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Top 10 Discontinued Snacks Americans Miss The Most

Major food companies love playing around with different creative ideas, but more often than not, these end in disaster (see Swedish Fish Oreos). However, there are times where companies will hit all the right spots – and still discontinue the product. Let’s hop in the DeLorean with Marty and the Doc and head back to a time where these yummy snacks still existed. Here are the Top 10 Discontinued Snacks Americans Miss the Most.

10. 3D Doritos

Wrapped up in an intense red and blue packaging, Doritos was really thinking outside of the box (or rather, the chip bag) when they created this 3D version of the popular snack. These were the Doritos 2.0 that fans were craving. These came with the same nacho cheese flavor that we love, but the 3D cone aspect of the chip was what really brought it to the next level. These chips were introduced in 1998 with a commercial that featured Sean Hayes and Ali Landry, and they were a massive hit. They came in four flavors: Nacho Cheesier, Jalapeno and Chedder, Texas Paprika, and Zesty Ranch. However, while they had a very passionate fan-base, it wasn’t a huge fan-base. These snacks were discontinued in 2004, and the reasoning is still a bit unclear. While Frito-Lay may be tempted to say that it’s just business, we did some digging to find out more. In 2013, a fan reached out to Frito-Lay, asking why, exactly, 3D Doritos had been discontinued. Frito-Lay responded by stating that, while they’re happy that their products have such a dedicated following, not all of them make the favorites list. When a different fan reached out, the response was more of the same: some flavors will end up being someone’s flavor, but when a product isn’t doing as well as the company wants, they get discontinued in order to make room for new ideas. However, there is some good news: while this snack was discontinued in America, they were being produced and sold in Mexico. Road trip, anyone?

9. PB Max Bars

Introduced in 1990, this candy bar was a chocolate-coated arrangement of peanut butter and oats on top of a whole-grain cookie. This bar was dreamed up by M&M Mars as competition to Hershey’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, though it was advertised as more of a snack than a candy bar, which may have contributed to its downfall. Early television commercials for PB Max declared that the “PB” in its name did not stand for things such as piggy banks, polka band, portly ballerina, platinum blonde, penguin black-belt, pig basketball, plow boy, pure bliss, parachuting buffalo, or pink baboon — but that it in fact stood for peanut butter (who would’ve guessed). Filled to the brim with peanut butter, these bars were physically intimidating, and held considerable heft. That being said, we believe that these simply came at a bad time. The truth is, even though PB Max Bars have a rabid fan following, they faded out of existence in 1994. Why? Well, according to one former Mars executive, the reason wasn’t because PB Max wasn’t selling well – they made $50 million in sales. The reason you can no longer get your hands on these delicious peanut butter squares is because the Mars family had a strong dislike for peanut butter.

8. Kellogg’s Yogos

Yogos were small, circular, multi-colored fruit snacks with a yogurt shell, and they quickly garnered a good reputation. They were a popular snack when introduced in 2005, but were unfortunately discontinued only five years later. Coming in a wide variety of brightly-colored packages these went through several Pokemon-like evolutions before they were retired for good. The original Yogos evolved into Yogos Bits and then into Yogos Sour Bits before disappearing off the face of the planet. They were supposedly discontinued for health reasons, because let’s be honest, the mid 2000s were not the height of the healthy-eating fad. However, there is speculation that the real reason these were discontinued by Kellogg’s is simply because these yogurt balls were too expensive to make. Reddit users claim that the profit margins for Kellogg’s products are insane, and that the yogurt in the product had a higher risk of spoilage and therefore a higher risk of lost profit. There are multiple petitions online to bring these snacks back, with titles such as “KELLOGGS: BRING BACK YOGOS BITS” and “Bring back Yogos!!” In any case, it’s evident that these snacks weren’t discontinued because they were unpopular. There’s a deep-seated love for them in American culture. We hope that one day, Kellogg’s will hear the cries, and bring back Yogos for good.

