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Seeing Double: 14 Celebrities Who Had Twins


Seeing Double: 14 Celebrities Who Had Twins

It seems like in today`s news, a celebrity announcement that twins are on the way skyrockets sales and allows for the countdown until delivery to start. When you are a celebrity, all eyes on you, that goes for both your professional and personal life. Privacy is nearly non existent when you have finally lit your name up in lights in the big city. So when it comes time to plan your family, any news that breaks rocks the world. If you announce twins, you can expect everyone trying to guess every last detail about the babies to come. People are drawn to twins because anything goes nowadays when it comes to picking out unique names. There are bets whether it will be a boy or a girl, or a set of both. Details of the whole delivery process are also a big draw. Do the diva demands ensue? How much did the Hollywood couple spend in order to get the best of the best care during the birth? Questions involving dollar signs always seem to attract attention and awe. Every year there are always celebrities announcing that they are expecting, but it seems like there are more twins on the way than ever. Here are a few celebrities that have become the proud  proud parents (or will be) of two bundles of joy

14. Beyonce & Jay Z

When Beyonce daringly announced her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy at the finale of a performance, she shook the crowd! Everyone was so excited for the happy couple. The second time around, Beyonce made the announcement a bit differently than the first time. She captioned a photo of herself with a big belly and let the world know it was not one but two hearts entering their family. Those babies were just recently born on June 12th, 2017. We have yet to see a photo of the duo, but we are counting down. There is no question that the photos will sell for some major bucks and no doubt the twins will be cute as ever.

13. George & Amal Clooney

There is no doubt that the child that comes from this power couple will be successful and probably beautiful. Amal is a woman who is strong, smart and definitely sexy. On June 6th, 2017 she gave birth to a boy and a girl. The names are Ella and Alexander and their parents couldn`t be prouder and more in love. Throughout Amal`s pregnancy, she powered through her work and maintained her reputation as a powerful human rights lawyer. Famous pals of the couple like Matt Damon and Julia Roberts sent their best wishes and it is nothing but smiles for this new family. 

12. Brad & Angelina 

This couple shocked the world with news of their recent divorce. It seemed as though they were the real deal and were going to last together forever. Although the relationship ended in divorce, there were many children that resulted from this romance, which is a blessing. On top of several adoptions, the couple also had their own biological set of twins. The boy and girl were named Vivienne and Knox. They were the last two to complete the broad of children the Pitt family started. The two children were just as beautiful as the rest of their clan and are children of two parents who love them dearly. 

11. Ricky Martin

It is 2017 and times have changed, that goes to say that twins can be adopted by not just a man and a woman but a gay couple as well. Openly gay singer, Ricky Martin decided to use a surrogate to father Valentino and Matteo, his twin boys. Martin has been blessed to have the help and support of his family in raising his children. They are constantly with him, travelling the world. His constant presence in their lives provides them with stability. They are definitely lucky children to be able to see the world with their loving father and share an extravagant and exciting life all together. 

10. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

This Latino couple may no longer be together but they are both still very caliente. The divorced duo ended their marriage amicably and still co-parent beautifully for the sake of the twins. This ex couple have Max and Emme, a boy and girl who look identical to both parents. Although these parents are no longer together and in separate relationships of their own, there is still so much love in their family. The parents often reunite for birthdays and other special events and it is anything but awkward. Kudos for the lovely couple for their mature parenting and all the best to the happy family.

9. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

It seems like a pattern is emerging among celebs having twins: divorce is ensuing. The 90`s superstar Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are another example of this unfortunate scenario. When they were hot and heavy, the couple were excited to have children together. They ended up having a boy and a girl, Monroe and Moroccan. They happily co-parent and spoil the children rotten. At Easter, Cannon even dressed up like the Easter bunny and they all celebrated as a family. The children are growing up quickly and receive the best care and don’t want for anything financially with parents like theirs. Both parents have strong musical backgrounds, so maybe we will see the tiny tots on the big stage in the future.

