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The Most Insufferable, Annoying AF “Real Housewives” Ever


The Most Insufferable, Annoying AF “Real Housewives” Ever

The Real Housewives franchise has certainly grown from a small little pilot project to this massive obsession. They basically have a city for almost everyone. If you hate Orange County then you may love Atlanta or New York, or maybe even Dallas. The show has catapulted the celebrity status of many housewives and their friends. 

Some of these women are cray cray and it’s hard to ignore that their antics are both annoying and entertaining. Regardless, if they are your favorite wife or if you just like their clapback game there is no denying that these women will drive you crazy.

There are probably a few key cast members missing but here is a list of some of the most annoying real housewives of the franchise.

18. Luann D’Agostino – Real Housewives Of New York

Realistically, Luann should be number one on this list for this past season of RHONY alone. She puts on these airs that annoy fans to the core. A prime example of this is the whole marrying Tom D’Agostino fiasco. Instead of admitting that he is a cheater and just not the right man to marry she instead had too much pride. The marriage blew up in her face. After only a few months of marital “bliss”, they amicably split. Does she expect fans to believe that they didn’t split because he cheated on her basically the entire time? How dumb does she think they are?

17. Gizelle Bryant – Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle Bryant and the cast of RHOP are new to the game. Unfortunately, after two seasons she has shown probably the worst side of herself. It’s hard to not like Gizelle because she is funny and likable. However, it’s hard to ignore that deep down in her core she is a jealous woman who refuses to admit that she is jealous. Gizelle seems to hate on anyone that even looks like they are doing better than her. She bashes relationships like no one else. She even talks smack about people she claims as good friends. Why is she such a hater? Everyone chalks it up to her not having a man but really, she just loves to smack talk.

16. Shannon Beador – Real Housewives Of Orange County

Shannon Beador is mostly on this list because she keeps blaming Vicki Gunvalson for her gaining weight. Yes, you read that right apparently all of the maybe 20 (possibly 30) pounds she gained is because Vicki stresses her out. Okay, yea people gain weight from stress but all of it was not Vicki. Shannon needs to acknowledge that she isn’t over her husband cheating on her (which has nothing to do with Vicki). She has really come into her own in the last few seasons but she needs to also remember to be realistic. Shannon has so many issues and she needs to stop blaming all of them on a friendship that has already dissolved.

15. Lisa Rinna – Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Oh, where to begin with Lisa Rinna. Maybe she can start with shutting her mouth. ‘Rinna’ always gets called out for constantly talking another person’s business. She has also been caught making up lies about other cast members. Okay, so maybe she is grasping for straws (AKA a storyline) but come on making up lies. She is the type of woman who can dish it but she can’t take it and that’s a problem when it comes to reality TV. There will always be someone to challenge what someone else does and Rinna doesn’t know how to handle herself in a challenge without resorting to low blows. In recent seasons she has lost all credibility. Hopefully, she isn’t trying to go back to legitimate acting.

14. Dorit Kemsley – Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dorit Kemsley is annoying for one reason and one reason only. That fake accent. She is American through and through so where did this British, Australian, New Zealand accent come from? She claims it’s because she traveled the world and lived in England for a hot second. However, other people have lived in England for longer and do not have an ounce of an accent. A prime example would be Ladies of London, there is like 2 or 3 actual native Londoners on the show and the rest moved there for marriage, work or whatever else. How is Dorit the only one to come out of a common situation with an accent? It’s even funnier when she is confronted by people about her accent and she just can’t really explain it.

13. Brandi Glanville – Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville is pretty popular now she has even moved on from being a housewife. However, no one will forget her crazy antics. Not only is super aggressive, like Lisa Rinna, she makes up stories. It’s kind of obnoxious how she bullied Kim Richards then all of a sudden, the next season she was her enforcer. She even managed to get in between Kim and her sister Kyle’s very fragile relationship. Her petty behavior has everyone questioning what kind of person she really is. Is she genuine in her friendship with Kim? For someone that is in their 40s with two small children she should know better than to act like a crazy person on TV, right? Maybe some people just can’t help themselves.

12. Claudia Jordan – Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Claudia Jordan’s time on the RHOA was kind of sad. It’s almost sadistic to put her on this list but the fact is she is annoying. Mostly annoying because she would act so desperate when she didn’t need to. She actually had a genuine career in entertainment and isn’t only famous because she is a housewife who isn’t married. That being said, it was annoying AF to watch her beg Porsha (of all people) for attention at work. She was trying to be the professional one and be able to work in a space with someone who hated her. Unfortunately, it came off as despairing and nagging to the point where the fans wanted to take Porsha’s side.

11. Tamra Judge – Real Housewives Of Orange County

Tamra Judge has been on RHOC for way too many seasons. She has really come into her own after years of following Vicki around. Too bad it’s hard to forget the past and some of the stuff she did in the past and currently is annoying. She was Vicki’s guard dog for many years and made herself look like a horrible person. Throwing alcohol, verbally abuse more than half the cast, bringing to light really personal business about people who weren’t even on the show anymore. She was and still kind of is vicious. All the while her life with her husband sucked. She now credits her horrible relationship with her ex as the reason for her behaviour. Only, there comes a point in time when you have to admit that some of it is you.

