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Top 10 Best Burger King Menu Items in America

Burger King is a fan-favorite among those who consider themselves lovers of fast food. You can’t drive by the home of the Whopper without wanting to get one of those behemoths of a sandwich. Here we’re going to share the Top 10 Best Burger King Menu Items that should be on everyone’s tray.

10. Cheeseburger

What list of Burger King menu items would be complete without the cheeseburger? No other sandwich is more associated with fast food than the cheeseburger. Do you think you’re too sophisticated to order a cheeseburger? Hey man, get off your high horse! Cheeseburgers are fine dining, and anyone who has had the good fortune of sinking their teeth into one prepared by a highly skilled employee at Burger King knows that all too well. You can’t walk out of that joint without at least one cheeseburger in your sack or in your tummy. If you do, then you’ve just made one of the most cardinal mistakes in the world of fast food. Meat and cheese were made to go with each other in between two buns. Burger King’s cheeseburgers are different because they’re flame-broiled. Your burger tastes like it was grilled up in a backyard somewhere that was doused with plenty of sunshine. The smoky taste of the grilled meat adds character in every bite. If you’re the type who overlooks cheeseburgers and goes straight to the premium section of the menu, then do yourself a favor and make one exception. The next time you’re in Burger King, order a cheeseburger, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its flavor.

9. Chicken Fries

Whoever invited Chicken Fries was a genius. It’s the marriage of both chicken and fries. Who would’ve ever thought that little strips of chicken could be so much fun to eat? Chicken Fries are the perfect get in your car and eat while you’re driving food. You’re probably not going to want to dip your Chicken Fries in any sauce while you’re driving a car. There is the potential to make a mess with your favorite dipping sauce and this is one of those instances where it’s best to pull over on the side of the road and dip. If you’re a serial dipper, then dip your Chicken Fries in the parking lot. If you don’t mind making a mess all over yourself or in your car, then go gangbusters and dip until you can’t dip anymore. Get an extra sauce and double-dip until your heart is content. Have you tried the Angry Chicken Fries? If not, then you’re in for a real treat. You’ll need to pounce on these suckers when they’re available. The angry variety is hot, and you’ll need to get a drink for washing down the heat. Luckily Burger King has you covered with unlimited refills at their soda fountain. It doesn’t matter how fiery hot the inside your mouth is, there’s always more than enough soda pop to put out the fire. Are you one of the weird people who dip their Chicken Fries in ketchup. What? You didn’t know that is weird? It is considering that they’re not a potato fry at all. Don’t worry; we won’t hold it against you. BBQ sauce is just doctored ketchup anyway, so don’t feel too sophisticated if you dip your Chicken Fries in that.


Leave it to Burger King to create a breakfast sandwich that isn’t like anything that’s currently being done. We’re talking about the CROISSAN’WICH, and it has a loyal fan base. Move over Egg McMuffin; there’s a new breakfast sandwich in town that’s getting all the attention. How many CROISSAN’WICH sandwiches do you eat in one sitting? Come on; you’re not fooling anyone. You’ve got to eat at least two of them in the morning. Some of you might even eat three and combine it with a side dish or two. How do you decide between sausage or bacon?  You don’t, and that’s why it’s impossible to walk out of Burger King without at least two sandwiches. A sandwich this delicious is the best way to start your day and ensure that you go to work with plenty of pep in your step. Some people never set foot inside a fast-food restaurant unless it’s breakfast time. Breakfast accounts for a considerable percentage of Burger King’s profits. It shouldn’t surprise anyone why they spend so much time and effort perfecting the CROISSAN’WICH. McDonald’s and all the other quick-serve joints are all breathing down their neck, trying to get as many hungry breakfast customers as possible. If you’re a lover of CROISSAN’WICH, you’re not going to go anywhere else. It doesn’t matter how long the line is at the drive-thru, you’ll make up a ridiculous excuse so that your boss doesn’t get angry. It’s too hard to tell them that you can’t go a single day without your CROISSAN’WICH. You’ll put your job on the line any day for the flaky croissant, egg, and delicious meat that Burger King hands out the window every morning.

