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Top 10 Coolest Box Forts

Box forts are all the rage right now. It’s the latest wacky trend on the internet. Like planking before it, everyone is making a giant, lavish fort out of cardboard boxes, filming the construction process on their smartphones, and posting it on the internet for millions of people to see. They’re awesome – you fortify yourself in a cocoon of cardboard and turn your simple iPad into a home cineplex and then simply get cosy and eat a big bowl of popcorn. It’s a trend we got from Japan, who always seem to be one step ahead of the game on everything, and it’s taking the western world by storm. Everyone with an iPhone and a WiFi connection is making their own box forts now. Here are the 10 greatest!

10. McDonald’s Box Fort Challenge!!

Well, this is a new one – a fast food restaurant in a box fort. In his box fort challenge video, the XtremeGamez guys put together their own McDonald’s restaurant inside a box fort and then dined there. They designed it by building up a cardboard box fort around a kitchen and then making McDonald’s food in it and serving it through a drive-thru window, which was basically just a slat in the cardboard that you open and close with yet another piece of cardboard. It is quite masterfully and it must have taken forever to make, but it’s worth it, because they got a great video out of it. They branded it as a McDonald’s restaurant, but they also made food from the menus of Hungry Jack’s, Burger King, and KFC, and according to the description of the video, the food was “so much fun and super yummy!” Sadly, the technology does not yet exist for us to taste the delicious food through the screen – we can only watch a video of the guys eating it and picture what it tastes like, based on their reactions. The guys at XtremeGamez have made a bunch of box fort videos, but this is easily their best one.

9. 24 Hour BOX FORT Survival Challenge!

AzzyLand is the YouTube channel of famed Canadian cosplayer and gamer Azzy, and she’s made a lot of great videos that carry a strong message – the message that she hopes to impart onto everyone. In the description page of her channel, she pledges that her goal in life is “to inspire positive change by bringing people together to encourage one another!” That’s the plan. And that’s what she’s doing, one YouTube video at a time. She is usually just a gamer and a cosplayer, but when this whole box fort trend started, she couldn’t resist jumping on the box fort train. When she attempted her own 24 hour box fort challenge, it was awesome! The biggest thing in Azzy’s life is gaming, which she says she has done for her entire life and she describes as her “biggest passion.” She claims to have played “thousands of games” over the course of her whole life, so to leave those games behind for an entire 24 hour period of time in a box fort must have been difficult. Still, all of that gaming must have left her with quite the imagination, so maybe it was the most fun she’d had in a while. Who knows?

8. Girls Room Box Fort Challenge!!

Ruby Rube is one of the most popular and beloved YouTubers of all time. She’s just a little kid, but she is a professional with a strong work ethic – she posts twice a week, more or less every single week. She has a grand total of 1.9 million subscribers on her channel, with that number growing larger and larger all the time as she picks up droves of new fans. When she did the box fort challenge to conform to the latest internet trend, her goal was to build a fort that would be a fun place to hang around with your gal pals. Her box fort was awesome, as she set out to build “the world’s biggest girls dream build mansion out of boxes” – and totally succeeded! Ruby Rube, like a lot of famous YouTubers, has a name for her fan base that she has turned into a trending hashtag. In her case, it’s #TeamRuby. A lot of people have joined #TeamRuby as she’s been posted wildly popular videos on YouTube during her career as a YouTuber. She has tons of fans and viewers, with over 5.4 million views on her box fort video alone. She’s very good to her fans – open to their fan mail and always handing out prizes. Awesome!

7. 24 Hour Overnight In Huge Box Fort

There aren’t many YouTubers and social media stars out there who are as good to their fans as JustJordan33. She’s certainly one of the most receptive to fan mail, since she freely offers up her postal address for fans to send mail to and she welcomes comments on her YouTube videos and Instagram posts and offers a shout-out to one fan a week. There’s hardly any famous people who are that good with their fans or as in touch with their fan base. Like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, she also has a name for her fans – they’re the #JordieSquad! And she’s only 15 years old – she’s a sophomore in high school! Her 24 hour box fort challenge is a lot of fun – she pretty much just passes the time by playing games on her Nintendo DS. Isn’t that what we’d all do if we were spending a night in a cardboard box? Jordan has some of the most dedicated fans of any YouTuber, with commenters saying, “Love you so much Jordan,” and “I love you sososososososososososososoososo much,” and “I love your videos,” and “Luv you Jordan!! YOU’RE THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER!!” That’s quite some praise, and a testament to the love she has.

6. Box Fort Spaceship

Papa Jake is featured twice on this list, because he’s so well known for his box forts and posts so many videos filled with so many amazing box fort constructions, that his repertoire of awesome forts simply could not be boiled down to one. Heck, it was difficult getting it down to the top two. In the description of this video on YouTube, it is declared a “24 Hour Challenge Gone Wrong,” so it shouldn’t really be on the list of coolest box forts, but hey, it is a really cool box fort. Plus, this video gets extra points for having an engaging storyline. In the video, Jake and Logan portray themselves as astronauts on a dangerous intergalactic adventure. Their mission takes them to the International Space Station, where they are intercepted by aliens who want to stop them from completing their mission. Ignore the plot hole that if there was an alien species living between Earth and the International Space Station, because it’s all just a bit of fun! Overall, this video is fun and engaging and exciting, and the fort itself is awesome, complete with electricity, a control pod, and astronaut food. It’s a heck of a box fort!

