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Top 10 Best Pizza Chains in the World


Top 10 Best Pizza Chains in the World

Pizza is simple food, but there is no doubt it’s a worldwide obsession. It doesn’t matter where on planet earth you are; it’s possible to get a freshly baked pie with anything you want on top of it. So grab a slice and check out these Top 10 Best Pizza Chains in the World.

10. Bertucci’s

Fans of Bertucci’s already know what the hype is all about. If you have no idea, then you’re missing out on some of the best pizza your teeth have ever sunk into. Bertucci’s is still a regional chain, but that doesn’t mean one day it won’t go from coast to coast. Taking a bite out of a slice of Bertucci’s pizza is like entering a time machine. You feel as if you’re in the old world with every bite. Don’t be surprised if you have an overwhelming desire to grow a mustache with curly ends. It happens to everyone who takes a step back in time while eating this traditional pie. Bertucci’s is one of the few chains to still bake their pies using a traditional wood-fired oven. Yes, you heard that right. Almost every other pizza restaurant uses the same type of modern oven set up, but not Bertucci’s. If you’re into doing things the old-fashioned way, then you’ve got to give Bertucci’s a try. Every pie baked in their wood-fired oven has a unique crispiness that you don’t get in modern ovens. Anyone who doesn’t believe in time travel should just grab a slice of this pie for a true blast from the past. No matter how advanced culinary technology becomes, sometimes the old methods are still the best.

9. California Pizza Kitchen

We went from old world to new world without missing a beat. California Pizza Kitchen is about as modern as you can get when it comes to pizza. The pies that California Pizza Kitchen takes out of the oven are not like anything you’ll see elsewhere. California is known for being a little on the wild side, a little…eccentric and California Pizza Kitchen is no different. Where else could you get a BBQ chicken pizza and also a pizza with wild arugula on it? The creativity here is through the roof and so are the quality ingredients. If quality is something you’re concerned about, then California Pizza Kitchen has you covered. They are one of the top chains when it comes to the quality of their product. It’s okay to allow your creative side to roam free at California Pizza Kitchen. They won’t blink twice if you ask for a pie with avocado and torn romaine lettuce. Yes, at California Pizza Kitchen you can get a pizza with lettuce on top. We said those Californians were a little crazy, so you’ll fit right in when you ask for an onion and BBQ sauce pizza. If you want to seem strange to these people, order something mundane like a pepperoni pizza. When you’re as unique as California Pizza Kitchen, anything ordinary seems bizarre.

8. Cicis Pizza

Are you the type who loves to eat so much that you can’t walk afterward? If so, then you are probably familiar with Cicis. For those of you who don’t know what Cicis is, it’s an all you can eat pizza buffet. Yes, such a place does exist. You’ve probably been to all kinds of all you can eat joints in the past. There’s something exciting about knowing you can eat, however much you want. It doesn’t matter if you only want one plate or want to go hog wild, it’s all possible at an all you can eat buffet. No one is going to look at you strange when you pile your plate a mile high and smile from ear to ear. That’s what going to a buffet is all about. Cicis is about so much more than gorging yourself silly; they also have really interesting pizzas to choose from. Going the traditional route at Cicis is a bit of a mistake. Instead of going with the tried and true pepperoni, you should give their macaroni and cheese pizza a try. Yes, it’s actually macaroni and cheese on top of the pizza. Don’t even think about knocking it until you’ve tried a slice. The buffet always seems to be changing, and there’s something out there for everyone. Cicis is a great place to take the entire family if everyone wants pizza. Johnny gets his plain cheese pizza, while Sally gets her pizza with such weird toppings it makes everyone gag. Mom and dad are happy too when they get to fill up on more refined pizzas with complex flavors. The price is right so it’s an affordable option, and that means making multiple visits per month isn’t out of the question.

7. Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is a surprising pizza chain for a couple of reasons. The first reason is how many Papa’s do we need in the pizza world? Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s – could this be a Papa trend? Who knows? If your pizza asks who’s your daddy, then you know something wacky is going on. There’s something else wacky going on at Papa Murphy’s and it’s that you have to bake your own pie. Yes, that’s right, you bake your own pie. How crazy is that? Who wants to bake their own pizza after ordering it? Papa Murphy’s doesn’t bake any of their pies; that’s your job. They are a part of the somewhat growing trend of take-and-bake pizza. You have them make the dough, swirl the sauce on it, then smother it in toppings. After all that, you take the pizza home and bake it yourself. Who wants to bake their own pizza? People who want to feel like they made a homemade meal but are too lazy to do all the prep work maybe? You want to feel as if you did some hard work, without doing anything at all. The idea of a freshly baked pie straight from the oven sounds like a good idea until you realize that it’s your oven. Somehow, despite this shortcoming, Papa Murphy’s is a popular chain. Their popularity says a lot considering that you have to put a little elbow grease into enjoying their pizza. If you don’t mind working up a sweat pulling the pizza out of the hot oven, then give Papa Murphy’s a try.

6. Pieology

Pieology is the Subway restaurant of pizza. We mean that in a good way. We all know that sometimes Subway is the place where you go when you feel like a heaping helping of disappointment. Pieology is not like that at all; they only stole the concept of making each pizza to order from Subway. You get to choose everything on your pizza right down to the type of sauce. If you have kids who are picky eaters, then Pieology is the saving grace of the restaurant world. Your kid can finally get the weird combination of toppings that they want, and everyone else can too. No one will look at anyone strange here, even if they want something so out of this world strange that it would make the average person gag. The pies at Pieology aren’t huge, and they’re meant for individuals to eat. You won’t walk away from Pieology feeling hungry, but you also won’t feel like an egg with legs waddling home. Pieology makes it possible for you to eat a different type of pizza every day of the week if you choose to. You can also make your pie as healthy or as unhealthy as you like. If you’re the type who always goes out for lunch, then you might want to give Pieology a try. You won’t have to worry about the need to buy new pants since the pizza is made to order, and you can get all the healthy toppings if that’s what your heart desires.