10. Aviva Drescher – Real Housewives Of New York

Oh, Aviva Drescher, she is a mess. There are so many incidents to draw from when it comes to examples of her annoying behavior. One of the most annoying was when she threw her prosthetic leg across the table. First, how dangerous is that? Prosthetics are made of hard plastic and a bunch of other material. Second, ummmmmm, don’t you need that leg boo? She was so annoying but only after she realized that no one was putting up with her crap anymore. Eventually, no one wanted to associate with her anymore and still, she pushed her way in. Sometimes you need to know when to take that much needed exit.

9. Kelly Dodd – Real Housewives Of Orange County

Kelly Dodd’s biggest annoyance is that she doesn’t know when enough is enough. She constantly pushes people’s limits then acts surprised when they blow up at her. There have been several occasions where she has been caught trashing co-stars while she was drunk AF and then she has the audacity to blow up at them. One example is when she attended Shannon’s 70’s themed party and not only did she start a fight with a few guests. She also criticized Shannon’s outfit, called her fat and brought up her husband’s infidelity. At this point, even her voice is annoying. So producers, can you do something about that? Much appreciated!

8. Phaedra Parks – Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Anyone that watched RHOA knows that Phaedra Parks has really been showing her a** these past 2 seasons. Not only has she become annoying she’s also been exposed for being a little freaky. For a girl who praises the Lord so much she sure is being a hypocrite. Phaedra’s biggest annoyance came during the most recent reunion. She was caught in a huge lie and implicated her only friend left on the show, Porsha. On the bright side she did make fans feel bad for Porsha and that’s hard to do. Needless to say, Phaedra bowed out from the upcoming season. Guess she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle the heat.

7. Gretchen Rossi – Real Housewives Of Orange County

What happened to that big-time wedding Gretchen and Slade were supposed to have? Rumors have always floated around about Gretchen’s storyline and what from her life was actually real and what was completely fake. Over the years fans have gone from feeling bad for Gretchen to completely hating what she turned into. It’s annoying that she keeps pretending like she has a lucrative career as a designer and entrepreneur. Everyone knows she makes very little money if any at all.

6. Kenya Moore – Real Housewives Of Atlanta

She’s apparently “gone with the wind fabulous”. Kenya Moore is so desperate for attention that her antics has spread to off camera. She is basically delusional; Kenya thinks she has a legitimate acting career, she thinks every man she dates wants to marry her but for some reason, they keep running off. She loves to play the victim and granted sometimes she is but, most of the time she is the aggressor. It’s annoying that she continues to push and bait Porsha when all she’s trying to do is control her temper. One has to wonder what Kenya’s storyline would be if she didn’t have Porsha to antagonize.

5. LeeAnne Locken – Real Housewives Of Dallas

It’s easy to see why LeeAnne Locken is annoying AF. She is high-key cray cray and she always takes small situations way too far. You know that someone is out of control when their own best friend verbally and slightly physically attacks them in public. And in front of cameras. Now that season two of RHOD has arrived LeeAnne has seemed to make herself even more annoying. She once detested Brandy and now she is so far up her butt they’ve become one. How can you go from hating someone so much and calling them every name under the sun to trying insanely hard to be their bestie? You never know what you’re getting with LeeAnne and that’s dangerous.

4. Kara Alloway – Real Housewives Of Toronto

Kara Alloway was the only one bringing the drama on RHOT but fans kind of wish she didn’t. The wannabe socialite and out of touch with reality girl about town was just so judgemental. She would talk so much smack which all turned out to be lies then when she was confronted she flat out looked the other girls in the face and said, “I didn’t say that”. Her ability to never admit fault is what is the most annoying thing about her. Probably because all the stuff she said was on camera and one way or another it would come out. However, for a self-professed socialite, she acted classless and petty.

3. Jacqueline Laurita – Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita’s annoying demeanour comes from her desperation to be liked. She spent the better part of the first few seasons up Teresa Guidice’s butt. Then when she started getting flack for it she quickly switched and was no longer friends with her. She is intrusive and when she isn’t in on a secret she harps around calling everyone she knows to find out why no one is telling her anything. If anything her last appearance on RHONJ only solidified that she is way over her head. She had no storyline and was even more boring than when she was in season one.

2. Ramona Singer – Real Housewives Of New York

The biggest problem that Ramona Singer has is that she constantly puts her foot in her mouth. She doesn’t know when enough is enough. She thinks it’s perfectly okay to call out everybody’s business but when it comes to her she goes off her rockers. Besides her personality Ramona actually has a physical attribute that it annoying AF; those bulging eyes. Everyone that watches RHONY knows exactly what we are referring to. Anytime Ramona does anything her eyes bulge out like she is a deer in headlights. It’s in photos, at the club, during dinner, during confessionals. It’s just all around annoying

1. Vicki Gunvalson – Real Housewives Of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson is possibly the longest-running member of the franchise. This could be why she thinks she has the right to act like a complete B word. Vicki is beyond annoying; she causes so much trouble and then turns around and complains about her friends treating her like garbage. The truth is Vicki allowed the “fame” to get to her head and in order to stay on the show every season she does something totally outrageous that you can’t help but hate her. She lied about her boyfriend having cancer, she has repeatedly attacked Tamara Judge’s husband when will it end? Isn’t she embarrassed of herself yet?

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