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10 Wildest International Burger King Menus


10 Wildest International Burger King Menus

You can always rely on your local Burger King to come through in the clutch when you’re looking for a fast food fix. The restaurant chain has been around for over sixty years, and it didn’t manage that with a subpar menu. Burger King’s American menu contains dozens of delicious items and has guaranteed that customers always leave satisfied. However, not every Burger King menu is created equal. Different companies have included different items, some more interesting than others. We’ve searched worldwide to find the best of the best and put together a list of international Burger King menus that any diehard fan has to try. Let’s get this international culinary experience started and count down the ten best Burger King menus out there.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland doesn’t have the most diverse or innovative Burger King menu out there, and for that reason, it didn’t have a shot at the first place slot. But Swiss Burger Kings sell a very special food item that had us drooling like Homer Simpson: their Warm Belgian Waffle. You’re all booking a flight to Switzerland right now aren’t you? This warm dessert is perfect to warm you up on a cold winter day on the slopes. The Belgian waffle comes with a bowl of soft serve vanilla ice cream, and with your choice of chocolate or caramel sauce. Not all Swiss Burger Kings sell this dessert, so make sure you do your research before ordering. When you do get your hands on it, you won’t be disappointed. This dessert is said to be even better than it sounds. While the waffles are the selling point, Switzerland also has several other amazing desserts, including flavored milkshakes and specialty ice cream sundaes. This is the perfect Burger King menu for anyone with a sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a cool menu item that isn’t dessert, Burger Kings in both France and Switzerland sell a burger called the Bacon Lover. Two hamburger patties, two slice of cheese, tomatoes, onions, bacon, smoked sauce, and, the pièce de resistance: a hamburger bun covered in small pieces of bacon. No, this isn’t the best Burger King to visit if you’re on a health kick.

9. Israel

Israel is the only country in the world where you can find this unique Burger King creation. This innovative burger is named the SufganiKing and is referred to in English as the Donut Burger. Don’t tell us that the name hasn’t got you at least slightly interested. This festive burger was introduced in 2016, right around Hanukkah. The idea was to pay tribute to the kinds of fried foods that are associated with the holiday. This burger contains all the fillings of a Whopper, but the traditional hamburger buns are replaced with donuts – and trust us when we say that this swap puts a totally new spin on the classic burger. Eating this burger is a whole new experience. Oh, but we haven’t even mentioned the best part. Burger King didn’t replace their hamburger buns with any old donuts. They decided to take the jelly-filled route. Before you panic, no, there is no sweet, fruit filling inside these donuts ready to explode all over your Whopper. That’s a culinary experience we’re not ready for yet. Instead, the donuts are filled with ketchup. It allows for the same effect, but without the gross factor.

8. Aruba

Burger King locations in Aruba aren’t limited by the restaurant’s name and claim to fame. These tropical locations sell not only burgers, but two types of hot dogs, as well! This makes Aruba’s Burger Kings the perfect meal destination for vacation groups whose members are divided into Team Hot Dog and Team Burger. This way, everybody wins. Plus, not a lot of fast food restaurants sell hot dogs – for whatever reason, most opt for burgers instead. It’s nice to shake things up once in a while. The first of Aruba’s Burger King’s two flame-grilled hot dogs is the Classic Grilled Dog. This hot dog is made of beef, served in a warm, fluffy bun and topped with relish, ketchup, mustard, and chopped onions. The second is the Chili Cheese Grilled Dog, which swaps the classic condiments for warm chili and cheddar cheese. Both of these options sound ridiculously good, and we like to see Burger King stepping out of its comfort zone and trying something new. If a visit to Aruba is in your future, consider stopping by Burger King at some point in your travels. Then you can judge whether or not the fast food chain should add this food item to their menus around the world. Because we definitely think that they should. A little variety can only be good for business, right?

7. South Korea

Once again, we turn to the side dishes when praising an international Burger King menu. This time, we’re looking at South Korea, where most of the fast food restaurant’s sides feature some form of shrimp or chicken. True, a lot of Burger King locations around the world feature some sort of chicken-based side (see Brazil and Canada), but the same can’t be said for shrimp (although we really wish it could). Seafood fans would be very happy at a Korean Burger King, where they could round off their meal with a helping of coconut shrimp. If you were curious about the chicken option we mentioned, they also sell crispy fried chicken, which, even though it’s more common in the fast food industry than shrimp, is still a pretty big win. Plus, South Korea is recognized for their amazing fried chicken, so you know this particular side dish is going to be nothing short of fantastic. Forget about the burgers; you can get those at any old Burger King. If you find yourself in South Korea, load up on those tasty side dishes instead!

6. Brazil

At Burger King in Brazil, it’s all about the sides. Sure, the burgers are great – it’s the same old standbys we see on their menus worldwide. But it’s almost worth booking a trip to Brazil solely to try their Burger King side dishes. Yeah, they’re that good. Brazilian Burger Kings sell four types of fries. First, there are the angry fries, which are French fries topped with hot sauce and bacon bits. They aren’t for the faint of heart, so be sure you can handle your spice before ordering them. Then there are their decadent supreme fries, which combine French fries with bacon and a creamy cheddar cheese topping. Third is the voluminous fry bucket, which is exactly that – a bucked full of French fries. And finally, our favorite, the coxinha fries. These aren’t actually French fries – there’s no potato to be seen. Despite their name, these fries are really chicken croquettes. They’re only called fries because of their shape. If you’re forced to choose between these four options, definitely order the coxinha fries. You won’t be disappointed. Any fried food fan (which, let’s be real, we all are) should add this food item to their bucket list immediately.

