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Top 10 Discontinued Snacks Americans Miss The Most (Part 5)


Top 10 Discontinued Snacks Americans Miss The Most (Part 5)

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you’re a salt junkie, we all have a favorite snack that’s always there to cheer us up. But, just because something is your favorite, it doesn’t mean it’s safe from getting the chop. Snacks may come, and snacks may go, but they’re never completely forgotten. Here are the Top 10 Discontinued Snacks American Miss The Most (Part 5). 

10. Cheetos X’s and O’s

Cheetos definitely makes some of the best cheese snacks out there. With countless innovations and new products always coming out, it can be hard to keep track of all the delicious Cheetos that have come out over the years. Cheetos X’s and O’s is one of the fallen angels we wish would have stuck around a little while longer. Introduced in 1999, Cheetos X’s and O’s was the definition of having fun with your food. As the name suggests, these crispy puffs came in X and O shapes, making this the perfect snack to play a good old game of Tic Tac Toe with your friends. They were cheesy, light, and ridiculously tasty. Cheetos X’s and O’s began gaining more recognition following a very memorable commercial featuring Chester Cheetah on a game show. The mascot kept getting distracted by a child eating the snack, but luckily all of the answers to the trivia questions were “X’s and O’s,” and the grand prize was a convertible full of the puffs. Sadly though, as much as the interactive snack was enjoyable, it was discontinued after only a year on the market. However, despite having a very short-lived shelf life, fans of the puffs have not forgotten about them and are still actively trying to bring them back with Facebook groups and other measures. Cheetos X’s and O’s may not have lasted long, but they sure made a long-lasting impression with a lot of snack lovers – or Tic Tac Toe lovers.

9. Dannon Sprinkl’ins

Yogurt is a great dessert to give children if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the more sugary options out there. However, as much as some kids love yogurt, it can sometimes be hard to keep them interested in rather ordinary and boring flavors. Which is why this popular 90’s treat redefined yogurt for the decade and eventually became a favorite across the nation. Dannon Sprinkl’ins was the ultimate snack to get in your lunchbox as a kid, mostly because it was colorful, sweet, and so much fun to eat! Dannon Sprinkl’ins were just regular yogurt cups, but Dannon was looking for a way to make them a little more enjoyable. And what can make yogurt more fun to eat? Sprinkles, of course! Nothing was more entertaining as a kid than watching your boring-looking yogurt turn into a rainbow. With fun and joyful commercials, Dannon Sprinkl’ins were gaining more and more popularity. But, as we’ve seen before, all good things must come to an end. So, despite being a kid  favorite, this snack disappeared from shelves in the early 2000s. To this day, yogurt companies – and many other snack producers – are still trying to replicate Dannon Sprinkl’ins and continue to add sprinkles into products. Probably to try and recreate the hype. This just goes to show that everything is better with sprinkles – even your good old yogurt cup. Dannon Sprinkl’ins, you might be gone, but you will never be forgotten. 

8. Oreo Sippers

Oreos with a glass of milk is one of the best snacks a kid – or a grown-up – could ever ask for. The iconic cookie has been people’s favorite for decades and has yet to lose any popularity. Even though today, eating Oreos the regular way seems like the only way, there was a time when you could enjoy the joy of drinking your cookie – so to speak. Oreos Sippers were probably one of Oreos’ most ingenious, innovative and ambitious ideas to date. They were basically Oreo cookies, in a cylindrical shape, hollowed out to be used as a straw. You could use them for drinking your milk or simply just eat them as an on-the-go snack. No matter how you used Oreo Sippers, the novelty was unparalleled. One of the great things about Oreo Sippers was the fact that they were made of wafer cookies, meaning, there weren’t too sweet nor too heavy, making this the perfect light snack before bed. After the snack spent several years on the market and gathered quite a lot of fans, Oreo discontinued the Sippers in 2012 and never looked back on the decision. Of course, there were a lot of other companies doing the exact same thing, like Froot Loops, for instance, but none ever made an impression quite like Oreo did. Sippers, you are greatly missed; just because some people said you sucked – it was meant as a compliment!

