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Top 10 Discontinued Snacks THAT ARE BACK!!! (Part 2)


Top 10 Discontinued Snacks THAT ARE BACK!!! (Part 2)

How we all love candy. Whether you are a gummy person, a chocolate person or both, candy makes us all very happy. While candy companies are constantly coming up with new ideas and new flavors, much to all our delights, sometimes they take a step backward and discontinue our favorite candy. While that is a tragedy, there is some glimmer and hope as we can rejoice in the fact that sometimes a candy company changes their mind and brings our candy back. Here are 10 Discontinued Snacks that are back, Part 2. 

10. Thin Mints 

On our list of candies that have been discontinued but are now back, the initial canceling of certain candies may not have been the companies fault. In these hard financial times that we find ourselves in, even candy companies can struggle. That’s what happened to candy giants NECCO. In 2018 the production company that is known as the New England Confectionary Company, NECCO for short, shut its doors and closed for business permanently. Many candy fans cried in despair as NECCO produced so many great candies. What would happen to them now? Fortunately for Thin Mints, and also for Mighty Malts, the cancelation and the short time spent in limbo are over as they are back. Thanks to the Log House Foods company in Plymouth, Minnesota, these popular candies have been saved as Log House Foods bought them off NECCO and began manufacturing them almost instantly. The production may have been slow and the wait may have been long, but Thin Mints and Mighty Malts are now being rolled out once again. Look out for these favorites in your nearest candy store. 

9. Clark Bar

This chocolate delight has been pleasing candy lovers for about a hundred years. Consisting of a crispy peanut butter and spun taffy core, the bars are then coated in glorious milk chocolate. Original these bars had a caramel center instead and they are considered the very first combination chocolate bar. When these chocolate bars were released, they proved to be such a success that the Clark Bar was shipped out to troops during the First World War and again in World War Two. The candy proved to be a big hit with the solders on the front line, so much so that during World War Two the factory that made Clark Bars closed down and the government stepped in to help as they saw the Clark Bar as essential to the wartime effort. That is quite some responsibility for a chocolate bar to have. With all that history, and of course, it’s great taste, it’s no wonder that Clark Bars are a favorite among chocolate lovers. Because of our love of these chocolate bars, it was with great disappointment and sadness that we saw them taken off the shelves. But never fear, thanks to Boyer Candy Company in western Pennsylvania, Clark Bars are back on the shelves and back in our lives. They actually returned in cup form first as Boyer released their new Clark Cups, which are peanut butter chocolate cups with a Clark’s crunch, which was a great addition. But we are happy that Clark Bars are back as they once were. Hooray for the return of the War hero!

8. Mary Jane

First sold as ‘penny candies’ at the beginning of the 20th century, Mary Jane candies didn’t change for almost a century. The recipe, which is an old fashioned style peanut butter and molasses flavored taffy candy, nor did its packaging change. The folded piece of yellow wax paper with a red stripe down the center became a symbol of the brand and great tasting candy. So, if Mary Jane candy hadn’t changed anything about itself in almost a century, it must have popular, right? So why did it get discontinued? All valued questions you may well be asking. Unfortunately, Mary Jane candies were another victim of the NECCO bankruptcy. Luckily the Spangler Candy Company jumped in and saved Mary Jane from the brink of obscurity and brought her back into the light. It looks like Mary Jane is getting a makeover by the Spangler Candy Company with new packaging that should appeal to a younger generation of candy lovers. Production is already underway and Mary Jane will be with us once again. Although she may be getting a makeover, let’s hope the Spangle Candy Company doesn’t mess around with Mary Jane’s flavor and texture too much. 

7. Regal Crown 

There is nothing greater than discovering a great tasting candy. Whether you are young or old, candy can be a real comforter in our lives. That makes it even more disappointing when a candy company decides to pull their candy from the shelves, and from our lives. It might be nice to know that there is a company out there that has our backs. Iconic Candy is a company that has one goal; to bring back all the candy that we once loved and make the world happy once again. It may be a tall order but Iconic Candy is working hard to make that dream happen. This family-owned company has a real passion for all things sweet and a desire to fill the world with candy. The company actually started out because CEO Kenny Wiesen wanted to eat his childhood candies but could no longer find them. Coming up with the idea of bringing candies back from the dead, Wiesen went to work and quickly found out it was possible to do it. Navigating the tricky licensing laws, Iconic Candy got their first break and managed to get their hands on Regal Crown candies. These hard-boiled candies were big business right up until the 1970s, which is when they started to dip in popularity and eventually production stopped. Years later and Wiesen managed to get his hands on them and Iconic Candy was underway with its first resurrection.  Iconic Candy has bought back the sour version of these candies with three big flavors; Sour Apple, Spur Cherry, and Sour Lemon. Now a new generation can try these once-popular candies. 

6. Twix – Cookies & Cream

Every now and then a candy combination comes along that just gets us saying ‘Yes!’ ‘ And, ‘How have they never thought of that before?’ One such chocolate bar was the much loved Twix Cookies and Cream. While we all know what a Twix bar is, the Cookies and Cream version takes the much-loved Twix bar to the next level. Instead of a caramel center, you get a rich coating of cookie icing over the top of a crunchy cookie, all wrapped up in milk chocolate. For anyone that is too young to remember this chocolate bar, Twix Cookies and Cream was released in the 1990s and became a huge hit with everyone. Then they suddenly disappeared, no one seems to know why. While a lot of us may have been mourning the loss of this chocolate bar for decades, the sadness is now over as Twix Cookies and Cream is back. The Mars Corporation, the company that owns Twix, has re-released this old favorite back into the world. While the actual national release day is slated for January 2020, some stores have rolled it out early and some lucky people have already got their hands on it. Either way, it’s great to see this chocolate bar back on the shelves. 

