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Meghan Markle’s 15 MUST HAVE Cosmetics


Meghan Markle’s 15 MUST HAVE Cosmetics

Cinderella went to the dance and while there, she met prince charming.  They danced the night away and as she ran out at midnight, she dropped her glass slipper and prince charming looked for her throughout the kingdom so that she could fit the slipper. When she tried on the slipper, it fit perfectly and she married prince charming and lived happily ever after. After a grand royal wedding of course.   

This is the storyline of 36-year old Meghan Markle, a girl born to a white father of Irish descent and an African American mother from Georgia. Meghan was born in Los Angeles and she boasts of a degree from Northwestern University, majoring in International Studies and Theatre.  

The beautiful, down to earth girl was a regular in the popular TV show Suits where she played the role of Rachel Zane for seven seasons. She has also acted in series like CSI Miami, the War at Home, Without a Trace and Castle. Meghan’s parents divorced when she was fairly young and she has two other siblings. This amazing actress has been married before to Trevor Engelson, whom she divorced in 2013.

The royal family has come a long way because even with this history, being of African descent and a divorcee, she is set to marry Prince Harry who she met on a blind date where they were set up by a mutual friend, making her the first American to ever marry into the royal family. Talk about luck.

Maybe it is because she is of mixed race, thus giving her the best of both worlds in terms of genes, Meghan’s beauty is quite unmistakable and looking at her, this actress has what we call effortless beauty that is the envy of every woman.  Even with natural beauty, every girl tries as much as possible to enhance that beauty by use of cosmetics and here we explore 10 must have cosmetics of Meghan Markle.

10. Jan Marini Skin Care Products

So, what does it take to have the kind of looks that would sweep a prince off his feet, what exactly is it that a girl needs to use for someone like prince Harry to say ‘She is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with?’  Looking at her vibrant, radiant skin, we sought to find out exactly what Meghan uses to get that smooth skin. The answer, Jan Marini C ESTA Face Serum.

While she may not need the help of makeup to hook a guy, Meghan says she loves this liquid serum, which is part of the regimen used on the set for Suits. C ESTA is a glycol infused serum with DAE complex.  With the female obsession to look youthful and vibrant, this anti-aging serum that retails at $108 is a Godsend. It gives one that vibrant, healthy look without the made up look that most cosmetics give. Though the price is a bit constricting for most people, looking at this 36-year old, one would be forgiven for thinking she is in her early twenties. If credit goes to the serum then, it seems that it is paying off because she does look quite youthful.

9. Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder

Product reviews for this exfoliate claim it is made of Japanese rice bran, green tea, and algae. Meghan swears by its exfoliating properties and she feels every woman should try it at least once. The serum foams on your face upon application, gently exfoliating it and removing all the dead skin, leaving it smooth and soft while infusing the face with moisture.  Papaya serum in it also gives it the anti-aging properties that every woman craves and that make most exfoliates so popular.

Unlike most exfoliates, this magic enzyme will reduce your botox bills as persistent daily use reduces fine lines. It is also known to reduce skin hyperpigmentation while reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone. Also introduced to her on the set of Suits, this rice enzyme does not have any synthetic properties and is gentle on combination skins.  Retailing at $65 dollars, this product, according to this superstar, is worth every penny and looking at her we have to admit, the product is doing wonders.

8. Revitalash

As a woman ages, everything seems to have an adverse effect on her beauty. The hair and nails tend to need a little more tending and alopecia can creep in, not only in your hair but also on your eyebrows and lashes. If one wants those long curtain like lashes that flutter and dazzle, a little more TLC is necessary for these curtains that cover the windows to our souls.  It is no wonder that the mascara industry has become so vibrant, making it hard to decide as one is spoilt for choice; then enters Revitalash.

This mascara volumizer, which is approved by dermatologists, causes no irritation and retails at only $24. It comes with a unique brush that separates the lashes. The liquid buildable mascara does not clump, rather it separates your lashes while encouraging them to grow. Also a product of her stint on Suits, Meghan seems to have fallen in love with most of her props and claims her lashes are now longer than they have ever been thanks to this mascara.

7. Orgasm Blush by Nars

Retailing at $30 dollars, this pink blush with the suggestive title gives one those perfect sun-kissed, pink rosy cheeks that give the impression of youth and sunlight. Though most of us are not fans of blush, we have to admit that this product truly is in a class of its own. In most cases, blush tends to leave one looking like a clown in a kids birthday party but not Nars. This blush causes no irritation while blending into your skin, giving it that normal glow that is quite rare in blush.  

A favorite for most celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Meghan swears by this one, saying it gives her daily routine that ‘oomph’ it needs to make her stand out. Nars blush does indeed give you the look of utter sophistication and simplicity all rolled into one. Meghan says even on days she forgets to remove her makeup, Nars blush does not have any side effects and can be an overnighter.  It truly is an effortless beauty.

