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Top 10 Best Candy of the 90’s (Part 2)


Top 10 Best Candy of the 90’s (Part 2)

The best candy of the 90s was whimsical, with fun and colorful packaging and zany ad campaigns. 90’s candy fans will love this list, as it’s a blast from the past. Some of these sweet treats are still available, while others have been discontinued. This list may trigger sugar cravings.

10. Cow Tales Are Chewy Caramel Treats

Cow Tales are still sold today, so it’s not too late to enjoy this classic 90’s candy. Cow Tales are manufactured by Goetze’s candy company, and they were introduced as a fun new twist on the company’s popular Caramel Creams. While Cow Tales soared in popularity during the 90’s, they’ve been available since 1984. The candies are slim cylinders of chewy caramel, with creamy filling. The company offers Cow Tales in a range of fun and tasty flavors, including Strawberry, Vanilla, Caramel Apple and Chocolate. These days, vanilla-flavored Mini Cow Tales are also available. The mini candies are the ultimate bite-sized indulgence. Cow Tales of all flavors and sizes taste great and the packaging for Cow Tales is cute, thanks to a funny cartoon cow. Sometimes, people forget just how delicious retro candy was. We are here to remind them. Since it’s possible to buy Cow Tales now, and revisit the great caramel and cream flavor all over again, enjoying Cow Tales will be a perfect way to relive the 90’s. The original Cow Tales flavor was vanilla. Although four flavors, including vanilla, are now available, Goetze’s candy company has also experimented with other flavors that are now unavailable, including banana and peanut butter. Great candy stands the test of time. Its popularity endures because it really delivers for consumers. Cow Tales are still around because people love the candies. These candies are made with real milk. 

9. Jawbreakers Feature Colorful Inner Layers

Remember jawbreakers? These round candies feature inner layers of many different colors. When you suck on a jawbreaker and pull it out of your mouth occasionally, you’ll see new colors that make enjoying this sweet, hard candy really fun. Some people can’t resist the urge to bite through jawbreakers, as soon as they’re able to. Some jawbreakers have centers that taste different than the outer layers and these centers can be delicious. Patient jawbreaker fans suck on the candies until they get to the tasty centers. Some jawbreakers are huge and hard to bite through. Others are small and easy to crunch. Jawbreakers were very popular during the 90’s and certain jawbreaker candy brands, such as Gobstoppers, are still around today. Jawbreakers surged in popularity during the 90’s because of an Ed, Edd n Eddy video game. The video game was called Ed, Edd n Eddy – The Mis-Edventures. While moving through the different levels of the video game, gamers were able to find or buy jawbreakers. Most convenience stores and candy stores offer jawbreakers. They’re a classic retro candy that kids love. Easy to find and generally very affordable, jawbreakers can be long-lasting treats. Lots of different candy companies manufacture jawbreakers, so consumers have options. The Gobstopper jawbreakers are probably the most famous and popular and they are produced by a candy company called Ferrara. Six Gobstopper candies have 60 calories and no fat.   

8. Pixy Stix Have Timeless Appeal

Pixy Stix are sugary powder treats that have a fascinating origin story. During the 1940s, a drink mix called Fruzola Jr. was sold, which cost just a penny. It was produced by a firm called the Fruzola Company, which was based in Utah. Children started eating the drink mix powder right out of its packaging, without adding water. The drink mix powder had a sour, sweet taste that kids just couldn’t resist. When Fruzola execs realized that kids loved the powder, minus the H20, a new and glorious candy soon followed. Nestlê, which owns the Willy Wonka candy company, acquired the rights to Pixy Stix candy back in the 50s. Today, these candy-filled straws are still available from the Willy Wonka candy company. They’re easy to find online and may be on sale in your own community, too. Inside of each straw, there’s a fruity candy powder. Choose from cherry, grape, Maui Punch or orange flavors. There are variety packs for sale which allow Pixy Stix fans to sample all of the flavors. You can eat the powder from seven Pixy Stix and take in just 70 calories, unless you opt for Giant Pixy Stix, which are also available. These king-sized candy sticks are much larger than the regular-sized Pixy Stix. Pixy Stix are low-calorie, but they aren’t health food. Like all other candy on this 90’s-inspired list, they should be enjoyed occasionally, in moderation. Candy is a taste of childhood and many kids of the 90’s really appreciated Pixy Stix. They were sweet, but had plenty of sourness, too, so the flavor profile of this classic 90’s candy is very balanced. 

