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Top 10 Most Cursed And Haunted Movie Sets


Top 10 Most Cursed And Haunted Movie Sets

Grab your popcorn and get comfortable, that’s if you can read these freaky facts involving haunted and cursed movies. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or a skeptic turned believer, there is no arguing that some of the scary things that happen are more than coincidental. It’s definitely true that the human mind can be influenced by things like the plot of a horror movie, causing us to see, hear and feel things that are not there. There are also times where we are chilled with fright and do not have any explanation for whatever it was that happened. The following movies massively affected the crews that worked on them. From bursting light fixtures to inexplicable deaths, whether you believe or not, take a read and see if you can make it through the following ten cursed and haunted movie sets.


This movie recreates the death of Jesus. The on screen brutality and killing drew crowds to the theatre in large masses. This movie’s leading actor, Jim Caviezel, suffered so much during filming due to the severity of some scenes. Not only did he endure hypothermia, pneumonia and infections, a portion of his actual skin was ripped off during the “fake” whipping scene. If that’s not physically painful enough, he was also struck by lightning, causing smoke to come out of his ears and his entire body to illuminate recants the cast and crew who witnessed it. You would think getting stuck by lightning is a pretty rare phenomenon but the assistant director of the movie was also struck by lightning during filming not once, but twice! It is easy to blame natural phenomenon and weather on these happenings, but if you are superstitious, the severity of pain endured as well as the strange amount of lightning strikes can make you feel a bit eerie. Only God knows…


This movie is based on a true story about a cursed wine cabinet, called a dybbuk box, that is haunted by a restless and malicious spirit wishing to possess the living. Weird things started to happen during filming and lights began to explode inexplicably. Out of nowhere, chilly breezes would be felt in enclosed spaces. The entire storage facility holding all the props caught fire. The dybbuk box was one of the props destroyed. Apparently after that, the real life dybbuk box was offered to the filmmakers to continue filming. The cast and crew refused as they were too scared. Perhaps this box, and in turn this prop, is the portal between the spirit and human world. Or it could just be our minds getting carried away…


This movie is based on the real life story of a family’s home being haunted by ghostly activity. While the movie was being shot, the real family who the movie is based on, visited the set. The real life mother/wife was still so scared by her experience that she refused to enter the home where the film was now being shot, the actual house where the events took place. The actress who played the paranormal investigator recounts opening her laptop one night and seeing three slash marks scratched across her screen. It was as if a demonic creature’s paw was leaving a message. She couldn’t read scripts at night while at home, it just felt too real and terrifying for her. She was not the only one to witness or feel a presence. When the real life family was visiting the set, a huge gust of wind kept encircling them, yet the crew witnessed no movement from any wind in the trees right next to them.


One of the most watched and famous movie series of all time is Batman. As the original Batman kept getting recreated time and time again, it kept getting scarier. One of the darkest films in the Batman collection stars Heath Ledger as the Joker. Before accepting this role, legendary actor Jack Nicholson warned Ledger about the effects of taking this part and urged him not to go through with it. Unfortunately, Ledger did not listen and drove himself into a major depression, averaging roughly two hours of sleep per night. Delirious and obsessed with this role, Ledger even kept a diary. Inside on the last and final page is an image of himself as the Joker with the words “Bye Bye” underneath. Ledger died at 28 from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, six months later, The Dark Knight was released.


This 1968 film is based on a pregnant woman who becomes involved with a Satanic cult. The film’s notoriety was based on the real life events that happened after the release. You have probably heard the name Charles Manson. He is the man responsible for the death of Sharon Tate, the wife of the movie’s creator Roman Polanski. Tate and four other people at the residence were stabbed over 100 times. They were killed by a group of Manson followers in a ritualistic manner. One of the murderers used a blood soaked cloth from Tate’s body to write the word PIG on her home’s walls. It was one of the most infamous murders of the time. Is it coincidental that this film encompasses ritual and cult like behaviour similar to that her death? The producer went on to say: “ The story of Rosemary’s Baby was happening in real life. Witches, all of them, were casting their spell and I was becoming one of the principal players.” We hope that a film never inspires real life tragedy and action again, despite the five star cinematic rating.


One of the most famous horror movies of all time, would definitely have to be this iconic film. When it came out, the public wasn’t prepared for what they witnessed. People fainted, threw up and had nightmares for weeks. Imagine being a key member of the cast or a crew member being surrounded by petrifying fear on a daily basis. Intense is an understatement. During filming, the set actually caught on fire and halted production for six weeks. Everything was destroyed and burned except for the room of the possessed girl, which remained perfectly intact. At one of the first showings in Rome, Italy, chaos ensued. The theatre was located between two churches and during the viewing a massive 400 year old cross was struck by lightning causing it to fall in the middle of the plaza. If that’s not freaky enough, the writer even recounted that he began to see objects floating in mid air inexplicably in his home. It looks like the hauntings were not just on set. It is said an estimated 9 deaths were associated with the making of this unforgettable movie.


Although this movie is not a horror film, it was the cause of some paranormal activity according to the actors. This movie stars Halle Berry playing Dorothy Dandridge, the first African-American to win an oscar. Coincidently enough, Berry in real life became the first and only African-American woman to win an Oscar in a leading role. Not all paranormal activity is bad I guess? Berry chose to borrow one of Dandridge’s actual dresses and bring it home. That was when things took a turn for the eerie and Berry began to hear the sounds of water boiling, yet no kettle was near. She also saw a doll’s dress start floating in mid air in front of the very dress she had borrowed. Berry was so freaked out that she turned, ran and hid in her room for the rest of the night. She was definitely not alone.


This famous and light hearted film has a reputation for legend and myth. What is true and what is not? We may never be sure. In one scene, you can see a clear image of a young boy standing in the background behind Ted Danson. It is reportedly the ghost of a nine year old boy who committed suicide while living there. The boy was never edited out of the seen and can still be seen to this day. Rumors swirl that it is a cardboard cut out that was used in order to create propaganda boosting a sequel release. Ghostly encounters are not always in black and white and crystal clear.


Spielberg did it again, releasing yet again another well made film. The film’s plot surrounds a family whose home has become haunted. Their attempt to escape the fear and haunting allows viewers to feel just how scary that type of situation must be. During filming, four actors actually died. During a swimming pool scene, the family members are surrounded by skeletons. Really scary and very dead skeletons. The obvious reaction to this would be  absolute horror, but not as horrifying as knowing that the skeletons used for this scene are actual human corpses. The things people do to save on the production budget huh? Also, the set was built above an old Indian burial ground. With all of these factors, it’s not surprising that unfortunate deaths and extreme fear resulted from making this movie.


This movie is about a boy who is adopted by a wealthy family, and by the way, he is the actual devil. Oops! I guess the adoption agency forgot to mention that when filling out all the paper work! This little satanic child begins causing havoc in his new neighbourhood and definitely makes an impact on his new found family. The terrible actions of the movie unfortunately began to seep over into real life for the people involved in the making of this film. The cast and crew experienced everything from death, accidents, lightning strikes, a hotel bombing, car crashes and suicides. The weirdest thing was when two days of footage was lost one day due to a camera malfunction. When inspecting the problem, the camera displayed Error 666. Following the technical difficulties, one of the actor’s brothers happened to drop dead after a card game after pulling the cards 666. I think it’s safe to say you might want to stick with classics like Dumb and Dumber to lighten the mood!

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