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Top 10 Best All You Can Eat Restaurants In America


Top 10 Best All You Can Eat Restaurants In America

Do the words all you can eat bring a smile to your face? If so, then you, no doubt, are a huge fan of all you can eat buffets. So if you’re in search of the never empty plate, then take a look at the Top 10 All You Can Eat Restaurants.

10. Pancho’s Mexican Buffet

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? There’s tacos, chips and salsa, enchiladas and so much more. Pancho’s Mexican Buffet is where you go to pig out on all of your favorite Mexican dishes. There is no limit whatsoever on the amount of food you’re able to eat here. That means you can sit there all day long and eat tacos if that’s what you want. You do what that. Who doesn’t want to eat so many refried beans that they turn into a gas factory? Taco Bell is great, but you aren’t allowed to eat as many items off their menu for one low price. You can at Pancho’s Mexican Buffet, and that’s why it makes perfect sense for anyone who wants some south of the border grub to go there. It can be so hard to choose what you want to eat at a Mexican restaurant because every item is your favorite. At Pancho’s Mexican Buffet you never have to choose and you can eat a little bit of everything. Don’t worry about bringing hot sauce to this joint; they’ve got enough pepper-infused sauce to burn your mouth and the mouths of your entire family as well.

9. Pizza Hut

Many of you reading this will have your heartbroken. Your local Pizza Hut probably doesn’t have an all you can eat buffet. Brace yourself for the information you’re about to consume because it will cut to your very core. Some Pizza Hut locations have an all you can eat lunch buffet. You pay one price and eat as much pizza as your stomach can handle. All of that orange grease that comes off of the top of pizza can be yours in an unlimited amount.  You love the pies served up by Pizza Hut, just imagine how magnified your love would be if you had access to never-ending slices of pizza. How much pizza can you eat in one sitting? Some of you might be lightweights and can only eat two slices. Those of you who consider yourselves pizza-eating pros may be able to scarf down three slices. Do you think you could get your money’s worth at an all you can eat pizza buffet? If you think you could get your money’s worth, then try to find a Pizza Hut that has a buffet. At least once in your life, you should challenge yourself to see how much pizza you can eat. It’s hard to imagine that it’s possible to shovel in as much Pizza Hut pizza as you want, but the buffets do exist. It takes a little online sleuthing to find them, but it’s well worth the effort when you’re filled up with so many carbohydrates and cheese that you begin to question your life choices.

8. Souper Salad

You’re in a pinch, and you must choose between soup or salad. Which do you choose? If you go to Souper Salad you don’t have to choose between either of them. At Souper Salad you get access to as much soup and salad as you can eat. Are you the type who eats more lettuce than a rabbit? If so, then you’re going to love the salad bar at Souper Salad. No one will ever tell you to stop eating salad here, and you can slurp up bowl after bowl of salad. It’s all about the soup and the salad at Souper Salad, and you’ll realize that after you walk out of the place so full of both that you can barely walk. Souper Salad is the type of place where health nuts go to gorge themselves. If you spend all your free time in the gym, then you can identify with the logic behind Souper Salad. You spend so much time worrying about what goes into your body. All you want to do is cram as much food in you as possible without the guilt. That’s possible when you go to Souper Salad. Sure, they have plenty of unhealthy items, but it doesn’t take a rock scientist to figure out how to construct a salad. You add vegetables, plenty of them, and use as little dressing as you can get away with. That’s the perfect recipe for a salad that won’t make the button on your pants pop off.

7. Sirloin Stockade

Are you the type who thinks there’s no such thing as too much steak? If so, then Sirloin Stockade is the place for you. There, you can eat an endless amount of steak and other foods. The most surprising thing about Sirloin Stockade is the quality of their steak. You’d expect the quality of steak from an all you can eat joint would be pretty low, but that’s not the case at all. If you’re a true-blue carnivore, then head on over to Sirloin Stockade and fill your stomach with as much moo meat as it can hold. If you were a cow, this is how you’d love to be remembered. Sirloin Stockade also has plenty of cakes, pies, and even ice cream. As you can imagine. You can eat as many of their desserts as your stomach can hold. The sad news is, Sirloin Stockade has locations in only a handful of states. The hope is that they will expand and become a worldwide phenomenon. People in all corners of the globe love steak, and they too have the uncontrollable urge to eat so much meat it clogs their arteries. If you’re going on vacation, do a quick Google search to see if Sirloin Stockade is anywhere near where you’ll be. If it is, then make sure a visit to Sirloin Stockade is on your travel itinerary.

6. Olive Garden (Unlimited Soup and Salad)

Olive Garden makes sure everyone feels like family. How does such a big company make you feel as if they’re your own flesh and blood? Olive Garden does so by offering you an unlimited soup and salad buffet. Yes, it’s truly endless and you can eat until your stomach explodes. Though, you’ll want to stop chowing down sometime before your guts let loose. Why? You’ll want to make repeated trips to Olive Garden to fill up again and again. You won’t be able to do that if you blow a hole in your stomach. Lovers of Italian food don’t need to be told that Olive Garden is where the action is. It’s so hard to get real authentic Italian these days, and it’s refreshing that Olive Garden still serves it up day after day. Those noodles with soupy ketchup in the can aren’t anything like real Italian food as you’ll discover in Olive Garden. Its fun eating all you can at the soup and salad bar, but make sure you save some room for your main course. It might be best to eat the food that you’ve ordered and then hit up the all you can eat soup and salad. If you go this route, then you’ll get to enjoy some of the best Italian food out there along with their soup and salad.