5. Marco’s Pizza

If you live anywhere near Ohio, then you might be lucky enough to have a Marco’s Pizza in your backyard. Marco’s Pizza claims to have what they call Ah!thentic Italian pizza. Who knows what that means? Their pizza doesn’t look like something you’d sit down to in Italy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Almost none of the pizzas on our list is truly authentic in the sense that Italians would recognize it as such. The menu at Marco’s Pizza is a little limited, but that’s a good thing if you’re the type who has a difficult time choosing what to put on your pie. Their Pepperoni Magnifico is a good standby, as is their All Meat pizza. For those who aren’t carnivores, they make a Garden pizza that could easily turn any meat eater into a vegetarian. Marco’s Pizza is going through a rapid expansion phase right now. You might see a Marco’s Pizza location pop up near you and then close up shop. Marco’s Pizza is known to come and go without a trace. If you are fortunate enough to see a Marco’s Pizza not far from you, gobble up as much of their delicious pizza as you can. There is no way of knowing if their pizza shop will close their doors tomorrow without them saying a word. Their odd way of doing business has led many customers to compose sad love poems for their favorite dearly departed pizza joint.

4. Little Caesar’s

Little Caesar’s is most famous for its Hot-N-Ready pizzas. They are the pizza chain that you go to when you’re in a hurry. The pizza is ready to go and all you have to do is tell the person at the register what you want. It’s possible to walk in the door and within a minute walk out that same door with a pizza in your hand. Little Caesar’s has changed pizza into a fast-food paradise for those who love dough, cheese, and tomato sauce. Little Caesar’s has been around for what feels like forever. Before their quick-serve pizza was a hit, they were famous for offering two pizzas for the same price other places were charging for one. That’s why that guy shouts Pizza! Pizza! Anyone who remembers Little Caesar’s from yesteryear knows something happened to their dough. Somewhere down the line, they decided to change their dough, and now some complain that it’s not as good as it once was. However, anyone who has ever enjoyed a pie from Little Caesar’s knows it’s all about the sauce. Their pizza sauce is not like anything the other chains have to offer. Have you ever dipped Crazy Bread into their sauce? If not, then go get yourself an order of crazy bread the next time you get a Little Caesar’s pizza. Actually, you don’t need to order a pizza to enjoy their breadsticks and sauce. Just go in and ask for Crazy Bread and sauce, and they’ll be more than happy to hook you up with some of the best breadsticks and sauce in the world of pizza.

3. Papa John’s

Papa John’s is in quite a peculiar place right now. They are a beloved pizza chain, but the founder has had a rocky road as of late. No one will argue that Papa John’s bakes up some of the best pizzas. Papa John’s does seem to use better ingredients and that translates into a better pizza. However, the company has committed one unforced error after another, and the end doesn’t seem anywhere in sight. They continue to turn a fabulous brand into a mockery of what it once was. With all that said, it’s still about the pizza. No matter who is at the helm of the company, it all boils down to the pizzas that are coming out of the oven. The crust at Papa John’s is near the top when compared to all the other pizza restaurants. The crust is old-world enough to make you feel like you’re eating a flatbread baked in a centuries old oven. The pizza does have a certain old-world quality to it, with a new world edge thanks to the toppings. If all that isn’t enough to make you go bananas, then there’s the garlic sauce. Come on, you know the reason why you buy Papa John’s is because of the garlic sauce. It’s garlic flavored margarine that you know has to be so bad for you, but it hits all the right places. You don’t need to admit it, but you lick that little tub of garlic sauce clean. There’s no need to feel shame since everyone does it.

2. Domino’s

Domino’s has made quite a few changes in recent years. If you haven’t had a pizza from Domino’s in the past ten years, then it’s time you give them another try. Domino’s changed everything about their pizza including the crust and sauce. All of the changes Domino’s made were a gutsy move on their part, but they saw the writing on the wall. Customers complained that their dough tasted like cardboard and their sauce was often compared to ketchup. Any customer who thinks of pizza in those terms isn’t going to come back for more. Domino’s knew they either had to change their recipe or eventually call it quits. Today, Domino’s is back and stronger than ever. Domino’s is the new heavyweight, and everyone is trying to knock them down. The prices at Domino’s are great, and their product is much better than it once was. They also have a new line of sandwiches and appetizers that ensure the entire family gets what they want when ordering at Domino’s. Domino’s may no longer guarantee that their pies get to your door in 30 minutes or less, but what they are delivering is a whole lot better than the ketchup covered cardboard discs of the past.

1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is to pizza what McDonald’s is to cheeseburgers. Pizza Hut is a reliable friend in your never-ending pursuit of a good slice. It might not be the best pizza, but for some reason, it feels so right when eating it. All of your friends talk about how they prefer the little pizza shop on the corner that no one goes to. You, on the other hand, secretly get your pizza from Pizza Hut. Why? Part of it is nostalgia, you think back to when you were a kid going to Pizza Hut with your parents, or with your teenage friends as you got older. The other reason is, Pizza Hut produces a consistent product. Their pan pizza is fresh, hot, and just greasy enough to make you feel a little guilty about eating it. Who other than Pizza Hut is going to stuff their crust with all kinds of unthinkable fillings? You have to give it to Pizza Hut for coming up with some of the most creative innovations when it comes to pizza. You never know what’s going to come out of their oven, but you do know it will be like nothing else on the market.

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