7. Original Chicken Sandwich

Sometimes the originals are the best. The proof of that is almost every remake of a movie. The remake is never as good as the original. Burger King serves up its Original Chicken Sandwich that doesn’t seem to have been changed in the slightest over the years. It’s still as delicious as it first was many moons ago. You know right away that you’re eating a different chicken sandwich from the other restaurants because of its size. The Original Chicken Sandwich is almost like something you’d get at Subway. It’s a long sandwich, and the chicken patty is almost as long as the bun. It’s breaded, deep-fried, and oh so delicious. The crunchy outside of the sandwich is the perfect match for the soft bread that soaks up any fat and juices from the sandwich. Simplicity is best when it’s served up in sandwich form. The Original Chicken Sandwich only has the chicken patty, lettuce, mayo, and the bun. That’s all you need for perfection on this level. The mayo and lettuce play second fiddle to the meat that’s in between the buns. The chicken patty is the star of the show and anyone who thinks differently hasn’t eaten one of these beauties. If you have the opportunity to get an Original Chicken Sandwich fresh from the fryer, it’s an eating experience like no other. The Original Chicken Sandwich can give any fast-food chain’s chicken sandwich a run for its money.

6. HERSHEY’S Sundae Pie

It takes all of your strength not to walk out of Burger King with an entire sack of HERSHEY’S Sundae Pies. You need to grab at least two since you’ll need one for the road. You look around to make sure no one sees how much you’re enjoying eating your HERSHEY’S Sundae Pie. The forks Burger King gives you are inadequate in the sense you can’t shovel as much of the delicious pie in your mouth as you’d like. At the very least, you need something the size of a pitchfork to fill your gullet with as much pie as possible. You feel so guilty after you’re done eating the HERSHEY’S Sundae Pie. The guilt comes from how enjoyable every last bite of the pie is. Do you think any of this is an exaggeration of how good the HERSHEY’S Sundae Pie is? If you do, then you haven’t eaten one of these tasty desserts before. You might want to go to Burger King and get one of these pies to take home with you. Don’t get anything else other than the pie. Lock yourself up in a room where you won’t be disturbed by anyone and then chow down. You’ll be ashamed by how dirty your face gets while eating your HERSHEY’S Sundae Pie. You can’t help but eat it as fast as you can because it’s that good. It’s hard to describe perfection on this level other than to say it’s one of the tastiest desserts in all of fast food.

5. Hash Browns

Hash Browns are one of the overlooked menu items at Burger King. If you’re a lover of their breakfast menu, then you’ve probably eaten their Hash Browns a time or two before. By no means are these the hash browns that you’re used to cooking at home. You dread busting your knuckles on that metal contraption that seems like something from the dark ages when grating potatoes. The Burger King’s Hash Browns are more like tater tots than they are hash browns. They’re the size of a coin and a little thicker than the metal discs that clink around in your pocket. The Hash Browns at Burger King are the perfect bite-size potato side dish to go along with their breakfast sandwiches. The golden brown outside of the Hash Browns is crunchy while the inside is hot and filled with little chunks of potatoes. Dunking each Hash Brown in a bath of ketchup isn’t an option when eating these deep-fried circles of potato goodness. If you try to eat them without ketchup, you’ll end up feeling a massive void in your existence. All-day long, you’ll ask yourself why didn’t you smother those delicious bits of potatoes in sweet tomato nectar. Plenty of carbs are what you need to stay feeling full and Hash Browns are loaded with them. Burger King’s Hash Browns are the fuel that every hard-working person needs to start the day off right. Why doesn’t Burger King serve these golden delights all day long? They say that the early bird gets the worm, but that saying was invited long before Burger King introduced the world to their Hash Browns. Someone should change that saying and say the early bird gets the Hash Browns since they quit selling them after breakfast.

