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Top 10 Chocolate Candy Bars Ranked Worst To Best


Top 10 Chocolate Candy Bars Ranked Worst To Best

Whether it’s a chocolate bar alone at the end of a tough day, splitting one with an old friend over coffee, or grabbing one at the gas station during a long cross country road trip, there’s nothing that quite hits the spot like a bite of chocolate. Just one bite has the potential to revive our energy levels, revive our taste buds and transport us to another time and place entirely. From dark chocolate to white chocolate and everything in between, everyone has a personal favorite chocolate bar. So sit down and peel open a wrapper because we’re counting down the Top 10 Chocolate Bars Ranked Worst to Best.

10. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Starting us off is a contender who is really an impostor – but just too delicious to ignore. Although years ago the Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar recipe was changed – having replaced coca butter with other ingredients it is no longer considered actual white chocolate – it has not seemed to deter fans from binging this far from ordinary candy bar. While many of the chocolate bars listed opt for gooey or crunchy fillings of peanut butter, caramels, and nougat, the Cookies’n’ Creme bar opts for a solid chocolate bar with mix-ins distributed throughout. The mix-in in question? Delicious chocolate cookie pieces. The entire bar makes one think of the popular Oreo cookie sandwich – and although the taste of the two is very different, it can be seen that both have resembling qualities. The difference mostly lies in the additional sweetness factor that the bar offers in comparison to the salty crunch of the cookie. Fear not though, as the entire candy bar is filled with tiny cookie pieces that give the bar just enough of that salty vs. sweet chocolate bar flavor that everybody loves. Anyone who adores this chocolate bar must give this hack a try. Take one Oreo, a toasted marshmallow, and a square of Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar. Assemble the three ingredients like a s’more and enjoy a flavor explosion like none other! 

9. Almond Joy

So how does a candy like Almond Joy end up on the list of the Top 10 Chocolate Bars? By being so absolutely different and delicious! While most of the confectionery market in the United States has chosen to steer away from coconut, a somewhat polarizing and unmistakable flavor profile, Almond Joy has used the product to its advantage in creating one of the tastiest treats on the market! Before getting any deeper into a few interesting facts about Almond Joy, it’s important to give credit where it is due to the mother of the Almond Joy itself, Mounds. Mounds are very similar to the Almond Joy in nearly every way. However, the almond was never originally used when Mounds was created in 1920 leaving only the chocolate and coconut filling. It would be 25 years before the demand for something new saw the addition of a popular nut and the Almond Joy was born. Unlike many chocolate brands who have dropped variations off over time, Almond Joy and Mounds have remained true competitors and friends in the market. As the popular retro commercials used to say – ‘sometimes you fell like a nut, sometimes you don’t’. With enough demand for both bars, Hershey has been able to continue production and satisfy demands since purchasing the company in the 1980’s. In these difficult times, with a slogan like “Unwrap Paradise” maybe we all just need a little more Almond Joy in our lives!

8. Butterfinger

In the race for the best baseball themed chocolate bar, the Baby Ruth is an easy choice to make. However, this close relative is an even more delicious and arguably more popular chocolate bar to slide safely onto this list: the Butterfinger! The hilarious name from this chocolate bar actually stemmed from a contest! Considering that the manufacturers were already producing the Baby Ruth bar, executives marketed both bars by dropping them out of airplanes over cities in the 1920’s. Although Butterfingers are rarely associated with baseball, these delicious peanut buttery chocolate bars are adored by candy fans. In fact, these bars are so valuable that in 2018 Ferrero Rocher bought the bar along with several other Nestle products for nearly $3 billion dollars! That’s a lot of cocoa! Although truly an American snack icon, perhaps no one loves the Butterfinger more than one of America’s most well recognized families, The Simpsons! Not only did Butterfinger help give the Simpsons a boost in popularity, as the characters appeared in a commercial before their own television slot, but the bar has also made guest appearances on the show in recent years including one of the popular Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes. Nothing beats a Butterfinger!

7. Reese’s Cups

There is no doubt that one of the world’s most popular chocolate bars focuses on just two simple ingredients that are now known as soul mates: peanut butter and chocolate. Reese’s cups were originally released to the public in 1928 to wild success. After relatively successful sales during WWII due to the fact that peanut butter was not being rationed, Reese’s cups continued to skyrocket to success. Their popularity was increased especially after their cousin Reese’s Pieces was featured in the 1980’s film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Today, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are one of the world’s most beloved chocolate treats accounting for almost 50% of seasonal sales. In fact, if every person from the US, China, Australia, India, Africa and Europe wanted peanut butter cups, Reese’s factories makes enough in a year to give them each and every person one cup! That is a whole lot of peanut butter and chocolate! Nowadays, flavors from caramel, to crunchy, to dark chocolate and more are all available for purchase and that is just the beginning. Currently on Reese’s website, the public can submit suggestions for new flavors of Reese’s cups! Imagine the possibilities! Perhaps a peanut butter and jelly cup! Or maybe even a new cup entirely with dark chocolate and a candy cane filling! For any fan who has thought that they have had the perfect filling and cup idea, now is your chance to shine!

6. Dairy Milk

The reason for both the name of the candy bar and it’s creamy consistency can be attributed to one obvious ingredient: milk! At the time of Dairy Milk’s creation, it was using far more milk in its processing than competitors, which in turn created a much more luxurious consistency that left not only a creamy and sweet taste on the tongue, but also a craving for another delightful bite! Apparently the American market was actually fearful of just how amazing this chocolate tasted! In 2015, a law was passed banning the import of the internationally made Cadbury chocolate, allowing Hershey’s to license and produce Dairy Milk in the US – although with a slightly altered recipe. Considering that British Dairy Milk often beats out its competitors in blind taste tests, it’s obvious why the US market would want to get in on the action and why the UK was happy to keep their original chocolate stashed away! While many other nations are able to import the classic purple wrappers, not everyone may be familiar with the variants in flavor options. Fruit & Nut, Caramel, and Whole Nut (a hazelnut variety) are some of the tastiest varieties currently available for sale! Whether trying out an American or a British version of the chocolate bar, you’re already a winner because everyone loves a good Dairy Milk!

