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Save Your Pennies If You Want To Go See McGregor / Mayweather


Save Your Pennies If You Want To Go See McGregor / Mayweather

Mayweather v. McGregor has been dubbed the biggest fight of all time, and while the actual action in the ring may not live up to the hype, there’s one thing for certain. This fight is going to generate more money for everyone involved than any fight in history. That assessment has been, once again, driven home by the recent release of the price for seats at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The cheapest seats in the arena are going for $2,500 each and obviously the closer you get to the ring the more ridiculously expensive the tickets become. The middle tier starts at just over $5,000 with the next level being just over $6,500 and another block reaching $12,000. Keep in mind this is for upper-level seating. 

The lower-level is where the nonsense really starts. Those tickets range from the “cheap” seats being $22,000. Let that sink in. From there it gets into levels that really begin to make you feel like you’re in some sort of future where only the Top 1% is allowed to enjoy sporting events.  The best seats in the house are going for an astounding $98,000, but keep in mind that this is before sites like StubHub or scalpers get involved. The price is going to explode once these tickets sell out and while those numbers sound high, keep in mind that floor seats for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight reached as high as $350,000 a piece, so these tickets will definitely best that mark.  

While I’m sure this fight will be a who’s who of celebrities and people who like to flaunt/waste their wealth and the experience will be amazing, you really can’t justify paying what will end up amounting to the same price as a really nice house for one night of fun that could be over in ten seconds. Especially considering how much better your view will be from your television, and if you have $350k to drop on a (semi-)professional boxing fight you’ve got to have one of the nicer TV’s on the planet. So, while many are saying that this fight is bad for boxing or some sort of joke, you have to admit that it’s bringing more eyes to the sport of boxing than it’s seen since Mike Tyson decided to bite Evander Holyfield’s ear off, twice.

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