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Halloween 2018 is on the horizon and this means that kids all over the world are getting ready to go trick or treating from door to door. Grown-ups are doing their part to make Halloween a fun experience for the little ones, as well as ‘tweens and teens, by stocking up on the types of Halloween candies that kids want the most. Some forms of Halloween candy are more popular than others!

This timely and topical list is jam-packed with information about the Top 10 Best Halloween Candies ever. All are famous sweet treats which are best enjoyed in moderation, except on Halloween night…and a few days afterward. These treats are available in fun sizes before Halloween. Full-sized versions are easy to find during the rest of the year.

Kids who read this list may start getting very excited about October 31st, when pumpkins are lit at dusk and costumes and face paint are donned. Grown-ups may look forward to eating any candy that’s left over after trick or treating ends. Halloween is an amazing tradition with ancient Celtic roots. It’s a time to indulge in dress-up and glory in the beauty of autumn. It’s also the right time to enjoy most or all of the candies on today’s list.

10. Hershey’s Bars Are Total Classics

Classic American Hershey’s Bars are always a Halloween favorite. Milton Hershey is the founder of the Hershey empire and he managed to build a massive and successful candy company, even though his own education didn’t extend past the fourth grade. When Milton was a child, he had to go to a lot of different schools. By the end of Grade 4, his parents took him out of school to learn a trade. He started working for a printer, as an apprentice, but he just wasn’t happy in that line of work, so he moved on to working for a Lancaster, Pennsylvania confectioner.

Milton was the creative genius behind milk chocolate Hershey’s Bars, as well as Hershey’s Kisses, Mr. Goodbars and tons of other beloved sugary treats. Milton became so successful that he decided to build a model town in Pennsylvania, just for his employees. Of course, he named it Hershey.  

Hershey’s Bars have smooth, creamy taste that’s irresistible. They are just delicious. Some candy features plenty of ingredients, but milk chocolate Hershey’s Bars are all about simplicity…and that’s their strength. They are all about rich chocolate flavor. Actress Katie Holmes, who starred in Batman Begins, enjoys doling out full-size Hershey’s Bars on Halloween. 

While you may not be able to afford to give kids full-size Hershey’s Bars on Halloween, like Katie Holmes does, you can probably afford to stock up on fun sizes, some of which will probably make their way into your own mouth, before, during or after Halloween. This candy bar remains popular because it’s the real deal. It has the chocolate taste that people want. This is a candy with an All-American image. It’s a part of American heritage.

9.  Snickers Bars Are Prized by Trick-or-treaters

Snickers bars aren’t as simple as milk chocolate Hershey’s Bars, but they taste equally amazing, thanks to their delectable blend of caramel, milk chocolate and peanuts. For so many years, kid’s eyes have lit up when they’ve been handed fun-sized Snickers bars on Halloween night.

Frank Mars is the inventor of Snickers. This chocolate bar’s history dates back to 1930. Mars named the chocolate bar after his pet horse, Snickers. In Ireland, the Isle of Man and the UK, this bar was marketed under the name, “Marathon”, until 1990. It’s safe to say that kids in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and Ireland used to be very happy when they received Marathons while trick or treating…just like kids love getting Snickers treats on Halloween in North America.

Older ads for Snickers used to feature the tagline, “Snickers really satisfy”. The peanuts in these candy bars contain protein, and protein helps us to feel full. How many fun-size Snickers does it take to make you feel full? 

8. Butterfinger Candy Bars Are Bart Simpson’s Choice

Butterfingers are tasty and these yummy candy bars were invented by Otto Schering way back in 1922. Otto was the owner of the Curtiss Candy Company, which produced these sweet treats. Butterfinger ad campaigns have always been fun. Back in the old days, the Curtiss Candy Company dropped these candy bars from an airplane, so that people in a range of USA cities could learn more about Butterfingers. If you are a Simpsons fan, you probably know that Bart Simpson has a special fondness for this type of candy. Bart was affiliated with the Butterfingers brand.

These days, Butterfingers are produced by Nestlé. The Curtiss Candy Company was bought out in 1964, by Standard Brands, who did a merger with Nabisco during the early 1980s. Towards the end of the 80s, Nabisco was acquired by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. In 1990, Nestlé bought the rights to Butterfinger and Baby Ruth.