5. Twix

So which one do you eat first? The left Twix or the right Twix? The idea that one side is better than the other when it comes to Twix bars is part of the company’s genius marketing platform launched in 2013 in order to boost sales. Although there is no real difference between the two chocolate bars, the campaign tells us how one side envelops and the other side smothers the bar in chocolate, in describing how the left vs. right Twix bars are crafted. The advertisements even included a “historical backstory” commercial to describe why the two bars are made so “drastically differently”. Both bars are actually made of a biscuit interior with a layer of chewy caramel and then covered (or enveloped) in a smooth milk chocolate. The true history of the name is really just a simple abbreviation of words. Instead of calling the chocolate bar “Twin Biscuit Sticks” the name was shortened down to the popular and memorable “Twix”, which has to be one of the cutest names for a chocolate bar around! Before settling on the name Twix, some European fans may remember the chocolate bar being called “Raider” for many years. The “Twix” name was only changed once the brand decided to venture into the United States.  The taste is absolutely incredible and a perfect option for any date night as each member gets their own chocolate! Win win! Just try to remember to actually share! You can still pick your favorite side.

4. Skor

Considering that this chocolate bar was made to be a direct competitor to the Heath bar, we’re prepared to take a little bit of heat for this preferential pick. Considering that this bar was made in order to compete with and improve upon the original Heath bar, we’re waiving the checkered flag and claiming that the Skor bar is better than the Heath bar and that’s why it is where it is on this list. While the Heath bar has long been offering customers a delicious toffee crunch, it is really the Skor bar that took the fantastic recipe and brought it to the next level. The confectioners behind Skor were able to produce a bar that reviewers claim has a stronger flavored chocolate and a more buttery flavor and consistency in comparison to its counterpart the Heath bar, which is said to focus more on the almond flavor rather than the butter. The funniest part is that although the Skor was produced by Hershey as a direct competitor to the Heath bar, today in 2020, the Hershey Company now owns both bars! Despite no longer needing the two similar bars to go head to head in competition, a long standing feud in consumer preference has forced the company to continue offering both bars to cater to the fans. Luckily for us, it doesn’t look like these crunchy bars will be going anywhere anytime soon – so they can continue sticking in our teeth for years to come!

3. Milky Way

It would be an absolute crime if this list did not include one of the most iconic chocolate bars of all time: the Milky Way bar. There’s a reason that the cast of “This is the End” finds themselves at odds over who deserves to eat the potentially last Milky Way bar on earth. These things are so creamy and delicious! What may be surprising to some, is that despite its popular use in American pop-culture, the U.S. version of the Milky Way bar, and the flavor that Americans are so accustomed to, is actually sold under another name worldwide. Although the Milky Way bar can be purchased globally, the version sold in the United States is completely different to the international version. While the American version of the bar features a caramel layer over a thick nougat and then draped in chocolate, the global version opts to remove the caramel and lighten the nougat. These recipes may sound familiar to many, as on the global market, the Milky Way bar is actually sold as the “Mars” bar and the international Milky Way bar recipe is sold in the US market under the name “3 Musketeers”. Confusing? Maybe. But luckily no matter what part of the world someone finds themselves in, they’ll be able to get a taste of some version of this light and tasty chocolaty nod to our galaxy.

2. Snickers

There may be no more well advertised chocolate bar in the world than the Snickers bar. In 2010, Snickers launched the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. The advertising campaign featured a wide range of celebrities with everyone from Betty White and Mr. T to Sir Elton John himself. The campaign focuses on the idea of “hanger” which are those feelings of irritability that are commonly attributed to hunger. The campaign features a celebrity in an unusual role. Another character will then offer a Snickers bar to the celebrity in question and after eating the bar, they immediately revert back to their original self. Only after the hunger has been satisfied with the taste of a Snickers bar is the scene set right. One such campaign featured Rowan Atkinson playing his star Mr. Bean character as a ninja. Only after Mr. Bean eats the Snickers bar does he return to his warrior self, enabling him to take on the troupe of enemies. The campaign has been considered wildly successful and in the first year of its use alone it was able to boost sales globally by nearly 16%. This is a massive accomplishment for such an already well established chocolate bar. With a wave of popularity like that, the next time hanger has you down, reach for a Snickers!

1. Kit Kat

Whether talking among friends, comparing ranking websites on the internet, or reading opinion pieces on the top chocolate bars of all time, at almost every turn one encounters the beautiful red, glistening packaging of the Kit Kat Bar. The light and beautiful texture of the wafer cookie layers, enveloped in smooth and creamy milk chocolate sends fans through the roof when it comes to this chocolate bar. This obsession starts at a young age as every child can remember digging through their Halloween bags in order to find just one more bite size Kit Kat treat. As fans grew up and their tastes diversified, so did the flavor profiles of the Kit Kat bar itself, as the chocolatiers behind this perfect confectionery worked tirelessly to develop new flavors. Although the versatility of the Kit Kat may mean just about any flavor would taste good, it is the careful care and research that ensures every flavor of Kit Kat to hit store shelves is a guaranteed success. Since launching in 1935, Kit Kat has expanded to include flavors such as Dark Chocolate, Orange and Mint just to name very few. In Japan, the versatility of this bar and its connection to good luck, has meant that over 200 flavors have been created and sold! The next time you’re looking for a break, you know exactly what chocolate bar to grab.

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