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People are Completely Tearing Taylor Swifts New “Dark” Single Apart


People are Completely Tearing Taylor Swifts New “Dark” Single Apart

If you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift has a new song. To really understand it, though, you have to understand a few things. The song, titled Look What You Made Me Do is the lead single from her new album, Reputation. It’s a much darker and heavily produced sound and she seems to be embracing the role of villain many people have said the “pop star next store” has been all along.

In it, she leaves a voicemail message saying the “old Taylor is dead” — which explains the social media massacre and reinforces that Swift is good at drawing attention to herself, even if it’s becoming increasingly transparent.

Earlier this week Swift deleted everything on her social media and to generate hype for her new song/single she posted pictures of snakes on her Instagram. She then released her new song online and showed a clip from the video and it was a complete departure from the music she had made before. 

There have been some hilarious responses to the song on Twitter, where Swift has been getting roasted pretty steadily for the past 24 hours. 

They say all press is good press, and again you can find these type of responses to most every “big” song that comes out. However, it seems like people have tired of Swift’s antics and perhaps she foresaw this response and is attempting to hit it dead-on with Reputation. You can’t fault her for trying.

Taylor has been silent — from a music perspective — for three years. Her hiatus began shortly Kim Kardashian leaked (on Snapchat) the conversations Taylor had with her husband Kanye West. They revealed she did indeed approve the verse from his song Famous  where West spit, “I feel like me and Taylor Might Have Sex/I Made that B**** Famous!”

After the song was released Swift — depending on who you ask — either created a controversy for the sake of publicity or had a legitimate beef with the rapper. She accused Yeezy of harassing her “for years.” After that, people started posting snake emoji on Swift’s Instagram.

Perhaps because there has always been a contingent that believed Swift to be two-faced and — she writes songs about all of her ex-boyfriends and even other pop stars — there was always going to be some sort of negative response regardless of the quality of the song. Yet, this song is different from what she’s done before. It’ll be interesting to see what West and Kardashian have to say.

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