Butterfingers are supposed to have a peanut butter-type taste, but a lot of people find that they taste more like butter and sugar, after they’ve been combined in a warm saucepan. They are very sweet candy bars with a unique, crumbly texture. The bright yellow wrappers of Butterfinger candy cars are a part of Americana. These candy bars have been around – and been beloved – for so long. If you want to make kids smile on Halloween night, be sure that your candy bowl is filled to the brim with luscious Butterfinger candy bars.

7. Jolly Ranchers Are Packed With Fruit Flavor

Kids who love hard candies which deliver major fruit flavor are definitely looking for Jolly Ranchers on Halloween night. These candies come in a host of enticing fruit flavors, including Watermelon, Cherry and Lemon. They are also available in lollipop form. The lollipops are very popular on Halloween.

These days, Hershey’s produces Jolly Ranchers, along with plenty of other popular Halloween treats. However, the candies were initially made by The Jolly Rancher Company, which was based in Colorado. The company’s founder was Bill Harmsen. This company produced candy, chocolate and ice cream, which were sold at ice cream shops within Denver. “Ranch Maid Ice Cream” shops had a Western vibe and they were meant to be friendly places to hang out. Going to the “Ranch Maid Ice Cream” shop sounds like fun, doesn’t it? These days, the old-time candy shops have faded away, but big candy emporiums, like Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC, provide similar sorts of experiences to customers. 

Jolly Ranchers last for quite a while unless they are crunched. They have fruit flavor that’s intense and really concentrated. They are also supremely portable.  

6. Kit Kats Have Been Around Since 1935

Tyson Beckford appears in high-octane Fast and Furious films and he’s said that Kit Kats are his fave Halloween treat. He’s not alone. These chocolate-covered wafers were invented in the UK, by a candy company called Rowntree’s of York. Nowadays, they are produced worldwide, except in America, by Nestlé, which bought Rowntree during the late 1980s.  In the USA, Kit Kats are made by a branch of The Hershey Company, through a licensing agreement with H. B. Reese Candy Company. 

The very first Kit Kat was manufactured in late summer of 1935. For eighty-five years, people have loved breaking off the wafer bars and munching them. Kit Kats are one of the lighter-tasting candy bars, thanks to their wafer layers. Fun-sized Kit Kats typically have a couple of wafer bars, whereas the full-sized Kit Kats have four wafer bars.

The late Princess Diana was rumored to be a big Kit Kat fan. One interesting fact about these candy bars is that the wafers are stuffed with Kit Kats that have been crushed-up. A lot of people don’t know this. Off-cuts from the factor are used to stuff the wafers. The results are delicious. Aren’t they?

5. Twix Bars Are Made From Cookie, Caramel and Chocolate

Did you know that a typical USA resident consumes a whopping twenty-two pounds of candy each and every year, according to the Foodandwine website? Since Twix bars taste so good, it’s safe to say that plenty of Americans get at least some of their yearly candy allotment by eating these chewy, chocolate-y candy bars. Every year, 153.4 million of these candy bars are sold, generating over one hundred and fifty million bucks’ worth of profits. On Halloween, sales of fun-size Twix bars must go through the roof.

These chocolate bars are made from milk chocolate, cookie and caramel and they’ve been produced since 1967. They were invented in the United Kingdom and came to America in 1979. Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly a big fan of Twix bars, so she may be giving them out on Halloween…and eating a few fun-sized Twix bars while she does so. Twix bars are popular with all age groups. They’re the type of Halloween candy that parents look forward to pilfering from their kid’s stash of goodies. 

4.  Starburst Fruit Chews Contain Real Fruit Juice

Starburst fruit chews are fun to eat year-round and they are definitely beloved on Halloween. These chewy and satisfying candies were invented in 1960, in the United Kingdom, and they were originally marketed under the name, Opal Fruits. The first flavors were lime, orange, strawberry and lemon. In 1967, Americans had the pleasure of getting acquainted with these tasty candies for the very first time, under the brand name, Starburst. These fruit chews are sweet, but not too sweet. They have a touch of tangy flavor that cuts through the sweetness. One fun fact about these candies is that each fruit chew contains fifteen percent real juice. These days, there are so many awesome Starburst Fruit Chews flavors. Kids look forward to getting their favorites on Halloween night, whether they love cherry, watermelon, strawberry, fruit punch or special “superfruit” flavors. These fruit chews are a nice break from chocolate bars.  

