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Top 10 Burger King Menus Items Ranked Worst To Best


Top 10 Burger King Menus Items Ranked Worst To Best

The second-largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world, Burger King was founded in 1954. However, in Canada, the brand barely makes it into the top ten. So, how good is their food, really? Let’s find out with the Top 10 Burger King Menus Items Ranked Worst to Best.

 10. French Fries

Burger King’s french fries are distinctly different from their competitors. On their website, they claim that their fries are thick, with a fluffy interior and a golden exterior. However, upon buying their fries, it’s immediately obvious that these promises are barely fulfilled. Compared to the other big brands, Burger King fries fall beneath expectations. These fries are described as golden sticks of deliciousness, but all the customer gets is a soggy, floppy, disappointing slice of potato. While it is true that the fry thickness does give it a distinct look, as well as a fluffy and potato-y inside, neither of these things make the fries taste any better. The mouthfeel of the mushy potato is anything but appetizing, and it makes for a rather weak fry. Aside from the size of the actual fries themselves, another thing that stands out is the serving size. A small portion of Burger King fries is equal to a medium serving at McDonald’s, which means you’re getting more bang for your buck. Or rather, more bang for your fry. But, considering the subpar quality of the fries, is this something the consumer really wants? In terms of health, the sodium content of these fries is borderline criminal. A small serving of Burger King fries is 310 calories, with 200 mg of sodium. Despite this incredible concentration of sodium, fry eaters everywhere complain that Burger King fries are bland and unappetizing. Fries are the classic side-dish to all fast food meals, but, unfortunately, these ones are sure to disappoint. These french fries are nothing but mushy potato slices with way too much salt. Hey, there’s a reason it’s ranked last on the list.

9. Onion Rings

Have no fear! French fries aren’t the only side dish option at BK. Unfortunately, these onion rings aren’t that great either. Many have said that they tend to go soft very quickly, which can be frustrating to a customer, and so they must be consumed immediately after purchase. While these rings are definitely better than the fries, that’s not saying much. After all, a step up from below-mediocre is still just mediocre. Unsurprisingly, these rings are made by covering a ring of onion with batter. However, their onion-to-batter ratio is way off, with almost no onion taste to speak of. Despite the overwhelming amount of batter, there’s nothing outstanding about the taste. These rings are basically just batter with a bit of mush in the middle that could theoretically taste like onions. What makes a good quality onion ring is its ability to act as a standalone dish, and unfortunately, these just don’t work that well as a standalone. The dull taste of the batter coupled with the sad excuse for onions in the middle just doesn’t work. On top of that, the grease – which is expected in fast food – makes everything slippery and soggy. That being said, these onion rings make for a much better side dish than the french fries. The customer should just keep their expectations low. When paired with a burger and the right sauces, these can make for a satisfactory addition to your meal.

8. The Whopper

Perhaps the most famous burger to come out of Burger King. I mean, they are known as the Home of the Whopper so it come as a surprise that their namesake burger is ranked so low. The Whopper consists of a beef patty, mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes, all on a sesame seed bun, and though it looks absolutely mouth-watering in its promotional photos, the reality is that is is less-than-perfect. Though we’re told not to judge a book by its cover, the presentation of a dish is important. It tells the customers the kind of tender loving care that’s going into the food that they’re consuming, and it shows the world just how much effort Burger King is willing to put into its preparation. In the Whopper’s case, this seems to be nearly non-existent. When unwrapped, the Whopper is a flat, leaking monstrosity. On top of all that, the composition of the dish isn’t too great either. Seeing as this is the signature dish of the Burger King franchise, one would imagine that they’d spent years perfecting their recipe in the cooking labs of Burger King. Sandwich scientists, taste testers, burger engineers. The home of the Whopper! But alas. The mayonnaise proportions are off, leaking out of the burger without even needing to be coaxed. The integrity of the burger is sketchy at most, falling apart at the first bite, and the quality of the veggies is also lacking. The Whopper seems intent on imminent self-destruction from the moment it’s unwrapped. Good luck getting that mayo stain out of your new pants.

