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Top 10 Best Candy of the 90’s (Part 1)


Top 10 Best Candy of the 90’s (Part 1)

Take a sweet trip down memory lane, by checking out the top 10 best candy of the 90’s. Some of these types of candy have really stood the test of time. These delicious treats trigger happy memories in a lot of people, thanks to their great taste and iconic packaging.

10. Sour Jacks Are A Fat-Free Indulgence

Sour Jacks candy was very popular during the 90’s and it’s still available today. Those who prefer candy that bursts with sour power love Sour Jacks. Nowadays, Sour Jacks, which are wedge-shaped candies, come in a host of tantalizing flavors, including Wildberry, Green Apple, Lemonade and Watermelon. Original Sour Jacks feature a variety of fruit flavors. Five different Sour Jacks package sizes are sold these days, including a generous “theater size” bag that is resealable. While Sour Jacks are certainly produced with the youth market in mind, they appeal to many different age groups. Whether you enjoy Sour Jacks is probably more to do with your palate than your age. Some people have palates that really respond to sour flavors. Suffice it to say that Sour Jacks deliver epic sourness, so they may be too sour for some candy fans. Checking out Sour Jacks may inspire you to order the candy online or find a local retailer that stocks Sour Jacks. If you ate these candies as a child, teen or tween, you’ll probably love the sense of nostalgia that noshing on these sour, sweet, soft and chewy candies brings. If you’ve never tried them before, and you enjoy sour tastes in general, you may want to expand your horizons by buying your very first bag of Sour Jacks. These fat-free sour candies are modern classics.

9. Baby Bottle Pops Are Cute Candy Options

Babies are so content when they are drinking from baby bottles. Kids (and some grown-ups) are content when they are enjoying iconic Baby Bottle Pop lollipops. These fun and cute suckers were launched in 1998, by a brand called Topps. Over the course of time, different flavors have been offered, including sour blue raspberry, cherry and cotton candy bubble gum. These unique lollipops are still available today. If you decide to enjoy one, and you’ve never tried one before, you should dip the baby bottle tip into the powdered sugar. The tip of the baby bottle is a lollipop. The powdered sugar is found at the base of a Baby Bottle Pop, inside of the plastic bottle. Lick, shake and dunk to enjoy delicious taste and plenty of exciting novelty. Sure, some grown-ups might feel a bit sheepish about eating candy shaped like a baby bottle, but many do it anyway. Younger kids think the design of these lollipops is a lot of fun. If you want to get your own Baby Bottle Pop candy and it’s hard to find this lollipop with fruity powder at a convenience store or grocery store, check local candy shops, which tend to stock a lot of the classics. You may also order this popular candy online, from Sam’s Club, Amazon and other retailers. 

8. Nerds Ropes Are Satisfying Treats

Do you remember Nerds Rope candy? This type of candy is still sold and it’s made from a rope of gummy candy that is coated with a bunch of Nerds candies. Chewy and satisfying, Nerds Rope candy satisfies sweet and sour cravings to absolute perfection. As you probably already know, Nerds candy delivers on sour taste. Nerds candies are tiny, but they pack a big punch, in terms of offering intense flavor. When you take a bite of a Nerds Rope, you’ll find that the Nerd candy coating provides a bit of sour and fruity crunch. The inner gummy candy is sweeter and takes longer to consume. A balance of textures and flavors is the reason why the Nerds Rope is still a favorite. This is a candy treat that’s substantial and really feels like an indulgence. It’s delightfully – and deliciously – over the top. Nerds Rope is manufactured by the Ferarra candy company, which also offers those awesome Nerds that come in cardboard boxes, with two flavors of Nerds in each box. Nerds candies are sweet and crunchy, with a touch of sour zing, and they taste great when they are added to a gummy rope. Today, Ferrara offers a trio of Nerds Rope flavors, which are Rainbow, Very Berry and Tropical. Pick a flavor that appeals and then take your time enjoying this fun treat. A Nerds Rope is long enough to share with others, by breaking up pieces of the rope and doling them out, but you may want to eat the whole thing yourself.

