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Top 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We Want Brought Back NOW (Part 4)


Top 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We Want Brought Back NOW (Part 4)

Sometimes, it feels like some fast-food chains can’t seem to agree on what stays and what goes from their menus. While it’s true that some items going missing might be for the best, there have been some devasting losses over the years that we’re still not over. So, here is another Top 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We Want Brought Back NOW (Part 4).

10. Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

Due to the pandemic that we are currently facing, many fast-food chains have had to make sacrifices in order to stay open. But sometimes, these sacrifices do not sit well with everyone. When Taco Bell announced that its beloved Mexican Pizza was going to be discontinued last November, it did not make people happy. In fact, in one survey over 27% of people agreed that this iconic pizza should stay on the menu. The Mexican Pizza was the perfect fusion of a taco and a pizza, with two crisp tortilla shells filled with seasoned beef, hearty beans, and then topped with pizza sauce,  melted cheese, and diced ripe tomatoes. What’s not to love, right? Well, apparently, Taco Bell deemed it as “disposable” enough to get rid of it. The chain claimed that removing the Mexican Pizza would boost efficiency at its restaurants, reduce the amount of packaging needed, and clear the path for future menu innovations. Okay, it makes sense when you put it like that, but why did it have to be this mighty pizza? There’s even a petition going around on to bring it back. Not only because it was, in fact, delicious, but also because you could personalize your pizza and substitute beans for meat if you’re vegetarian or wanted to keep things halal. In any case, the Mexican Pizza was a sad dish we had to bid farewell to in 2020. But hopefully, that petition changes something, and we get to enjoy this frankenpizza once more. 

9. McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets

It shouldn’t come as no surprise that when a new menu item comes out, it can sell out – and pretty quickly. And when it comes to McDonald’s, it should be even less surprising. When the chain announced that they were out of their new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, it was like the world had stopped spinning. The chicken bits, fried in a tempura batter seasoned with cayenne and chili pepper, are now a thing of the past. While the spicy nuggets were never supposed to be a part of the permanent menu, and we always knew they were going to leave us eventually, they were certainly supposed to stay on there for more than a month! In some places, after only two weeks, they were out! Even as a limited-edition menu item, it should’ve had more time to shine, as they were oh so good. It seems clear that McDonald’s just completely undershot on just how popular the spicy McNuggets would be – and underestimated how hungry people were for some spice. The Spicy Chicken McNuggets were the first new flavor of nuggets to be added to the McDonald’s lineup since debuting in 1983, so maybe that’s why people went nuts. Plus, McD’s released these spicy nuggies along with a Hot sauce, the hottest one available at the chain. While these McNuggets are no longer on the menu, McDonald’s did say there was always a possibility for them to be brought back if we really wanted them, and well, we do! Please, bring them back! 

8. Subway’s Roast Beef and Rotisserie Chicken

Subway is undoubtedly one of the fast-food chains with the most options. From the vast choice of vegetables and bread to the infinite mix and match possibilities, there is definitely something for everyone. But just because there are a lot of choices doesn’t mean Subway should get rid of anything – especially not two of its top-sellers. In the summer of 2020, Subway made a decision that left most people rather shocked: they were getting rid of the roast beef and the rotisserie chicken, two of the most frequently bought sandwiches. Now, Subway chopping some items from its menu isn’t that outrageous in theory. But, why take away the most popular items instead of tossing aside some less desirable options? Not only did this move shock customers, but employees were also taken by surprise as they took over Twitter to express just how ludicrous it sounded. Subway has yet to release an official statement as to why they chose to ax these two popular items over others. Perhaps it’s because rotisserie chicken is more expensive to source than their other chicken offerings, and since times are hard for businesses, they were trying to be cost-effective. No matter the reason, they’re both gone, and there’s nothing we can do about it – except miss them immensely. 

7. KFC’s Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich

It can be quite an arduous task to make something that’s already tasty, even tastier. Like KFC’s epic fried chicken sandwich, for example. They’ve spent years perfecting it, and it shows: it’s yummy. But how would you feel if this iconic sandwich was kicked up a notch and brought to a whole new level of deliciousness? Well, with the Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich, this is exactly what you would get. It was basically your classic chicken sandwich, except it was made with some added pickle sauce to give it an extra pep. It consisted of an Extra Crispy chicken filet covered in a dill, vinegar  sauce with a very subtle pickle taste that didn’t overtake the whole sandwich. The sauce had notes of onion, garlic, buttermilk, and white and black pepper and was the perfect combination of sour, buttery, and savory. The tanginess of the sauce paired perfectly with the chicken and only had a mild sour taste. And with the added pickles? A true delicacy. You could even drizzle that pickle sauce onto your regular chicken strips with a side of pickles if you didn’t care for the bun. So why did KFC discontinue this ingenious menu item? Simply because it was a limited-time offer, and limited-time offers can’t last forever, no matter how amazing and prodigious they might be. Fingers crossed that it will make an impromptu comeback soon – you never know!

6. Taco Bell’s Quesarito

Have you ever gone to Taco Bell and find yourself hesitating between a burrito and a quesadilla and ended up just getting both because you couldn’t decide? Who can blame you, they’re both so delicious, it happens to the best of us. Well, for a while there, Taco Bell had just the solution for you – before they discontinued it. The Quesarito was the best of both worlds when it came to Mexican Food. It was basically a burrito with all of the regular fixings, like seasoned beef, rice, and sour cream but with a little twist: it was wrapped in a hot, freshly made toasted cheese quesadilla! You didn’t need to choose anymore; you could have both delicious items all in one. The Quesarito quickly became a customer favorite, and how could it not? But, in June of 2020, Taco Bell took the decision to remove this beloved item from the menu, along with some other popular options. The chain said it was, again, to ensure an easy and fast ordering experience and make the service time-effective. While we’re still very sad about this icon’s departure, there’s technically still a way to get your hands on one. Apparently, if you go directly on the web or the app, you can still order the Quesarito – or better yet, just ask them to do it for you; you might need to pay a little extra and wait longer, but it might still work! 