7. Cheetos Cheesy Crackers

Cheetos Cheesy Checkers are only one of many beloved Cheetos products to go out of style. Wrapped up in an orange and purple bag, launched in 1995 but gone by 1998, nostalgia for  these waffle-shaped Cheetos can be found on Reddit and bodybuilding forums alike. Not sure how the bodybuilders fit in but it seems like all kinds of people miss these snacks: there’s even a $300 reward for anyone who can find another bag of these cheesy crackers. In an ad released in the 1990s, Chester Cheetah dressed in his typical sunglasses, is sitting on a shelf, about to munch on one of these crackers. The cool cat is wearing a cowboy hat, when a robot holding a captive doll approaches. He offers to trade the girl for the snack. Western music plays as the camera zooms in, and we get a view of Chester’s super cool cowboy boots. A cheesy cracker flies into the air in slow motion, disabling the robot. Like any fairytale, Chester Cheetah gets the girl, and also the snack. His smooth voice tells us that Cheetos Cheesy Crackers are dangerously cheesy. Well, we do love us a good Western-themed commercial, so if Cheetos ever decides to put these back on the shelves, we know that we’ll be grabbing some to try.

6. Cheetos Twisted

Thicker than your average Cheeto Puff and made in a spiral shape, Cheetos Twisted actually lasted for a long time. Ten years, to be exact, spanning from 2002 to 2012. Surely, it was enough time to become the favorite of Cheetos fans all over the world. Who wouldn’t love a cheesy Cheeto twist? It’s like the more fun, more creative cousin of your everyday average Cheeto. This is a point of nostalgia for many fans, and many were disappointed when they seemingly just blipped out of existence in 2012. Their sudden disappearance from shelves sparked some questions, and in 2013, a brave fan reached out to Frito-Lay on their Facebook page. The company’s social media team confirmed that they had, in fact, been discontinued. The social media team promised that they would pass on the message to the Cheetos team to make sure they knew that fans missed the snack. And while there are multiple petitions begging Frito-Lay to bring these back, the message gave nothing to indicate that these would be coming back anytime soon. R.I.P. Cheetos Twisted, we will always remember the way you’d cover our hands and fingers in orange dust, but also how delicious you were on our taste-buds.

5. Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars

Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars are the subject of mouth-watering memories from people far and wide. Just as the name suggests, these snack bars were, well, cheesecake, but bar-shaped. Described as delicious dessert bars that made you feel as if you’d died and gone to Heaven, there’s much demand to bring back these divine treats. Seriously, if you look the comments of any of Philadelphia’s social media posts, there’s a desperate outcry for the return of these snack bars. There are multiple petitions where people recount their stories of the Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars. One person tells the story of how she and her brother would sneak downstairs at night when they were young in order to get their hands on these sweet treats. Others claim that these snacks were a delicious part of their childhoods, and that they want them back! The one thing that seemingly everyone can agree on is just how tasty these were, and that they would love to taste them again. Considering how popular these seem to have been, many people wonder why they were discontinued in the first place. Perhaps the world just couldn’t handle such a wonderful dessert. If you’re craving one of these, don’t worry, because FIber One makes something very similar, just a little flatter. It probably can’t compare to the original, but desperate times call for desperate measures when you want to satisfy that craving.

4. Oreo Cakesters

If you grew up in the early 2000s, you probably remember Oreo Cakesters. This childhood favorite is fondly recalled by countless fans as a defining after-school treat. These closely ressembled America’s Favorite Cookie, except these were soft, bite-sized cakes. They came in a variety of classic flavors: Double Stuffed, Chocolate, Golden Oreos, and even Peanut Butter. Much to the chagrin of life-long fans, these cakes were discontinued in 2012. In Japan, there’s an Oreo “Soft-Cookie”, which is similar to our beloved Cakesters, but then again, only available in East Asia. There’s still a lot of questions surrounding why these were taken off of shelves, and though fans have reached out to Nabisco, they haven’t been able to get a solid response. The only thing we know for sure is that these have been taken off the shelves, possibly for good. However, if you’re craving an Oreo Cakester, or just want to try them out, the good news is that there are recipes online that tell you exactly how to make them. You heard it right: people loved these so much that they just had to DIY them in their home kitchens. If that amount of dedication from fans isn’t enough for Nabisco to bring back these cake-y Oreos, then we just may have seen the last of Oreo Cakesters after all.

