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The Top Movie Posters of 2018 [Part I]

In the day and age where you can watch every movie trailer on the toilet, the movie poster isn’t as important as it once was. However, there’s still no better way to show your parents how deep and misunderstood you are than a movie poster and luckily for everyone the medium still exists and feels like it’s as strong as ever (just like you are, which is why that Rocky poster is on your wall!). So, let’s take a look at the top movie posters of 2018!

25. The First Purge – Making America Bloody Again

24. The 15:17 to Paris – Based on a True Story, Acted by the Real Heroes

23. Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot – Another Award Winner for Phoenix

22. Demon House – Blair Witch Meets Amityville? Sign Me Up!

21. Death Wish – The Role Bruce Willis was Created in a Super Grumpy Lab to Play

20. It Could End Up Being a Low Budget Disaster, But It’s One Great Poster

19. The Commuter – I have a certain set of skills, skills that make me ride a train to work…

18. Dawn of the Dead, Remade? Yes, Please!

17. Sweat on the Lens? Nice Touch!

16. The True Story of Ted Kennedy’s Near Career Ending Car Crash that Ended the Life of a Young Woman in the Process

15. Well at least we now know what is being Blocked

14. Black Panther – A Film that’s Already Being Called the Best Marvel Movie Ever

13. Daniel Radcliffe’s Post Harry Potter career continues unabated…

12. Backyard Wilderness – I don’t know what this is but it look’s adorable, so… Mission accomplished

11. This Infinity War Poster is a Variation of the First Avengers Poster 

10. Just Like this Ant-Man and the Wasp Poster is a Variation on the Poster for the First Ant-Man!

9. Annihilation looks like the trippiest movie of 2018

8. Very clever, American Animals, Very Clever

7. Alpha – Another Mystery Film that Looks Intense… 

6. Two Bruce Willis Posters on One List? What Year is this?

5. Acrimony – A Film Directed by Tyler Perry

4. Acrimony Again, Say what you will about Tyler Perry, the dude knows how to choose posters for his movies…

3. Red Sparrow – The Black Widow Movie

2. Rampage – Hopefully it’ll be the first good movie based on a video game ever (Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t count)

1. Deadpool 2 – Looks Like They’re Right Back Where They Left Off w/ The Marketing for This Sequel

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