7. Bubble Jug Was A Unique Candy

Ever tried Bubble Jug candy? It was a candy powder that turned into a bubble gum. People who enjoyed this candy would shake the plastic jugs, chug the fruity powder and then marvel as it turned into a chewing gum solid while it was in their mouths! Lots of 90’s kids have tried Bubble Jug. This candy powder is discontinued and so many people miss it. While it’s listed at some online retailers, it’s always out of stock. Maybe this familiar pink jug of chewing gum powder will reappear some day. Usually, candy companies discontinue items because they just aren’t selling the way that they used to, but there’s always a chance they’ll be brought back. Bubble Jug was definitely a one of a kind candy. Its fun pink jug made it stand out. The top of the jug came with a little handle, as well as a cap that could be twisted off. Once the cap was off, kids of all ages could pour the powder into their mouths and then feel the gum turn into a solid bubble gum.  The powder was full of true bubble gum taste. Bubble Jug was popular as a treat and also appeared in lots of 90’s birthday party goody bags. Sometimes, fave candies from the 90’s are hard to find, or impossible to find. People need to rely on their fond memories of these candies, or find substitutes for them. Bubble Jug was an iconic retro candy that was so popular during the 90’s. It’s gone, but not forgotten.

6. Wonder Ball Candy Comes With A Surprise

This fun candy was a big hit in the 90’s and it’s still around these days. It’s made by a company called Frankford, which has been offering great candy to kids of all ages since 1947. For a while, the Wonder Ball wasn’t available, but the team at Frankford decided to bring it back. This classic candy is a hollow chocolate ball that’s wrapped in foil. Once the chocolate ball is opened, a delicious candy is revealed. Wonder Ball candies also come with exciting stickers that are very child-friendly and fun. Surprises in Wonder Ball candies do vary and that’s part of the fun. There are a trio of Wonder Ball candy types to choose from. There’s the Original Wonder Ball, which features a candy surprise, as well as stickers. There’s also a Wonder Ball Plus Prize, which has the usual Wonder Ball elements, plus an extra prize that’s collectible. The third option is Wonder Ball Minis, which are meant to be shared. They come with a couple of smaller Wonder Balls, as well as stickers. The Wonder Ball may remind you of another popular candy, called the Kinder Surprise. It’s the same type of concept. The Kinder Surprise is an egg-shaped hollow chocolate, with an inner milky layer. It contains a plastic pod which has a toy inside. While Kinder Surprise toys are similar to Wonder Ball candy, there is a difference. The toys inside of Kinder Surprise candies aren’t edible. With Wonder Ball candy, kids can eat the candy surprise. Now that Wonder Ball candy is back, 90’s kids can enjoy it as they reminisce about the good old days. 

5. Tear Jerkers Are Fruity And Sour

You can still get Tear Jerkers Sour Cotton Candy today, if you want to. It’s sold by the Tootsie candy company. When you buy a package of Tear Jerkers, you’ll be able to enjoy super-sour grape and watermelon flavors. If you’re of a certain age, indulging in this candy may trigger some sweet memories. Designed to mimic the taste of fairground cotton candy, Tear Jerkers also delivers intense sourness. This simulated candy floss is definitely loaded with flavor, but it’s also too sour for some people. If you’re the type of person who loves eating Warheads and other very sour candies, and you’ve never tried Tear Jerkers, you should give it a shot. You’ll get the candy floss vibe, plus a burst of sourness that may just jerk some tears! This candy is a spun sugar product. It’s tangy, tart and delicious. When you buy it, you’ll receive a package that includes two flavors. This candy product, which was so popular during the 90’s, comes in fun packaging. The bag features cartoon faces that are crying, with puckered-up lips. The bag that Tear Jerkers comes in is bright green, with purple and green cartoon faces and very bold text.  

