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Top 10 Best organic candies and sweets

It is a hard challenge for parents to adopt an organic lifestyle and also provide food that children want to eat. The variety of organic fresh foods has vastly improved in recent years and parents are not confined to health food stores to purchase organic produce. Many supermarkets sell an organic range of fresh and packaged products. While babies are well covered for in the organic department, once children reach the stage where they want to eat chocolate and candy, the challenge can appear more daunting. However, there has sprung up a cluster of companies who want to meet this challenge. They are producing tasty ranges of organic candy, which is often vegan-friendly and sensitive to those with allergies.

10. Peach Gummy Cubs

The Organic Candy Company makes organic candy in the USA. It sells a variety of organic treats, including a chocolate bar that contains cute peach flavored gummy bear cubs. Each bite has a delicious jelly bear cub in it and can be enjoyed with less guilt than eating a regular chocolate bar. The snacks are carefully created with gluten-free ingredients. They contain no genetically modified material or gelatin and nothing artificial whatsoever. They contain no nuts and are also kosher and of course organic. It is amazing that there is anything left to include! There is sugar in the candy, but it is unrefined sugar, which has a healthier effect on the Glycemic Index on the body, as it is absorbed more slowly before being converted into energy.

The chocolate bar is also available in a mixed berry version, including gummy cubs made from raspberry, blackberry and boysenberry flavors. The gummy treats are available to buy in bags on their own, and they claim to be the first organic, kosher gummy bears in the world. The company was set up by a mom who was concerned about what her daughter put in her body when she ate candy. As her daughter was the inspiration for the company formation, each packet contains her daughter’s own drawing of a gummy cub!

9. YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks

YumEarth was set up by two dads who wanted to bring candy to the world that didn’t involve eating a whole heap of rubbish. They try to keep their ingredients simple and to avoid including ingredients that contain allergens, so there is no egg, wheat, peanuts or any of the other top eight allergens. They sell a wide range of candy including licorice, gummy bears and lollipops, all made with organic ingredients. Their fruit snacks are available in two flavors and are made with real fruit juice. They come in tropical fruit flavor and in a mixture of banana, strawberry, cherry and peach. The snacks are gluten and nut free, contain no genetically modified ingredients and are suitable for vegans.

They use organic cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup as sweeteners and natural fruit extracts for flavorings. They promise to avoid using coconut oil in any of their products since it was added to the list of banned ingredients by the US Department of Agriculture. This department carefully scrutinizes companies to ensure that they are following guidelines set out by them, and if they are satisfied they will allow them to describe their company as USDA Organic.

8. Jom Wild Raspberry

Jom sells a range of organic chewy candy including wild raspberry gummy sweets. The company originated in Sweden and their products are organic and vegan. They have a low-calorie content, with one bag of the wild raspberry gums containing only 90 calories. The delicious fruity sweets are also gluten-free, palm oil free and suitable for vegans and have the fruity taste that comes from using real fruit concentrates in their recipes according.

Jom also makes a variety of other candy. They produce fizzy caramel candy that has the sweetness of caramel with a kick of fizz. Fizzy caramel certainly sounds intriguing. They still contain all the natural, organic ingredients that are in their raspberry cousins. There are only 87 calories in a25-gram serving, so they can be enjoyed without busting a diet. There is a big push in Sweden for organic candy, and the Swedes are big candy consumers. Aside from Jom, Renee Voltaire produces a range of popular sweet treats to satisfy the Swedish sugar demand. They offer yummy ginger pomegranate candy and berry boost candy, as well as a variety of chocolates all in amazingly vibrant packaging.

7. Surf Sweets Sour Worms

Of course, it is all very well offering your children organic candy, but if they look too healthy, the children may catch on to the fact that they might not be as tasty as traditional candy. Surf Sweets has come up with a solution to this problem. Their packaging looks fun and colorful and appeals to children, and their products, like the sour worms, look and taste like traditional candy. They also offer watermelon rings that are made with natural fruit juice and gummy bears with natural colors and flavors, according to information on Amazon. If your kids are pressing you for candy at Halloween, Surf Sweets have special spooky shaped Halloween candy to give your children the chance to indulge in Trick or Treat fun. There is no gelatin in the candy, but they are still gorgeously chewy.

The Halloween candy comes in cherry, lemon, strawberry and orange flavors and are shaped like witches hats, skulls, spiders and pumpkins. Parents can feel good about themselves when passing over this candy as they are flavored with organic juices. Surf Sweets also offers a range of jelly beans that are made without corn syrup. They come in six flavors and are certified by the USDA as made with organic ingredients.

6. Creek House truffles

Creek House makes delicious vegan chocolates made with organic ingredients. They use an organic chocolate made without genetically modified ingredients and made with 66 percent cacao bittersweet chocolate. They don’t compromise on flavor or texture and the tempered outside melts to a creamy interior in four flavors. The truffles are flavored with dark berry, dark espresso, chilli mango and creamy hazelnut. There are organic fruit flavorings made from real fruit in the chocolates and coconut oil is used to comply with vegan requirements. They also make organic dairy chocolates for non-vegans, in dark chocolate. This selection includes chocolate hearts, raspberry, latte and hazelnut flavors.

Creek House handcrafts all its chocolates in small batches and ensure excellent quality in all its products. They are based in Oregon, but do ship their chocolates worldwide. They have a patisserie as well, which sells cookies, cakes and pastries available for local customers. All their truffles are available in packs of six, twelve, or up to fifty chocolates. Organic chocolate is big business as manufacturers recognize the demand from consumers. There are organic chocolate producers springing up everywhere, which is good news for the organic cocoa producers who make their living from harvesting the beans.

