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Top 10 Craziest Food Conspiracy Theories!!!

Many things in life are left up to the imagination and countless mysteries remain unsolved. When it comes to food especially, people like to fill those voids by coming up with absurd, sometimes nutty theories, which sometimes blend in with reality. Here are the Top 10 Craziest Food Conspiracy Theories!!!

10. Teenage Ninja Mutant Chickens

You’ve probably all heard this one at least once in your life, and you might even believe it: it’s one of the oldest, most well-known – and also one of the craziest – fast-food conspiracy theories of all time. Ever since fast-food restaurants have been around, there’s been a theory going around that they don’t use actual chicken when preparing the food. Instead, they use fake chickens which are bread in labs to keep up with the high demand. Yes, fake, mutant chicken with extra limbs or missing heads or feathers. It might sound like something right out of a bad horror movie, and yet, this theory is not totally out of the realm of possibilities. In this economy, factory farming and genetic engineering could very well pave the way to some disturbing poultry production, including the ones served with your fries and gravy. Over the years, a lot of fast-food chains have been under fire and accused of using the mutant chicken practice as a mass production tool. KFC, in particular, has been really sensitive to those rumors and has gone out of its way to prove they use only “real chickens” for its fried chicken. Even though the FDA would’ve caught on by now if mutant chickens were a thing and there hasn’t been any pushback from animal-rights activists, many people are still convinced that headless mutant chickens are living in factories somewhere out there. 

9. The Starbucks Mystery

Ugh – that dreadful moment when you go to Starbucks with an uncommon name. Do you temporarily change your name to “blend in,” or do you give it your best shot? Either way, it never seems to matter. Even if you have the most common name, Starbucks seems to always find a way to butcher it in some way. Stephanie goes in for a grande Vanilla Frappuccino, and she’ll be handed a cup that says “Stefaneigh.” Seriously, the list of ridiculous name-spelling goes on and on, and it makes one wonder why most Starbucks employees all seem to be bad with names. However, as it turns out, it might not be all by accident. There’s a video on Youtube suggesting that Starbucks employees aren’t actually as clueless as they lead us to believe. Supposedly, they’re doing it on purpose to get publicity on social media. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. When you receive your hilariously misspelled cup, what’s the first thing you do? Yup, probably post it on social media. Whether this is a pure conspiracy theory or a master plan designed by the coffee giant, you can’t deny that it’s actually a little genius. Let’s be honest: have you ever seen a regular name like “Mark” get so epically misspelled, you just wanted to head over there yourself just to see how they mess up your name? When you look at it like that, the conspiracy doesn’t seem so far-fetched, anymore.

8. A Nice Glass Of Water Fluoridation

Another conspiracy theory that’s been around for what feels like forever is the classic: the government is putting something in our water to control us. This particular theory concerns the US water supply and fluoride – used to improve teeth health. Back in the early 1940s, the US government introduced fluoride to a portion of America’s public water supplies. The speculation began soon after with each claim sounding more insane than the last. But the most notorious one would have skeptics claiming fluoridation was a Communist plot to infiltrate our bodies and control our minds. This spread like wildfire as people claimed that fluoride was introduced to purposely damage parts of our brains and make us less intelligent and more docile. As the years passed, the fluoride stories evolved to the point where it became a poisonous substance that was believed to lower a person’s IQ, contribute to infertility, cause the early onset of puberty, and it calcified your organs – the whole laundry list. Fluoride was originally added to reduce tooth decay by up to 40 percent, but obviously, since the average American has always been suspicious by nature, doubt set it right from the beginning, and once terms like “bad science” and “powerful politics” started going around, there was no stopping the momentum. Today, there are still people who firmly believe the government is trying to control our brains with fluoride – but to be honest; you shouldn’t worry too much about it. 

