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The Inhuman’s Trailer is Here and it’s Out of this World!


The Inhuman’s Trailer is Here and it’s Out of this World!

After many changes to the idea of what the Inhumans project was going to be in the MCU (first it was a movie, then it was nothing, now it’s a movie/television show hybrid debuting this Fall) the first bits of media from that project have begun to trickle out and fans are… Disappointed. After the first image for the show was released earlier this year it was widely mocked as something that looked like cosplay (which is one of the worst insults you can hear in this genre). Earlier this week, in anticipation for today’s trailer, there was an image of Attilan released that was much more positively received, but it was today’s trailer that everyone wanted to see and so far the reactions from fans aren’t great.

So, let’s just ignore the fact that people think it looks bad and break-down who the Inhumans are and what the trailer shows. The image of Attilan, the city that the Inhumans live in from earlier this week, showed the city as sort of a floating fortress, but the trailer essentially ignores that and goes the comic-book route by stating that Attilan is actually on the moon. Whether or not it’ll be in the “blue part” of the moon, like in the comics (where somehow there’s oxygen to breathe), remains to be seen. However, a common theme from the books shows itself early as the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, has a brother named Maximus the Mad who is essentially the Loki of the Inhumans universe. He resents his brother’s power and believes he’d be a better leader, and the fact that his brother’s power essentially makes him a mute (as when he speaks he can destroy whole planets), doesn’t help him really state his case much.

That role falls to Black Bolt’s wife, Medusa, who… You guessed it, has hair that can move. She has often been the voice of Black Bolt and it’ll be interesting to see how they show she can understand his thoughts in this version. Most of the trailer is pretty cut and dry, showing a few shots of Attilan and Maximus essentially rallying his troops, saying that he’s sick of living on the Moon when there’s a perfectly good planet down below that they should be running. It appears as if Maximus is successful in staging a coup and right before Black Bolt can scream-kill his brother, Maximus flinches and calls for his guards to kill his brother. Before they can fire a shot, the highlight of the trailer literally pops in as Lockjaw, the teleporting dog comes in and saves his master by teleporting him to “safety”. The safest spot Lockjaw could think of was apparently the middle of a busy street on earth and the ensuing showdown between Black Bolt and the police gives a glimpse of his abilities as he grunts after being hit and that grunt sends a police SUV flying through the air, completely destroyed. The rest of the trailer is essentially quick scenes of each of the “Royal Family” showing their allegiances and powers, and while the SFX aren’t finished yet, they all looked pretty amazing and true to the comics.

The Inhumans show will debut in IMAX theaters this September and be followed by an eight part mini-series on Friday nights on ABC. You’d have to think that there’d be major tie-ins with the Agents of SHIELD as it was that show that introduced Inhumans to the MCU last year. The show claims to be entirely shot with IMAX Cameras and perhaps that’s why it looks a bit different from other MCU properties. The lack of a color filter doesn’t hurt either. People really like to tear down popular things these days so we should wait until we see more before stating that a teaser trailer looked terrible. It checked all the necessary boxes (by showing us bits from each of the main characters, too) and it looks like something that will be extremely compelling to watch. The main criticism I’ve seen is that the Inhumans just aren’t that interesting. That may be fair to say but, considering Fox still holds the rights to the X-Men, the MCU needs its own source for powered people and using the Inhumans for that purpose just makes a lot of sense. Agents of SHIELD have handled the Inhuman storylines with tremendous care and I doubt that after the best season of that show ever, that they’ll regress and give us another Iron Fist. But, you never know.

If that’s the case, there will be nerds from coast to coast destroying their televisions with their screams like Black Bolt. So, let’s hope that this turns out good! 

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