4. Now And Later Taffy Stays Soft

Taffy fans who enjoyed candy during the 90’s may have adored Now And Later Taffy Chews. This candy is a little hard to chew at the start, but it does soften up to the perfect consistency and texture. It becomes very malleable. It’s a taffy that stays soft, so you can enjoy it now and later. This candy is still on the market, so there’s no reason not to enjoy it today. Find it online or buy it at a local candy store. Now And Later was a candy product that was launched way back in the early 60’s, by a business concern called The Phoenix Company. The taffy was originally produced with the help of a machine from Germany. At that time, it sold for just a nickel. This was a year-round taffy, as opposed to saltwalter taffy, which was then a summertime candy. Now And Later taffy became very popular with consumers. It warmed up in their mouths and they loved the way that it tasted. It came in green, blue and red colors. As the years have passed, new flavors have been introduced, including rum caramel, rainbow and “blue jeans”. There are currently a dozen fruity flavors available, including tropical lemonade, strawberry, blue raspberry and original. This candy comes from the Ferrara Candy Company. While you’re free to eat it now and later, you may find that you gobble it up right away.

3. Astro Pops Have Space Age Appeal

Astro Pops are 1.5-ounce lollipops with space age shapes. They were launched during the early 60’s, by a couple of space program scientists, who made the decision to switch lanes in their careers. Instead of helping the space program, they would help kids, by creating yummy lollipops that resembled rockets. The design of the suckers was based on the design of 3-stage rockets. The creators of Astro Pops had lots of technical know-how, so they were able to create machines that efficiently produced these lollipops and their packaging. The wrapper for these candies actually functioned as the mold for the lollipops and that was an innovative way to manufacture lollipops back in the 60’s. The scientists would add hot candy to wrappers, plus paper sticks which functioned as handles. While Astro Pops had a big fan base during the 90’s, their roots go back to the Space Race days, when kids were fascinated by rockets. Astro Pops disappeared for a while, but they’re around today and available online and at some bricks-and-mortar retailers. These unique lollipops are total classics which are loaded with retro appeal. To enjoy a blast from the past, treat yourself to an Astro Pop today. 

2. Topps Juice Bubble Gum Was So Much Fun

This gum was produced by a brand called Topps, which also makes collectibles, such as baseball cards. Topps is best-known for its famous and iconic Bazooka Bubble Gum. For many years, Topps was known for its candy, but the company experienced sales dips during the 70’s, when competitors, such as Bubble Yum, began to grab some market share from Topps. Execs at Topps have also noticed problems with candy sales due to new concerns about kids and nutrition. Despite sales problems, Topps Juice Bubble Gum was very popular during the 90’s. The bubble gum came in tiny juice-style cardboard containers, and fun flavors were sold, including grape, apple, pink lemonade and orange. The packaging for this popular 90’s bubble gum was charming. The little cardboard juice containers featured fun cartoon versions of fruit, such as smiling apples, grapes and oranges. The pink lemonade version featured a smiling glass of lemonade. Each package contained one ounce of bubble gum. This bubble gum was tailor-made for kids. It had the novelty packaging and fruity taste. It came from a trusted brand. While Topps has moved onto to producing other types of candy, it will always be remembered. 

1. Fun Dip Remains Popular Today

Fun Dip will be an awesome choice if you like candy that’s tangy and fruity. It’s made without artificial flavors, and it consists of fruity candy powder and a candy stick. With Fun Dip, which was definitely popular during the 90’s, you dip the stick into the candy powder and then enjoy the powder. The stick is like a sweet lollipop with candy powder on the end. Some people can’t resist eating the candy sticks before the powder is gone, but most people are able to wait to consume their candy sticks. They want to get all of the powder out of the colorful pouches first.  Fun Dip comes in awesome fruit flavors. This candy is made by The Willy Wonka Candy Company. Fun Dip has been around since the 40’s. It used to be known as Lik-M-Aid. Since Fun Dip isn’t discontinued, you should be able to find it easily. It’s sweet, with a touch of sourness that makes it fun to eat. Now that you know the best candies of the 90’s, you may want to try the ones that are still available. Fun Dip is a great option and there are so many other candies available that are also 90’s favorites. 

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