5. Red Lobster (Endless Shrimp)

Do you feel like you’re eating at a fine dining establishment when eating at Red Lobster? It is a classy joint, and it’s easy to see why you might feel the need to extend your pinky finger while dining there. You don’t need to wear your Sunday best when eating at Red Lobster. Though, it wouldn’t be too surprising if you felt the need to dress up like you’re going to walk on the red carpet when going to Red Lobster. If you are a seafood lover, then there’s no better place to get your fix of shellfish than a restaurant with lobster in its name. Some of you might not know that Red Lobster has all you can eat shrimp. They serve up shrimp in a variety of flavors, and they’ll keep piling your plate sky high with them until there’s no more room left in your stomach. How many shrimps do you think you could eat? Would it be out of the realm of possibilities that you could stuff ten shrimps into your stomach? Some of you might laugh at that and say you could eat 20 or 30 shrimps. It doesn’t matter if you could fit 50 of those suckers in your gut, Red Lobster will keep filling up your plate until you raise the white flag.

4. Cici’s Pizza

Cici’s Pizza is different than Pizza Hut in that they’re an all you can eat pizza restaurant all the time. It doesn’t matter when you go to Cici’s; you’ll still be able to get your fill of as much pizza as your jaws can chew. Cici’s is also affordably priced, so that means you can take the entire family there. It seems these days everyone has a favorite way they like their pizza. Are you the type who likes cheese and nothing else? If so, you probably find yourself picking off all the toppings when ordering a pizza for the family. If that describes you, then you’ll love Cici’s since everyone gets to choose their pizza. The pizza served up at Cici’s is buffet style, and everyone gets to choose what they want. Cici’s will challenge you in so many ways. You might be a lover of pizza, but how much dough can you scarf down? Do you think you can eat more than an entire pizza?  Why not put your stomach to the ultimate test and see how much pizza you can fill it up with? It doesn’t matter how much or how little pizza you eat; it’s always the same price when going to Cici’s. Don’t be shy about your future plans of getting type two diabetes, it can and should start here with their all you can eat pizza buffet.

3. TGI Friday’s (Endless Dishes)

TGI Friday’s is where you go after work to blow off some steam. You have a couple drinks with your coworkers and wonder why you went there with them in the first place. Yeah, it’s a bad idea to spend more time than you have to with the people you work with all day. It sounds like a good idea at first and who doesn’t love knocking back drink after drink? No matter how many drinks you have, it’s not possible to get over the fact that you can’t stand the people you work with. Alcohol can do some things, but miracles it can’t do. Though, after a few drinks, you might feel like you can walk on water. Luckily for you, TGI Friday’s has unlimited appetizers to go with your drinks. You can drown your sorrows until your liver cries bloody Mary while eating endless potstickers, chicken quesadillas, boneless wings, mozzarella sticks, and so much more. Do you really want all that food sopping up the precious alcohol in your stomach? The whole reason for drinking like a fish was to make you numb to the realities of life. The endless mozzarella sticks won’t do that, but they will help you gain weight, then you’ll feel terrible about yourself and drink more. The cycle always continues. Cheers!

2. Sizzler

No one would argue that Sizzler isn’t what it used to be. A person could go into Sizzler in the 90s and come out one step closer to morbid obesity. Times have changed, and not all Sizzler locations offer an all you can eat buffet. Also, there are far fewer Sizzler locations than there used to be. There is without a doubt a handful of you who have a roll of fat dedicated to all the delicious buffet foods that Sizzler has to offer. The thought of you not getting your fill of their food has to make you silently weep. The food at the buffet is excellent, but what’s best is their desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ve got to head on over to Sizzler. Make sure that their location nearest you has a buffet. You want access to their all you can eat hot vittles and sweet treats. If your blood sugar levels aren’t through the roof when you walk in the door, you’ll be teetering on being in a diabetic coma by the time you leave. To say their desserts are some of the best in all of the world of buffets wouldn’t be a lie in the least.

1. Golden Corral

Golden Corral is the undisputed champion of all you can eat buffets. No one delivers the quantity and quality of food that Golden Corral does. You see Golden Corral advertisements all the time on television and seeing them makes your mouth water. How can you not want to dip everything in sight in their chocolate wonderfall? What is a chocolate wonderfall? It’s a waterfall of liquid chocolate that you can dip all kinds of stuff in. Can you imagine what all you can eat chocolate looks like? No, you can’t, and that’s just one of the many things that are so great about Golden Corral. If you’re a lover of meat, then no one has you covered like Golden Corral. They have steaks, ribs, wings, and even seafood. The side dishes at Golden Corral are outstanding and they seem to rotate in a way that makes you want to always be on the lookout for your favorite. Let’s not forget the salad bar and its almost endless selection of fruits. Golden Corral is in a world all of its own and everyone who plops down and eats there knows it. You can tell the regular Golden Corral customers because their swagger is more of a waddle. They waddle up to the buffet almost like a penguin and their eyes dart around with the expertise that only an experienced eater has. They aren’t going to fill up on mashed potatoes, oh no, those seasoned Golden Corral pros are searching for the freshest morsels of goodness straight from the kitchen. Those are the people to watch as they can spot a rack of ribs a mile away.

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