7. FruitStripe Gum Comes With Temporary Tattoos

This chewing gum was great fun in the 90’s and people are still loving it today. It’s made by Ferrara, which is a famous and beloved candy company that also makes Nerds Rope candy. These days, FruitStripe chewing gum comes in a host of fun and fruity flavors, which are Lemon, Wet’n’Wild Melon, Peach, Orange and Cherry. When you grab a pack of this gum, you’ll love its vibrant packaging. The pack features a cute zebra with colorful stripes. On one side of the chewing gum pack, the zebra is having a great time playing soccer. On the other side, the mascot is smiling happily. The zebra mascot is cute and sort of resembles Bojack Horseman. Just holding a pack of FruitStripe gum in your hand may be a real blast from the past. Of course, there are people who haven’t tried this gum before. They need to know that it’s out there, and that every single pack of FruitStripe gum comes with temporary tattoos. They also need to know that individual pieces of FruitStripe gum feature colorful stripes that make them a feast for the eyes, as well as the taste buds. We’re so used to seeing the usual mint and cinnamon chewing gums on store shelves. It’s not as common to see FruitStripe, but it’s still out there. You can buy it online, direct from the manufacturer’s website, or at other online retailers. You’ll also find it at stores, such as candy shops, which offer plenty of candy options to customers. The gum really ruled back in the 90s. It came with tattoos, it tasted good and the packaging was great. It’s no wonder this gum is still around today.

6. Tongue Splashers Come In Quirky Paint Cans

A lot of people think that this fun and popular chewing gum from the 90’s is discontinued, but it’s actually still available online, so it is possible to get your hands on a cute paint can full of Tongue Splashers gum. The quirky paint can-style packaging isn’t all that Tongue Splashers has to offer. The gum temporarily paints tongues bright colors and most kids love this funny and harmless side effect. Tongue Splashers was introduced in the 90’s and caused a sensation. Some popular 90’s candies were invented long before the 90’s, but this one is pure 1990’s. Its popularity peaked during the 90’s, but it’s still around, if you know where to look. Some parents weren’t too crazy about the fact that this gum changed the color of their kid’s tongues. While it didn’t necessarily earn the parent’s seal of approval from all moms and dads, there were parents who tried Tongue Splashers themselves and enjoyed it. It wasn’t uncommon for paint cans of this novelty chewing gum to be on the sidelines during youth sports games, such as soccer matches. Kids would also beg for the money to grab it at stores. Nowadays, we don’t hear about this gum too much. It may still annoy many parents, and please lots of kids and nostalgic grown-ups, but it doesn’t get the big media buzz that it used to. 

5. Sour Punch Twists Come in 4 Flavors

Sour Punch Twists were gobbled up in the 90’s and they are still going strong today. These candies are part of the Sour Punch collection of sour and sweet treats. The entire Sour Punch collection comes from a candy company called American Licorice. Today, these sour candy twists are available in blue raspberry, apple, strawberry and cherry. Some people get creative and use the candy sticks as stir sticks for their drinks. When you add a Sour Punch Twist to a glass of lemonade, or even a citrus-y cocktail, it’ll provide an exciting touch of sourness that boosts the flavor profile. 4.23 pound jars of these sour and chewy twists are available online and at some stores that offer bulk buying options, but smaller sizes are also out there. The candies tend to be sold in the big tubs, which contain individually wrapped candies, so they can be resold at corner stores and convenience stores. With any luck, a corner store or convenience store in your area offers Sour Punch Twists. If so, it may be time for a candy run. Channel your inner child, unless you’re still a kid, by grabbing some of these sour twists and savoring them. These twits aren’t for everyone. They are sour and some people find them too sour. If you haven’t tried them, just look at the package, which features cartoon faces with puckered mouths. This should give you some idea of how these chewy sticks taste. People who crave sour flavors love Sour Punch Twists.

