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Top 10 Candies That Went Too Far


Top 10 Candies That Went Too Far

Halloween staples and childhood favorites, candies are loved by everyone. Available in sour, sweet, gummy, salty-sweet, chocolatey, fruity, and everything else in between, candy makers leave no stone unturned in pushing the creative envelope, but sometimes they overdo it. Check out these top 10 Candies That Went Too Far. 

10. Jelly Belly Pet Rat

Candies are supposed to evoke happy memories. Memories of chewing on a sweet treat; puckering up your face as you savor a sour candy, blowing giant bubblegum bubbles or simply enjoying the delicious taste of chocolate. But ‘rat’ and ‘candy’ are not two words you would ever imagine using in the same sentence. Alas, that is exactly what happened and it’s called a Jelly Belly Pet Rat candy! From the famous candy house of Jelly Belly, the makers of colorful jelly beans, Jelly Belly Pet Rat is a gummy candy that is shaped like a rat. The candy became famous due to the 2014 video ‘Jelly Belly Pet Rat Gummy Candy – Runforthecube Candy’ that went viral on YouTube. People became obsessed with the silly video that showed somebody dissecting the poor gummy rat piece by piece with a running commentary in an odd voice. These rodent shaped candies are available in assorted flavors of cherry, orange, and grape. They are soft and chewy gummy treats bursting with fruity flavors. Each pet rat candy comes in quite large in size, about nine inches long and three ounces in weight, and comes wrapped in individual packaging. Public opinion about these Jelly Belly Pet Rats is divided; where some have found them to be flavorful and too cute to eat while others have found them to be creepy-looking with a very gummy texture and too sweet a taste. Nevertheless, these rodents are fun to use as Halloween decoration, to prank your co-workers, friends or family members or to use as Christmas stocking stuffers. Kids seem to love these pet rats, so you could be the cool neighbors handing out Jelly Belly Pet Rat candy on Halloween. Or be cheeky party hosts who hand out the candy as party favors!

9. World’s Largest Gummy Worm

For those who believe that size does not matter, this candy is surely not up their alley! For the candy is named World’s Largest Gummy Worm. Yes, this candy has a title in its name. World’s Largest Gummy Worm is 26 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds. It is said to be 128 times the size of a regular gummy worm and its mass is nearly 840 times that of a regular gummy bear. This is one candy that has truly taken things too far! World’s Largest Gummy Worm is shaped just like a regular gummy worm, with a ribbed body and a cute smiley face at one end. The only difference is that it has a 5-inch girth. These multi-colored worms are available is delicious flavors combinations like blue raspberry & green apple, orange & blue raspberry, green apple & red cherry, lemon & orange, pineapple & red cherry, etc. With such pretty colors, these massive gummy worms certainly look very adorable. Though traditionally sweet in taste, this candy is available in sour flavors as well. A few more interesting facts about this gigantic gummy worm: it has a year-long shelf life. Thus, you can savor the flavor in small chunks instead of having to polish it all off in one go. And it would be a good idea not to eat this entire gummy worm in one sitting for it is loaded with nearly 4000 calories! This candy is handmade in the USA and makes for a perfect gift for any fun occasion.

8. Candy Cigarettes

Candies come in various forms, shapes, sizes, and flavors. And one weird type of candy that many will remember from their childhood is candy cigarettes. These retro, classic candies shaped like cigarettes are still available in some places. Available in various brands like Lucky Lights, Round-Up, Victory, Kings, Stallion, etc., these candy cigarettes are packed in attractive vintage and graphic cigarette boxes. Even the brands and packaging style mimics real cigarettes. Introduced as early as the 1940s, the popularity of candy cigarettes continued all the way to the ‘70s. Although they were first sold in the U.S., they soon made their way across the globe. When they made their debut in the early part of the 20th century, people were not aware of the harmful effects of smoking and it was considered quite fashionable to smoke a few cigarettes a day. Naturally, people did not think much of allowing their children to pretend-smoke with these candy cigarettes. Children were often seen passing around a pack of candy cigarettes, just like adults, and enjoying their sweet taste. But once reports started pouring in about the ill-effects of smoking, parents took notice of the candy cigarettes and effectively ended the popularity of these candies. Candy cigarettes made in the 20th century looked exactly like real cigarettes, with a red tip, and reportedly, could even create smoke like one. They had a sweet and spicy taste. But modern candy cigarettes are said to have a more minty taste and there is reportedly no red tip either. Some customers even claim that they just look like white sticks. Today, these candy cigarettes are called ‘candy sticks’ and nowhere does it say ‘cigarettes’ on the packs, for obvious reasons! And they are getting more and more difficult to find since many countries have actually banned their sale. Though controversial, candy cigarettes enjoyed a lot of popularity back in the day and have become novelty vintage items now.

