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The Top 10 Chrissy Teigen Tweets That Prove She’s The Queen Of Twitter


The Top 10 Chrissy Teigen Tweets That Prove She’s The Queen Of Twitter

There may be no more beloved personality than that of supermodel and wife of singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen. While she is extremely beautiful and has starred in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, her most amazing asset is her mind.

One of the funniest celebrities, period, Teigen has quickly become one of the more famous models in the world mostly thanks to the fact that she dominates social media with hilarious pictures, tweets and Facebook updates. Perhaps Teigen should be called the Queen of Social Media.

Let’s take a look at 10 times Chrissy absolutely just killed it on Twitter.

10. Clapping Back

While Teigen appears to be a genuinely nice person she is also not the type to take any grief from people, especially people with questionable parenting techniques. This is a perfect example of the wit that Teigen.

If you go at her you really should bring your A-game. After she received the above Tweet from someone who clearly has zero ability to look in the mirror, Teigen showed that she’s a normal person who from time to time has to tell off someone who really deserves being told off.

Now, it would be off-putting if she went around insulting people on her Twitter feed all the time — which is something she really doesn’t do. So when she does you know it’s for a good reason and this is a perfect example of that. This is the “Ether” of celebrity tweets.

9. She Helps You Navigate the Internets…

As you will see on this list, a huge part of Teigen’s appeal is that she’s incredibly open and really just fearless. Her popularity seems to increase from year to year and a lot of that has to do with these tweets.

She has to come up with a ton of social media content on a daily basis to feed her fans the stuff that they love about her. This is a perfect example of that. It is sort of crude but it shows an innocence that people love about her.

She’s not anywhere near a ditz, but she can play one when she needs to while also showing that she’s not afraid to tell the truth while exposing her naïveté. That’s so refreshing in a world with celebrities who hire comedians to write their tweets and who photoshop the hell out of every picture.

So, while this tweet is pretty simple, it also shows a lot more about Teigen and that’s why it makes this list.

8. She’s Plugged In…

If Teigen wasn’t born with an incredible body and bone structure, she could’ve been a stand-up comedian. Part of what makes a good standup is the ability to identify certain aspects of life that everyone experiences but not everyone can verbalize in a funny way.

Basically, you have to possess the ability to look at things that everyone deals with on an at least semi-regular basis and find a different way to look at it. This tweet shows a frustration that most people who own Apple products (or really any product in general) deal with almost on a daily basis (if they’re doing what she’s doing).

There’s nothing more annoying than those constant updates and the fact that she point it out also shows that she’s really the one doing her tweeting, which is nice in a world where certain celebrities hire people to write theirs.

7. She’s Open and Honest…

While sometimes it’s hard to tell if she’s joking, there is the saying that there’s “truth in jest.” Meaning that behind every joke is some sort of truth, just like people saying that the things people say when they’re drunk are coming from somewhere in their sober mind as well.

So, for people who follow Teigen who deal with loneliness or depression issues, it’s actually nice to hear that despite the fact that she is quite literally living the dream, she also deals with real issues. While no one wants to hear a rich celebrity complain, there are pitfalls when it comes to fame especially for someone as gregarious as Teigen.

Not being able to really just go outside, go shopping, go for a walk with friends, etc. It must get old after a while and what’s most amazing about this is that she is able to slip in “complaints” or genuine feelings without getting the typical backlash from “fans” who think that money and fame solve every problem a person has.

6. She Keeps Her Husband Humble and Centered…

When you’re married to a famous singer-songwriter whose last name is Legend, especially one who was closely associated with Kanye West — whose ego is the size of his wife’s unphotoshopped rear-end — sometimes you have to put him in check.

Just to remind him that people don’t really like cocky, rich celebrities — at least for very long — and who wears the pants in their relationship. This tweet is a joke, sure, but it actually reflects her entire persona as the “every-(wo)man” who happens to be rich, famous and perfect looking.

Being able to balance all of that takes an incredible amount of work and thought and it’s actually quite impressive considering that the public loves nothing more than to build up celebrities and then tear them down, only to watch them attempt a comeback.

Again, Kanye West is a perfect example of that and Teigen just seems too nice, centered and humble for anyone to want to actually tear down. So, great job, lady.

5. She Interacts with Her Fans…

Part of the appeal of Twitter for the common slob is that you can both follow your favorite celebrities but also feel like at any time you can reach out and talk to them. It’s all the rage on Twitter these days — that and the President bringing billions of dollars of free advertising.

Teigen takes perfect advantage of that by responding to a respectable amount of fan questions and doing so in a really unique and funny way that not only showcases her personality but shows that she cares enough about her fans to put thought into her jokes.

4. She Can See the Future…

Sure, this tweet hurts a bit but it’s such a perfect example of Teigen’s genius. She clearly spends a lot of time online — most likely on Buzzfeed — and she sees articles like these that somehow rub her the wrong way. While, as a writer, the natural reaction is to yell “This takes thought!,” one can’t deny that she has a point.

But at the same time, articles like these only build upon the legend of Teigen and that’s something that you’d think she’d be appreciative of. And, really, at the end of the day you can’t be mad at the fact that she called out something that is happening right now because it’s just so brilliant and so is she.

3. Two Birds… One Epidural

Part of what makes Teigen so popular is that she is seemingly accesible and normal. She has a very crude sense of humor and while it’s really unexpected considering her career and looks — which is a stereotype in and of itself, which makes what she’s doing amazing as she’s really breaking down barriers and preconceived notions about models— it really helps show people that she’s just a regular person…

A regular person who gets paid millions of dollars to pose in a swimsuit. While some people rely on crude humor to get cheap laughs, Chrissy’s jokes aren’t crude for the sake of being crude but rather hilarious insights into true situations or thoughts that just happen to cross the line from time to time.

This tweet reflects her honesty and that’s what makes her so appealing. She’s not the pretty girl who forces “GIRLS POOP TOO!” into conversations. She’s just an honest person who’s hilarious and open.

2. Mystery Solved

This tweet mostly speaks for itself but it’s a great example of her personality and also her awesome relationship with her husband, John Legend. Considering Teigen is seemingly accessible to her fans for hours a day thanks to her consistent presence on social media, it’s actually great to see that a celebrity couple is going strong and that they have fun and playful relationship.

This is a perfect example of that and part of Teigen’s appeal is her relationship with her husband. This was the perfect Tweet and showcased everything that makes Teigen so appealing, popular and hilarious.

1. She’s Open

As other entries show, part of Teigen’s appeal is her relationship with her husband John Legend. For some reason people really love celebrity relationships, or just relationships in general. Now that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are divorced it’s safe to say that Teigen and Legend (Teigend?) are the most beloved celebrity couple.

She’s acutely aware of that and while she does send out loving tweets to her husband, when the time calls for it she references their current (and past) relationship in hilarious tweets like this one.

She balances something that could be considered crude with something that seems so sweet. They have such a sweet relationship and that’s part of what makes her so popular.

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