7. Chipotle And Self-Sabotage

Every restaurant’s worst nightmare is to be at the center of a food poisoning outbreak. Not only does it affect the credibility of the restaurant, but also the public’s trust. You’re probably already familiar with the rash of food poisoning cases that stained Chipotle back in 2015. A parade of norovirus, salmonella and E. coli all happened within a few months and then the same thing happened again, only 2 years later. You would think that after the first time, Chipotle would’ve gotten the memo, but apparently, it didn’t, and it made people a little suspicious. Rumors started going around saying Chipotle had orchestrated these outbreaks on purpose to sabotage themselves. The real question, however, is why would a successful company lace its own meat with bacteria? Restaurant consultants Aaron Allen & Associates noticed a very interesting pattern not only in the food poisoning cases but also in the company’s stock activity afterward. Whenever there was an outbreak, Chipotle stock dropped. This is what led them to believe Chipotle was sabotaging itself to make its stock drop and benefit the short-sellers. Short sellers basically only act when they know a stock is dropping in price. This can be a very lucrative gamble. How lucrative, exactly? Allen & Associates said that between 2015 to 2017, there was about $459 million to be made that way via Chipotle stock. So, while the chances that Chipotle tampered with its own meat to purposely get its customers sick are slim, it’s not totally unbelievable, either. Let’s just hope this becomes a future urban legend rather than a long-lasting scandal. 

6. Warren Buffet’s Diet

Given the opportunity, most people would choose to eat fast food and junk food as much as possible. To be able to indulge without any limit? Well, that’s the dream and one that Warren Buffet is supposedly living every day. For those who don’t know the name, Warren Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and the world’s third-richest man with a net worth of over $100 billion dollars. In other words, many people want to be like him – but not just because of the money, but because of his supposed daily diet that makes everyone jealous. He basically eats like a 5-year-old: no vegetables, no alcohol, mostly junk food. McDonald’s at least three times a week, five cans of Coca-Cola per day, Dairy Queen ice cream, and endless salt and candy. Despite all that junk, Buffet is 88 years old and still making multi million dollar decisions. Might this be the recipe to a long life? Well, one man tried to follow the Buffet diet just to see, and let’s just say he didn’t share the same feeling. He said he felt like he was going to die after only a week in, which brought a lot of questions as to how Buffet was thriving on this particular diet. The conspiracy goes that Warren Buffet only promotes this scandalous diet because it is conveniently filled with products he has a stake in to get more people to buy them. Does he really eat all of this fast food all the time, or is he just saying it for show? Just something to think about… 

5. McDonald’s Broken Machines

We’ve all been there. The dreaded moment when you pull up to a McDonald’s’ drive-thru window and all you want is a McFlurry, but alas, they tell you what no one wants to hear: the ice cream machine is broken – yet again! It seems like no matter where you go or when you go, McDonald’s ice cream machines always have something wrong with them. The broken machines have now become the number one complaint for McDonald’s customers. You can blame faulty equipment or bad maintenance people, but ultimately, you’re always left ice-cream-less, and it sucks. Obviously, this common occurrence, which happens all over the world, has sparked some questions, and a conspiracy theory to along with it. Some people strongly believe that the machines are, in fact, never broken, and the employee taking your order simply doesn’t want to bother cleaning it afterward. Since ice cream machines are pretty hard to maintain and clean, workers would want to avoid the hassle, especially around closing time. If this theory is true, not only would it be a really easy fix, but it also means that the company has lost a lot of business due to this. Back in 2015, McDonald’s annual revenue in the US was estimated to be over $8.5 billion. If the ice cream products were responsible for three percent of that, then that would mean over $255 million melted down the drain. Hopefully, this is simply another theory and not a universal understanding for every McD’s worker. 

