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Top 10 Exclusive McDonald’s International Menu Items


Top 10 Exclusive McDonald’s International Menu Items

If you love the strange and the new, you’ll enjoy learning about 10 exciting international menu items from McDonald’s. These menu items may seem very different to you, depending on where you live, but they are commonplace in other countries. It’s fun how McDonald’s menus vary from place to place. Here’s our list of Top 10 Exclusive McDonald’s International Menu Items. 

10. McPatatas (Mexico)

Potato fans who want a break from the usual golden-brown McDonald’s French Fries can order McPatatas instead, as long as they are in Mexico. McPatatas are made from one hundred percent natural potatoes that are cut into wedge shapes. The potatoes are cooked until they’re crispy and then seasoned. Customers have the option of dressing their potato wedges in McQueso sauce or eating them plain. McDonald’s Mexico reports that adding McQueso sauce to McPatatas will make them taste “exquisite”. Queso sauce is cheesy Mexican dip, so adding a little McQueso fun to your McPatatas probably will result in one heck of a tasty snack. Of course, you can also add other toppings, such as classic ketchup. It’s up to you. Lots of people do fast food hacks these days that allow them to experiment with their fast food items. For example, someone might add hot sauce from their purse or knapsack to a fast food meal, or combine sauces available at a fast-food restaurant. Hacking menus are fun. So, what else is fun and novel on the McDonald’s Mexico menu? Well, menus change from time to time, but the Mexican Mickey D’s are currently selling a Signature BBQ Crispy Onion burger, a Signature Club House burger and an intriguingly named McNifica burger. The McNifica is a typical burger garnished with pickles, lettuce, onion, American cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup and a couple of slices of tomato. 

9. Marshmallow Blueberry McFlurry (Germany)

If you’re used to the usual Oreo McFlurry, but wish that you could try new McFlurry flavors regularly, you may want to head for Germany, where you’ll be able to enjoy a Marshmallow Blueberry McFlurry, for as long as this cool and creamy sweet treat stays on the menu. Germany has offered some fun McFlurry flavors in the past, including the legendary, but no longer available, Unicorn Fruit Loops McFlurry. When it comes to the Marshmallow Blueberry McFlurry, blueberries cut a little of the sweetness, thanks to their tart flavor, but this McFlurry is still plenty sweet, thanks to its marshmallows and vanilla-flavored soft serve ice cream. For those who crave the sweet, rather than the savory, McFlurries are guilty pleasures. Some delicious McFlurry flavors have been offered at home and internationally. In Germany, you’ll also be able to order a Snickers Caramel or Twix Caramel McFlurry. Clearly, there are Germans with sweet tooths and they do have a fun trio of McDonald’s McFlurries to choose from. 

8. NYC Benedict Bagel (New Zealand)

Want Eggs Benny on a bagel while you’re visiting McDonald’s, or getting their fast food delivered? Well, if you’re not in New Zealand, you won’t be able to enjoy this special breakfast treat, which is really a shame, because it does sound delicious. Eggs Benedict is such a special thing to eat in the morning and eating Eggs Benny on a chewy, hearty bagel will be a great way to wake up. The NYC Benedict Bagel features egg. cheese, crispy bacon and creamy hollandaise sauce. It’s served on a bagel that’s been lightly toasted. This unique breakfast bagel hasn’t made it onto the New Zealand McDonald’s All Day Breakfast menu, as of this writing, but it may in the future. Those who want to enjoy breakfast items later in the day may choose a Big Brekkie Beef Burger or a Chicken McMuffin. Hash browns and hotcakes are also on the all-day breakfast menu, plus a Bacon & Egg McMuffin and a Chicken & Bacon McMuffin. What else is cool and interesting on the McDonald’s menu in New Zealand, aside from breakfast stuff? Well, there is a bunless creation called Loaded Lettuce which is pretty awesome. Bunless menu items are trendy these days and the Loaded Lettuce is filled with chicken or Angus beef, plus an egg, crispy bacon, and onion that’s been caramelized. It’s all wrapped in lettuce to bring down the carb count.