4. Sneaky Stardust Is Tasty Gum Powder

This unique and interesting 90’s candy comes from a company called Sweet Bandit, which has been creating quality candy for two decades. Sneaky Stardust is still sold today and it’s renowned for its powder-to-solid formula. When you put some Sneaky Stardust powder in your mouth and chew, it’ll soon turn into a typical bubble gum. Sneaky Stardust is popular with kids who want candy that’s truly fun to consume. Because the powder changes to solid, this product is “sneaky” indeed. Right now, Sneaky Stardust is available in Sour Green Apple, Sour Strawberry and Sour Blue Raspberry. This gum powder candy is fairly easy to find at convenience stores and other places that offer a lot of fun novelty candy. The team at Sweet Bandit recommend “chugging and chewing” Sneaky Stardust. It comes in a bottle-shaped little container that makes chugging the product easy. Just unscrew the plastic bottle top to access the gum powder fast.

3. Bazooka Gum Had Many Fans During The 90’s

This legendary bubble gum was first sold when World War II ended. It was launched in America, by a Brooklyn-based company called Topps. The gum featured patriotic red, white and blue wrappers. When Bazooka was first introduced, a piece cost only one cent. During the 50’s, the team at Topps decided to add tiny comic strips to each piece of gum. The comics were wrapped around the pieces of gum, which were then encased in the distinctive red, white and blue wrappers. This fun gimmick was exciting for bubble gum fans. Kids would collect the comic strips. The comics were “Bazooka Joe” comics. These days, Bazooka gum is available all over the world. The comic strips were offered until 2012. They’ve been translated into a lot of different languages. When 2012 rolled around, Bazooka gum’s powers-that-be decided to change from comic strips to puzzles printed on small pieces of paper. Only Argentina continues to offer Bazooka gum with comic strips. Bazooka was a favorite in the 90’s, but it has a long and esteemed history. There were over 1500 comic strips printed over the years and some people enjoy collecting them. Collecting Bazooka Joe comics isn’t just for kids. These small comic strips are definitely a part of Americana. Bazooka gum was named after a musical instrument, which was invented by a guy called Bob Burns. The Bazooka was crafted from a couple of gas pipes and a funnel. Original Bazooka gum is known for its true bubblegum pink color and sweet taste.

2. Caramel Apple Pops Are Fruity And Sweet

Caramel Apple Pops are tasty lollipops that feature apple-flavored hard candy with a chewy caramel coating. If you’ve ever enjoyed a real caramel apple, you already have a pretty good sense of what Caramel Apple Pops have to offer. This popular 90’s candy comes from the Tootsie candy company, which is best-known for its iconic and delicious Tootsie Roll candies. These days, Caramel Apple Pops are available in a trio of luscious flavors, which are Green Apple, Red McIntosh and Golden Delicious. There’s something so relaxing about enjoying a lollipop. It’s a type of candy that can be savored. Some people can’t resist crunching lollipops, though, for more instant gratification. However you decided to enjoy a Caramel Apple Pop, you may find that it reminds you of your childhood. Whether it gives you a sense of nostalgia really depends on when you were born. Aside from Caramel Apple Pops and Tootsie Roll candies, the Tootsie company offers tons of other candies, including Sugar Babies and Tootsie Fruit Chews. Tootsie is a candy brand that Americans trust, and the popularity of Tootsie candy company confections has become global. 

1. Warheads Deliver Intense Sour Flavor

Warheads were a big deal in the 90’s. They’re still around today. These days, these candies, which deliver explosive sour taste, are still on the market. They were launched in 1985, by a company named Impact Confections, but they originally came from Taiwan, where they were introduced during the 70’s. Impact Confections is a Wisconsin-based candy company which currently offers many different types of Warheads, including Warheads Sour Jelly Beans, Warheads Chewy Cubes and Warheads Worms. The original Warheads, which are hard candies, are still available, along with all of the new flavors and formulations. These candies get their pronounced sourness from an ingredient known as malic acid. By the end of the 90’s, this popular candy was a brand valued at 40 million bucks. Kids love Warheads. They are still very popular with children, tweens and teens. Designed to offer kids an intensely sour experience, Warheads are fun. The hit of powerful sourness usually dissipates in five to ten seconds. The sourness recedes a bit and the candies become slightly sour, rather than overpoweringly sour. Kids of all ages are warned not to eat too many Warheads at one sitting, as they may irritate tongues. Now that you know the best 90’s candies, aren’t you craving something sweet or intensely sour? The 90’s was a great time for candy. Luckily, it’s still possible to enjoy the most popular candies from the 90’s. 

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