

Momofuku is a culinary brand that started in 2004 in New York City. Since then it has grown to have restaurants located in Toronto, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and more. Its services include a noodle bar, a milk bar, and other variations, and the restaurants are known for supporting local farmers and coming up with unique recipes. The most expensive menu item offered is a fried chicken meal ranging from $500 to $900 to feed a group of 4 to 6 people. But don’t worry too much, if you want fried chicken that costs much less, the restaurant offers that too. What makes Momofuku fried chicken so unique from any other fried chicken is the fact that the meal is served with caviar and fish roe. The meal comes with 2 whole fried chickens and a choice of roe and caviar to go along with it. The chicken and caviar is also served with chive crepes, ramen flavoured potato chips, miso cream cheese, scallions, and cucumbers. The restaurant suggests wrapping all of these along with your choice of caviar into the chive crepes to make a sort of wrap. Choices of caviar include, Atlantic Sturgeon or Gold Caviar, and the roe choices are shiso cured trout or smoked steelhead salmon. The price of the meal varies depending on which combination of caviars and/or roes you purchase. 

4. Barclay Prime Cheesesteak

Barclay Prime is a luxury steakhouse and lounge located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The entire design is based off of European libraries, and the restaurant is known for being very high-end. Its menu can get quite pricey because of its frequent use of luxury ingredients, but one item in particular is the $120 Barclay Prime Cheesesteak. Everyone is familiar with Philadelphia cheesesteaks, the savoury sandwich composed of thinly sliced beef and melting cheese in between a bun, and it’s quite a common fast food, but the one at Barclay’s Prime really raises the quality bar. The Barclay Prime Cheesesteak is the most expensive Philly cheesesteak in the United States, and there’s good reason as to why. The Executive chef of Barclay Prime, Mark Twersky, uses A5 wagyu, the best quality of extremely tender beef. This meat is usually sold for around $75 per pound so it’s understandable why the sandwiches cost so much. This beef goes in between two sesame rolls along with foie gras mousses, and truffle butter. The cheese used in the cheesesteak is called Caciotta al Tartufo, an Italian cheese which is a mixture of truffles, sheep’s milk, and cow’s milk. With your cheesesteak comes half a bottle of champagne to drink that’s included in the $120 price tag. 

3. Golden Opulence Sundae 

Ice Cream is a fast food restaurant dessert classic. Everyone’s been to Dairy Queen at least once in their lives and have tried the various ice creams offered. And chances are you’ve been to McDonald’s and tried the McFLurry (but only if the ice cream machine is miraculously not broken of course). Well neither of these places compare to the $1000 sundae served at the New York City Restaurant, Serendipity 3. This restaurant is quite popular and has been featured in film and television, making it very successful. This luxurious sundae was first released in 2004 to celebrate the restaurant’s 50th anniversary, and it was soon recognized as the world’s most expensive dessert. The $1000 Golden Opulence Sundae is definitely not a fast food item that you can pick up as a quick snack as it needs to be ordered 48 hours in advance. This is because the ingredients used need to be flown in and delivered to the restaurant from different parts of the world. The sundae starts off with three scoops of gold leaf covered Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with vanilla from Madagascar. Next comes the chocolate syrup which is melted Amedei Porcelana, a dark Italian chocolate known to be the most expensive in the world. On top of that are rare chocolate chunks from the Venezuelan coast. The sundae is then topped off with chocolate truffles, almonds, candied fruits, marzipan cherries, and gold sprinkles. The sundae is served with a small bowl of golden dessert caviar.

2. Le Burger Extravagant 

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, this hamburger was the most expensive in the world at its $295 price tag at the time of its release in May of 2012. Like the previous entry on this list, Le Burger Extravagant is from the New York City restaurant Serendipity 3. Clearly this restaurant doesn’t shy away from extremely expensive fast food with its $1000 sundaes and nearly $300 hamburgers. Serendipity 3 has a small section of its menu dedicated to its Guinness World Records items and along with the Golden Opulence Sundae and Le Burger Extravagant, you can order the $214 gold coated Quintessential Grilled Cheese and the foot long all beef Haute Hotdog for $69. Le Burger Extravagant is created using Japanese Wagyu beef, the most expensive kind in the world, infused with white truffle. On top of the Wagyu patty goes 18 month old James Montgomery cheddar cheese, shaved black truffles and a fried quail egg. All of this is served in between a white truffle buttered, gold dusted campagna roll. On top of the top bun there’s a small blini spread with creme fraiche and caviar to top it off. And of course to hold the entire creation together is a solid diamond, gold covered toothpick. 

1. Favitta’s Pizza For Lovers

Favitta’s Family Pizzeria located in Rochester, New York is usually your average local pizza shop, the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat or order in for a party. Unlike some of the other entries on this list, Favitta’s Pizzeria is not known as a luxurious place and its menu items don’t come covered in gold sprinkles or with a side of rare caviar. But in 2008, the pizzeria decided to sell an $8180 heart shaped pizza “for lovers” as the owner, Tom Favitta, called it. The reason the pizza was so expensive was not because of the toppings, but because of what came with it. The pizza was simply a normal pizza shaped into a heart, topped with pepperoni and cheese, something that in itself only costs $19. With the heart shaped pizza comes a diamond ring worth around $8000 and a bottle of wine that costs $160. This combo was sold as a Valentine’s Day promotion that encouraged people to give a luxurious gift to their significant other while out on a casual date to the family pizzeria. Tom Favitta said that if someone were to order the opulent pizza he would, “bring the ring, and [he’d] personally deliver it, with a little white cloth over [his] arm, and open the bottle for them.” It’s unlikely that that many pizza for lovers actually sold, but it was a nice thought. 

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