7. McKebab (Israel)

McDonald’s Israel has been making a move towards offering its customers some healthier menu options that suit national tastes, and one popular menu item was the McKebab. Which, sadly, doesn’t seem to be on the menu right now. A lot of people posted pics of their McKebabs online while they were on the menu. Some were tourists who were able to get their hands on these exciting, kebab-based menu items while they were on holiday. Other examples of interesting fare at McDonald’s Israel, which are still available as of this writing, include the Veggie Royal burger and the Double Vegan burger. McDonald’s is the biggest burger chain in Israel and it is keeping its market share by evolving its menu to suit the changing tastes of consumers. There are also a series of beef burgers with America-inspired names, such as The Big Texas, which comes with BBQ sauce.

6. Macarons (Australia)

A lot of Aussies refer to McDonald’s as Macca’s and Macca’s is the right place to enjoy delightful macarons after a meal, or as a delightfully sweet snack. Macaron fans in the USA and Canada may wish that they could indulge in airy-light and flavorful macarons along with their McCafe bevies or after fast-food meals. Sadly, that dream is only lived by Aussies, and by tourists who’ve touched down in the Land Down Under. If you are considering an Aussie getaway, and Australia is definitely a hot tourist destination at the moment, be sure to drop by an Australian McDonald’s, because they are fun places with a lot of cool and different menu items. Whether you want to order Chocolate, Salted Caramel or Mango macarons, or other Aussie Macca’s standards, such as Grape Tomatoes, Scones with Jam and Cream, a Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie, or a Big Brekkie Burger, you’ll find so many amazing options. Tourists really enjoy chowing down at Australian Mickey D’s locations. Wash it all down with a Frozen Fanta drink in your fave flavor, such as Lime, Blueberry or Vanilla.

5. Greek Mac (Cyprus)

No trip to the Republic of Cyprus will be complete without a Greek Mac from a local Mickey D’s! If you’re into checking out new menu items while you travel, head to Cyprus and try the Greek Mac, which is like a double burger with a pita bread bun. Dressed in lemon sauce and adorned with sliced tomatoes, onion, and lettuce, the Greek Mac is a whole new way to enjoy classic McDonald’s one hundred percent beef patties. Lemon sauce and the pita wrapper make this menu item very different. Most other stuff on the Cyprus McDonald’s menu is pretty familiar, except for the revered Halloumi Muffin and Bacon Halloumi Muffin. Both of these muffins are on the breakfast menu and they feature Halloumi cheese, which is brined, unripened and semi-hard. It’s a cheese that tastes delicious grilled or fried, and it has a high melting point. Are all of these international menu items from McDonald’s making you hungry, or curious, or both? Maybe you’re more content with the familiar menu that you see in your neighborhood every day? Everyone’s different. That’s kind of why menu items vary between countries and republics in the first place. Would you nosh on the Greek Mac or Halloumi Muffin? Maybe you’d try both in just one Cyprus McDonald’s order? The Greek Mac sounds a little lighter than the typical Mickey D’s burger The Halloumi Muffin sounds rich and decadent.  

4. Veg Pizza McPuff (India)

International menu items from McDonald’s have some fun names, including the McNifica, the McKebab and, from India, the Veg Pizza McPuff. This McPuff has a Hot Pocket Vibe. It’s got that Hot Pocket type of coating and a filling that includes onions, peas, carrots, beans, bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese. If you’re into pizza but you don’t always want meat, you’ll probably love the McPuff, if you ever get a chance to try it. Overall, McDonald’s in India offers plenty of amazing vegetarian-friendly menu items, including this one. The McPuff comes in the same type of package as the hot apple pies we get at McDonald’s in Canada and the U.S. Inside, there’s a hot pizza puff with a golden-brown and crispy crust, plus lots of veggies and cheese in an aromatic and tasty tomato sauce. At McDonald’s India, customers can also chow down on Cheesy Rice Bowls, Big Spicy Paneer Wraps and McAloo Burgers with patties made from peas and potatoes. A lot of vegetarians and vegans in North America have gotten wind of the veggie-friendly options at McDonald’s India locations. They wish that they could try these menu items at home. Sure, meat-based menu items are available at Indian McDonald’s, but the veggie items are just as great, thanks to their unique recipes and fragrant, tasty seasonings.