7. Whopper Jr

The Whopper Jr is a slightly-improved version of the Whopper. It’s cheaper, healthier, and perfect for tamping down those fast food cravings. Because of how small it is, the Whopper Jr sells for just over 2 bucks and is great for a snack on the go. Then again, because of the small proportion, it also means that it’s not very filling, and definitely doesn’t work on its own as a meal. It has all the same bits as the Whopper: flame-grilled beef patty with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, white onions, on a sesame bun. So, if it’s all the same ingredients, why does it rank better? Well, they’ve shrunk down the Whopper, and somewhere in the process, they got the proportions of the mayonnaise right. Even if it was an accident on the part of the sandwich scientists, they did a good job of it. That being said, because it is the progeny of the Whopper, it also falls short in many of the same ways. This is supposed to be a signature sandwich, and the lack of effort that’s put into its appearance will always be noteworthy. The messiness upon unwrapping is just the beginning. After unwrapping, the burger also tends to just fall apart at the first bite. Mayonnaise, pickles, oh my! The lettuce is limp and of a disappointing quality, and the tomatoes aren’t far off from that either. And, man oh man, there’s just way too many onions. Again, Burger King is a burger franchise. Shouldn’t they have this burger thing figured out by now?

6. Original Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich has been around since 1979, and it’s considered to be an underestimated classic. The lightly breaded chicken, lettuce, and tomatoes are a combination that’s been around since the beginning of time, and it reminds the customer that really, simplicity is bliss. While the mayonnaise definitely goes too hard on some of their other products, the balance between the ingredients in this sandwich is much better, and it makes for a notable difference. However, Burger King is often ranked as one of the unhealthiest fast-food joints to eat at, and judging by the chicken fillet that’s in the original chicken sandwich, it’s definitely easy to see why. This sandwich comes in at 640 calories, with 570 mg of sodium. In other words, the sub-shaped sandwich is extremely salty, and the chicken itself is moist, but not juicy. It’s a thick slab of meat, true, but remarkably subpar, neither crispy nor crunchy. Another complaint is the lettuce: while Burger King claims that each product gets fresh-cut lettuce, it really doesn’t seem like it. So, while this isn’t the best meal, it does well enough for a quick bite. It’s only around 4 dollars which is much cheaper than the Whopper. Plus, the chicken is a much-needed change from the flame-grilled beef, and this sandwich tastes much better than some of the other products on this list.

5. Chicken Nuggets

A good chicken nugget consists of savory batter, juicy chicken, and a satisfying crunch. Sadly, Burger King’s chicken nuggets meet none of these parameters. The batter is dry and borderline flaky, leaving behind a dusty residue on the fingers which, at the very least, is extremely unappetizing. The chicken on the inside is dry yet soft, which leads to an… Interesting mouthfeel, and there’s just no crunch to speak of. While Burger King’s chicken nuggets are much cheaper than rival chains, this cheapness is noticeable in the taste, or lack thereof. Chicken nuggets are supposed to be small, fun to eat snacks. They’re synonymous with childhood summers, days spent in swimming pools or running through sprinklers on the lawn. They’re imbued with the energy of a tired mother, grabbing something quick for her child to eat before going to take a nap. Burger King chicken nuggets give us a weak, washed-out version of these memories, reminding the customer once again that childhood is no more. Burger King only started making chicken nuggets in 2013, and it seems as though they have many chicken-related mysteries to solve. These chicken nuggets have a lot of potential, but that potential has not yet been realized. Overall, they’re good for a cheap snack, but be prepared to drown them in dipping sauce.

4. Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich 

Everything about the spicy crispy chicken sandwich is better than the original chicken sandwich: there’s more flavor, more texture, and even better quality chicken. This sandwich is made up of a seasoned and breaded premium white meat chicken filet, as well as lettuce, tomatoes, and, of course, mayonnaise, all on a potato bun. This sandwich definitely lives up to its name, and thanks to the well-seasoned chicken and the satisfying crunch, it ranks higher than its original counterpart. That being said, it’s still lacking in a lot of important ways. The sandwich is flat, with the low-quality vegetables working together to diminish the quality of this dish. The lettuce is limp and sparse, and the tomatoes are pale. The slice of chicken is of a better quality, sure, but it’s also a smaller piece than would be expected. On a more positive note, the spiciness actually does come through quite well. The heat of it is solid and sharp, and the pepper in the chicken’s seasoning helps to kick everything up a notch. This spiciness is actually pretty nicely balanced by the sad, limp vegetables, as well as the mayo. It’s a little more expensive than the original chicken sandwich, with around 50 more calories. This is a decently-sized sandwich, but the lack of heft and the down-sized slice of chicken may leave customers still feeling a bit peckish. No pun intended.

3. Chicken Fries

Theoretically, chicken fries are just an elongated chicken nugget, but these are actually a much-needed step-up from Burger King’s regular chicken nuggets. Served in a box printed with the cartoonish face of a chicken wearing a red crown, the chicken fries definitely get points for fun! This creativity makes these a great option for kids. Because of their fry shape, there’s a lot less chicken than you would get in a chicken nugget or chicken strip. That being said, considering the dry state of the chicken used in the chicken nuggets, maybe this lack of meat is a good thing. In any case, it’s certainly made up for by the taste of the batter. While the onion rings fell short in their batter, the chicken fries have a lot more going for them. Crisp, with some much-craved herby notes, and just enough spice to make things interesting. This is exactly what was missing from the onion rings: the ability to work as a standalone dish. And they work magnificently, though they do come with dipping sauce, just in case. Considering the smaller portions, at almost 3 bucks, these definitely fall on the more expensive side. However, they’re well-loved by the Burger King community, and the quality is doubtlessly worth the price. These chicken fries have the batter and taste the onion rings and chicken nuggets wish they had. 

2. Bacon King Sandwich

Following the fad of putting bacon on everything they could get their hands on, Burger King decided to make the Bacon King sandwich. Definitely made for the meat lover, this burger consists of two flame-grilled beef patties, smoked bacon, cheese, ketchup, mayo, and absolutely no veggies (that is, unless you count the ketchup, which you shouldn’t.) The ketchup gives this burger a distinctly tangy taste, which, depending on the individual, may be a bit too much. There’s approximately a half-pound of beef in this burger, and the patties themselves are wide and flat, hanging over the sides of the sesame seed bun. The slices of cheese are comically small on the extra-large patties, but this doesn’t affect the rating of this burger, although it is funny to look at. The bacon has a great crispy texture, and it doesn’t lack in flavor. However, the Burger King website claims that the bacon is “thick-cut”, which it just isn’t. The bacon is thinly-sliced, but in all honesty, there’s probably enough meat in this burger to satisfy even the hungriest of customers. Coming in at a total of 1110 calories, this burger isn’t meant for the light of heart, nor for the small of appetite. While it isn’t necessarily the best for your health, this is certainly a meal fit for a king.

1. Hershey’s Sundae Pie

Who would’ve thought that a burger joint’s best product would be a pie? Not just for dessert, this pie is perfect for a self-indulgent treat. Everyone who eats this pie raves about it. They’re left in awe by the pie’s blissful taste, by the light and delicious textures that grace one’s tongue upon eating only one bite. Burger King’s website describes it as one-part crunchy chocolate crust and one-part chocolate creme filling, but really, it should be described as one-part heaven, one-part also heaven, because this is soooo heavenly. Everything about this pie works in perfect harmony. The soft top layer gives easily to your fork, which is met by the satisfyingly crunchy crust, glistening with sugar. For those with recently broken hearts who just need to take a day off to watch rom coms and cry without filling themselves with pints of ice cream: this is it, comfort food at its finest. The Hershey’s Sundae Pie comes in an adorable pie-slice shaped container, which definitely adds to the soothing atmosphere of the experience. It’s topped with a chocolate drizzle, creme rosettes, and tiny little bits of chocolate, making it the perfect snack for any occasion. Not only is it the best product that Burger King offers, it’s also one of the best pies out there, and that’s saying something. 

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