6. Diorshow Mascara

Christian Dior is well known for their amazing lines of mascara produced over the years, but nothing beats the Diorshow iconic mascara. The name itself suggests it was made with superstars in mind and true to form, this product is indeed a celebrity product that was meant for fashion shows and the red carpet. This does not however, mean it has to be used at these events alone. This mascara, as illustrated by Meghan, can be rocked any day or time giving you that celebrity feel.

The mascara comes with a slanting brush that has long teeth that aid you in combing one lash at a time, giving them stand-alone power that gives the illusion of length and a curtain-like effect with fuller eyelashes. Retailing at $29.50, this mascara is mild and causes no irritation, neither does it smudge all over your face, even when wet, giving you that natural smokey look that is so elusive when it comes to mascara. Even though applying strand after strand can be quite tedious, the final effect makes this job worthwhile, and looking into Meghan’s dreamy eyes enhanced by her beautiful lashes, we say the product is worth every penny.

5. Make Up For Ever HD Powder

This loose powder can be worn over makeup as a hold or alone. Specifically made for those in the film industry, this HD powder is made to look invisible when viewed under a 4K camera. Being an actress, Meghan is all too aware of the amazing qualities attributed to this new age powder and as a soon to be a princess, she always has to be camera ready as any stop is an opportunity for a photo shoot.

Coming with a luminous finish, this powder provides a light matte that gives the illusion of no makeup. When blended evenly, a light touch of this powder gives one that smooth even tone that gives an illusion of youth. The powder hides face lines and take a few years off your face while causing no irritation. Even though it is created for the new age, high definition TV, the powder can be rocked any day as a daytime powder and is guaranteed to turn heads. Retailing at only $36 dollars, this powder is a steal and definitely worth investing in.

4. M.A.C. Teddy Eyeliner

This is one of Meghan’s must have everyday beauty hacks. This eyeliner, though a bit pricey retailing at $17.50, has great reviews and seems to be a favorite of many celebrities. Coming in a reddish bronze color that appears as if it is infused with gold, this eyeliner is unique, to say the least. It blends with most eye colors, giving that dramatic effect that makes the eyes pop. The M.A.C eyeliner also offers substantial staying power, which is a plus for any makeup.

Even without makeup, won subtly or layered heavily, this eyeliner is a definite head turner. The pencil does not require constant sharpening, nor does it break as you apply, which is a plus as the cost would be too constraining otherwise. While most eyeliners show and give the appearance of trying too hard, the M.A.C. Teddy is definitely one for the stars and if you want that gorgeous natural look that oozes elegance, this should definitely be your go to eyeliner.

3. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance

Most of us have blemishes acquired during childhood or during that teenage period when one is prone to acne. For some, we are plagued by eczema that leaves our faces blotchy and red. Whatever the reason, that blemish comes with its own set of insecurities, especially if it is conspicuously placed. Women spend their lives looking for that one item that will cover these blemishes without attracting too much attention, but not anymore. Laura Mercier has come up with a foundation aptly named the Radiance Foundation Primer, which retails for $38 dollars.

Meghan Markle is a die-hard fan who says it reduces the effect of imperfections, giving your face that smooth, flawless look only seen in magazines and photo shoots. Causing no irritation, this foundation is touted to offer luminosity and the look of soft highlights and a rare youthful glow. Looking at this future princess, the foundation sure does the trick and we are so in love with her flawless skin. If this is true beauty from a bottle, this foundation is definitely a must have as it is an inexpensive way of enhancing your looks.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick

According to Hello, this amazing looking lipstick has a place in Megan’s must-have cosmetics.  Coming with a natural look that is not too obvious, Meghan’s go-to shade is “Very Victoria,” which she wore during her engagement photo shoot to Prince Harry. Aptly named after a queen, this lipstick is one for the queens and this future princess sure is on the right track.

This subtle lipstick not only enhances her natural beauty, but it also gives her an image of sophistication and royalty. Retailing at $34 dollars, the price may be a bit much for a tube of lipstick for the ordinary person, but for this actress, this tube of lipstick is a favorite and a must-have. The lipstick is FDA approved, causes no irritation and comes with no known side effects. We love the look on her and we agree she most definitely hit the jackpot on this one.

1. Chanel Sublimage Foundation

We end this list with the best of them all. The Chanel Sublimage Foundation. To get this foundation, most of us would need to break the bank or make a huge dent into our savings. A  Chanel product, the foundation retails at a whooping $135. Meghan swears by it, claiming that its loose coverage and light touch means it does not hide what she considers her best features, her freckles.

Maybe it is a royal tradition or personal preference, but, it is rare to see anyone in the royal family heavily made up, and this future princess seems to fit right in. She prefers subtle, yet stylish makeup and to provide the classy, yet natural look she treasures, she uses the foundation sparingly over areas she wants illuminated while leaving out her prized freckles.  This is a good way of ensuring that the face looks more natural than made up. This rare beauty has superb taste and we sure love her freckles and natural grace. The final look after this beauty regimen is truly one of a person who belongs in a palace.

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