3. Sausage N Egg Twisty Pasta (China)

If you want a warm and comforting breakfast in Hong Kong, be sure and head for a local McDonald’s, where you may order Sausage N’Egg Twisty Pasta. This unique recipe is exclusive to the region and it includes premium eggs, hot chicken or tonkotsu broth, sausage, pasta, and greens. In Canada and the USA, most fast-food chains that sell breakfast, including McDonald’s, don’t offer noodles. In other countries, including Asia, noodles for brekkie are so typical. Learning about McDonald’s menu items from other nations is a great way to expand culinary horizons. Sure, it’s fast food, but it’s also a reflection of traditional fare that’s pleased locals for ages, such as noodles for breakfast. If you can’t get to a Hong Kong McDonald’s, you can always try to make a similar dish at home. If you’re not interested in eating noodles for breakfast, because it’s too different, have them for lunch or dinner. It’s really not such a bad idea to have carbs like pasta in the a.m, because there’s time to burn them off during the day. They provide energy. That being said, don’t expect to see this international menu item on the breakfast menus at American and Canadians McDonald’s any time soon. McDonald’s in Canada and America do make menu adjustments sometimes, but soups aren’t really a focus and never have been. McDonald’s has definitely expanded coffee products for its customers all over the world, and some international McDonald’s menu items offer fancy tea drinks, too. Noodle bowls just don’t seem to be what Canadian and American consumers want from McDonald’s. 

2. McBeer (Many European Nations)

This awesome menu item needs little explanation. It’s beer and you can order it at a lot of Euro McDonald’s. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s hard to imagine licensed McDonald’s locations in America or Canada. I could see those fast food joints getting a little rowdy if alcohol was on the menu. Apparently, Europeans can handle it. They are able to enjoy a beer with their meals if they’re of legal age, and it’s not a big deal that beer is available. Only select nations in Europe have McDonald’s with beer on the menu. Examples include Portugal, Germany, and France. Lots of North Americans visit Europe, so you may someday get a chance to order a brewski as you also order a Royale with Cheese in Paris or something like that. Remember the Royale with Cheese from Quentin Tarantino’s iconic film,  Pulp Fiction? That’s the Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France. The thing is, it’s actually called Le Royal Cheese. McDonald’s eliminated it from the French menu at one point and people went insane, so they brought it back. Anyway, you can get that with beer, and you should. I would if I were you. Have you ever brought McDonald’s home and enjoyed it with a beer? Does the fast food combine well with beer, or it is all just too heavy? The issue of pairing alcohol with fast food is an interesting one. Is beer the best choice for McDonald’s grub, or would wine or spirits be better choices? In Europe, McDonald’s doesn’t offer all of the booze. It just offers beer. But you can play around and eat Mickey D’s food at home with any booze that you like, as long as you’re old enough to buy booze legally.

1. Nurnburger (Germany)

If you go to a McDonald’s in Germany, you can get a McBeer with a Nurnburger, too, if the Nurnburger is brought back soon. Or just stick with the usual type of McDonald’s drink, such as soda or coffee. So, what’s a Nurnburger? It kinds of sounds like a famous race track called the Nurburgring, but it’s very different. The Nurnburger is a special sandwich that includes a trio of sausages from Nuremburg on a fluffy bun. It’s the perfect choice for fans of bratwurst and other German-style sausages, or just sausages in general. The sausages are mini-sausages, so the sandwich isn’t an overwhelming size, but it’s still a hearty choice. Sadly, this specialty sandwich seemed to be a limited-time thing at German McDonald’s locations. It doesn’t seem to be on the menu at present. While it’s one of the most famous McDonald’s international menu items, we all need to wait for McDonald’s Germany to bring it back and that might happen. In the meantime, we can travel to Germany and order 5 Chicken Wings, Grid Potatoes, a McToast Bacon, or 5 or 8 Chili Cheese Snackers, plus the usual burgers and stuff. Now that you know more about McDonald’s international menu items that get plenty of press, you may wish you could tour around and try these items. Some aren’t on the menu anymore, but lots are still available, and the ones that have been taken off the menu may reappear. Fast food should be an occasional indulgence, but many people eat it regularly. People love learning about fast food from other countries, including international menu items from McDonald’s.

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