7. Tower of Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples

Some candies have an odd taste, some an odd texture, some an odd smell and some an odd appearance. But this next candy has an odd packaging, namely that of a medical container and is called ‘Tower of Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples.’ That’s right: this candy is called and looks like a urine sample! Before you feel all grossed out, allow us to explain some more details about the candy. It is a lemon liquid candy that comes packed in individual urine sample containers complete with a ‘Sterile’ label and a medical facts sticker. It is a very realistic-looking urine container filled with a deep yellow, lemon-flavored sour liquid that is actually quite delicious in taste, once you get over the fact that you are actually drinking it from a medical testing vial! Though sometimes available in a single container, these sour liquid candies are often sold in a 5-pack that can be stacked up into a tower. Hence, the name ‘Tower of Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples’. Watch your guests squirm as you bring out a trayful of these Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples and offer it to them. Obviously, since nobody will touch them, go ahead ad tear off the ‘Sterile’ label off one container, pop the lid, begin to take swigs of the liquid and watch your guests get all squeamish! These urine samples are also great for playing pranks on innocent co-workers and make for excellent gag gift material. Take them to theme parties, game nights or Halloween celebrations and become an instant hit with everyone!

6. Jelly Belly “Draft” (Beer)

Another weird and wacky flavor from the candy makers, Jelly Belly, is Jelly Belly “Draft” (Beer). It is actually their first beer-flavored jelly bean and is called ‘Draft Beer.’ Apparently, this was a much-requested flavor from Jelly Belly customers and they finally got around to making it a few years ago. The candy experts at the company conducted extensive research, trial, and experiments with various beers before coming up with the perfect beer-flavored jelly bean candy. They have successfully managed to convert the draft beer flavor into a gourmet jelly bean. And since it does not have any alcohol, Jelly Belly Draft Beer can be enjoyed by practically everyone. Jelly Belly Draft Beer is a well-known flavor among candy makers since it has won the 2014 Most Innovative New Product Award at the NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo. The innovative candy tastes exactly like freshly poured draft beer with a slight effervescence and has a golden iridescent finish that actually makes each jelly bean look like a tiny jewel. This fun candy packs a crisp and flavorful punch despite being free of alcohol. Taking their Draft Beer innovation one step further, Jelly Belly has even come up with unique packaging like a 1.75 oz Draft Beer Can Tin that offers Jelly Belly Draft Beer jelly beans in a souvenir tin shaped like a can of beer. It is a cool-looking keepsake tin that would be a great gift for a beer lover. Other unique packaging options are mini 1.5 oz plastic bottles shaped like beer bottles filled with Jelly Belly Draft Beer jelly beans. These are ideal for handing out at parties and other celebrations.

5. Gorilla Boogers

While other candies may not have seemed very unsavory to you, we cannot say the same about this one. But stay with us and we assure you that is just a fun name for a fun candy, and there is nothing actually unseemly about it. The candy is called Gorilla Boogers. But before you get all freaked out, please know that there are absolutely no boogers, from gorillas or humans, in these candies! This particular candy is a Japanese invention, where it is apparently very popular for its novelty value. The quirky candy is actually called ‘Gorilla no Hana Kuso’ in Japanese, which simply means gorilla snot or gorilla boogers. The packaging even has a silly-looking gorilla with its finger in its nose, supposedly digging up the boogers! Why the particular name, you wonder? Well, there doesn’t seem to be any particular logic behind it, but it looks like they just saw the candy and thought of the name. Gorilla Boogers look like raisins and are actually shriveled and sweetened black beans. While there’s no gorilla meat in these candies, they are made using a special technique. Dried black beans are commonly used in making sweets in East Asia. As such, Gorilla Boogers are made from black beans there are apparently sun-dried, mashed up and then molded into small raisin (or booger)-like shapes. After attaining much fame in Japan, Gorilla Boogers were soon available in megacities of the U.S. too. Despite an off-putting name, many people seem to enjoy the taste of these black bean candies. If you find the name and the concept funny, you would be pleased to know that the Japanese company that manufactures these Gorilla Boogers also makes candy shaped like boogers of other animals like panda, penguin, sea otter, and mouse.