5. Lovelight Chocolate Owls

Children don’t have to compromise on fun shaped chocolate when they go organic. Lovelight makes these gorgeous owl shaped chocolates, which are totally organic and vegan. They are available in orange flavor and are made from raw Peruvian cacao that is tempered to keep it smooth and ensure it lasts. The cacao beans are dried slowly, which ensures that the nutritional content is as high as possible. The company believes in ethically sourcing its ingredients, so the cocoa comes from a fairtrade collective in Peru. This is truly guilt-free chocolate! There is no refined sugar or gluten and the chocolate is dairy free, which is perfect for children with a lactose intolerance.

Lovelight makes a variety of chocolates and they make it to order so it is fresh when it arrives on your doorstep and lasts for several months. They are keen to stress the healthy components of raw chocolate, including antioxidants that lowers blood pressure and helps to prevent heart disease. Raw chocolate has an incredibly high content of magnesium which is good for heart and brain health and it is a great mood-enhancer. Love Chocolate staff have done their research into how raw foods and botanicals can enhance health and this knowledge is used to enhance their chocolate products.

4. Bixby’s Bar Dark Chocolate

Bixby’s Bar make a delicious chocolate bar in retro packaging and made with organic ingredients. One of these is a dark chocolate peanut bar made with Maine sea salt. Their candies are made in Maine from ingredients with no genetically modified ingredients. They are gluten free, have no corn syrup and are suitable for vegans. The nuts are a useful source of protein, which is an important consideration for vegans. The delicious bar has extra crunch from organic crisped rice for extra texture.

Bixby sell pouches of creamy caramels flavored with sea salt and wrapped in dark or milk chocolate. While purchasing a bag of these candies for the children, moms and dads can indulge in the gift boxes that look indulgent and luxurious. For chocolate bars to pack in lunch boxes or treat boxes, Bixby’s offer a range of delicious combinations of flavored bars. Try almond, strawberry and cinnamon or even chipotle, peanut and bing cherry! Who said that organic food was boring?! Vegans can also indulge in crystallized ginger and pecan drenched in dark chocolate, or stock up on bulk boxes of the delicious bars. Children will surely love the Bixby’s puffin shaped chocolates and puffin lollipops.

3. Green and Blacks Butterscotch Milk Chocolate

Green and Black’s makes a huge range of organic chocolates for all tastes. They use a Trinitario variety of cocoa, which is prized for its superior taste. The company is committed to sourcing its ingredients ethically and their organic chocolate is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, according to their website. They make chocolate bars in white, dark and milk chocolate and include a variety of flavors. Their butterscotch chocolate includes molasses for extra richness and has toffee pieces embedded in the chocolate for extra texture. Once that one has been eaten, there is almond flavor and sea salt flavor milk chocolate to enjoy.

There are delicious bars of creamy white chocolate to enjoy, as well as a range of dark chocolates with percentages of cocoa ranging up to 85 percent. The dark chocolate bars come in flavors such as almond and raisin, ginger, and burnt toffee. If the chocolate itself isn’t enough, Green and Black’s offer a selection of hot chocolate drinks and indulgent ice creams in flavors such as white chocolate and raspberry and mint chocolate. In spring time, children can enjoy organic chocolate Easter eggs and if your children enjoy baking, Green and Black’s have a range of baking chocolate to add to your recipes, plus a recipe book to give you inspiration.

2. Go Organic Starlight Mints

Go Organic is a must for any organic candy lovers as they have a wide variety of organic treats available. They sell bags of starlight mints that are colored with beetroot juice and flavored with natural peppermint oil. Their organic ingredients are certified by the Quality Assurance Institute, which is part of the USDA. Go Organic is passionate about using the finest organic ingredients in their products to ensure a supreme taste experience without compromise. They use organic cane syrup and organic brown rice syrup, which is less processed than tapioca syrup. It is described as clean candy.

Go Organic makes a variety of flavored hard candies, including many fruit flavors, but also honey and ginger candies. For those who want something a bit softer, they have a range of chewy candy as well, in fruit or ginger varieties. The fruit flavors are lemon, sour apple, strawberry and raspberry and use natural fruit extracts to give their candy a fruity punch. Go wild for fruitiness with the hard candies, there is no shortage of choice. Try apple flavor, then indulge your organic sweet tooth with blood orange, cherry, pomegranate or iced mint mango.

1. Newman’s Own Licorice

For a truly American experience, who better to supply organic candy than Paul Newman? Not only has the iconic actor ensure that the licorice is made from organic ingredients, but the profits from the candy go directly to charity. The black licorice twists are made from 100 percent organic sugar, and he also offers them in different flavors for those who prefer a softer taste. The twists come in strawberry, tangerine and pomegranate flavors as well.

If mints are more to your taste, Newman’s Own produces organic peppermint mints. These come in pouches, in rolls, and in decorative tins. Paul doesn’t stop there. He also produces organic cinnamon mints that are deceptively hot to the palate. For extra variety, there are also ginger mints and wintergreen mints. All the mints come in decorative tins embellished with decorative paintings of animals, perfect for keeping in a purse for times when an organic sugar lift is needed. All products are certified with the USDA Organic stamp of authenticity. Newman’s Own sends all the profits from its sales to their own charitable foundation that funds non-profit projects around the world. Over $500 million has been donated through the foundation since 1982, according to their website.

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