8. Celine Dion & Rene Angelil 

Sadly the father of these twins passed away in January 2016. René Angelil left behind his superstar wife Celine and their children, including their twins. The twins are now six years old and celebrated their first birthday without their father last October. Their mother is extremely strong and went through a very hard time and is doing a great job of keeping things together and continuing to raise her children. It is no easy task, that is for sure, but the superstar woman is not just a powerhouse on stage, but on the home front as well. She is doing her best to keep her children happy and stable despite the major loss in all of their lives. There is no doubt that Dion is a stand up mom and continues to love and cherish all of her children including the twin boys, Eddy and Nelson.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

The Sex and the City lead actor plays a woman who seems anything but motherly. She is a fashionable writer, struggling with guy after guy to make romantic relationship work. In real life, she is quite the opposite of Miss Carrie Bradshaw. She is pretty low profile and protects her family`s privacy quite well. She and her husband decided to use a surrogate and parent twins. They were already the proud parents of a boy. They were having trouble getting pregnant again after the birth of their biological son, so they explored other options for a long period of time. When they received the news about their twins, they were over the moon. The couple expanded their family and couldn`t be happier about the additions of their twin girls, Marion and Tabitha.

6. Julia Roberts 

The pretty woman herself is part of the twinning mom club. Not only was she blessed with a set of twins, but she has three children in total. The boy and girl set of twins are called Phinnaeus (Finn) and Hazel and they are currently twelve years old. After their birth, she had another son named Henry who is now nine years old. All three children are from the same father, Daniel Moder. He met Roberts on the set of The Mexican and the two fell in love. Despite being a power mom, Roberts is still getting major movie offers and doing an amazing job at balancing her work and mom life. 

5. Neil Patrick Harris

The funny man himself takes great pride in his new family that he started with long term partner and husband, David Burtka. The couple`s set of twins consist of girl Harper and boy Gideon. The couple is best known for their amazing family Halloween costumes. They always dress up base on a common theme since they became a family. The couple used a surrogate for their kids, where they each fathered a child. They both are adamant that they do not want to know which child is was their biological child. They view them both as their kids, regardless. ”We inserted one of my sperm and one of David’s sperm into two eggs with the hope that they would both take, just because we both wanted to be dads biologically, both took, miraculously.” Neil said of the babies’ conception.

4. Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O`Connell

In 2008, the low profile couple became proud parents of their twin girls, Dolly Rose and Charlie Tamara. They chose to the name the one after country singer Dolly Parton  and the other after O`Connell`s younger brother Charlie. The twins have grown up quickly over the years and are now 9 years old and very beautiful. The couple was only married for one year before they were welcoming these two additions to their family. Since then, they have not had any more children.

3. Lisa Marie Presley

2008 was a big year for celebrity twins. Elvis` only daughter was blessed by having to two beautiful girls. Unfortunately, things were not always rainbows and butterflies for their family. Michael Lockwood was once Lisa Marie`s husband and things took a turn when disturbing and inappropriate photographs of children were found on his computer. The twins were taken into protective custody for their own well being. They then went on to live with their grandmother Priscilla Presley until the custody battle and divorce is final between Michael and Lisa Marie. 

2. Marcia Cross

The vibrant and gorgeous redhead is loving her new role as a mommy to her twin baby girls, Eden and Savannah. She had her babies very late in life as she turned 45 not too long after they were born. When she speaks of her family life and her new children, she speaks as if she is in heaven. She is in complete bliss since their birth. She claims she has waited a very, very long time to finally be a mom. From playing a housewife on TV`s Desperate Housewives, she can finally experience the feeling in real life and she loves it.

1. Laura & George W. Bush

You may have heard of this couple in the past perhaps? The former president of the united states and former first lady are the only presidential family with a set of twins. They have twin girls, Barbara and Jenna, who are now 36 years old. They are practically identical looking to their father and traits from their mother are definitely visible in their physique. They both stay away from politics and say that they are independent thinkers and do not identify with any political party. 

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