4. Onion Rings

Why is it that so many fast-food restaurants are afraid to serve onion rings? It seems that some joints won’t touch an onion ring with a ten-foot pole. Burger King, they’re brave enough to go where few restaurants are willing to go. The Onion Rings at Burger King is a refreshing addition to their menu. It’s awesome going there because you know that you have options when it comes to what side dish you order. You’re not limited to only fries, and that in itself is a reason to go to Burger King. Sometimes you want to mix things up, and their Onion Rings offer the perfect opportunity to do that. You’ve been known to go through the drive-thru only for an order of Onion Rings. Aren’t you? There’s no need to hide something like that from us. No one understands your fast food obsession as we do. What is the best thing about Burger King’s Onion Rings? It’s when you mysteriously find an Onion Ring in your fries. You feel like you’ve just found a lost treasure when there’s that one lone Onion Ring in your box of fries. At first, you always wonder if it’s okay to eat the Onion Ring. It’s almost as if eating the Onion Ring is taboo since you didn’t order it. The problem with eating that one Onion Ring is, you know you’ll want more. Have you ever wondered if they put that Onion Ring in your fries on purpose to make you want to buy an order? We’re not into conspiracy theories, but on some level, it does kind of make sense. How else would a dedicated fry eater ever come close enough to an Onion Ring to be persuaded to buy an order of them?

3. Whopper Jr.

What do you do if you’re too hungry for a cheeseburger to satisfy you, but a Whopper is too much of a gut buster? You choose the Whopper Jr. It’s the sandwich that you know and love, just a little smaller. Think of the Whopper Jr. as the child of the big Whopper that is a sandwich that lives up to its name. The sandwich tastes the same as its bigger counterpart; the only difference is the size. You won’t find any differences whatsoever, and that is the reason why the smaller version of the Whopper has been increasingly popular throughout the years. It has what everyone wants, but at a size that won’t make you so full, people will mistake you as being pregnant. There’s still enough room for fries and a drink when ordering a Whopper Jr. combo meal. If you’re starving, you might be able to fit in one of their delicious desserts as well. You don’t feel like such a glutton because you’re eating a smaller version of their signature sandwich. The world is such a wonderful place when you look down at your tray to find a Whopper Jr. combo meal that hasn’t been touched yet. Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness has never once savored the flavor of a flame-broiled Whopper Jr.

2. Fries

The golden sticks of deep-fried perfection Burger King serves up are the perfect examples of what fries should be. Burger King’s fries are salty, fatty; carbohydrate filled slivers of everything that’s good about life. You can’t resist dipping each fry into a vat of ketchup. Why do you dunk each fry by itself? You do so to make sure there’s an appropriate amount of ketchup on each fry. It would be a waste of a good potato if there weren’t an adequate amount of ketchup on every last bite of delightful crispy potatoes. Burger King’s fries pair perfectly with everything on their menu. We already know what you’re thinking. What about dessert. Fries can’t possibly pair well with the desserts on the menu. If that’s your attitude, then you’ve never dipped a fry into some of creamy soft serve ice cream. Try eating a couple of salty fries along with a bite of one of their pies for a sweet and salty combination that will leave you speechless. A mouthful of burger, fries, and soda pop is the perfect eating experience and no one makes it possible quite as Burger King does.

1. Whopper

The top spot on our list is a sandwich that is worthy of such a high honor. The Whopper is one of America’s most iconic sandwiches. There are few menu items across all of the fast-food restaurants in the United States that live up to their name quite as the Whopper does. You get your money’s worth and then some when you get a Whopper. The sandwich is enormous, and it’s full of ground beef and all the fixings. If you get the combo meal, then you’re going to be full for quite some time. You can’t eat a colossal sandwich like a Whopper, down a glass or two of soda pop, along with some fries and not feel full. You might have to take a nap after eating a Whopper combo meal. It won’t upset Burger King if you like your Whopper a certain way. Don’t like lettuce? Tell them not to put lettuce on your Whopper, and they’ll do it. You can have them put anything in their kitchen on your Whopper. You can even have them put a few Onion Rings on it and turn your Whopper into something more akin to the Rodeo Burger. Prepare to be full if you plan on investing some of your hard-earned cash into a sandwich that’s as big as a two-story building.

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