3. Junior Mints Are Refreshing Halloween Treats 

Junior Mints are so good, at Halloween, or at the movies, or almost anywhere. These luscious soft candies are covered in pure chocolate and feature creamy and minty centers. If you’ve never tried a Junior Mint, you’re missing out. Most people have enjoyed noshing on these popular candies, or their “sister candies”, Junior Caramels. Junior Mints have been on the market since 1949. They were manufactured by the James O. Welch Company. This company made some other famous, old-time treats, including Pom Poms, Sugar Babies and Welch’s Fudge. 

While people love Junior Mints on Halloween, these candies are probably best-known for being a preferred snack at movie theaters. The candies are available in fun sizes, and larger sizes, up to twelve ounces. At Halloween, it’s all about the fun size! Since these candies are more refreshing than most, they offer a unique taste experience. The cooling mint is not too sweet. Every day, fourteen million Junior Mints roll off of assembly lines in a factory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This factory is known for being a “top secret” type of facility.  These days, Junior Mints are produced by Tootsie Roll Industries.

2. Twizzlers Are Available in Many Fun Flavors

Twizzlers aren’t considered true licorice. Real licorice contains anise and it has a more intense flavor than Twizzlers, which are yummy, but sweeter than authentic licorice. Twizzlers are cherry or strawberry twists with licorice stick shapes. Twizzlers are really great and they are available in shorter “stick” sizes on Halloween. It’s possible to polish off a fun-size Twizzler in a couple of bites or maybe a single bite, depending on your Twizzler eating style.

The full-size Twizzler sticks measure eight and one-quarter inches. These candy sticks are pliable, fun to play with and fun to eat. Actress Debra Messing is obsessed with Twizzlers, all year round. She loves the strawberry candy twists. The team at Twizzlers know she’s a big fan, so they sent her a free case of the sweet treats.

These days, robots help to make Twizzlers. At the factory, there are a group of robots, with names borrowed from The Flintstones, and these machines speed up the process of producing these popular candy twists. Twizzler has tried to branch out with other flavors, including root beer, but the root beer experiment failed. Strawberry is the most popular flavor by far. Seventy percent of Twizzler candies produced are strawberry twists. Everyone who works at the Twizzler factory is allowed to take home a couple of pounds of the candy every week. Hopefully, they share it around. Twizzlers, like Junior Mints, are very popular with movie-goers. 

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

In the number one slot, we have the ultimate Halloween treat. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a creamy mixture of milk chocolate and real peanut butter. They offer rich, luxurious mouthfeel, creamy flavor and the perfect blend of complementary ingredients. These treats were invented by Harry Burnett Reese and we all owe him a debt of gratitude. This Pennsylvania resident lived on a farm and went on to marry and have 16 kids. He had some difficulty feeding so many children, so he worked an array of jobs to make ends meet. During 1917, he answered an ad to perform manual labor at a dairy farm. The dairy farm was owned by The Hershey Chocolate Company. After toiling on the farm for many years, he started work in the company’s candy factory, where he decided to get creative and invent his own sweet treats. He began making candy in his home basement, and he named his candies after his family. His greatest creation, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, are beloved in North America and all over the world. 

America loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups more than all other types of candy. In America, the company makes over half a billion dollars selling these treats each year. 

Since we only had room for the ten best Halloween candies, you may feel like we missed something. Taste is subjective. You may wonder, “Where are the M & M’s” or “What about Sour Patch Kids?”. Luckily, on Halloween, there’s room for all of the candy. It’s possible to sample tons of different types of candy, as well as our top ten picks. 

Halloween is a big deal in North America. Part of the fun is doling out candy and eating candy. If you’re preparing to shop for Halloween candy, keep our list in mind while you’re deciding what to offer trick or treaters. This list will help you to choose candy that kids really want to eat.

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