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Top 10 Biggest Burgers You Can Order


Top 10 Biggest Burgers You Can Order

Burgers are deeeelish and with the summer barbeque season upon us everyone is trying to perfect their recipe. If you are out of propane or simply don’t feel like cooking try going out for one of these big and tasty burgers!

10. Sonic Drive-In – Bacon Double Cheeseburger

The first burger on this list of ten biggest burgers that you can order is the Bacon Double Cheeseburger from Sonic Drive-In. Coming to us at with one thousand and thirty calories and sixty five grams of fat, the Sonic Drive-In – Bacon Double Cheeseburger is just magical. Like Disney magic. Like when the fairy godmother shows up and grants your wish. Or you rub the lamp and a genie pops out. Or Tink covers you in special flying dust and you rise up off the ground and into the air. Or like when you hop onto a carpet and it soars above the clouds. Get the picture? Feel the magic? This burger is pure magic because it is less fatty than its competitors, but still jam packed with flavor! So… it is a healthier choice? Maybe… kind of… This burger has two thin, yet, moist patties.  Each patty boasts their own slice of cheese! Because the cheese is between the hot patties it melts just right and gets soaked up into the meat! Sounds like a burger miracle, right? It is like two regular cheese burgers in one! So, if you are not wanting to indulge too much, but just enough, this burger will be the big burger for you! The bacon Double Cheeseburger is the big burger for beginners. It will not make you question whether you may have a heart attack after consuming it. However, t you know that it is not the equivalent of whatever your healthiest fast food choice is, like a kale smoothie from a little local stall or something. The Sonic Drive-In created a burger that was right in the middle between “oh my gosh I’m so full, I’ll never eat again” and “I’m so fit and trim and full even though all I had was this wonderful and organic carrot juice for lunch.” For this mastery and magical burger we thank the Sonic Drive-In from the bottom of our hearts.

9. Jack in the Box – Triple Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger

Number nine on our list of big burgers you can order is the Triple Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. This burger is even less in calories than the Bacon Double Cheeseburger from Sonic Drive-In. It is only nine hundred and ten calories! It is two beef patties served with American and Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and three slices of bacon! Though the bun looks only so so, the insides of this burger are rich and delightful. Having both kinds of cheese really makes this burger stand apart from the rest. You may find yourself making your own burgers at home with an assortment of cheese after this. Nothing like a little bit of variety in life! Changing up the type of cheese in a burger is a genius way of making something that is so recognizable different. Jack in the Box succeeds in making a relatively healthy burger that doesn’t taste like cardboard! They bring flavor and quality to a burger without over doing it. Jack in the Box is a very popular chain that was founded in 1951 in San Diego, California. They serve in twenty one states in the US and make over two billion in revenue. This restaurant serves a wide variety of food, but their burgers are what you need to look out for.  

8. Whataburger – Triple Meat

Whataburger, Whataburger, Whataburger… The name of this restaurant may sound like a spell that you cast when you’re hoping to conjure up a delicious meal, but it is not. It is just a witty name that represents a feeling. When you go to this place you really do gawk at their burgers and say: What. A. Burger. Whataburger was founded in 1950 and in 2018 had eight hundred and twenty four locations. It is known for serving quality food and has even had some success selling their trust worthy products, like their bacon and condiments, in supermarkets. The Triple Meat burger is one thousand and seventy calories. Based on its name you surely guessed that it has three patties. Each one is juicy that you better be sure you are wearing the right clothing… you don’t want any stains happening as you eat your burger that has juicy flavors popping out! The Triple Meat Burger is intense, but doable. It is a popular order at Whataburger and is exactly everything you hope it to be. When you think burger you think perfect balance between meat, toppings and bun, right? Well, the Triple Meat burger is exactly that. It might seem counter intuitive as it has three patties and that seems like it would be meat heavy, but surprisingly it is not! It is a very balanced burger!

7. Wendy’s – Quad Baconator

Number seven on this list of burgers is the Quad baconator from Wendy’s! Did you know Wendy’s was founded in 1969 in Columbus Ohio? Wendy’s may be underrated by some… It has numerous other fast food chains to compete with, but it really is special in its own right. Wendy’s is a quiet but deadly spot that needs some more attention. We say deadly because its burgers taste so good that you drop dead! The Quad Baconator is a perfect example of that! According to a post on the Wendy’s Twitter feed a quad baonator can be achieved by ordering a triple baconator and an additional patty and additional bacon. Thanks to Zachary who posted this helpful tip! However, if you are feeling risky you can just ask for this order straight up. If it is a Wendy’s that is up and up with the chains secret menu items and is actively listening to the trends on social media then they will know what you are talking about. If you are wanting to DIY this burger then go ahead. You can even try it at home! But, everyone knows that it would not taste the same because it would be lacking the special touch only Wendy’s can offer. Some comments that come up on social media about this burger are those of trepidation and, honesty, just fear. But, come on! Grow up! Be brave! This burger won’t bite you like another burger on this list that is named after a dinosaur… no, no, this burger is totally and completely innocent! It is also very feasibly eaten! So trust or don’t trust what you see on social media and give this burger a go!

