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Scarlet Witch & The Vision Exposed By Paparazzi


Scarlet Witch & The Vision Exposed By Paparazzi

July was a gigantic month for movies, namely Marvel/Disney movies, thanks to the back-to-back nature of Disney’s D23 Expo and San Diego Comic Con. A paparazzo with a telescoping lens forced two actors from 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War to talk about things they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. 

A picture that flooded the internet showed Paul Bettany’s Vision — in human form, no less — kissing Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff. That would’ve been a big moment for the film and Olsen lamented the pap’s intrusion.

“I thought it was frustrating, just because I thought it would be fun for the fans to be surprised by the movie when they see something like that. I know there was romance-ish [between Black Widow and Hulk] in Ultron, but they’d never really done [a kiss like] that in the Avengers franchise, so I thought that was a little sad for that be ruined for people.”

Those familiar with Marvel comics know the two superheroes eventually fall in love and get married. And while the two films that they’ve appeared in together —  Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War — have alluded to their chemistry, we have yet to see that romance consummated in any real way — beside Vision cooking some terrible food for her in Captain America: Civil War.

In addition to her frustration, Olsen discussed some of the difficulties she’s been having portraying a character in a massive blockbuster — as opposed to some of the more independent roles she’s had of late.

“You have to approach [each role] the same, because what Marvel does well is they really do try to ground a personal arc and stakes for each of their characters. You just happen to have three minutes in the entire movie to make that clear. So there’s almost more pressure to find authenticity and honesty before you are whipped away to fly 30 feet in the air. That’s the challenge I have with Avengers.”

So, while fans may have had the element of surprise ruined by the non-stop coverage these movies get — and often welcome — it’ll still be amazing to witness onscreen romance in an Avengers movie. Especially one between two fish-out-of-water characters like the Scarlet Witch and Vision. Allowing the actors to openly discuss this may actually draw more attention to the film — the biggest in MCU history — and to the characters, so it’s not all bad. Obviously, if there wasn’t a market for this kind of news, we wouldn’t be getting it as fans so we can either attempt to ignore it in the hopes that it’ll go away or embrace it head-on, like Wanda embraces her android boyfriend. It looks like so far we’re doing the latter.

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