7. Jif Power-Ups

Let’s be honest, anything made with peanut butter is usually amazing. It’s the perfect way to start your day, no matter what you spread it on, put it in, or drink it in. Jif – which you didn’t know, is a popular peanut butter brand – had recently come out with a new, delicious snack that drove every peanut butter fan crazy: the Jif Power-Ups. Marketed toward kids – and their parents – as a healthy treat, the Power-Ups line were a bunch of salty bars that could be eaten any time of day. You could either get the soft-baked bar, the chewy granola bar, or the most popular one, the creamy clusters. All of which were made with the beloved Jif peanut butter. Introduced in 2018, Power-Ups were basically an effort by the company to extend the Jif peanut butter brand into the wider snack market. As much as these are loved by many, Jif deemed them to be disposable and they won’t be on our shelves for much longer. They claimed that Power-Ups didn’t resonate enough with kids and parents to drive large revenue and decided to drop them. To a lot of fans’ disappointment. The time has come to let go of these tasty little treats and hope something better comes along. If you love Power Ups, make sure to stock up now, before they’re gone for good. They’re not even gone yet, and we already miss Power Ups. 

6. Smucker’s Snack’n Waffle

Most people know Smucker’s as one of the best jam makers out there. And peanut butter, and ice cream toppings, and so on. However, what a lot of people don’t know, is how much Smucker’s is determined to be a part of our mornings as much as possible. Smucker’s knows very well how to create the best snacks when it comes to fruit, and in 2011, the world was blessed with a sweet snack meets breakfast hybrid. The Snack’n Waffles were frozen waffles made so that every kid could enjoy a great-tasting, wholesome breakfast without having to slow down at the breakfast table. They were available in four flavors: Maple syrup, blueberry, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip. Snack’n Waffles were convenient, portable, microwavable, and each had one serving of whole grains. Perfect for busy mornings, they were the ultimate frozen waffles. Sadly, they didn’t last too long. Smucker’s claimed it was due to low support and they were discontinued shortly after they came out. Obviously, this left a lot of people saddened and desperate to get them back, which led to Smucker’s Tweeting to a fan that they would pas. on the message that the fan wanted to see them come back. So, you never know, maybe this time we’ll be lucky, and they’ll actually bring back this beloved, departed snack that is so missed by all. 

5. Doritos Guacamole

When you’re a huge tortilla chip producer with crazy flavors like Doritos is, having a guacamole flavor just seems like a no-brainer. Guacamole is a Mexican-food staple, so it would only make sense to put the two together to create one delicious snack. Combining the dip with the chip sounds like the perfect match, and it really was – until Doritos decided to pull the rug from under our feet and discontinue this iconic flavor. The Doritos Guacamole was introduced in 2003 and yet, for some reason, only lasted until 2006. Despite its overnight sensation, apparently, it wasn’t a big enough seller and needed to be removed to make room for new ideas and ever-changing market demand, according to a PR rep at PepsiCo, the parent company of Frito-Lay. The departure of Doritos Guacamole left everyone heartbroken and generated a lot of online retaliation, like petitions on However, it seems like not all hope is lost as Doritos Guacamole has made a recent reemergence on the scene again, just not in the US. Indeed, they are now a UK novelty, and we can’t help but feeling a little jealous. But, hey, at least we got what we wanted – sort of!  

4. Banana Nut Cheerios

If there’s one brand of cereal we can always count on to bring us new delicious and unique flavors, it’s Cheerios. While the classic Honey Nut flavor is one of the most popular, Cheerios has come out with a lot of different varieties that are all worth mentioning. However, the one that really stood out from the bunch was the banana nut flavor. These perfect morning starters were made with 100 percent whole grain oats, natural banana puree, and some cinnamon. Produced by General Mills, the Banana Nut Cheerios quickly became a very popular and beloved cereal flavor that many other companies tried to replicate soon afterward. Described by fans as reminiscent of banana bread and even banana nut muffins, these Cheerios were the perfect balance between sweetness and subtlety. Artificial banana flavor can often be a hit or miss type of deal, but in the case of Banana Nut Cheerios, they were right on target. Even though they were abruptly pulled off the shelves in 2016, that didn’t stop fans from demanding continued satisfaction. Banana Nut Cheerios might not have lasted long, but they made such an impression that Cheerios had no other choice but to bring them back in May of last year as a limited-time offer. So, while you might still be able to find some online, nothing beats the pure satisfaction of going down to your local grocery store and finding the aisles stocked with the stuff. 