6. Hardee’s – 2/3 LB. Monster Thickburger

Hardee’s is a pretty popular restaurant, in 2016 it had… wait for it… five thousand, eight hundred, and twelve locations. That is a lot of Hardee! Let’s party with the Hardee and eat the 2/3 lb Monster Thickburger. The name of this burger kind of sounds like a big bully in school. You would never want to run into Monster Thickburger in the hallways, but at your local Hardee restaurant it’s okay! The Monster Thickburger is not only full of patties and cheese, but also crispy bacon. Yum Yum! The really impressive thing about the bacon on this burger is that it is not just one or two little pieces. This burger has numerous pieces of bacon that will bring customers back time and time again. Think about it, if you are a restaurant that has over five thousand locations you must be doing something right. We believe it has to do with the bacon…  

5. Fuddruckers – 1lb Original Burger

When you hear original what do you think? Normal, basic, maybe even a little boring right? Well Fuddruckers burger is nothing like that. It is an entire pound of beef served on a glorious bun that is semi-sesame. Semi-sesame seems like such a great invention, doesn’t it. It is just right! Not too sesame-y and not to plain and boring, it is the Goldilocks of burger buns. So, getting down to business, this burger has one thousand, three hundred and eighty seven calories. That number is so specific because Fuddruckers knows what’s up. They know this burger well. It is their original and it has been perfected. Getting an original of anything is really a safe move because it means that the restaurant started with it and it was so good they had to keep it. Now, let’s talk about that bun one more time before we move onto the next burger because a bun is a really big part of a burger and it should not be over looked. Finding a good burger bun is hard and it can make or break even the tastiest of burger innards…  The original Fuddruckers bun is big, but fluffy. It is soft and smells like the freshest of bakeries. A burger is nothing without its bun. Remember that.

4. Fatburger’s XXXL Burger

The next burger on our list is called the XXXL Burger, but it also goes by another name that is really fitting; it is also called the “Triple King” burger. Do you consider yourself a king? Do you think you can be a XXXL King? If you think you can head down to Fatburger’s and indulge! The XXXL burger has three X’s in its name because it has three patties! It is 1.5 lb. and its calorie count varies depending on toppings. You can expect between one thousand, six hundred and sixty eight calories and two thousand and fifty! Fatburger’s was founded in Los Angeles, California and it’s tagline is “The Last Great Hamburger Stand.” They have over two hundred locations, so that is quite a bit of Last Great Hamburger Stand’s, no? Don’t you think their tagline would mean they have only one and it is just so great that no other location or burger joint could beat it? Well, Fatburger has numerous locations so you should not worry about visiting THE last great hamburger stand because they are everywhere! Go get your royalty on with the XXXL Burger at any of the two hundred plus locations!

3. Wayback’s Triple Triple Burger

The third burger on this list of big big big burgers you can order at your local restaurant is Wayback’s Triple Triple burger. So, this burger is so big they tripled it twice? Guess so! Wayback Burgers was founded in 1991 under the name Jake’s Hamburgers. They have one hundred and thirty three locations and each one of them can serve you the Triple Triple Burger. For those of you eaters out there who are familiar with such naming as “triple triple” you may have caught on that it is three times three, giving us nine, and that is the number of patties on this tall burger! Nine! That is a lot of burgers to bite down into… Bet you that you and all your friends would eat this burger differently… Are you a “pull out some patties and eat them alone” kind of eater or a “attempt to get all nine in my mouth in one bite” kind? How do you eat a nine patty burger? How? Do you even know? Have you ever tried this before? You may have an instinctual response as to how you think you would eat this but you will never really know until you try!

2. Wendy’s – The T-Rex

Say what… This burger is named after a dinosaur and it is on a secret menu at Wendy’s!? That is a pretty cool combo! This burger is so cool that there are numerous posts of people eating it online. A burger has to have some kind of power or clout within its own right if it is special enough to be filmed as it is eaten. This burger… this burger has that power. It is exactly three thousand calories and six thousand milligrams of sodium. Perhaps these nutritional facts are what took it off of the regular menu and onto the secret menu back in 2013. It has nine juicy patties as well as pickles, red onion, ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato. It costs only twenty one fifty! So this is a yummy burger that has a super amazing name at a bargain price! Wendy’s did well with this dino burger. However, we can all also commend them for taking it off the regular menu. Things that are this fatty and exciting deserve to be secretive!

1. In-N-Out Burger – 100 x 100

You might know In-N-Out Burger, just this little nothing of a chain… not popular at all. Just kidding! If you are on the West Coast then you know In-N-Out Burger well. If you are on the East Coast you wish you were on the West Coast for burger night. Right? In-N-Out Burger was founded in 1948! It’s older than you thought, isn’t it? Well, this joint has been around long enough to figure a few things out. It knows that burgers are tasty in all sizes and has complied a menu that offers a whole range of burgers from small to super, super, super big. Perhaps you have head of the 4×4 burger? This is a four patty and four cheese burger, making it 4×4. Do not make a bigger mistake and think it is pronounced four times four as in multiplication of numbers, rather it is four by four as in a four by four piece of wood from the hardware store.  So, the 4×4 burger is pretty big and phenomenal. We get it. But, it is nothing in comparison to the 100×100 burger. That’s right, it has one hundred patties and one hundred slices of cheese. This burger is so badass and to the point because it has no extra toppings to dress it up. It doesn’t need anything to help show it off, it is cool enough as it is. And yes… yes, you did see that photo right, there are two people holding the box that the burger comes in. No big deal or anything!

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