5. Pizza Hut’s The Big Italy

The Big Italy from Pizza Hut was basically invented to give the expression “the bigger, the better” a whole new meaning. You might remember this one, as it was so huge, it’s unlikely you could ever forget it. The Big Italy pizza was almost 2 feet long with a hand-stretched crust and a lot of room for any toppings you were craving. It was so big; it could feed an entire family. Or maybe just a very hungry college student cramming for an exam. It might have just simply been a giant pizza and nothing more, but just think about it. When’s the last time you had to measure your pizza consumption by the foot? It was a very impressive and savory pizza, to say the least. A former Pizza Hut employee recalled the initial steps to making the pizza: they would brush the dough with oil instead of spraying it and then sprinkle on the seasoning they usually put on the breadsticks. Sounds like a winner recipe! It’s unclear why Pizza Hut stopped making this huge concoction, but one thing is sure, it’s one for the history books! Needless to say, the Big Italy holds a very dear and very big place in our hearts, and we need to see this on Pizza Hut’s menu ASAP!

4. McDonald’s Salads

When going to McDonald’s, obviously, we shouldn’t expect a very healthy meal, that’s a given, but there were days where you could at least feel like you were getting one. You could order a salad instead of a burger, but that’s no longer an option that’s possible. The Golden Arches made the decision to discontinue its salad, and some other menu items, in the light of the pandemic. The chain said they needed to lighten their menu in order to stay afloat and make the employees jobs easier. It was also done to simplify operations while improving customer experience. While this discontinuation might not be permanent yet, and there’s no word on whether or not the salads will be returning, it’s still a pretty big loss for the menu’s diversity – and well, for us too. The salads were first put on the menu as an answer to the wave of criticism McDonald’s received, saying their menus didn’t offer enough “healthy” options. So, they listened and added a bunch of salads. Funny enough, the salads were almost even more caloric than the burgers, but as long as it said “salad,” it seemed to be okay. Nevertheless, hopefully, the salads don’t get the final chop and will be back on the menu in no time. 

3. Taco Bell’s Triple Layer Nachos

Taco Bell had to say goodbye to a lot of fan favorites because of the current situation. After the Mexican Pizza and the Quesarito, it was the Triple Layer Nachos’s turn to leave the menu. The Triple Layer Nachos was a pretty simple dish, but oh, it felt like so much moew. It was basically just some tortilla chips topped with beans, red sauce, and nacho cheese. Nothing too fancy, but sometimes, all you need is some simplicity. Once again, this beloved item was another casualty directly related to the pandemic. Taco Bell said they needed to get rid of anything too “time-consuming,” and after analyzing the menu, they decided to eliminate it. As to why these nachos were time-consuming? No clue. Luckily though, they didn’t leave us completely hanging. To compensate for the loss of the Triple Layer Nachos, the $5 Grande Nachos Box – which layers beef, refried beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, and cheese sauce – has come to the rescue to take its place. So, in a way, we weren’t completely left deprived of good nachos, but still. The point is, we need the Triple Layer Nachos back! I mean you can never have too many nacho options. 

2. Panera Bread Tuscan Chicken Sandwich

There’s not a lot people wouldn’t do for an out of this world chicken sandwich. We can’t deny that it’s one of the most delicious inventions and one of the tastiest things we can get at any fast-food restaurant. Panera Bread is certainly no exception to that rule, and over the years, the chain has served us many delicious chicken sandwiches. However, we recently had to witness the departure of a very delectable one, the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich. One of the best things about this sandwich was that the grilled chicken used was raised without antibiotics, making it even more organic and fresh. The sandwich also featured provolone, parmesan, arugula, smoky tomato confit, some basil pesto, and basil mayo, all in between an Artisan Ciabatta – and yes, it was just as good as it sounds. Sure, it did cost a little more than your average chicken sandwich, but that’s only because it was made with high-quality and fresh ingredients, so it was definitely worth the price. But there is some good news! You can still manage to get your hands on one if you know how to order well. Most Panera Bread locations still have almost all of the ingredients to make the Tuscan Sandwich, so all you need to do is order a regular chicken sandwich, then add everything that makes it Tuscan, and voila! 

1. McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

Do you remember that time everybody went crazy because McDonald’s finally announced that they would now be serving breakfast all day? The fact that you could now get an Egg McMuffin at any given time of the day was cause for celebration, and everyone was beyond ecstatic. Well, sorry to burst your bubble so suddenly, but those days are now over. McDonald’s has gone back to serving breakfast only during breakfast hours, and people have been sad ever since. You can no longer enjoy a sweet McGriddle for lunch or some mighty pancakes for dinner, all thanks to the pandemic. Again. McDonald’s was the first fast-food outlet to ever introduce breakfast items to its menu, all the way back in 1973, and since then, many other chains have followed suit. Notably, Wendy’s has recently gotten into the breakfast game, and the competition has been fierce between the two. Now, since the all-day breakfast has technically only been canceled for the duration of the current situation, there’s no way of knowing whether or not it will be back or if it’s gone forever. The best we can do is wait and hope it’s only temporary. 

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