3. Wonka Peel-a-Pop

Timed with the 50th anniversary of Roald Dalh’s childhood classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Nestle US released their second ice cream under the Wonka brand. The Wonka Peel-a-Pop frozen desserts were designed to look like a banana, but contain none of the fruit’s health benefits. They came in two flavors – Vanilla Banana and Vanilla Grape – and the most fun part of it was that you could actually peel it. And, unlike a real banana, you could even eat the peel. A Wonka brand manager at the time said that at Wonka, making regular sweets isn’t enough. They wanted to bring imagination and innovation to their sweets, and with this, they definitely succeeded. The purple package includes a brief description of the treat: it tells the holder of the box to prepare to be entranced, delighted, intrigued, and astonished beyond measure! The Peel-a-Pop is said to be a fantabulous treat. There’s even instructions on how to eat it on the back (bite, peel, enjoy!) At 70 calories per pop, these actually weren’t even that unhealthy, and the brand also encourages children to go out and play after eating them. When these went off of shelves, parents were distraught. This was a go-to snack for after school treats and lunch boxes. While Nestle is aware of these complaints, unfortunately, they’ve given no indication that they’re going to be bringing them back anytime soon.

2. Nestle Bug Pops

Here’s a bunch of things that all 90s kids loved all combined into one: popsicles, fun-shaped gummies, and the Lion King. Nestle’s Bug Pops were popsicles that had tiny little bug-shaped gummies  inside of them, and  those Lion King rascals Timone and Pumba featured on the packaging. While Nestle’s Cool Creations line had many a Disney themed snack item, this one was probably the most fun, probably because it was a little bit gross. They even came with Lion King themed cards inside, and who can say no a charming warthog and a cute little meerkat? This frozen treat was unfortunately discontinued, but there are many fond memories from fans online, begging for Nestle to give these icy pops one more chance. Some claim that they were obsessed with Bug Pops when they were a kid. Others say that they remember how the gummy bugs were always frozen just the right amount. What they all agree on is that these were an important part of their childhoods, and that they would love to have just one more Bug Pop – you know, for old time’s sake. Nestle has made no comment on this outcry from fans, so it looks like Timone and Pumba are just going to have to stay a distant memory of the past.

1. Creme Savers

While so many good snacks have come and gone in our lifetimes, Creme Savers is probably the one that we’re the saddest about. While there were multiple flavors – Orange Cream and Raspberry Cream, for example – Strawberry Cream was the best one, and everyone knew it. At every checkout, it was nearly impossible to stop yourself from grabbing a bag or two of these yummy candies, because they were just that good. So whatever happened to them? Why were they so cruelly taken away from us? Well, Creme Savers were created by Nabisco as a spin-off of Lifesavers. They were first introduced in the late 90s and disappeared in the mid-2000s. Even today, the reasoning for them being discontinued is a mystery. There are countless petitions online to bring these candies back, and who can blame them? These were the candies that our grandmothers would give us if we sat still in church. These are the snacks we would look forward to eating every Christmas. These were the treats that our teachers would hand out to the class if everyone did well on a test. In other words, they played an important part of many childhoods, and for them to have disappeared suddenly without any sort of explanation? –  It’s a low blow. Sadly, you can’t find Creme Savers anywhere. Not in brick and mortar stores like Walmart or Target, or even online from sites like Amazon or eBay. The good news, though, is that another company noticed the hole left in our hearts by Creme Savers, and rushed in to fill the void. Campino Yogurt Fruit Candies are made with real fresh yogurt, and have extremely positive reviews. While they’re not exactly the OG Creme Savers, they’re perfect for bringing back a taste from the past.

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