5. Malaysia

If you’re ever in Malaysia, do yourself a favor and order this Burger King dessert. Yes, we know people don’t usually go to Burger King specifically to get dessert, but, honestly, this food item is a game changer. Certain Burger King locations in Malaysia have started selling Taro Pie, a delicious, flaky pie crust wrapped around a sweet, lilac colored filling that contains chunks of taro. Taro is a purple root vegetable, but don’t let the word “vegetable” deter you. It’s as sweet as any fruit and has a light nutty taste. Think of it like carrot cake – sure, it contains a nutrient-dense root vegetable, but it satisfies a sugar craving as well as any other dessert. Taro has actually become a major buzzword in the dessert industry lately. Taro ice cream is all the rage and can be found at many independent ice cream shops. It wouldn’t surprise us if this led to Taro Pie being made available in other Burger Kings around the world. In fact, we could see this dessert eventually becoming mainstream. It’s always a good idea to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, and Taro Pie would be a great place to start.

4. Canada

For the most part, Canada’s Burger King menu is pretty similar to the one in the United States. There is, however, one very notable difference. You can probably guess what special menu item got Canada onto this list. Just pull out your list of Canadian stereotypes – this one should fall just below lives in an igloo and drinks maple syrup. Yes, that’s right, poutine, Canada’s favorite food, can be found at many Canadians Burger King locations. But it’s not just any poutine. Sure, the French fries, cheese curds, and gravy are all included, but the toppings don’t stop there. Burger King put its own personal twist on the Canadian classic and have created the Whopper Poutine. It’s all the ingredients of a poutine, plus all the ingredients of a deconstructed Whopper hamburger. It’s not exactly the prime candidate for a health food ad, but it sure tastes good. Poutine isn’t all that’s unique to the Canadian Burger King menu. They also have a second kind of poutine, which isn’t Burger King themed, but is still pretty exciting. It’s the Poutine with Bacon, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a regular poutine with bacon thrown into the mix and it is to die for. They also sell fiery chicken fries and nuggets. Which sound absolutely amazing and should probably be made available to the rest of the world as soon as humanly possible. All in all, this menu definitely deserves a trip north of the border. You can make a day of it and grab some Tim Hortons for the road as well.

3. Spain

Spain is yet another country where Burger King serves the most insane side dishes. We’re dying to get our hands on their Chilli Cheese Bites and Supreme Potatoes. Burger King refers to their Chilli Cheese Bites as “Small bites of big flavor!”. And it’s an accurate description; these bite sized pieces really pack a punch. They’re crispy on the outside and spicy on the inside. The fried exterior pairs perfectly with the cheesy interior, and it’s somehow even better than it sounds. As for the Supreme Potatoes, they’re perfectly spiced potato wedges that are served with a sour cream salsa. Unsurprisingly, that combo is chef’s kiss perfection. The entire snacks and sides section of the Spanish Burger King menu is to die for. It’s almost worth skipping the burger and stocking up on sides instead. Burgers might be the restaurant’s speciality, but they weren’t messing around when it came to creating these food items. Another interesting tidbit about Spain’s Burger King restaurants is that Madrid is home to Europe’s first ever Burger King. Feel free to pull out that fascinating piece of trivia the next time the conversation starts lagging at a dinner party.

2. Morocco

At a Burger King in Morocco, you’ll be served a meal that’s pretty similar to one you’d get at your local Burger King. So, what makes this menu worthy of a spot on this list? Its liquor license, of course! Moroccan Burger King goers have the option to pair their Whopper with a boozy beverage. Never has there been a pairing more iconic than a burger and booze. Their specialty is the Mojito, which is the perfect drink after a long day of work or sightseeing. Good luck trying to come up with a more refreshing beverage; Mojitos take the cake in that category for sure. Even though the food’s more or less the same, this is enough to make Morocco’s Burger King menus one of our favorites in the world. On another note, how great would it be if America implemented a bar section in their Burger Kings? Cracking open a cold one and chowing down on a Whopper sounds like the perfect fast food experience. Maybe someone should start a petition to get that going…

1. Japan

Oh, Japan. We’ve saved what is, by far, the best Burger King menu in the entire world for last. There are a million different food items we could rave about, but we’ll try to control ourselves. They’ve created a Spicy Shrimp Whopper, which is a regular Whopper with added spicy shrimp – talk about the ultimate surf and turf. They also sell the funky Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond burgers, which are made Instagram-worthy by their black hamburger buns. The dark color comes from bamboo charcoal, and, in addition to the lettuce, tomato, and onion in the Kuro Diamond, they contain a black-pepper flavored hamburger patty and squid ink garlic sauce. Another black bun burger, their Kuro Ninja Burger, is a weird take on brunch food. Inside this burger, you’ll find lettuce, onion, a hamburger patty, a hash brown, a thick strip of bacon, and garlic soy sauce. There’s a lot going on there, but all of it good. The last food item we’re going to tell you about is the BK RiNGO Burger. This is another variation of the Whopper, with the added ingredients being a slice of apple and a honey mustard condiment. Of all the menus we’ve seen, Japan is the country that has been the most creative with the star of the Burger King menu – the hamburger. They’ve come up with an impressively long list of crazy hamburger recipes, and we want to try them all.


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