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Top 10 Best Burger Chains in America

No matter where in the world you are, burgers are an incredibly popular meal. A burger and fries are the ultimate fast food treat, no matter if it’s for lunch or dinner. Here we’re going to expose the Top 10 Best Burger Chains in the World.

10. Red Robin

How does all you can eat fries sound? If the thought of a never-ending plate of fries puts a smile on your face, then you’ve got to check out Red Robin. Not only will you receive unlimited fries, but they have a wide variety of burgers to choose from. Red Robin isn’t as cheap as some of the greasy spoons on our list, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check them out. Their sandwiches are worthy of smacking your lips over, and we’ve already talked about the fries. You know how much you love to dunk fries in ketchup. You can dunk as many fries in ketchup as you like at Red Robin without the fear of ever running out. Red Robin is the burger joint you go to when you want something classier than typical fast food. No, you don’t have to wear a tuxedo while at Red Robin, but sink your teeth into a burger that’s worthy of the red carpet. Those who call Red Robin their burger restaurant of choice does so because of their outstanding quality. Though, Red Robin isn’t the place you go if you’re in a hurry. Anyone who has ever been to a Red Robin know that wait times for your food is more than some of the other restaurants on our list. If you’re in the mood to pamper yourself with a high-quality burger and endless fries, there’s no better place to do that than Red Robin.

9. In-n-Out

Everyone on the West coast knows what In-n-Out is all about. No, don’t think this is going to turn out to be an East or West thing. All of us fast foodies can get along. How can we not when we have highly processed cheese running through our veins? In-n-Out is one of those places where if you do live on the East coast, then you should make it out West at least once to try one of their burgers. In-n-Out offers up great value for the money, and they aren’t afraid to layer on the beef. Take our advice and get the Double-Double and prepare yourself for pure cheeseburger bliss. The Double-Double is two patties smothered in cheese and all the fixings. If there were ever a need to figure out how to travel at the speed of light, it would be to deliver In-n-Out to everyone all across the country. At the current speeds, it’s not possible to fly a cheeseburger anywhere without it getting cold. The main problem with flying burgers all over the country is, not everyone has a landing strip in their backyard. Oh well, it’s a novel idea to solve a problem that exists for far too many people. In-n-Out is one of those places that you fall in love with right away. Much like summer vacation romances, maybe it’s better because you know you’ll never see the burger again. The sad saga of long-lost love is so true for anyone who has traveled out West to fall in love with In-n-Out only to have their heartbroken.

8. Sonic

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Sonic has to be those two hilarious guys in their commercials. It never seems to fail that after all of these years those guys can still make everyone laugh. Have you ever wondered if those guys are friends in real life? Do they hang out at Sonic? If so, does Sonic give them free food? Those two guys don’t look like they’re eating a whole lot of free sonic food. if they were, you’d think they wouldn’t be so skinny. If you’re in bad need of a burger, it wouldn’t be a mistake to hit up your local Sonic. You will also find all kinds of drinks and sides to go along with your sandwich. Are you the type of person who skips the sides and goes straight for the main course? If so, then you can get yourself a burger and a hot dog. A burger enthusiast might balk at that idea, but they probably haven’t stuffed their mouth with one of Sonic’s delicious wieners. Another neat aspect of Sonic is that it’s a drive-in. You’ll feel like you’re caught in a space-time continuum while waiting for your order at Sonic. It’s nice to have someone bring your food out for you. It’s too bad they can’t dunk your fries in ketchup and also wipe your face with a napkin. If they could somehow figure out a way to move your jaws for you to cut down on the work required to chew, that too would be awesome. It looks like we’ll have to settle for people bringing food to us for now. Who knows, the future may have robots who chew the food up for us so all we have to do is swallow it. The future is a bright place and we all have artificial intelligence to thank for it.

7. Five Guys

Some say the reason why so many people go to Five Guys is because of their fresh-cut fries. Anyone who has been there more than once knows it’s all about the burgers. Sure, their fries are the perfect side dish, but they play second fiddle to the sandwiches no one can ever seen to get enough of. Five Guys is a step above most fast-food restaurants without making you feel like you’re eating at an over the top place. You will feel like extending your pinky finger while eating at Five Guys, but your wallet won’t feel too much lighter afterward. Five Guys are spreading like wildfire, and they’re not done expanding yet. Most people get turned on to Five Guys by someone else. A friend may take you kicking and screaming to try a new burger. Why in the world would you betray your favorite joint for some unknown patty of mystery meat? Those who are courageous enough to think beyond their favorite place are introduced to a burger that will make your heart skip a beat. No, your heart isn’t skipping a beat because of the clogged artery caused from processed cheese; it’s because of the quality, flavor, and value that Five Guys serves up every day of the week.

6. White Castle

It’s all about the sliders at White Castle. You can’t walk out of the place without a sack of their sliders. The sliders at White Castle are the only reason you go there. Sure, their fries are great and all that. Unlike many other places that serve up burgers, it’s all about the sandwiches here. You can eat a ton of their sliders, and it doesn’t make you feel like a pig at all. Why is that? It’s because White Castle sliders are so tiny. You keep telling yourself these sandwiches are small, and that’s why you’re allowed to eat so many of them. There is a perfect balance of meat, cheese, onion, and bun in a White Castle slider. White Castle cooks its burgers differently, and that makes them taste unique. First off, the meat patties have holes in them, and it’s so the steam rises and cookies the beef evenly. The all-beef patties are cooked over a bed of dehydrated onions that also give the meat flavor. The buns are soft, slightly chewy, and are the perfect vessel to deliver all of the sandwich’s beefy goodness. You can’t eat one slider, and anyone who has ever attempted to do so has drastically failed. Get yourself a sack of sliders and an excuse as to why so many of them came up missing when you go home. It’s impossible not to inhale these little burgers on your way home.

5. Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake isn’t a place you go if you’re in a hurry. Steak ‘n Shake is where you go if you’re the type who likes to wait and sniff the roses. Are you able to control yourself while they cook up your burger after ordering it? It takes a lot of self-control, but it’s well worth it. The highly skilled cooks in the kitchen will cook your burger to perfection. Every order is given the type of tender loving care that you’d hope every restaurant would extrude. No one knows like Steak ‘n Shake how important each burger is, and they think of what they as an art form. Steak ‘n Shake also has hand-dipped shakes that are well worth checking out. It’s not unheard of for people to go to Steak ‘n Shake and order only a shake. Though, all you burger lovers won’t be able to sit there and only slurp down a shake. They say good things come to those who wait and Steak ‘n Shake proves it every time a burger comes out of their kitchen. You’ll have to wait for your sandwich, but every minute it takes them to grill your beef patty to perfection is time well spent. Anyone who has ever had to wait for a burger while starving to death knows what temporary insanity feels like.

4. Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s

They say bigger is better and no one believes it like Carl’s Jr./Hardees. If you’ve got a humungous appetite, then head on over to Carl’s Jr to get satisfied. Their huge all-beef burgers are things of legends. You can’t eat in there without feeling a little bit guilty. The good news is, you’re in similar company as no one goes to Carl’s Jr to eat salad. anyone who is sitting in the dining room with you shares the same craving for over the top burgers. You get plenty of beef and everything else when ordering a burger at Carl’s Jr. the last thing you do when ordering at Carl’s Jr is look at the calories of their burgers. If you’re on a diet, Carl’s Jr is the last place you want to go. Fat is where the flavor is, and Carl’s Jr makes sure every burger uses with as much juicy fat as possible. Carl’s Jr laughs when other fast food burgers weigh in at a quarter pound. At Carl’s Jr, they serve up a third and half-pound burgers. A half-pound burger is a lot of meat and there is no denying how much pleasure is involved in every bite. You get a lot of bites out of a half-pound burger, and it’s the right amount of meat for anyone who considers themselves a carnivore. A meal at Carl’s Jr is excellent fuel if you plan on running in a marathon. You’ll need to do a whole lot of work to burn off the calories in their monster size burgers. When calories don’t count, that’s when you go to Carl’s Jr and splurge like tomorrow is never going to come.

3. Wendy’s

The Classic Single at Wendy’s is everything a burger should be. It’s big, beefy, and full of awesome flavor. There’s always a party in your mouth when you’re eating a Classic Single. You might be the type who loves their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. If so, then you know how much flavor one of those juicy burgers packs. Dave Thomas knew that it was all about quality when he started Wendy’s. Dave was fully aware of what the other burger chains lacked. Did you know that the ground beef Wendy’s uses is always fresh and never frozen? Their fresh meat is one of the reasons why the burgers taste so great. There is so many die-hard Wendy’s fans out there who will only eat burgers from their favorite restaurant. It’s hard to walk out of there with only a burger in your bag. Their sea salt fries are great, and who can ever forget their Frosty’s? A Frosty isn’t a milkshake, but it’s also not soft serve ice cream. A chocolatey Frosty is a perfect dessert for after you’ve filled up on a combo meal that has Dave Thomas’s seal of approval. Somewhere up there Dave is looking down at us with a big smile since it was always his goal to make us happy.

2. Burger King

Burger King is home of the Whopper, and it’s one of the few sandwiches that lives up to its name. Don’t think that Burger King is Whoppers and nothing else. Burger King also has some of the tastiest flame-broiled cheeseburgers ever. Many people will go to Burger King for their Whopper sandwich, but there’s so much more beef being served up here. The Whopper is a massive sandwich that takes two hands to hold. If you’re not hungry enough to devour a Whopper, then there’s the Whopper Jr. The Whopper Jr. is everything that you love about Whoppers, except that it’s smaller. Burger King is one of the few places that serves burgers that taste like something you grilled up in your backyard. The meat has a smoky flavor to it, and you can taste the grill. The grilled flavor is as important as the beef itself, and that makes it a unique sandwich. As far as value for the money goes, Burger King is known to make sure everyone walks out full without having to break the bank. Burger King lovers are a unique bunch who don’t seem to be freaked out by the King in their commercials. Doesn’t anyone find it odd that the King looks exactly the same with that scary expression on his face? The only thing that’s more surprising than the size of their Whoppers is that no one sees that creepy King guy in their nightmares.

1. McDonald’s

No matter where in the world you are, you’re always not far from a McDonald’s. No one serves up more burgers every day than the golden arches. There was once a time when you had to lug yourself through the drive-thru to get one of their world-famous burgers. These days, you can have their burgers delivered right to your door. Don’t have cash on hand to pay for it? You can pay for everything online without the need for paper money. The good folks over at McDonald’s are making sure nothing gets in your way of enjoying their delicious beefy burgers. What are you in the mood for? Maybe you’re the type who gets cheeseburgers and nothing else. some of you are hungry and you need one of their quarter pounder burgers. If classics are what you’re after, you can’t get more classic than the Big Mac. The Big Mac is a behemoth of a burger and it even has three buns. Everyone rags on McDonald’s, but they’re the number one burger restaurant around the globe for a reason. No one can consistently produce burgers, fries, and cold sodas like McDonald’s with the same quality as they do.

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