4. Outback Steakhouse Pentagram

Okay, there are a lot of theories out there related to the Illuminati. You know, the secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria? Well, it turns out that Outback Steakhouse hasn’t been able to escape the inevitable, and some people now believe the restaurant is part of this “evil” madness. The theory goes that whenever you map out the Outback Steakhouse in any city, you will find at least five. So far, nothing too weird, but if you connect them, you get a star shape, also known as a pentagram! Apparently, this could mean that the Australian-ish steakhouse chain is a part of a grand conspiracy to control the world. This whole idea began circulating on Twitter in 2017 when a user connected the locations of Outback Steakhouses in Arizona, Georgia, and Illinois before other states started doing the same, linking the restaurant to the devil, witchcraft, and the Illuminati. Some even claimed that your steak was probably part of a ritual sacrifice. A bit far-fetched, sure, but still something you know, deep-down, isn’t true. Of course, there is no proof that these kinds of organizations even exist, and yet, this theory is still going around.

3. The Real Danger Of Sugars

Everybody knows that sugar – at least the processed kind – isn’t exactly good for you. That’s no secret nor a conspiracy; it’s just a fact. However, what is a conspiracy is just how bad it actually is for our bodies. Known as the “sugar conspiracy,” the theory goes that the government is hiding the real dangers of sugar from us, and these claims can be traced back to the 1970s. John Yudkin, a British nutritional professor, wrote the book Pure, White, and Deadly, in which he explained how sugar is a dangerous substance. He said it’s so bad for us that if its effects were seen in any other additive, it would be banned. He also claimed that fat is not responsible for obesity or other weight-related problems; it’s sugar! Yudkin’s career and reputation were destroyed after he published his book, especially after other nutritionists partnered up with the food industry to discredit his work. But why would the government lie about sugar? According to the conspiracy, it’s working with the sugar industry and Big Pharma to ensure sugar remains popular enough to get the population more and more unhealthy. Sugar companies then sell more, and Big Pharma then reaps the profits of a medicated population. This is probably one of the most believable and twisted conspiracies so far and one we particularly wish isn’t true. 

2. Fondu Craze Is A Scam

Fondu is one of life’s best guilty pleasures. Dipping stuff in hot cheese? What’s not to love, right? But, as delicious as it might be, some people didn’t believe that its raging popularity was coincidental and that it was all part of a bigger scheme. Instead of a food trend, it was actually engineered by a kind of Swiss cheese mafia. It turns out that it’s kinda true. It’s about time conspiracy theorists get something right! Fondu was not only a convenient way to celebrate a multinational heritage but also a way to highly promote cheese and shove it down everybody’s throat to boost profits. Back in the day in Switzerland, right after WWI, there were around 1,000 types of cheese being made, at a time when cheese consumption was at an all-time low. The Swiss Cheese Union was formed to control and limit the types of cheeses that could be made. It whittled the list down to three: Emmental, Sbrinz, and Gruyere. A couple of years later, in the 1930s, cheese fondue was invented, just in time for the union to promote their cheeses – the perfect orchestrated marketing push. As fondu grew in popularity in the 1970s, some people were having a hard time figuring out why it became such a big deal. Well, now you know why fondu parties were so hip back then and still are today. 

1. New Coke For New Life

For those who were around in 1985, you know just how much of a fiasco”New Coke” was. Coca-Cola decided to introduce a new formula to create its famous soft drink, and people did not enjoy it one bit. According to customers, it tasted like a sweeter, diluted version of Coke, and it was just an overall huge failure. Why did Coca-Cola even bother to come up with a “new and improved” version when they already had the winning ticket? Well, many people believe that New Coke was actually a marketing strategy in order to garner attention and build hype around the company again. When Coca-Cola switched back to the old formula as if nothing happened, some speculation began going around, claiming the company’s plan all along was to produce a disgusting product only to get people interested in the old, original cola again. While developing, manufacturing, and promoting a bad product just for a marketing stunt might seem like a bit of stretch and one heck of a risk, the possibility can’t fully be dismissed. After all, in the 1980s, Coca-Cola was on the verge of losing ground to Pepsi in the cola war, so a little nudge in the right direction couldn’t have hurt, right? 

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