3. Lay’s Fancy Flavors

Lay’s is one of the biggest, most successful potato chip companies ever. With what seems to be an endless greatest hits of flavors, picking a favorite can be tricky and even confusing at times. However, what’s even more confusing is when some of the best flavors are suddenly nowhere to be found, and you’re left in pure despair. This has happened with a lot of delicious Lay’s varieties over the years. Especially during the flavor contests that Lay’s was holding. In total, 19 new flavors were put out since the first “Do Us a Flavor” contest, and each flavor sounded more delicious than the last. Special mention to a recent winning flavor, Southern Biscuits, and Gravy, which is apparently, still available. But, some more unlucky flavors did not come to know the same fate. The Bacon Mac and Cheese Lay’s, for instance, did not make the cut to become a permanent flavor, and it’s a real shame. The cheesy taste of mac and cheese mixed with the saltiness and smokiness of the bacon really blended together well. Then, there was the Greektown Lay’s, which tasted a lot like the cucumber-dill tzatziki sauce, and the Everything Bagel With Cream Cheese, which is self-explanatory and delicious. Obviously, we can’t have them all back, but it’s fun to hope, and we miss them all equally. 

2. Cinna-Crunch Pebbles

There’s probably nothing better for a kid than having a favorite snack based on your favorite show. And for a lot of kids, that show was The Flinstones. So, Post knew exactly what to do and created a brand of cereal featuring characters from the Flinstones animated series and named it Pebbles! These crispy rice cereal bits came in many flavors and were basically every kid’s favorite breakfast. There are Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles, and for a limited time there, the world was lucky enough to have the Cinna-Crunch Pebbles. They were like the regular Pebbles, only cinnamon-flavored, and they were divine! More specifically, they were described as a “sweetened oat, corn and wheat cereal baked with a touch of real cinnamon.” Probably the most iconic thing about this cereal were the commercials. Again, featuring the cast of characters from Bedrock, the ad showed how the cereal was created when a meteor crashed into the Cinnamon Bakery, sending small nuggets of cinnamon goodness all over town. As fun as these cinnamon delights were, they were a limited-time offer and were discontinued after their intended run. People have nothing but fond memories of eating Cinna-Crunch Pebbles, and we’d all holler ya-ba-da-ba-do just for another taste. 

1. Carnation Breakfast Bars

It’s not everyone who enjoys eating bars for breakfast. It’s not usually what people tend to go for, but that was different with Carnation Breakfast Bars. These breakfast bars were an offshoot of the popular Instant Breakfast powdered drink mix, which survived the test of time and is still around today. We only wish we could say the same for the bars. Particularly popular with kids and teens, these dense, chocolatey breakfast bars were advertised in magazines as “The Hip Pocket Meal,” and people quickly grew fond of them. Carnation Breakfast Bars were introduced in the 1970s and discontinued not long after, as those same kids who loved them got older, so sales apparently decreased. They were relaunched in the 1990s, only to leave, yet again. The chocolate-covered oat bars came in several flavors, but the most popular ones were Chocolate Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch, which were described by many as chocolate-covered peanut dust. Even though they may not have been the most popular snacks and are not often talked about, the Carnation Breakfast Bars deserved all the hype – no matter how short-lived it was. To compensate for the loss, Nestle introduced something similar — although with a new name and retooled recipe: Carnation Breakfast Essentials Nutrition Bars – but they can never beat the original Breakfast Bars. They were too iconic to be replaced. 

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