5. Candy Buttons 

We have already mentioned the New England Confectionary Company, or NECCO, on our list of discontinued candies that have come back. And we mention them again as another beloved candy NECCO produced has found its way back. When NECCO went bankrupt and all their candy was put up for auction, it was Cincinnati’s Doscher’s Candy company that saved Candy Buttons. These small rounded pegs of candy have been a staple of many kids candy cravings since the late 1970s. The long stripes of candy covered paper came in three flavors; Cherry, Lime, and Lemon and they had colors to match. Over the years Candy Buttons have gone through a few management changes and were eventually taken off the shelves and put out of production. The candy shelves didn’t look the same after that! Recently, however, Candy Buttons were bought by Doscher’ Candy company and were the first NECCO candies to be brought back to life. Having Candy Buttons ion the hands of Doscher’s Candy is fitting as not only are they the longest continually operating candy company in the US, but they are also the biggest manufacturer of candy canes. We think this is a match made in candy heaven. 

4. Reed’s

Founded in Chicago, way back in the late 19th century, Reed’s candy sweets were a must-have treat for so many people for so many years. Made from pure cane sugar, butter, and flavoring to make their signature hard candies, the Reed’s Candy company quickly found themselves becoming the largest producer and manufacturer of Butterscotch candies in the US. While the classic Buttersciothc flavor was their first big hit, Reed’s soon developed new flavors such as Peppermint, Root Beer, Cinnamon, Licorice and Spearmint. The company would then go on to bring out its assorted flavor, which was a huge success. Originally, the hard candies in a roll pack were actually individually wrapped so they wouldn’t all stick together in one hard mass. Which was smart. Over the years Reed’s Candy Company changed hands several times and these candies struggled to find their place in the modern world. As we turned into the 21st century, Reed’s candies were put out to pasture once and for all. However, luck was at hand when new candy manufacturers Iconic Candy decided to bring these candies back from the dead. Having acquired the licensing rights, Iconic Candy now sells Reed’s candy in their original Butterscotch flavor, as well as in Cinimmon and Root Beer. 

3. Sweethearts 

Valentine’s day is a magical day for so many people around the world. It’s a day to shower that special someone with love and affection, or to finally tell that one person in your life exactly what they mean to you. While there are many ways and things that can show someone how you feel, nothing goes together better than Valentine’s day and candy. For many years we have enjoyed Sweetheart candies on that special day. Little hard candies that display messages of affection and friendship. Whether you use Sweethearts as a bit of fun, or to show someone your true feelings, these little candy delights have been giving Valentine’s day that little extra cute factor for decades. How sad we all were when Sweethearts disappeared from the candy shelves and from our hearts. While there were other candies that tried to fill the Sweetheart void; M&Ms cupid Messages and Jelly Belly’s Conversation Beans, nothing could quite replace Sweethearts. Due once again to NECCO going out of business, the fate of Sweethearts looked set to be sealed as we bid farewell to these beloved candies. However, love is in the air again as Sweethearts were saved by the Spangler Candy Company and they will once more be showering our Valentine’s Day with love and sweetness. 

2. Sky Bar

What is better than having one chocolate bar? How about having four chocolate bars at the same time, each with a different filling. That’s what you get from the Sky Bar. Introduced not long after the Second World War, Sky Bar became the first molded candy bar that had different flavors for each of its sections. The flavors choices were; Caramel, Peanut, Fudge, and Vanilla all of which were wrapped in milk chocolate. While the Sky Bar has been off our shelves for a while, it has come back better than ever. Being bought at an auction by gourmet hardware and cooking store Duct Soup, Sky Bars are once again in production and are flying back into our lives once more. While Duck Soup isn’t known for selling, or even making candy, they do have a great love of all things sweet and have assured fans that the Sky Bar will be just as good as it was. At the moment the new Sky Bar can only be bought at the Duct Soup store, which is in Sudbury, Massachusetts or on their website but this candy bar should be making a triumphant return to stores very soon.  

1. BarNone 

We all remember this classic chocolate bar, don’t we? Back in the 1980s, Hershey Chocolate Company was looking to introduce a new bar to their range, something they hadn’t done in decades, and they came up with BarNone. Spending millions of dollars on testing and developing the new candy bar, Hershey finally released it to the world. BarNone was advertised as the ‘chocolate lovers’ bar.’ Containing cocoa wafer, chocolate creme, peanuts, and a milk chocolate coating, BarNone was an immediate hit. People all over the country went crazy for this new chocolate bar, however, for some unknown reason, Hersey decided to change the BarNone by adding caramel. Needless to say that most people weren’t happy and by the late 1990s, BarNone had been discontinued forever. Or so we thought. For years fans appealed to the Hershey Chocolate Company to bring this chocolate bar back, and for years Hershey ignored everyone. When the Facebook era started, fans hadn’t forgotten about this chocolate bar and soon petitions and pleas for its return started. Hershey may have ignored us all but one company listened. Iconic Candy. Yes, the company that loves to bring back candy has done it again with the BarNone. Fans can rejoice and relive this classic candy bar thanks to Iconic Candy. 

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