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Sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming will Begin Immediately After Avengers 4


Sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming will Begin Immediately After Avengers 4

Somebody has to stop letting Amy Pascal do interviews about Spider-Man: Homecoming. The typically tight-lipped Marvel way of releasing information about their future plans (Outside of that earth/internet-shattering Phase 3 announcement by Kevin Feige) has been completely turned upside down in the past week or so as former Sony head and current executive producer of Spider-Man: Homecoming continues to let things slip about the future of the friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. First, she intimated that 2018’s Venom will, in fact, be connected to the MCU, that was retconned quickly as she attempted to say that she meant that the Venom in the comics is connected to Spider-Man (Really?). Now she’s essentially given away what the first act of the sequel to this Month’s Spider-Man: Homecoming will be (despite the fact that from everything we’ve heard, they haven’t even started writing the sequel).

The actual juicy details came in the form of (yet another) interview. This time it was with the website Fandom, Pascal said:

“What I think we should focus on is this Spider-Man who started in Civil War and then has this movie, and then will be in the Avengers movie. And we are starting now the next one which will start a few minutes after Avengers 4 wraps as a story”

According to reviews and the synopsis of Spider-Man: Homecoming, that film will essentially start in the middle of Captain America: Civil War, namely the (amazing/best action sequence in any movie, ever) scene at the airport in Leipzig, Germany. It appears that Peter is essentially vlogging his adventures as Spider-Man (Which sounds a bit like the initial description of Dr. Doom in 2015’s Fantastic Four, where he wasn’t the King of Latvia but rather an angry blogger… Yeah, no). There’s a theory (SPOILER ALERT!) that he’s essentially creating videos for his Uncle Ben, like a diary to speak to the person who is responsible for Peter Parker’s morals. Outside of that, he could actually be taking video and selling it to The Daily Bugle, instead of pictures like the comics. That’d sort of be neat but would definitely help people track him down (he may want to start doing his own version of Christian Bale’s Batman voice).

To support Pascal’s rantings, director of Homecoming Jon Watts, said the following:

“I think that would be a lot of fun. There’s still a lot of unexplored territory, To deal with the fallout of Infinity War and be a junior in high school, I think sounds like a pretty good movie to me.”

There have been other reports that have stated that Spider-Man will essentially be the Iron Man of the MCU’s Phase Four and beyond. So far, the sequel to Homecoming is the only film officially slated for Phase 4 (Publicly, anyway) and the more we learn, the more it looks like that’s going to be the case. But, considering how everything Pascal has said lately needs to be corrected, we should probably take this “news” with an entire bottle of salt.

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