5. World’s Largest Box Fort Challenge!!

What a box fort! JustDustin’s box fort here is three stories high, so already it’s bigger than most people’s houses. In the description on his YouTube video, he explains why he decided to make his own box fort challenge in the wake of others that trended: “It all started watching trending kids’ videos, and when we saw the box fort challenge, I knew that I could do something super awesome and fun.” This is a no frills box fort. You don’t need all those fancy schmancy modifications with your electricity and your heater and your Nerf guns and your hover board and your escalator – you just need some cardboard and some duct tape. That’s what box forts are all about! It’s about taking creative initiative to fix solutions with just cardboard and duct tape and using your imagination to take those things into something other than what they are so you don’t go completely insane from being inside it. That’s the whole point here with JustDustin’s World’s Largest Box Fort Challenge!! – he’s stripped down the idea of the box fort to what it really is. It’s simple, but it’s also devilishly complex, since it’s a three story building made only of cardboard and duct tape. Brilliant!

4. 24 Hour Overnight In Huge Box Fort Maze

That YouTub3 Family is, well, a family whose antics you can watch on YouTube. It’s a simple name, and their videos are just as breezy and easily consumed. It’s just fun, light, harmless entertainment – and it’s never more fun than when they attempted the 24 hour box fort challenge. If you’re not familiar with the point of this challenge, the idea is that you build a box fort that is so awesome and liveable that you are able to spend an entire 24 hour period inside it without completely losing your mind from the boredom. If you do it right, this challenge should be a breeze. It shouldn’t feel like a challenge at all! If you bring some Nerf guns and targets like Papa Jake does or an iPad full of movies and some popcorn like Shot of the Yeagers’ matriarch does, then there shouldn’t be a problem. But in That YouTub3 Family’s video, 24 hours is a little too long, and one by one, the members of the family give up on the challenge and leave the box fort. That makes the video an exciting watch, because you want to see who will be the next to crack under the pressure! And the fort itself is awesome in this one.

3. Maximum Security Box Fort Prison!

The YouTube channel Shot of the Yeagers is different from a lot of YouTube channels, because it’s not just one or two people – it’s a close-knit family! A mother (who recently had a new baby, and documented her pregnancy on her YouTube channel) creates challenges for her kids, sends them off to complete the challenge, and then films them as they work together to do it – and then puts the videos on YouTube. The kids have fun, and by extension, Shot of the Yeagers’ 1.4 million subscribers have fun! It’s without a doubt one of the cutest channels on YouTube. In this box fort video, the kids have to break out of a prison – and the prison is made entirely of cardboard! The escape room theme makes this one of the most fun box fort videos to watch, since there are escape rooms all over the world now. There are escape rooms on cruise ships and on every street of every major city. People love going into escape rooms and trying to figure their way out of it. So, when you combine the escape room boom with the box fort boom, the fun is endless!

2. Underground Box Fort!!

Stephen Sharer is one of the most prolific YouTubers out there. He makes videos with his brother Carter Sharer – particularly featuring box forts recently – and between them, they have over 2.2 million subscribers on the video sharing (no pun intended) website. Their motto “Share the Love,” which is also the name of Stephen’s popular song that was released about half a year ago, is a phrase that we can all live by. If everyone shared the love, then the world would be a much better place. That’s the world that the Sharer brothers are trying to cultivate, one box fort at a time. In the video Underground Box Fort!!, the Sharer brothers do something totally novel with the box fort concept. They go out to a remote island in the surrounding waters of Hawaii (a truly beautiful place), dig a big hole in the sand on the island’s beaches, and build the box fort underground in there! It’s really cool, and it looks really impressive once it’s done. There’s also an added melancholy to the ending in the symbolism provided by the inevitability that all of their hard work will be ruined when the tide comes in and washes the fort away.

1. World’s Biggest Billionaire Box Fort Challenge!!

Papa Jake is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, and he’s definitely the most popular vlogger of box forts. He has over 4 million subscribers and he posts a new video every day (he has more than 3,000 total videos so far), all of which end up with millions upon millions of views, and what’s great about Papa Jake’s channel is that his content has no explicit language and it’s family friendly, so you can feel safe allowing your kids to watch it. No graphic or explicit content to worry about on the Papa Jake channel. When it comes to the question of which his best box fort is, there’s no question that it’s the World’s Biggest Billionaire Box Fort Challenge one, because it’s less of a box fort and more of a box mansion. It’s complete with a game room, a movie theater, drones, an escalator, a heater, running water, and a kitchen area – it’s like a house made of cardboard. The 24 hour box fort challenge must’ve been a piece of cake in that wonderful fort – it looks like hanging out in this box fort, kicking back with your buddies and firing off Nerf guns, is the most fun in the whole world.


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