4. Jelly Belly “Bubbly” (Champagne)

Why splurge on a bottle of champagne when you can just buy a bottle full of Jelly Belly “Bubbly” Champagne beans! Created by the legendary candy makers, Jelly Belly, these champagne jelly beans have the perfect bubbly flavor and finish of champagne, with slight notes of honey-like sweetness. Most people who have tried them have agreed the flavor is not too strong, unlike the Jelly Belly Draft Beer beans. And the best part is there is no alcohol in them, so you can enjoy as many Jelly Belly champagne beans as you like. These candy beans have an appealing iridescent finish that makes them perfect for parties, weddings, birthdays or any celebration. Plus, they are sold packaged in a small champagne-like bottle complete with ‘Bubbly’ scrawled across it and a foil at the top. Thus, they make excellent party favors and superb stocking stuffers too.

3. Big League Chew

Nicknamed as ‘The Hall of Fame Bubble Gum, Big League Chew is simply shredded gum that is sold in a pouch. When it was first introduced in 1980, it was pink in color, just like traditional bubble gum, but it is available in several flavors and colors now. And if you’re wondering about the story behind the name, here it goes: This novel type of bubble gum was reportedly the brainchild of Portland Mavericks’ pitcher, Rob Nelson, and a staff member, who created the product to mock the tobacco habit of that time and wanted to target young boys who were interested in baseball. Thus, the idea of shredded gum and the name Big League Chew. It is believed that about 800 million Big League Chew pouches have been sold so far. And the candy has evolved from its origins in the 1980s. The packaging has attractive graphics matching with the catchy flavor names like Outta’ Here Original, Swingin’ Sour Apple, Wild Pitch Watermelon, Ground Ball Grape, Curveball Cotton Candy, etc.

2. WarHeads Extreme Sour

Get ready for some extreme puckering action with WarHeads Extreme Sour candies. These hard candies are a lot sourer than the usual sour candies and are sold in five assorted flavors like lemon, black cherry, apple, watermelon, and blue raspberry. When the candy first hits your tongue, you get an instant burst of tanginess from the citric acid in the candy. But the addition of malic acid helps prolong the sourness in the WarHeads. The hard and smooth texture of the candy is due to the corn syrup in it. After some time, the sourness does wear off and what you are left with is a sweet and hard candy. WarHeads Extreme Sour certainly packs a punch with their tangy flavors, but eating more than one or two pieces at a time is not recommended. Excessive consumption of this candy in a short span of time could reportedly lead to increased sensitivity in the mouth and temporary irritation too.

1. Jelly Belly BeanBoozled

Another wild candy from Jelly Belly is Jelly Belly BeanBoozled. These candies are for the adventurous eaters and perfect for playing pranks on others. They were first introduced in the late 2000s, but gained popularity only in 2013 when popular YouTubers started making BeanBoozled challenge videos. These candies come in a literal mixed bag of flavors; the good ones being Birthday Cake, Tutti-Frutti, Berry Blue, Chocolate Pudding, Juicy Pear and the yucky ones being Booger, Spoiled Milk, Dirty Dishwater, Barf, Stinky Socks, etc. With such cringe-worthy names, these candies certainly have unexpected flavors that are guaranteed to surprise you. And you will never be able to know which one is which because the flavors come in pairs and look alike. For example, Dirty Dishwater and Birthday Cake look exactly the same as do Barf and Peach! Take a chance and find out which one is yuck and which one is yum!

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